Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 725: Tragic

Chapter 725: Tragic


Chapter 725: Tragic


The deep-yellow energy was just like a flame that came sweeping out from underground. It occupied the other half of the sky. That majestic and mighty strength appeared to ignite this world.

A lean figure stood at the center of the flame. Like an eagle hovering in the horizon, a pair of bright and penetrating eyes were firmly locked onto Wang Yan in the distance, who had a demon-like figure above his head.

This was the first time Lin Dong had used the Great Desolation Scripture. He could clearly sense the energy within the surrounding land gather around him at this moment. Moreover, he could control this energy!

It was a tremendous energy that he had never possessed before!

At this moment, Lin Dong finally understood why the Great Desolation Scripture could become the strongest martial art in the Dao Sect. This was basically forcefully borrowing the energy of the land for one’s use in an overbearing manner.

From a certain point of view, this was similar to the Devouring Ancestral Symbol. However, the power borrowed by the Great Desolation Scripture would be unleashed in an extremely short amount of time, hence creating an extremely terrifying attack. On the other hand, the Devouring Ancestral Symbol would swallow and digest the strength, completely turning it to its owner strength bit by bit.

Amongst these two things, one was for the now whole the other was for the future. Their natures were completely different.

“Such an overwhelming power…”

Lin Dong extended his hand and clenched it gently. Immediately, the corners of his lips lifted to form a smile on his face. One could tell that he was quite satisfied with the power of this Great Desolation Scripture.

Bang bang!

The large black palm that seemingly covered the skies carried an extremely frightening pressure as it approached the sky. The originally cracked ground also crumbled at this moment, transforming into a barren land.


Lin Dong inhaled a deep breath of air. His originally bright eyes had now become dazzling. Immediately, his hands held the black tree tightly and lifted it high up into the air. After which, he chopped down with it!


After this tree of Lin Dong’s came crushing downwards, the bright deep-yellow energy that occupied half of the sky came whistling over like a storm. In the end, it completely covered the black tree trunk in front of the many stunned gazes present, forming a thousand feet large bright tail of light.

“Great Desolation Scripture, Desolation Tear!”

A deep and hoarse voice rang out amidst the wild and violent Yuan Power in the sky as Lin Dong chopped downwards with the tree.


Lin Dong’s voice had just sounded when a thousand feet long bright light arc suddenly erupted from the black tree trunk.

Bang bang bang!

The instant the light arc was unleashed, a thousands of feet large gully was being forcefully torn open. In the end, it directly spread to the edge of the mountain from the middle of the battleground. It was as if it intended to split this mountain into two.

The speed of the light arc was extremely frightening. Everyone merely saw a ray of light streak pass. When they focused, the monstrous light tiger had already violently hacked onto the large black shadow palm in front of their shocked eyes.

Chi chi!

The shocking collision surprisingly did not emit any sound. Two extremely frightening energy attacks met each other like fire and water, frantically eroding each other with the intention of obliterating the other party.


A frightening energy ripple frantically spread outwards in the sky. A kind of distorted feeling appeared wherever the two energies met.

Everyone was glued to the frightening offensive erosion in the sky. A moment later, their pupils suddenly shrunk. The two similarly ferocious energies finally lost control while eroding each other. In the end, they swept outwards.

It was as though a sandstorm had swept over the area. None of those present could avoid it.

Some of the nearer disciples were shaken till they spat out a mouthful of blood. Their faces were deathly pale while shock filled their eyes. This was merely some resultant waves. Yet, they were already unable to defend against it. They really could not imagine just how frightening the scene at the centre of the collision was.

Black and yellow shock waves rippled outwards. Everyone watched as the two figures were blown back like cannon balls after being struck by the shock waves.


A mouthful of fresh blood was spat out when the two figures flew backwards. Clearly, they had ended up suffering quite a serious injury from the backlash.

Ying Huanhuan watched the two seriously injured human figures in the battleground, as her hand involuntarily covered her mouth. Anxiety flashed across her eyes. Lin Dong and Wang Yan were both ferocious individuals, and a battle between them was truly one that would make even onlookers fearful. Anyone who showed an opening would at least be seriously injured by their previous attacks.


The black tree in Lin Dong’s hand was heavily thrust into the ground, causing a long and deep scar that was hundreds of metres long as it was dragged along the ground. The green dragon wings behind him were flapped violently. Only then did it gradually resolve the frightening force that had invaded his body.

Lin Dong wiped off the blood trace at the corner of his mouth after stabilizing his body. A vicious look rose deep within those cold stern eyes of his. Immediately, he held the black tree and flapped the dragon wings on his back. His body emitted a ‘swoosh’ sound as he disappeared in a strange manner.

At a spot a great distance in front of Lin Dong, Wang Yan had also forcefully stabilized his body. He appeared dishevelled, and there was a faint trace of disbelief within his eyes. Clearly, he never imagined that Lin Dong would actually blocked his attack. There was a whole three Yuan Nirvana stage gap between both of them. Was the Great Desolation Scripture really so tyrannical…

However, Wang Yan did not ponder too deeply into this matter. This was because his expression suddenly changed in the next instant as his body strangely dodged to the side.


Just when Wang Yan’s body had pulled back, the black tree tore through the distant sky and violently struck the spot where he had stood earlier with frightening power. A gully spread in a lightning like fashion and chased Wang Yan, who was flying backwards. Sharp rocks wrapped with vigorous Yuan Power shot towards his vitals.

Wang Yan’s body was in the air as the broadsword in his hand was waved violently. Powerful sword Qi directly sliced those rock fragments into dust.

That sword Qi of Wang Yan hand just landed when that ghost like figure once again appeared in front of him. A ferocious fist force ruthlessly slammed towards Wang Yan’s chest.

A fierce aura flashed across Wang Yan’s eyes when he saw this chain of attacks by Lin Dong. This time around, he did not dodge, and a sharp kick flew out.

His fighting style was extremely vicious, and he was usually the one pushing others into a life and death struggle with his viciousness. Since when did he end up being forced to continue pulling back by another in a similar fashion?

The punch and kick that contained a ferocious strength finally landed violently onto the other party’s body. Immediately, the two of them let out a muffled snort. Their bodies landed on the ground and staggered backwards.

Exchanging a punch for a kick. The both of them actually did not have any thoughts of defending. Such a risky berserker style caused quite a number of disciples to feel their scalps turn numb. These two fellows were truly ruthless…


Lin Dong spat out a mouthful of blood from his mouth. His hand trembled slightly as his eyes stared at Wang Yan in a somewhat cold manner. When his fist hand landed on the latter’s body earlier, it appeared that the latter had something on his body that had reduced the power by half.

“Lin Dong, you won’t be able to defeat me!”

Wang Yan wiped off the trace of blood on his face. A cold smile was revealed on his indifferent face. Immediately, his body trembled slightly as a faint golden glow surfaced on his body. After which, the golden glow gathered, forming an outer skin-like layer that wrapped his entire body under it.

“You are indeed extremely amazing to battle me to such a state with the strength of the six Yuan Nirvana stage. However… there is after all a frightening gap between a six Yuan and a nine Yuan. The current me has already begun to form a Yuan Spirit and can use the strength of a Yuan Spirit to form this Yuan Spirit Cuticle. Your attacks will not be able to break it!”

“Yuan Spirit Cuticle…”

Lin Dong’s eyes hardened. No wonder he sensed a familiar fluctuation from it. It was actually formed by Yuan Spirit. It was something that could only be formed after one had at least reached the seven Yuan Nirvana stage. However, forming a Yuan Spirit force did not mean that one could form a Yuan Spirit. Even someone like Wang Yan had likely not reached that stage. However, Wang Yan must have had some kind of special encounter. His Yuan Spirit force had actually formed such a Yuan Spirit Cuticle. The defensive properties of this thing was quite strong…

A glow faintly flickered within Lin Dong’s eyes. His foot suddenly stomped on the ground and his body once again rushed out explosively.

“Stubborn fellow!”

The ferocious aura within Wang Yan’s eyes became even more intense when he saw Lin Dong continue to charge over. The broadsword in his hand suddenly pierced outwards explosively.


The black tree and the broadsword collided violently. Lin Dong suddenly urged the force within his palm and the black tree shot out. It held the broadsword as both shot out of their owners’ hands.

After sending his opponent’s weapon flying, Lin Dong immediately approached Wang Yan’s body. A ferocious palm force ruthlessly flew out.

Ying Xiaoxiao and Ying Huanhuan involuntarily exclaimed when they saw this action of Lin Dong’s. Although they were aware that Lin Dong’s physical body was strong, the current Wang Yan possessed the Yuan Spirit Cuticle. How could a weaponless Lin Dong break such a defence?


Wang Yan’s eyes immediately turned icy cold when he saw that Lin Dong actually dared to approach him. He possessed the Yuan Spirit Cuticle. Those ordinary attacks of Lin Dong would barely cause him any harm. On the other hand, a punch of his would be able to immediately injure Lin Dong.

Wang Yan’s palm swiftly thrust forward and directly landed on Lin Dong’s chest. The wild and violent force caused Lin Dong to feel a sweetness in his throat as a bloody smell surged out from his mouth. However, Lin Dong ignored it. His face, which was covered in fresh blood, appeared exceptionally ferocious. In the end, his hand also landed on Wang Yan’s body.

The moment Lin Dong’s palm landed, Wang Yan suddenly saw that the corner of the former’s mouth lift to form a mysterious smile. After which, he saw a golden palm-sized light wheel flash and appear in Lin Dong’s palm.

“This is… a Yuan Spirit weapon?”

At this moment, astonishment gushed up in the eyes of the usually stone-faced Wang Yan.