Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 727: Return of the Commanding Rights

Chapter 727: Return of the Commanding Rights


Chapter 727: Return of the Commanding Rights

Wang Yan had admitted defeat.

An autumn wind appeared to blow past the messy mountaintop, lifting some stone fragments and withered leaves. Everyone was startled as they looked at Wang Yan, who was leaning against a rock with his eyes shut. A moment later, a somewhat complicated emotion finally surged out from their eyes.

Wang Yan had lost… even the current most outstanding younger generation member, Ying Xiaoxiao lost to him. Yet, he had actually lost… moreover, the person whom he lost to, was a new disciple who had joined the Dao sect for less than a year.

This ending was clearly one that no one had predicted.

“This guy… is truly amazing.”

Many disciples looked to each other and saw the sincere admiration from each other’s shock-filled eyes.

The Desolate Hall disciples were stunned for a moment, before excitement and pride surfaced on their faces. They were aware that after this battle, the Desolate Hall’s position in the Dao Sect would definitely be raised. It was likely that no one would dare to casually mock them like before.

Who still dared to say that their Desolate Hall was the weakest?

In this Hall Competition, Lin Dong was undoubtedly the most dazzling person.

“Big sis, he really won.”

Ying Huanhuan’s hands involuntarily tightened when she heard Wang Yan’s words. Her large eyes appeared to be filled with joy, as if she had been relieved of a great burden.

Ying Xiaoxiao nodded gently, while a smile revealed itself on her quiet and pale face. Although this meant that Lin Dong would obtain the commanding authority during the Great Sect Competition, it was still better than letting Wang Yan have it.

“Lin Dong… it seems like he is someone who does not show off his true capabilities. His various trump cards have shocked others time and time again.” Ying Xiaoxiao watched the young man holding a black tree on the stage. The same young man that had forced Wang Yan to admit defeat. Her eyes blinked once before she spoke.

“Big sis is also very powerful. If not for your soft heartedness, senior brother Wang Yan might not have been able to defeat you.” Ying Huanhuan held Ying Xiaoxiao’s wrist and laughed in a lovely manner.

Lin Dong’s victory had clearly allowed a heavy rock to be lifted from the young lady’s heart, allowing her to regain her usual liveliness and energy.

Ying Xiaoxiao shook her head and remained non-committal. She did not dwell on this topic. If one was to seriously discuss it, she was indeed not weaker than Wang Yan or Lin Dong. However, she lacked the decisive willingness to kill that the two of them possessed. This was something only those who have experienced countless life and death battles possessed.

After a momentary shock, Chen Zhen and the rest seated on the tall platform, also swiftly recovered. Even with they could not help but smile in relief.

“He is really someone who surprises others.”

Chen Zhen smiled before he glanced at Ying Xuanzi, who was seated in the middle. The latter’s face was still as calm as a quiet lake. However, if one was to observe carefully, it was possible to see a twinkle in his eyes. Clearly, the Dao Sect master was extremely satisfied with this result.

“Announce the result.”

Chen Zhen nodded after hearing Ying Xuanzi’s words. He stood up as his gaze swept over the entire place. Following which, a low voice sounded out in a powerful manner, “The final victor of this Hall Competition is Lin Dong from the Desolate Hall. As the champion of the Hall Competition, he will hold the authority to command all Dao Sect disciples during the Great Sect Competition.”

Chen Zhen’s mighty voice resounded over the mountaintop, sounding out in everyone’s ears. After his final words sounded out, a thunderous cheer immediately erupted over the mountaintop. Those gazes that gathered on him were filled with great respect.

After this fight, Lin Dong’s reputation had undoubtedly reached the peak amongst the Dao Sect younger generation members.


Lin Dong let out a sigh upon hearing the cheering that enveloped the mountain. He flipped his hand and kept his black tree in his bag. After which, he raised his head, and looked towards the tall platform as he laughed, “Teacher-uncle Chen Zhen, I think it is better to hand the commanding authority back to senior sister Xiaoxiao. I am not adept in such matters.”

Although commanding the Dao Sect’s disciples to engage in a bloody fight during the Great Sect Competition seemed quite cool and prestigious, Lin Dong clearly understood that he was used to being alone. Something like commanding others was thus considered as a weakness of his. Hence, he did not want to get everyone else into trouble because of him.

Outside of the arena, when Ying Xiaoxiao heard these words, she was startled. On the other hand, Ying Huanhuan smilingly said, “What a tactful person.”

Ying Xiaoxiao rolled her eyes and said, “Weren’t you terribly worried about him earlier. Yet, you are speaking in such a tough manner now?”

Ying Huanhuan was silenced by these words to the point whereby her face turned completely red. She hurriedly shrunk her head back bitterly and did not dare to speak anymore.

On the tall platform, Chen Zhen was also startled by Lin Dong’s words. He immediately turned his head to look at Ying Xuanzi. The latter mused for a moment before nodding. If one was to really discuss this issue, Ying Xiaoxiao was indeed the most suitable candidate. Although Lin Dong was cautious, that was on the precondition that his baseline was not touched. Anything could happen during the Great Sect Competition. Should any unforeseen situation occur, there were no guarantee that he would not lose control…

“Since you have taken the initiative to propose this, we will do as you say and hand the commanding authority to Ying Xiaoxiao. Additionally, according to the rules, the champion of the Hall Competition will receive a reward. You should rest for one to two days first. Once you have recovered, head to the sect master’s place.” Chen Zhen finally turned around and spoke smilingly towards Lin Dong. The formers eyes were full of praise. Lin Dong did not act arrogantly despite his success. Instead, he took the initiative and handed this important commanding authority back to Ying Xiaoxiao. His actions would likely cause even Ying Xuanzi, who appeared impassive on the surface, to think a little higher of Lin Dong within his heart.

“There is a reward?”

Lin Dong lifted his brows. This was something that he was interested in. Given Ying Xuanzi’s status, it was likely that his reward would be quite substantial, no?

Wang Yan’s expression was a little indifferent as he unsteadily stood up on the stage. After which, he picked up his broadsword, turned around and left without saying anything. His back was so lonely that it caused one’s heart to ache.

Ying Xiaoxiao and Ying Huanhuan gazed at his back. The smiles that had just appeared on their faces involuntarily dimmed a little. No matter how one put it, they felt a great gratitude towards this person, who had taken care of them like a big brother back then.

“Senior brother Wang Yan.”

Lin Dong suddenly spoke while everyone was sadly staring at Wang Yan’s back.

“You have already won. What else is there to say?” Wang Yan paused without turning his head around and replied in an indifferent tone.

“I also dislike the people from the Yuan Gate. If there is a chance during the Great Sect Competition, perhaps we can cooperate with each other. I wonder if senior brother Wang Yan is interested?” Lin Dong smiled a little as he asked.

Lin Dong knew that the Great Sect Competition was likely going to be extremely dangerous and their Dao Sect would also end up crossing paths with the Yuan Gate. At that time, Wang Yan’s strength might be of great help. Furthermore, the Dao Sect also needed such a strong disciple.

Wang Yan was startled. He slowly turned his head and watched Lin Dong smiling face. A long while later, his face, which did not even reveal any expression despite having fought with Lin Dong until both suffered great injuries, appeared to have the desire to smile. However, that smile ultimately did not appear. All he did was nod his head slowly towards Lin Dong.

“When the time comes, I’ll kill whoever you ask me to. Additionally… you did well. Xiaoxiao is indeed the best candidate. It’s just that I am not as magnanimous as you.”

Wang Yan’s somewhat dark and gloomy voice was transmitted over. Immediately, he turned around and left. Lin Dong could not help but grin when he saw this. Wang Yan might be obstinate and antisocial, but on the whole, he was not as dislikable as one imagined.

Lin Dong sent Wang Yan off with his eyes. After which, he stretched his waist. As his mood relaxed, the pain and tiredness that he had forcefully suppressed earlier swiftly surged over his body like floodwaters. That powerless sensation caused Lin Dong to find it difficult to even lift his arm.

Lin Dong laughed bitterly when he sensed this powerless feeling within his body. In terms of intensity, this big battle was likely even more intense than the one with Yao Ling. Fortunately, Lin Dong’s strength had been risen substantially compared to back then. Therefore, he did not wind up seriously injured and unconscious for ten days like before.

“It is finally over…”

Although Lin Dong was exhausted, there was a relieved smile on his face. Immediately, he heaved a solemn sigh of relief within his heart. He raised his head and looked at the distant azure sky. It appeared as though the clouds were lingering there, encroaching towards this place at an extremely slow speed.

“Great Sect Competition… Yuan Gate, I’m really looking forward to seeing just how overbearing you can be at that time…”

The corners of Lin Dong’s mouth slowly lifted into an arc that was as cold as a blade. He really looked forward to the arrival of that day…