Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 724: Black Demon Mirror VS Great Desolation Scripture

Chapter 724: Black Demon Mirror VS Great Desolation Scripture


Chapter 724: Black Demon Mirror VS Great Desolation Scripture

Buzz buzz.

A strange aura spread from within Wang Yan’s body. While this aura spread, wave after wave of black fog also swept out from within his body in all directions like a storm.

The black fog quickly spread filled half the sky. Faintly, an extremely shocking and fearsome aura was emitted from within it.

Everyone on the mountain was in shock as they observed this scene. Immediately, they quietly inhaled a breath of cold air. All of them could sense how terrifying Wang Yan’s attack was. It seems like the latter was planning to use his trump cards.

Lin Dong was hovering in the sky. His expression was similarly grave when he saw this scene. From the monstrous black fog, he felt an extremely dangerous sensation. He slowly began to descend from the sky and landed a great distance from Wang Yan. When his feet touched the ground, the Desolate Demon Eye between his brows flashed before a formidable grey beam shot towards the seated Wang Yan.


The light beam rushed past in a flash. However, when it was still a hundred feet away from Wang Yan, it suddenly disappeared in a puff. It seemed as if there was an invisible barrier around Wang Yan, protecting him within it.

Wang Yan’s eyes were indifferent as he glanced at Lin Dong. Promptly, a somewhat scarlet glow surged within his eyes. His rapidly changing hand seals suddenly stilled before a hoarse and indifferent voice was slowly emitted, “This skill has killed three experts at the peak of eight Yuan Nirvana Stage and a nine Yuan Nirvana Stage opponent… Right now, you still have the chance to withdraw.”

Wang Yan’s words had just sounded when it immediately caused the sound of cold air being haled to ring across this mountain. His battle accomplishments were really shocking. It seems like he indeed deserves to be ranked second on the sects’ wanted list…

Lin Dong inhaled a deep breath of air. He immediately smiled before he inserted the black tree on his hand into the ground. Both his hands formed a seal with lightning like speed.

“Senior Wang Yan, after you!”

Wang Yan lowered his eyes when he saw this and he ceased speaking anymore. The seal formed by his hand changed before the black light that permeated the sky began to gather rapidly. Finally, it appeared to transform into an extremely large and blurry black figure. A monstrous evil aura swept apart within the black figure and it caused the temperature of this entire place to fall.

“This is…”

On the tall stage, when Chen Zhen and the other three hall chiefs saw the enormous black figure formed by Wang Yan, their eyes hardened.

“What a powerful martial art. It seems like Wang Yan must have had a rare chance encounter over the years. This martial arts is comparable to the Sky Emperor Scripture…” The chief of the Sky Sect Qi Lei, spoke in a deep voice.

Chen Zhen and the rest nodded slightly. Immediately, worry flashed across their eyes. Wang Yan’s strength had even managed to take them by surprise. Therefore, they wondered if Lin Dong would be able to hold on…

“From his stance, the martial arts that Wang Yan learnt should be the Black Demon Mirror. The one who created it was a ruthless person during the ancient times called Hei Mo.” Seated in the middle, Ying Xuanzi opened his mouth and spoke faintly at this moment. He managed to see through the background of Wang Yan’s martial arts in a glance.

“Hei Mo…” The expressions of Chen Zhen’s group changed slightly upon hearing this. Clearly, they had also heard of this ruthless individual, who was renowned during the ancient times.

“It is unexpected that Wang Yan is actually able to obtain his martial arts inheritance…”


Bang bang.

The enormous black figure was just like a demonic body that appeared in the sky above Wang Yan. Although one could not clearly see its appearance, that evil aura that seemed to have shuttled through time and space was extremely frightening.


A cluster of air that contained some black light was slowly emitted from Wang Yan’s mouth. At this moment, his expression appeared to be a little pale. It was likely that using this martial arts exhausted him tremendously.

He slowly raised his somewhat pale face. His scarlet red eyes appeared extremely stern. After which, a seal was formed with his hand. His hoarse, cold and indifferent voice carried some heat as it resounded over the mountain.

“Black Demon Mirror, Descent of the Black Demon!”


Monstrous black light wildly surged into the enormous black shadow. After which, two scarlet light surfaced on the black figure’s face. They were just like a pair of bloody eyes. Immediately, the evil aura that permeated this place suddenly soared.


While this dark and evil aura spread, countless surrounding individuals suddenly felt the Yuan Power circulating within their bodies turn sluggish. Immediately, numerous shocked exclaims sounded out. Wang Yan’s attack had yet to be unleashed, however it was already this fearsome.

The shady aura within Wang Yan’s eyes was also extremely violent. In the next moment, he extended his hand and aimed at Lin Dong. After which, he viciously clenched his hand.


The moment he clenched his hand, the natural Yuan Power appeared to be forcefully shattered. After which, the enormous black figure’s scarlet eyes directly locked onto Lin Dong. Vast and mighty wild Yuan Power actually formed a barrier and sealed off Lin Dong retreat path.

That incredibly enormous black figure strided forward after it sealed Lin Dong’s retreat paths. It’s palm was subsequently slammed downwards!

Bang bang!

Following this furious slam by Wang Yan’s palm, the mountain began to tremble wildly. The land actually formed a dozens of feet large crack. Soon after, an enormous crack line that was nearly a hundred feet in size surfaced from the ground. It was just like a rising earth dragon that extended towards Lin Dong with lightning like speed.

This frightening palm attack had the strength to shatter mountains!

All the disciples were also shocked by this frightening momentum until they felt suffocated. At a short distance away, Ying Xiaoxiao’s expression became extremely grave. That young lady by her side also had a somewhat pale expression.

It was likely that even a nine Yuan Nirvana Stage expert would be dare to handle this palm attack!

“What a powerful fluctuation…”

Lin Dong raised his head as he stared at that black large palm, which blotted out the sun, heading over. At that spot, he could sense an extremely rich dangerous sensation that would not scatter. He understood that even though his physical body was extremely powerful, he would definitely be seriously wounded if he was hit by that attack.

“My retreat paths have all been sealed…’

Lin Dong glanced around him. The barrier formed by the wild and violent natural Yuan Power had trapped him at this spot.

“In that case… I can only go all out and fight with you.”

Lin Dong muttered to himself. The cold expression within his eyes suddenly became more intense. He clenched his hand before bright red fresh blood promptly seeped out from it. After which, it swiftly transformed into an extremely mysterious obscure seal.

The blood coloured seal had just appeared when Lin Dong’s right hand violently landed on the ground. At the same time, a wave of extremely mysterious ripple spread out in a lightning like speed with his body at the middle.

Puff puff!

As this ripple spread, everyone could clearly see that the originally lush green mountain top began to wither and turn yellow at a frightening pace. Even the land itself started to crack…


The cracks on the ground spread with lightning like speed. Within a short couple of breaths, this large mountain had turned withering yellow. It was as though the strength within the land had been completely sucked away.

Numerous pair of eyes were the mountaintop wither in shock. Immediately, a wild and hot excitement suddenly surged into everyone’s eyes. “This is the Great Desolation Scripture!”

When the Great Desolation Scripture is unleashed, everything within thousands of kilometres will turn barren. Although it was impossible for Lin Dong to currently reach that level, he was still able to turn this mountain into barren land.

“He has finally unleashed it huh…”

Even with their fortitude, Chen Zhen and Wu Dao had an excitement surging within their eyes at this moment. It has been a hundred years. Finally, they were once again able to witness the most powerful strongest martial arts in their Dao Sect…

“It is indeed worthy of being the Great Desolation Scripture…”

Qi Lei’s eyes flickered as he watched this scene before letting out a praise. He could sense that there was a majestic energy surging underground. These energy were gathering towards the skinny figure in the distant.

Except for human beings, he had absorbed all the energy from the surrounding living beings. This was the most frightening aspect of the Great Desolation Scripture.

Deep yellow energy whizzed out from the ground like a monstrous flame. Finally, it covered over Lin Dong’s body. At this moment, a frightening ripple was being emitted all over his body. Even Ying Xiaoxiao felt shocked.

“It actually is… the Great Desolation Scripture…”

At a distance away, Wang Yan’s eyes also shrunk because of this scene. He immediately inhaled a deep breath of air and suppressed the shock within his heart. At this moment, he finally understood why Lin Dong had the courage to oppose him. This fellow had actually successfully learnt the Great Desolation Scripture…

This fight was going to be really interesting.