Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 714 Opponent

Chapter 714 Opponent


Chapter 714 Opponent

Lin Dong’s expression did not change as he watched the young lady flee from the stage. However, he secretly felt slightly embarrassed. After using a zither to spank a lady’s buttocks in front of so many people, he did not know how Yin Huanhuan would pester him after this.

As he raised his head, Lin Dong could feel innumerable gazes from his surroundings that shot at him like sharp arrows, and could not help but rubbed his nose. It seemed that this move had truly offended the masses.

A Dao Sect deacon appeared out of the blue and descended on the platform. He looked at Lin Dong in a strange manner, before announcing in a loud voice, “Victor, Lin Dong.”


However, after the deacon’s voice sounded out, a wave of hissing noises rang out from the surroundings. At this moment, the deacon did not know whether to laugh or to cry, and he could only shake his head helplessly. However, the gaze he sent towards Lin Dong now unexpectedly contained a faint trace of respect. Shortly after, he gave a low chuckle and spoke such that only Lin Dong could hear, “Good brat, truly swift and fierce. You actually dare to hit the little great aunt.”

Lin Dong gave a hollow laugh and clasped his hands together towards the deacon, before retreating off the stage to the where the Desolate Hall disciples were.

As he descended from the stage, he could feel that even the gazes of the Desolate Hall disciples were somewhat strange. However, just as he was about to ignore them, Jiang Hao and the rest immediately rushed over. Upon reaching, they shoved their erected thumbs at Lin Dong, while wearing strange smiling expressions that only a man could understand.

“Junior brother Lin Dong. You’re the first person who actually dare to do such a thing to little junior sister Huanhuan over all these years. Looks like you are the only one who can conquer the little minx, that is all powerful in Dao Sect.” Jiang Hao said with a strange smile.

“However, don’t worry. All the Desolate Hall disciples are in full support of you!”

Lin Dong choked for a while. Turning to looking at the strange and mocking grins on the faces of the surrounding Desolate Hall disciples in the surroundings, the only thing he could do was to shout, “Scram!”

While Lin Dong was descending from the stage, Ying Huanhuan had already returned to the area where the Sky Hall disciples were at. Her pretty face was red and flushed as before, while her vivid big eyes were filled with embarrassment.

The surrounding Sky Hall disciples all had resentment plastered all over their faces. Ying Huanhuan was the most popular person in their Sky Hall and there were countless disciples there who fancied her. Lin Dong’s previous actions undoubtedly infuriated them and turned him into a common enemy.


Just as Ying Huanhuan was seemingly still dazzled due to the previous incident, a soft chuckle rang out from beside her. Promptly raising her head, she saw Ying Xiaoxiao staring at her with a ridiculing smile on her face.

Ying Huanhuan, who was still in the process of relieving her resentment, immediately raged when she saw Ying Xiaoxiao’s expression. “ Big sis, it’s alright if you don’t help me to take revenge against that fellow who did that to me. But, you actually tease me as well!”

“Who asked you to put on a pointless resistance. Lin Dong did not want to hurt you, therefore he chose to did that.” Ying Xiaoxiao said with a smile.

“He also…should not…”, Ying Huanhuan said, but she could not say it. Her charming face turned extremely red like a completely ripened apple, prompting one to step forth and take a bite.

“Um, that fellow is indeed lacking slightly in elegance. If big sis meets him later in the competition, I’ll make sure to get back at him for you.” Ying Xiaoxiao said as she patted Ying Huanhuan’s little head. However, those slightly curved eyes of her revealed a somewhat happy intent.

“That fellow is so hateful. How am I going to face others from now on!”

Ying Huanhuan clenched her teeth before raising her head and sent a malicious gaze towards the the Desolate Hall disciples. After spotting Lin Dong, who was standing in front, he seemingly felt something as well and turned around, causing their eyes to intersect.

The eyes merely intersected for a few short breaths. Lin Dong’s face remained tranquil as if nothing had happened. However, it was obvious that Ying Huanhuan did not possess the same thick skin as the latter. Therefore, she could only retract her gaze, while continuously muttering like a little dissatisfied woman that was bullied. Constantly cursing him, she repeated them constantly to scold Lin Dong.

However, while she was scolding him, the previous scene could not help but surface in her mind. The place that she was hit was still burning like fire. Following that, her memories changed to the time when she had remained behind to block Yao Ling and the rest by herself. At that time, while she was in despair, that thin figre had also suddenly appeared in front of her.

At that moment, she felt that man was actually as great as her father, who she worshipped.

He had accomplished many things that were revered by most Dao Sect disciples as miracles. Even that extremely terrifying Great Desolation Mysterious Scripture was also successfully comprehended by him. That was the only thing that even her big sis was unable to accomplish. However, in the end it was ruthlessly stepped done by that man.

Ying Huanhuan was truly unable to believe that the fellow that she had previously deemed as someone who could only boast shameless, actually possessed such terrifying capabilities. In accordance to the speed of his progression, Lin Dong might able to become the top ranked disciple amongst the Dao Sect younger generation members in less than a year. At that time, even Ying Xiaoxiao and even senior brother Wang Yan, who she previously worshipped, would be unable to touch him.

Various kinds of expression fluctuated continuously across Ying Huanhuan’s face. Deep within her beautiful big eyes was a trace of indistinct absent mindedness that was yet to be discovered by Ying Huanhuan herself.

When the nearby Ying Xiaoxiao saw the Ying Huanhuan’s current appearance, she proceeded to smile faintly. It look like the suave days that this lass enjoyed in Dao Sect is about to come to an end.

In a region not far from the Desolate Hall disciples, was a group of disciples with Qing Ye standing tall and straight in the front. He had also just won a match easily. However, his current expression did not change for the better due to that. Instead, there was a faint and somewhat furious fluctuation.

The cause of that fury was obviously from the previous match between Lin Dong and Ying Huanhuan. After she returned to the Sky Hall region, his gaze has been always locked on her body. The continuously fluctuating fiery red face of that young lady made him faintly feel some uneasiness.

Ying Huanhuan and him…

“Lin Dong.”

There was some darkness and gloominess within Qing Ye’s eyes as he stared at Lin Dong. His hands could not resist as he slowly started to clench them.

“I hope that you won’t run into me in the later matches. If not, I’ll end your miracles within the Dao Sect!”

Lin Dong was standing peacefully within the Dao Sect disciple region. With regards of the various kind of gazes coming for all directions, he did not every budge a single bit. It was obvious that he was extremely thick skinned.

However, he did not maintain his indifference for long. That was because he felt a gaze shooting over, that made all of the fine hairs on his body to stand. Tilting his head, he saw Ying Xuanzi, who was seated in the middle and overlooking the entire stadium, look at him with a gaze and a faint smile.

When this gaze shot towards him, Lin Dong who was maintaining his calmness and collection, finally felt his skin growing slightly numb. Spanking someone’s daughter in front of others was something that could not be easily dismissed. Furthermore, when faced with this mysterious and unpredictable sect master, even Lin Dong felt a little lost. Even more so, he had committed the previous deed somewhat impulsively.

Fortunately, Ying Xuanzi did not continued to stare at him. After a short period of time, he turned around and left, finally allowing Lin Dong heave a sigh of relief. Lin Dong felt slightly angry inside as he thought, there are so many people participating, amongst all of them, why did he meet the most troublesome one?

“Senior brother Wang Yan has won again.”

Just as Lin Dong heaved a sigh of relief after to Ying Xuanzi turned away, Pang Tong’s solemn voice suddenly rang in his ear.

Lin Dong’s eyebrows jumped before he looked towards a stage not far away from him. Over there, stood Wang Yan in grey robes. Right now, he had already turned and walked away. In front of him, was a Earth Hall disciple whose face was pale white. However the disciple’s face was filled with helplessness and agony as he was indeed unable to muster the courage to duke it out with Wang Yan.

“Yet another one that automatically admitted defeat even before starting…” Pang Tong said before laughing bitterly and shaking his head. Wang Yan had already been through three matches. In all three matches, his opponents had admitted defeat without even a fight. It was obvious that they had lost the courage to fight due to the Wang Yan’s intimidating presence.

“Worthy of being the infamous man that was ranked second on the sect’s wanted list. Defeating the enemy without even fighting. Amongst all the Dao Sect disciples, perhaps only senior brother Wang Yan can achieve that.” Jiang Hao said as he sighed.

Lin Dong crossed his fingers and sent his gaze at Wang Yan who was once against seated with his eyes closed to recuperate. After which, he shoot a look at Ying Xiaoxiao. Right now, she did not have a pleasant expression. However, Lin Dong was still able to see a trace of decisiveness within her eyes.

“So you’ve decided to cross blows with him…”

Lin Dong pursed his lips. He could sense that the fight between the two of them would inevitably be a fearsome battle between two giants. However, who would emerge as the final victor would still depend on their respective abilities…

In the following period of time, Lin Dong went up and fought two more times. His opponents were the senior direct disciples of Sky Hall, who were quite powerful. However, in the end they still experienced total defeat in the hands of Lin Dong. After three consecutive victories in three matches, this allowed Lin Dong to enter the finals. At the moment, the remaining disciples were all considered as the elite within their respective halls. Their fights, when compared to those before, would also attract much more attention.

As a victor emerged once again within innumerable cheering voices in a match, a deacon appeared, looked around before a deep and loud voice resounded out.

“Next match, Earth Hall Qing Ye.”

After he mentioned his name, there was a pause in his voice before he turned and looked directly at the Desolate Hall region.

“Versus Desolate Hall, Lin Dong.”

Once those words appeared, a uproar immediately happened throughout the stadium before it started to violently inflate. The top individuals from two different halls had finally clashed.