Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 713: Battling Ying Huanhuan

Chapter 713: Battling Ying Huanhuan


Chapter 713: Battling Ying Huanhuan

On the spacious stage, the young lady smiled at Lin Dong, who had a helpless expression on his face. Her the clothes wrapping around her soft and slender body revealed her alluring curves. Under the rays of the sun, the originally beautifully young lady became even more dazzling. In that moment, the gazes on the arena grew even more feverish.

“Why is it you?” Lin Dong’s head was hurting a little as he asked.

“Why not? I’m also a participant. Don’t tell me that you are going to stop me from taking part in the Hall Competition?” Ying Huanhuan replied while carrying her zither with both arms. She tilted her head slightly as she looked at Lin Dong, while smiling craftily like a small fox.

“What’s so funny about this? Are you happy to meet me in the first match?” Lin Dong asked as he shook his head.

Ying Huanhuan wrinkled her eyebrows slightly. Her jet-black eyes turned for a while, before she nodded her head and replied, “This seems to be a problem. It’s going to be a little difficult for me to deal with a savage like you.”

“You’re asking for it.”

The corners of Lin Dong’s mouth twitched. He had the impulse to lift her up and throw her off the stage.

“Why not let me win this match.” Ying Huanhuan’s light coloured eyebrows lifted as she smiled sweetly.

“Dream on.”

Lin Dong ill-humoredly rolled his eyes at her, before take a step forward, “First of all, let me warn you. Once I take action, I won’t show any mercy to girls, so be careful.”

“Why must you be so heartless?” Ying Huanhuan asked with a bitter face. Although Lin Dong knew she was putting up an act, he still felt his head ache. She was deliberately generating hate for him. Already, he could feel all kinds of vicious glares directed at him from his surroundings.

Lin Dong knew that he might not be able to deal with Ying Huanhuan in the confrontation of words. Therefore, without any more superfluous words, he gently gripped his hands, as vigorous Yuan Power swelled and erupted from his body.

“Humph! You really believe that this young lady is scared of you!”

Upon seeing Lin Dong react in such a way, Ying Huanhuan gave a soft snort, before she kept the playfulness on her face. What she had previously said was naturally mostly comprised of jokes. Although she was usually weird and bizarre, she would never ask for such excessive requests from Lin Dong before the match.

“A conceited fellow like yourself has been an eyesore since the beginning! Watch how this young lady shall deal with you today!”

Ying Huanhuan muttered like a broken record. With a wave of her jade-like hand, her seated form floated in the air. She placed the jade green zither on her legs, before her perfect jade-like hands descended on it.

As Ying Huanhuan’s jade-like hand descended on the zither, the expression on her face turned serene, while light gathered in her huge eyes. In the end, they carried some sharpness as she stared at Lin Dong. Beneath the sharpness of her stare, was some stubbornness and reluctance to admit defeat.

Previously, when Lin Dong was on the palace selection stage, his strength was not even able to catch Ying Huanhuan’s attention. However, in less than a year, Lin Dong’s strength has advanced by leaps and bounds, and he has even surpassed her. Although Ying Huanhuan did not show it, under her lively exterior was a similarly arrogant heart.

She was unwilling to let Lin Dong fling her way by so much.

As the sharpness within her big eyes gathered, Ying Huanhuan’s hand suddenly strummed her zither. Immediately, a soft fluttering sound rang out, causing many rays of jade green light arcs to directly explode and sweep forward, before they ferociously flew towards Lin Dong.

Bang Bang.

In response to the jade green light arcs that were flying towards him, Lin Dong stretched out his palm and made a sudden grasp. He pinched them and forcefully crushed them before they even reached his body.

Ying Huanhuan was at the eight Yuan Nirvana stage, which was slightly weaker when compared to the Great Precipice Cave’s Huo Zhen. However, her style was rather unique, and she used sound waves to attack. This attack was extremely peculiar and if one was not careful, one would get struck by this move and fall into disadvantageous position.

Therefore, although Lin Dong displayed a calm expression, there was a trace of cautiousness in his heart when he face her assault.

When she saw her attacks being so easily dismissed by Lin Dong, Ying Huanhuan frowned a little. Only when she stood opposite Lin Dong, did she realize how difficult it was to deal with him. Most importantly, the latter’s eyes were as tranquil as a deep abyss. Together with his surging aura, his attack and defense were totally integrated into one, and it could be said that he was completely impregnable.

Such an opponent was really not easy to deal with.

As Ying Huanhuan’s jade-like hands landed on her zither, she bit her lip, raising a stubborn arc from the corners of her mouth. Shortly after, her jade-like hands suddenly pressed down on the zither. Subsequently, fresh dark red blood flowed out from her palm. In the next instant, innumerable threads of blood started to spread out one by one from the jade green zither.

Buzz! A boundless fluctuation suddenly surged out from Ying Huanhuan’s body. Dreadful red light that blotted the skies, erupted from her within the body, before rapidly changing into a gigantic Bodhi Tree behind her.

The Bodhi Tree gently swayed as its leaves swung back and forth. This caused an extremely melodious and pleasantly sounding sound wave to echo across sky.

The gigantic Bodhi Tree that suddenly appeared in the arena, rapidly attracted quite a bit of attention. Soon after, gasps rapidly spread. Obviously, this was the reputed formidable martial art of Sky Hall that was only inferior to Sky Emperor Scripture.

“Hehe, Huanhuan has actually obtained such mastery of the Formless Bodhi Sound. This is truly rare.” On the front seats, Sky Hall master Qi Lei could not help but remark with a smile as he watched this scene.

“Although the Formless Bodhi Sound is not weak, it will likely be of no threat to Lin Dong. This lass is truly somewhat unlucky to have met Lin Dong in her first match.” Ying Xuanzi chuckled and and said.

“Lin Dong doesn’t seem like a person who would go easy on a girl…… looks like that lass Huanhuan will have to endure some pain this time. ” Earth Hall master Mo Jingtian also said with a smile.

When the people nearby heard his words, they softly chuckled and watched the stage with interest.

“Formless Bodhi Sound.”

Ying Huanhuan’s pretty face turned slightly solemn. In the next moment, her huge eyes looked at Lin Dong once, before her slender jade-like hands suddenly strummed the zither, “All Beings Form!”

As the resulting sound wave suddenly spread out, the Bodhi Tree started to shake. For a time, this melodious sound reverberated across the entire sky.

As the sound wave resounded across the sky, the space in front of Lin Dong started to twist like a mirror. Immediate, a form that was identical to Lin Dong slowly stepped out of it under his somewhat amazed gaze.


As Lin Dong gazed at the ‘figure’ that was identical to himself, he could not resist but raise his eyebrows. He could sense that the shadow not only looked identical to him, but also had its own powerful Yuan Power fluctuation within its body. It was obvious that this copy was not merely an illusionary image, but a copy based on his strength…

Naturally, this ‘copy’ did not have Lin Dong’s complete strength. However, it was still quite troublesome to deal with.

Ying Huanhuan had used this move when she intercepted Yao Ling and the rest. It was through this move, that she was able to obstruct Yao Ling and the rest for so long.

After seeing the astonished expression on Lin Dong’s face, a little self satisfaction flashed past her face. With a light raise of her jade-like hand, the ‘copy’ suddenly shot forward with ferocious force as it approached Lin Dong.


Lin Dong directly received the punch from the ‘copy’. The punch had roughly half the power of his own. From the looks of it, the discrepancy of the ‘copy’ created by Ying Huanhuan was due to the difference their strength.

After a fruitless punch, the ‘copy’ rushed directly at Lin Dong without any fear. At this instant, its forehead started to wrinkle as a grey eye appeared. A grey light beam shot towards Lin Dong at lighting speed.

Lin Dong flicked with his finger as green light gathered to form a green scale in front of him, completely blocking the grey light beam. Just as he was prepared to counter-attack, a faintly discernable zither sound was suddenly transmitted over. Due to the zither sound, the Yuan Energy surging within the body unexpectedly slowed.

Realizing the changes in his body, Lin Dong frowned as he glanced at Ying Huanhuan. Although her face was slightly pale, she still continued to use her Yuan Power to strum her zither in an attempt to disrupt him.

“This sound wave is useless against me.”

Lin Dong lightly spat out a mouthful of air. With a thought, Devouring Power started to spread within his body, completely devouring all the sound power that was invading his body.


At this moment, berserk Yuan Power finally erupted from Lin Dong’s body. A formidable glint flashed across his originally calm eyes. Anyone could tell that he was planning to make a serious move.

Upon seeing this, a tense expression flashed past Ying Huanhuan’s pupils. However, without giving her a chance to act, Lin Dong had already stepped forward and appeared beside the ‘copy’. Without any unnecessary actions, his palm directly pierced through its defenses at lightning speed and landed on its chest.

Chi Chi!

No force erupted from the palm that had landed on the copy’s chest. Instead, strand after strand of fine black lines shot out of. Soon after, Devouring Power suddenly erupted!

As Devouring Power stealthily surged out, the ‘copy’ immediately started to tremble violently, before exploding with a resounding bang and transforming into nothingness.

Lin Dong’s combat prowess far surpassed his cultivation level in many different aspects. It was also obvious that the ‘copy’ Ying Huanhuan had created possessed only half of Lin Dong’s usual power. Furthermore, she could not clone some of the other factors that amplified Lin Dong’s combat prowess. Therefore, once Lin Dong took action, it was obvious that it would be difficult for the ‘copy’ to block.

When Ying Huanhuan saw Lin Dong destroy the copy in a single move, alarm flashed across her eyes. However, she did not plan on admitting defeat yet. Gritting her teeth, she attempted to strum her zither again.


However, just as she was about to strum her zither, a hand swept over suddenly and patted her zither, causing a thorough disturbance to the sound wave.


Ying Huanhuan raised her head, and gazed at Lin Dong, who had appeared in front of her like a ghost. She bit her lip. With a thought, the leaves of the gigantic Bodhi Tree behind her descended like sharp arrows. With swift and deadly force, they started to envelope Lin Dong.

Lin Dong did not move. In a flash, vigourous Mental Power suddenly spread out, forming an invisible barrier around him. The leaves that were still some distance from his body, directly exploded into dust and scattered away.

With a gentle twist of his palm, Devouring Power surged out as a suction force emerged from his palm, directly snatching the zither from Ying Huanhuan’s bosom. Soon after, Lin Dong smiled at her and said, “You lose.”

“Return my zither to me, I haven’t lost !” Ying Huanhuan was stubborn and unwilling to admit defeat as

Lin Dong leaned to one side, evading the young lady who was hurtling towards him. He proceed to lift the zither and used it to unceremoniously spank the tender buttocks of the young lady.


As a clear sound rang out, Lin Dong could feel that the originally noisy surroundings immediately turn much quieter. Following which, piercing and fiery gazes proceeded to blot the skies as they shot one after another towards him.


Ying Huanhuan had obviously turned silly due to Lin Dong’s spank as she gawked for quite a while, before her small face turned red like fire due to shame. Her big eyes stubbornly glared Lin Dong. She was still somewhat unable to believe that she had actually been spanked by Lin Dong with her zither in front of such a large audience.

After Lin Dong used the zither to spank her, he secretly felt a little regretful in his heart. However, the deed was already done. Therefore, when he saw a shame filled and angry Ying Huanhuan, all he could do was let out a dry laugh

Ying Huanhuan’s face was alluringly red. However, in the end, she managed to resist the urge to lunge at Lin Dong and viciously take a few bites out of him. She snatched the zither from Lin Dong’s hands, and fled the stage while leaving behind an extremely humiliated and angry voice.