Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 723: Battle of the Titans

Chapter 723: Battle of the Titans


Chapter 723 Battle of the Titans


Gales blew across the sky, causing the entire mountain peak to be completely immersed in the cloud of dust that was blown up. After the dust scattered, two erect figures stood opposite each other. Cold and sharp glints flowed in their eyes.

The Yuan Power of the area had seemingly been disturbed, forming two distinct halves between the two. At the place where the two halves intersected, space was somewhat distorted.

Lin Dong had currently pushed the Green Heaven Materialized Dragon Skill to the limit. Not only did dragon scales cover his body, even the green dragon wings had appeared. From afar, the he looked like a half dragon. A faint dragon roar seemed to emerge from within his body that intimidated the heavens.

Lin Dong knew very clearly that if he was to compete purely on Yuan Power, he would not be a match for the Nine Yuan Nirvana stage Wang Yan. However, the form combat took was not merely limited to Yuan Power. Some of the methods he possessed was enough to threaten Wang Yan.


Lin Dong eyes narrowed a little as a cold glow circulated within his pupils. Shortly after, the green dragon wings on his back suddenly flapped.


As the green dragon wings flapped, the resulting gale caused the surrounding rubble to be fanned away. Lin Dong’s figure turned into a series of after images that shot directly at Wang Yan.

Wang Yan’s eyes hardened slightly as he watched the after images that were sweeping towards him at an astonishing speed. Even he felt somewhat shocked at Lin Dong’s speed.


Lin Dong’s figure appeared in the front of Wang Yan in an instant. His eyes were cold and sharp as his dragonized arms grabbing a black tree were raised high into the air, before suddenly swinging downwards in an extremely violent manner!

The black tree had yet to land, but the ground below had already exploded due to the force behind it.


With terrifying power, the black tree was violently swung downwards. However, the instant before its power reached its peak, a black broadsword enveloped by vigorous Yuan Power swept out at an extremely sharp angle, and thrust heavily at the black tree trunk.

The point that Wang Yan had targeted with his sword was extremely crafty. He had nicely struck the point on the black tree where the energy was most scattered. Although his strength could not match up to Lin Dong’s, his Yuan Power was vigorous without equal. With a single strike, he had directly blocked the black tree that contained a frightening force. Seeing such eye power and strength made others feel astonished.


Lin Dong was not the slightest bit surprised that his attacked had been stopped. A grey line swiftly formed on his forehead, and the Desolate Demon Eye appeared. A grey light beam filled with a baleful aura burst out with a swoosh and headed straight for Wang Yan’s throat.


Lin Dong’s merciless attack caused Wang Yan to snort coldly. Two of his fingers curled, transforming into a sword aura that quickly thrust at the grey light beam. A formidable sword Qi suddenly exploded, forcibly tearing the light beam apart.

Swish Rustle!

After ripping the light beam apart, Wang Yan’s black broadsword turned directly into a black storm. Formidable berserk sword Qi flooded the skies as a counterattack was launched at Lin Dong.

In response to such an attack from Wang Yan, Lin Dong’s green dragon wings flapped and he flew into air. With another flap, he reflected numerous sharp sword Qi that were shooting towards him. Quickly after, he extended his five fingers, as the space behind him started to crumble again. From the void, a figure from the ancient times slowly walked out.

“Great Desolate Heaven Imprisoning Hand!”

Without wasting any time, Lin Dong suddenly extended his hand, and furiously swatted at Wang Yan.

Following the descend of Lin Dong’s palm, the light figure within the void also sent a palm swatting down. An incomparably gigantic ancient palm imprint immediately appeared in the sky, and viciously pressed down on Wang Yan below.

While the gigantic palm rumbled downwards, Lin Dong did not plan on stopping here. The Desolate Demon Eye on his forehead opened once again, as grey light swelled and rushed out in torrents, summoning the spirit of the Huang Beast once again.

The sole giant eye of the Huang Beast spirit rapidly opened, before a grey pillar of light, that seemingly connected the skies and the earth, shot out explosively with a whoosh.

Bang Bang!

Yuan Power frantically boiled in the skies above as the titanic palm and light pillar simultaneously descended on their target, Wang Yan. Upon seeing such an attack, the scalps of many people watching below turned numb.


A serious expression flitted across Wang Yan’s eyes as he lifted his head and gazed at the terrifying attacks that whizzed at him from the skies above. He thrust his broadsword into the ground, and rapid formed a series of seals with his hands. Immediately, an astonishing fluctuation suddenly started to swell up from within his body.

“Sky Emperor Scripture, Sky Emperor Bell!”

In an instant, the Yuan Power in the area showed signs of frantically gathering towards Wang Yan, before fusing with the boundless Yuan Power within his body. Under the gazes of countless people, the Yuan Power transformed into a gigantic ancient bell.


The instant the ancient bell formed, the gigantic palm and light pillar finally arrived. Carrying along terrifying fluctuations, they smashed into the gigantic ancient bell one after the other. A loud and clear bell sound immediately resounded across the entire sky.


The already messy mountain peak was ravaged once again. The huge boulders that had already broken apart were now crushed into dust by the shockwave from the collision. The formidable power unleashed by the collision was rather astonishing indeed.


Innumerable gazes gathered at the site of the collision. After suffering such a frightening bombardment, the surface of the gigantic ancient clock started to rupture as numerous cracks formed. In the end, it thoroughly exploded with a bang.

Lin Dong gasped a mouthful of air as he watched the gigantic ancient clock explode, and could not help but grin as a figure once again appeared before his eyes. This Wang Yan was indeed hard to deal with. Qing Ye would have long been blown away by this attack of Lin Dong. However Wang Yan was still as steady as a mountain. This opponent was truly troublesome…

Below, Wang Yan’s face was like still water as the hand that grasped the black broadsword faintly trembled. While Lin Dong was secretly thinking about how difficult Wang Yan was to deal with, he was similarly secretly astonished by Lin Dong’s ferocious attack. The energy used in the battle with Lin Dong was simply far more than what he had expended against Ying Xiaoxiao.

After the descent of the astonishing attack, the two had strangely sunk into a brief moment of silence. During this period, neither of them launched any formidable attacks.

Looking at the two stationary figures in the arena, Ying Xiaoxiao’s pupils twitched before she spoke in a soft voice,“Their energy expension is too great…”

“They have already fought many matches today…” Ying Huanhuan nodded in agreement.

“Senior brother Wang Yan is a Nine Yuan Nirvana stage expert, as such, it is not strange that his vigorous Yuan Power has been able to support him till now. However, that fellow Lin Dong repeatedly launched such powerful martial art moves, yet he was also able to hold out till now. This is truly astonishing.” Ying Xiaoxiao remarked.

“Exactly, that fellow is not normal…”

Ying Huanhuan gave a laugh, before she felt Ying Xiaoxiao look over. Her face turned red as she hastily changed the topic, “Big sis, who amongst them will have a greater chance at victory?”

Ying Xiaoxiao slightly knitted her eyebrows, before shaking her head, “That’s hard to say. Although Lin Dong’s attacks are fiercer, senior brother Wang Yan definitely still has his trump cards.”

“However Lin Dong has yet to reveal his Great Desolation Scripture. That fellow really loves to save his cards…”

“True, we’re always underestimating him. Therefore, the victor of this match is yet to be determined….”

Ying Xiaoxiao gave a sigh, however, her eyes suddenly focused the moment her voice faded. She immediately sent her gaze towards Wang Yan’s direction. The latter had suddenly sat on the ground, while the black broadsword in his hand had been thrust into the ground. Next, his hands started to form an extremely strange seal.


A mouthful of essence blood shot out from Wang Yan’s mouth. It turned into a ball of blood and descended on his strange seal. Immediately, an extremely strange aura slowly seeped out from within his body.

“ Perhaps this will end soon… senior brother Wang Yan doesn’t plan on delaying any longer…”

Ying Xiaoxiao breathed in deeply as she watched Wang Yan’s strange actions. Her jadelike hands quietly started to tighten. Looks like Wang Yan was about to use his hidden card. It was unknown whether Lin Dong would be able to withstand it this time. If he could not endure, a result to this match might finally emerge…