Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 709: Zither-playing Young Lady

Chapter 709: Zither-playing Young Lady


Chapter 709: Zither-playing Young Lady

The change in the arena occurred in a split second. The intervention of Chen Zhen and the gray-clothed elder from the Great Precipice Cave also caused everyone to be startled.

Chen Zhen stood in front of Lin Dong. He was a little displeased as he looked at the gray-clothed elder. This place was after all their Dao Sect territory. This action by the latter was as though he had turned from guest to host.

“Hall chief Chen Zhen. This is merely a sparring match. Isn’t your Dao Sect disciple a little too ruthless?” The gray-clothed elder stared icily at Lin Dong before speaking.

“Fists and legs do not have eyes. It is only ordinary for one to be hurt when sparring. Moreover, Lin Dong has given Huo Zhen a chance to admit defeat earlier. However, the latter still launched a sneak attack. This act… perhaps elder Zheng will have to teach properly in the future.” Chen Zhen spoke indifferently.

The gray-clothed elder’s expression immediately turned dark and volatile when he heard this, as fury surged within his eyes. However, he was aware of where this place was. Although their Great Precipice Cave was also a super sect, it clearly could not compare to the Dao Sect. At this moment, he could only suppress the fury within him. He waved his sleeve and a number of Great Precipice Cave disciples hurriedly came forward and supported Huo Zhen away.

“The Dao Sect is indeed worthy of being one of the eight super sects. My Great Precipice Cave admits defeat in this sparring match. If we have the opportunity next year, we will definitely come again for a mountain challenge.”

The mood of the gray-clothed elder was clearly extremely terrible after the sparring had ended in defeat. He no longer had any thoughts of continuing to stay. All he did was cup his hands together towards Chen Zhen and speak some superficial polite words. After which, he turned around and led the the Great Precipice Cave disciples to leave in a dispirited manner. Their manner was completely different from the arrogance they had when they arrived.

Lin Dong watched the dejected group from the Great Precipice Cave and involuntarily shrugged. He was just about to speak when waves of cheers erupted from all around.

“Little fellow, you got to show off again.”

Chen Zhen watched the excited Dao Sect disciples, and could not help but turn his head to commend Lin Dong, “You have done well this time around. Those fellows from the Great Precipice Cave keep trying to find some loophole and gain an advantage. This time around, they had come to issue a mountain challenge when the outstanding disciples of our four halls were undertaking a retreat. If you had not intervened, it is likely that they would really have succeeded today.”

“Such tricks are hardly useful.” Lin Dong shook his head. The reputation of a sect was not fought for through such tactics.

“These words might be true but if news were to spread, it will ultimately not be good for the reputation of our Dao Sect.” Chen Zhen nodded. His eyes swept across Lin Dong’s body as he smilingly said, “It will soon be the Hall Competition. Xiaoxiao, Qing Ye, Mu Li and the rest are all making full use of the time to undertake a retreat. On the other hand, you are the most laid back. Now that you have obtained the Great Desolation Scripture, I will not simply let you off if you fail to obtain a good result during the Hall Competition.”

“It is merely an empty title. Does teacher-uncle care about it this much?” Lin Dong grinned as he asked.

“What nonsense. I have waited for so many years for the Great Desolation Scripture to appear. My Desolate Hall finally has the chance to turn things around. How can I easily let it go?” Chen Zhen smilingly chidded.

“I will do my best. Senior sister Xiaoxiao and the others are not easy to deal with.” Lin Dong said.


Chen Zhen nodded. He spoke a little longer with Lin Dong before leaving with Wu Dao in a proud manner. One could tell that Lin Dong’s act of defeating the Great Precipice Cave this time around had given them some face. After all, Lin Dong was a disciple of their Desolate Hall.

After Chen Zhen and Wu Dao left, the surrounding Dao Sect disciples immediately surged over like a flood. Their passionate eyes caused Lin Dong to have goosebumps.

“Hey, thanks.”

A delicate hand from the crowd patted Lin Dong’s shoulder. The latter turned his head around and saw the young lady, who had once again tied her scattered black hair into a black ponytail.

Ying Huanhuan was smiling as she stared at Lin Dong. Her large eyes did indeed contain some gratitude. If Lin Dong had not intervened this time, it was likely that she would have to face Chen Zhen. From the strength that the latter had displayed, it appeared that she would only have a fifty percent chance of victory even if she used all her strength. Given her character, there was no telling just how terrible she would feel should she end up losing and damaging the reputation of the Dao Sect.

“I am also a disciple of the Dao Sect.” Lin Dong laughed softly.

Ying Huanhuan’s large eyes glanced at him. For some unknown reason, she was a little unsatisfied by this reply. After hesitating for a while, she said, “On the account that your performance is quite good, I shall remind you in a friendly manner that Ye Qing and Mu Li are currently attempting to reach the Nine Yuan Nirvana stage. If they succeed, it is likely that the difficulty of raising the ranking of the Desolate Hall during this Hall Competition will increase greatly.”

Lin Dong was momentarily startled. Immediately, he smiled and nodded. Ye Qing and Mu Li were the strongest disciples of the Earth Hall and Flood Hall respectively. It was not surprising that they possessed the qualifications to attempt the nine Yuan Nirvana stage.

After Ying Huanhuan gave this reminder to Lin Dong, she swung her pony tail, turned around and left without any hesitation. Her beautiful turning figure attracted quite a number of gazes from the surrounding Dao Sect disciples.

Lin Dong watched Ying Huanhuan’s free and easy figure and also smiled. He cupped his hands towards the surrounding Dao Sect disciples before leaving with Mo Ling.

In the following days, the matter of Lin Dong defeating the Great Precipice Cave swiftly spread within the Dao Sect. This caused quite a big commotion again. However, almost all the Dao Sect disciples felt that they a sense of release. After all, the Great Precipice Cave disciples had acted quite haughtily when they arrived, causing one to feel furious just by looking at them,.

In such a situation, Lin Dong had intervened in the end, turning the situation around and foiling the Great Precipice Cave’s plans. This undoubtedly caused many Dao Sect disciples to issue continuous praises, and some worshipping cries even appeared amongst the four halls. Without realising it, Lin Dong’s reputation amongst the Dao Sect’s disciples gradually soared. It even showed signs of being almost comparable to Ying Xiaoxiao, Ye Qing and Mu Li, who were top disciples with great experience.

At this moment, it was likely that no one would think that Lin Dong was inexperienced and lacking reputation. Furthermore, no one would think of him as a new disciple, who had joined the Dao Sect for less than a year.

Lin Dong relied on his own ability to completely obtain a stable footing in the Dao Sect, which was overflowing with talent…

After the mountain challenge, Lin Dong’s days once again returned to normal. As these dull and ordinary days passed, the day of the Hall Competition approached. The atmosphere within the entire Dao Sect grew increasingly explosive. All the disciples were rubbing their hands together and waiting for the greatest event of the year…

A young man was seated on a rock that protruded from the edge of a mountain within the Dao Sect. An enormous platform lay below. There were quite a number of Dao Sect disciples gathered there to train and spar, and the atmosphere was rather lively.

Lin Dong’s eyes were a little absent-minded as he quietly watched the platform. Almost a year had passed since he arrived at the Dao Sect. He wondered how his family was now. It was likely that what his achievements should guarantee a stable and peaceful life for his father and the rest in the Great Yan Empire…

“Qing Tan… I wonder how that girl is doing…”

Lin Dong’s thoughts changed and a beautiful and adorable oval-face girl surfaced in his mind, as the corners of Lin Dong’s mouth involuntarily lifted to form an extremely gentle arc.

“Smiling in such a manner, what are you thinking about?”

While Lin Dong was submerged in his memory, a lovely laughter suddenly appeared. At the same time, it also caused him to recover his senses. He turned and saw Ying Huanhuan in a light coloured clothes standing elegantly by his side.

At this moment, Ying Huanhuan had turned her head slightly to watch Lin Dong. Sunlight penetrated through the tree branches and scattered downwards, causing the originally bright and beautiful large eyes of the young lady to be dyed in a gentle light, making her appear extremely beautiful.

“I was thinking about the bet between us.” Lin Dong lazily stretched as he teasingly said.

Ying Huanhuan, who had originally wanted to make fun of Lin Dong, immediately rotated her large eyes upon hearing these words. Her foot had also stealthily taken a step back.

“It looks like someone really intends to feign ignorance and go back on her words.” Lin Dong smiled slightly and said.

Ying Huanhuan’s face turned red. She immediately gritted her silver teeth and said, “Who is going back on her words? This lady shall clear all the debts between us today. Tell me, what do you want me to do?”

As he gazed at the expression on Ying Huanhuan’s face that had decided to throw caution to the wind, Lin Dong felt like laughing. However, he endured it. He did not have anything to do. Hence, his gaze began to slowly sweep over Ying Huanhuan’s exquisite and lovely figure.

Ying Huanhuan’s pretty face gradually turned red under the fearless manner in which Lin Dong swept his eyes over her. It was due to embarrassment.

However, this young lady, who was filled with weird thoughts, was not an ordinary person. After her face reddened for a moment, her large eyes suddenly narrowed like a cat. Immediately, she extended her hand and a dark golden jade talisman appeared. Her delicate finger played with the jade. After which, Ying Huanhuan revealed an enchanting smile to Lin Dong. “This thing is able to transmit whatever is spoken here to my father. Therefore, you should be careful when you speak.”

Lin Dong’s expression froze for a moment. After which, he viciously said, “Consider yourself vicious.”

Although Lin Dong was seldom afraid of anything, he still had some respect and fear towards the Dao Sect master, who was also currently one of the top experts in the Eastern Xuan Region. Therefore, even with his character, he would not do something as bold as tease that person’s daughter in front of him.

Ying Huanhuan watched Lin Dong shrink back. Only then did she triumphantly wave the jade in her hand and kept it.

Lin Dong helplessly turned his head around. He cast his gaze towards the platform below. Soon after, he sniffed a fragrant wind. When he turned his head around, he saw that Ying Huanhuan had already sat down beside him. She gently waved her hand and the emerald zither appeared with a flash.

“*Sigh*, so as to stop you from saying that I do not keep my word, I shall play a song for you. Other than father and big sis, no one in the Dao Sect has such a privilege.” The young lady tilted her head, stared and Lin Dong and said with a gentle smile.

Lin Dong was startled for a moment. He was just about to speak when the young lady’s flawless and delicate hand landed on the zither. A moment later, a gentle sound akin to the sounds of nature slowly spread.

The many techniques that Ying Huanhuan had practiced were all sonic wave attacks. Hence, her playing of the zither had already reached the pinnacle. Moreover, her zither music had some strange fluctuations accompanying it. It appeared to be able to penetrate into one’s mind bit by bit and settle in the deepest part of one’s soul.

Lin Dong’s eyes could not help but slowly shut when this melodious zither music was heard. His originally tensed body had also completely relaxed at this moment. At this moment, the defences all over his body was likely at its weakest throughout his many years of training.

Ying Huanhuan occasionally tilted her head a little and watched the young man, who had now fallen into a deep sleep and lost all of his defences. A gentleness flashed across her pretty eyes. In that mountain crevice, she had become aware of how cautiously this man treated the world. This was the first time she had seen him sleep deeply and relax like a child.

This kind of feeling was quite good…

The young lady smiled slightly.

Ying Huanhuan sensed it when Lin Dong suddenly woke up from his defenceless deep sleep. The former’s body once again became tense in an instant. All the defences and cautiousness also suddenly returned.

Lin Dong stretched lazily, as a refreshing feeling scattered from within his body. He had not felt like this for many years.


Lin Dong turned his head around. He looked at the young lady, who had gently placed the emerald zither on her leg. At this moment, she was smiling sweetly. Her smile was clear and bright, and seemed to be able to purify a person.

A mountain, a green rock, a young lady, a zither.

Lin Dong’s eyes gently drooped as he captured this beautiful scene in his heart. He was aware that he might forget many things in the future. However, regardless of what happened, this scene before him would be clearly remembered by him in his heart.

“Although my song has an enchanting effect, it will have no effect if you have the intention of defending against it.” Ying Huanhuan laughed.

After her voice faded, Ying Huanhuan hugged the zither and stood up unsteadily. She gently stretched her waist. She completely displayed her soft figure and was just about to speak when a disturbance emerged from the platform below. Immediately, her light coloured eyebrows knitted together. Her gaze followed the source of the disturbance and glanced over. Soon after, Lin Dong saw the young lady’s face suddenly turn grave. Within the gaze was a slight trace of worry.

Lin Dong was stunned for a moment due to the change in Ying Huanhuan’s expression. After which, his also turned to the source of the disturbance.