Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 721: Clash of the Sky Emperor Scripture

Chapter 721: Clash of the Sky Emperor Scripture


Chapter 721: Clash of the Sky Emperor Scripture


Another extremely clear metallic sound spread across the arena. Sharp sword glows swept forth as the two figures hurriedly took over a dozen steps back. The hard ground where their feet landed was also turned to dust due to the sword Qi that seeped out.

Their attacks were unusually sharp and ferocious. It seemed like her reputation as the strongest Dao Sect younger generation member, and his second placed ranking on the sects’ wanted list was indeed not from nothing.

Ying Xiaoxiao steadied her body. Her simple and noble face was filled with a rather grim expression. After the previous exchange, she could already tell that Wang Yan was not inferior to her. The battle today might not be easy for her, but…

In order to prevent Wang Yan from obtaining the commanding authority of the Dao Sect disciples during the Great Sect Competition, she must stop him no matter what!

Light flickered in her clear eyes, and a determined expression suddenly flashed across her face. Her body moved as she leapt into the air, while her delicate hands suddenly formed numerous dazzling seals at lightning speed.

Buzz buzz!

Following the change in Ying Xiaoxiao’s hand seals, everyone clearly sensed the surrounding Yuan Power begin to boil.

While the surrounding Yuan Power boiled, a bright light scattered from Ying Xiaoxiao’s body. An extremely dazzling sight.

“This is… great senior sister Xiaoxiao is about to use the Sky Emperor Scripture…”

Numerous disciples watched the unusual activity in the sky. Soon after, a shocked expression surged on their faces. They did not expect Ying Xiaoxiao to use a trump card like the Sky Emperor Scripture so soon.

“She doesn’t want to drag things out huh…”

Lin Dong had similarly sensed the terrifying ripples surging around Ying Xiaoxiao, and his lips curled slightly. It seemed that Ying Xiaoxiao also understood that Wang Yan was extremely experienced. If this dragged on for a long time, the other party would definitely find an opening. In that case, it was better to act decisively. With the Sky Emperor Scripture, it might be possible to change the situation.

Vast and majestic fluctuations continuously swept in all directions like huge waves with Ying Xiaoxiao at the centre. The entire world appeared to have turned much dimmer at this moment.

“Senior brother Wang Yan, I am aware that you possess strong hatred in your heart. However, there is hardly anything you can do now. Some grudges are not so easy to forget. However, there will be a time to collect the debt in the future.” Ying Xiaoxiao hovered in the sky. Her eyes were locked onto Wang Yan below, as a soft voice slowly transmitted downwards.

“Should we continue to swallow our pride then?”

A mocking expression appeared on Wang Yan’s indifferent face. After which, he turned to glance at a particular spot on the tall stage. After which, he shook his head and solemnly said, “I… am no longer able to endure.”

“Make your move. However, if you continue to be so soft, I will no longer show any mercy. During the Great Sect Competition, those bastards from the Yuan Gate will not show any mercy to you!” Wang Yan raised his head as a chilling glint gathered within his eyes. His ice-cold voice caused many Dao Sect disciples to feel a chill all over their bodies.

Helplessness flashed across Ying Xiaoxiao’s eyes when she saw how resolute Wang Yan was. After which, she gently exhaled as she suppressed the churning emotions in her heart, and her changing hand seals suddenly stilled.

Bang bang!

Wave after wave of monstrous Yuan Power gathered wildly behind Ying Xiaoxiao. In the next moment, the enormous waves churned and transformed into a thousand-feet large sword of light behind her.

When the light sword appeared, the surrounding space appeared to become distorted. A majority of the Dao Sect disciples turned pale at this moment. They could feel the destructive ripple emitted by the light sword. If this sword struck them, it was likely that not even their bones would be left.

That light sword seemed to possess a terrifying strength that could slice apart the skies!

“The Sky Emperor Scripture is powerful indeed…”

Lin Dong’s eyes were surprised when he saw the enormous sword in the sky. The sharp ripple that was emitted from its surface caused him to feel extremely fearful. The four great mysterious scriptures of the Dao Sect truly lived up to their reputations.

“Sky Emperor Scripture. Great Sky Cloud Scraping Sword!”

Ying Xiaoxiao extended her hand in front of countless pairs of eyes. After which, she grabbed at the enormous light sword. In the next moment, a clear and cold cry suddenly emerged from her mouth. At the same time, her body appeared above the huge sword. After which, she suddenly swung her hand.


As Ying Xiaoxiao’s jadelike hand fell, the tip of the enormous light sword in the sky, suddenly rotated. After which, it rushed directly towards Wang Yan in an explosive manner.

Chi chi!

As the light sword rushed downwards, a glaring scar was left behind in the empty sky. It was as if even space itself was being forcefully ripped apart by this sword.

The ground below collapsed at this moment. The frightening large sword had yet to land, but an incomparably sharp sword force was already sweeping downwards, hacking the enormous stage into two.

Frightening wind pressure caused Wang Yan’s clothes to be tightly pressed against his skin. However, the latter continued to stand still with his head held high, while the enormous sword rapidly magnified in his eyes.

“Sky Emperor Scripture huh…”

Wang Yan’s indifferent face appeared to move a little. Immediately, a low mumble was emitted from his mouth, “Have you forgotten that I am also a disciple of the Sky Hall…”


After Wang Yan’s voice sounded, wild and violent Yuan Power suddenly erupted from within his body. The surrounding Yuan Power boiled immediately at this moment. Finally, they transformed into an enormous light sword that was not inferior to Ying Xiaoxiao’s.

Between the two, Ying Xiaoxiao’s light sword inclined towards dark green while a black glow undulated on Wang Yan’s one, making it look dark and menacing.

“It is actually the Sky Emperor Scripture too!”

Countless pairs of eyes looked at the enormous sword that had formed behind Wang Yan. Soon after, a series of exclamations continuously rang out on the mountaintop.

Lin Dong focused as he observed this scene. Wang Yan was also a disciple of the Sky Hall. Hence, it was not incredulous that he also possessed the Sky Emperor Scripture.

“Great Sky Cloud Scraping Sword!”

The surprised gazes that filled the entire place did not cause Wang Yan’s expression to change the slightest. His sleeve suddenly waved as his enormous black light sword directly rushed out. At the same time, he moved his body and appeared on the large sword. After which, man and sword merged together as they viciously charged towards the light sword descending from the sky at lightning speed.

Two bright lights flashed past the sky like two meteorites. After which, they collided with aloud bang under the countless watching gazes!

The entire place trembled when the collision occurred as frighteningly sharp sword glows swept apart. The dozen surrounding large stages were all shattered into dust thanks to the sword glows. Some surrounding Dao Sect disciples also hurriedly retreated because they were afraid of being dragged into the destruction.

Black and green light frantically eroded each other in the sky. It was an earth-shattering sight and it felt as though armageddon was about to arrive.

A sharp sword glow whistled pass Ying Xiaoxiao’s ear, cutting a thread of her black hair. However, her clear eyes were still glued onto Wang Yan. Immediately, she clenched her silver teeth. A three feet green sword appeared in a flash. After which, it carried an unusually sharp aura as it pierced towards Wang Yan’s throat.

Wang Yan gazed at Ying Xiaoxiao’s formidable attack. However, he surprisingly did not dodge as his hand reached out instead. It turned out that he wanted to use his bare hand to block Ying Xiaoxiao’s sword attack, which could easily hack an eight Yuan Nirvana stage expert into two.

Ying Xiaoxiao’s expression changed when she saw this scene. She watched Wang Yan’s scar ridden face as she bit her lips.


The moment the sword glow was about to penetrate Wang Yan’s palm, a bitter smile appeared on Ying Xiaoxiao face, and the sword suddenly slowed.


The moment Ying Xiaoxiao’s sword slowed, Wang Yan’s palm had already grabbed it. The sharp sword glow instantly caused Wang Yan’s hand to be covered with fresh blood. However, he completely ignored it. All he did was stare at the former. Finally, he shook his head slightly and spoke with a hoarse voice, “I have already told you not to hold back…”

“The current me is no longer the same senior brother Wang Yan from before… Xiaoxiao, do not blame me.”

Wang Yan’s eyes slowly darkened. His other hand rushed out like lightning. With an extremely violent strength, he pressed it against Ying Xiaoxiao’s shoulder.

The wild and fierce force was just like an erupting volcano. Ying Xiaoxiao’s lovely figure trembled as a muffled sound was emitted from her throat. After which, her body fell downwards and smashed onto the ground in a somewhat miserable manner. The low and deep sound directly shocked Ying Huanhuan and caused her small face to turn pale.

Just as Ying Xiaoxiao’s body landed, a figure followed closely behind like a phantom. Before she could resist, a black broadsword that was suffused with a cold and sharp aura had already arrived in front of her.

“You lose…”

Wang Yan lowered his head. His eyes were indifferent as he watched Ying Xiaoxiao, whose pretty face was a little pale as he slowly said.

The entire place was completely silent. Ying Huanhuan, who was watching this scene, staggered a little. Her pretty face was also as pale as sheet. The scenario that had caused her the most unease had finally appeared…

“Can the result be announced?” Wang Yan raised his head and looked towards the deacon as he said in an indifferent manner.

The deacon was startled for a moment when he heard this. Immediately, he looked at Ying Xuanzi, who was seated on a tall platform. The expression of the latter remained as still as water. However, only Chen Zhen and the others seated beside him, could see that some tiny cracks had appeared on the armrest of the chair, where his hand was placed at.

Ying Xuanzi finally nodded slowly under the watching deacon’s eyes.

“Wang Yan wins this match!”

Upon seeing this, the deacon sighed in his heart. Finally, he announced in a loud voice.

The voice spread but the entire mountaintop was completely silent. However, Wang Yan ignored it. He kept his broadsword before he turned around and proceeded to leave. An indifferent voice sounded out when he turned, “I will return when the Great Sect Competition begins.”

Ying Xiaoxiao watched Wang Yan’s back. At this moment, the eyes of the great senior sister of the Sky Hall, who had never showed any signs of weakness in front of others, suddenly reddened.

“Big sis.”

Ying Huanhuan quickly landed beside Ying Xiaoxiao. She gazed at her red eyes and fell into a panicked state. It looked as if tears were about to roll down her huge eyes as well.

The atmosphere of the entire mountain fell into a strange silence. Everyone watched Wang Yan departing with a black broadsword on his back, complicated expressions on their faces.

*Sigh*, how troublesome…

Lin Dong sighed when he saw the depressing atmosphere that pervaded the mountaintop. He kneaded his forehead, appearing to hesitate for a moment. Finally, he slowly walked forward.


The moment Lin Dong walked forward, countless pairs of eyes gathered onto him. Even Ying Xiaoxiao and Ying Huanhuan turned to looked at him with lost expressions.

“Senior brother Wang Yan, the Hall Competition has not ended. It is perhaps a little too early to leave…”

The skinny young man spread his hands in a somewhat helpless manner under the watch of many puzzled gazes. After which, his voice echoed across the sky.