Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 707: Great Precipice Cave Scripture

Chapter 707: Great Precipice Cave Scripture


Chapter 707: Great Precipice Cave Scripture

Boom! Boom!

The ground trembled. Numerous deep and large holes continuously appeared on the ground around Lin Dong. Crack lines spread from these holes. His wild and violent strength caused the hearts of quite a number of people to tremble.

Everyone was stunned when they saw this scene unfold in the battleground. The intense fight that they had imagined did not appear. At the moment, Lin Dong appeared to have turned into a Demonic Beast. His green dragon hands grabbed Huo Zhen’s arm and smashed him around in a crazy and violent manner.

There was an absence of any exquisite moves. Lin Dong merely relied on his frightening physical strength and took advantage of a major mistake made by Huo Zhen. After which, he enacted this interesting and violent scene.


Lin Dong grabbed Huo Zhen and smashed the latter violently on the ground for over a dozen times. Finally, he caught his breath. His arm was swung and the human figure in it shot out in a miserable manner. It directly rubbed against the ground, forming a hundred metre long scar on it…


Those solidified eyes from around the stage looked at that miserable human figure that Lin Dong had flung away like garbage. Finally, they involuntarily swallowed a mouthful of saliva.

Under the attention of the crowd, that miserable human figure finally stabilized himself. Immediately he staggered and stood up. At this moment, Huo Zhen’s clothes were in tatters. Moreover, it was possible to see some blood traces appearing on his body and even his breathing had turned chaotic. Clearly, the random smashing by Lin Dong previously had left him with some injuries.

However, Huo Zhen was no ordinary individual. Even though Lin Dong had took advantage of his opening previously, he had immediately activated his Nirvana Golden Body as well. Therefore, that seemingly wild and violent random smashing by Lin Dong did not cause him to lose his fighting strength. Instead, it only affected his appearance.

“Lin Dong!”

Huo Zhen’s hair scattered down from his head. His expression was so dark and solemn that it appeared a little distorted. The fury that spluttered out from both of his eyes seemed to be intent on burning Lin Dong into ashes. Although he was not seriously injured, being held by someone and smashed randomly around was simply too shameful.

“I’m sorry. It has been a long time since I fought. Once I grab something, my hands will feel itchy and I will involuntarily fling it about…” Lin Dong merely smiled and said in the face of a furious looking Huo Zhen.


Ying Huanhuan, who was similarly stunned because of the previous scene, could not control herself when she heard this. She hid her head behind Mo Ling. After which, her hand continuously hit Mo Ling’s shoulder. A laughter that was somewhat painfully suppressed was emitted.

Mo Ling and the other disciples from Dao Sect had a strange expression on their faces. If it was not because of the venue, it was likely that they would have started laughed heartily. Lin Dong’s words were truly meant to infuriate Huo Zhen to death.

Huo Zhen’s expression became extremely gloomy because of Lin Dong’s words. His body started to tremble gently. Clearly, he was firmly suppressing the killing desire within his heart, that was formed due to fury.

“It is too early for you to be celebrating!” Huo Zhen’s eyes stared at Lin Dong and spoke in a dense voice.

Huo Zhen was aware that he was hit earlier because he was too arrogant. With his strength at the peak of the eight Yuan Nirvana Stage, he truly did not believe that Lin Dong was able to do anything to him.


The dense voice had just sounded when Huo Zhen suddenly stepped forward. The peak of the eight Yuan Nirvana Stage strength was completely displayed at this moment. Waves after waves of giant wave-like Yuan Power continuously swept out from within his body.

“Great Precipice Demon Mountain Body!”

Huo Zhens expression was vaguely a little wretched. His hand seals changed with a lightning-like speed. Majestic Yuan Power penetrated through his skin. His original skin had also gradually turned dark-yellow in colour. At a glance, he appeared like an ashened mountain.

“Great Precipice Demon Spear!”

After the colour of his body changed, Huo Zhen clenched his hand. A dark-yellow Yuan Power wildly gathered on his hand before it directly transformed into a long yellow spear. The spear possessed a shocking ripple that was emitted.

After making these moves, Huo Zhen’s aura instantly soared. Everyone could tell that the most outstanding disciple of the Great Precipice Cave had began to unleash all of his fighting strength.

The surrounding Dao Sect’s disciples’ expressions once again turned grave at this moment. Clearly, they were aware that Huo Zhen was likely angered by Lin Dong to the point that he had almost lost control…

A cold glint flashed within Huo Zhen’s eyes. However, he did not say any unnecessary words. His foot stomped on the ground. In a flash, he appeared on Lin Dong’s left. After which, the long spear in his hand pierced explosively towards Lin Dong’s heart without any hesitation. His attack was quite vicious.

However, a green light gathered on Lin Dong’s chest when the long spear was about to pierce through his heart. It directly turned into a head-size green scale.


The long spear heavily pierced onto the green scale. However, it was not as easy to penetrate it as Huo Zhen had imagined. It was as though there was an extremely powerful defensive force on the scale.


After the scale blocked the spear tip, Lin Dong extended both of his hands. After which, he flicked his ten fingers. Bright green light whistled out from it in a storm like manner. It transformed into green scales that directly targeted the fatal spots on Huo Zhen’s body.

A green light flashed on these scales, while sharp teeth protruded from its edges. It was permeated with an endless sharp cold air, appearing like numerous lethal weapons.


At this moment, Chen Zhen clearly did not dare to slight those scales after the previous lesson. He immediately let out a cold snort after seeing Lin Dong’s attack. The long spear in his hand formed numerous light arcs, appearing just like a light shield that knocked aside all those green scales that were targeting his fatal spots.

Huo Zhen immediately counter-attacked after blocking those scales. His long spear formed a sharp arc that penetrated towards Lin Dong with lightning-like speed. The gale formed was something that even some eight Yuan Nirvana Stage experts would not dare to face head on.

“Desolate Blade!”

Lin Dong raised his head. He watched the viciously attacking Huo Zhen before narrowing his eyes. Both of his hands were clenched gently before they hacked down abruptly.

Buzz buzz!

The moment both of his hands hacked down, a shocking Desolate Force whistled out from his body like floodwater. In an instant, it had transformed into a hundred feet large light that shot out explosively from his palm. After which, the light gathered before directly forming an enormous blade. There were some cracks that began to ripple and spread on the blade.

“So big…”

Those surrounding Desolate Hall disciples were speechless when they saw the Desolate Blade that Lin Dong had created. The size of the Desolate Blade was determined by the strength of the Desolate Force within one’s body. However, they had never seen anyone who was able to form such a large Desolate Blade. Moreover, they could clearly sense that the Desolate Force ripple from Lin Dong’s Desolate Blade was extremely pure and powerful.


The cold glint from the blade reflected into Lin Dong’s eyes. His hand waved and the enormous Desolate Blade tore through the air. Immediately, it hacked furiously towards Huo Zhen. A vaguely visible scar even appeared at the space where the blade glow passed.

The Desolate Blade hacked downwards furiously and Huo Zhen’s expression changed faintly. By relying on his six Yuan Nirvana Stage strength, Lin Dong was actually able to unleash such a formidable attack. This took him by surprise.

“Sky Splitting Spear!”

Nonetheless, even though he was shocked, he did not retreat. A stern gaze flashed across his eyes before monstrous Yuan Power wildly swept out. The spear shook and its size also swelled. A rich light swiftly gathered at its tip. That sharp glow was extremely dazzling.

The long spear rushed out and directly collided violently with the Desolate Blade that was hacking over. A clear metallic sound appeared in the sky. After which, a frightening wind swept apart in the sky like a storm.

Bang bang!

Huo Zhen’s body was quickly forced back by over a dozen steps. He clenched his somewhat numb hands gently. Just when he looked forward, his eyes abruptly narrowed before his body pulled back explosively.

However, Huo Zhen’s body had just moved when a figure had already approached him with lightning like speed. That figure was Lin Dong. However, Lin Dong’s arms have currently transformed into ferocious looking green dragon arms. Waves after waves of energy ripples that were visible to the naked eye, spread out from those shaking scales.

The young face of Lin Dong, who had appeared near Huo Zhen, revealed an icy cold smile. Immediately, a cold glint flashed in his eyes. His fist, which contained a frightening strength, began to pour out like a storm. All of Huo Zhen’s retreat paths have been blocked.

The fist violently landed on Huo Zhen’s body. Even though he was using quite a powerful physical body enhancement martial arts, the intense pain still seeped deep into his bones.

In a split second, Huo Zhen had already suffered over a dozen attacks and a trace of blood had even appeared on the corner of his mouth. His eyes were a little frightened. The ferocity of Lin Dong close-range attacks had clearly caused him to suffer a great loss.

Lin Dong threw another punch that was filled with force and heavily smashed it onto Huo Zhen’s arm. Wild and violent strength spat out from it and the punch actually forced Huo Zhen to fly dozens of metres back.

Huo Zhen once again steadied his body. His face had some bruising. Although his attack had also landed on Lin Dong during this close quarters combat, it appeared to have dealt little damage to Lin Dong, causing him to feel somewhat dispirited.

“That fellow’s physical body is actually so powerful. He has definitely practiced an extremely powerful body tempering martial arts.”

Huo Zhen rubbed the blood trace from the corner of his mouth. His eyes were sinister as he stared at Lin Dong in the distance. Both of his eyes flashed. Suddenly, he clenched his teeth tightly and bit the tip of his tongue. Bright red essence blood shot out from without his mouth and handed on his hand.

“Lin Dong, even if you possess the strength to overturn mountains, I will still suppress you today!”

Huo Zhen’s eyes were furious, dark and chilly. Both of his blood-filled hands suddenly formed numerous strange seals. In the next moment, a monstrous light swept out from within his body. Finally, it transformed into a thousand feet large mountain in the midair. There were some caves on the mountain that seemed to form a certain unusual formation that had a kind of mysteriousness seeping from it.

The Yuan Power around the place began to ripple intensely when this mountain appeared. Those disciples from the Great Precipice Cave had a heat surging up their faces. On the other hand, those disciples of the Dao Sect, including even Ying Huanhuan, had grave expressions. They involuntarily cried out, “Lin Dong, be careful. This is the strongest martial arts of the Great Precipice Cave. Great Precipice Cave Scripture!

“Too late!”

A ferocious laughter flashed across Huo Zhen’s eyes. Without giving Lin Dong any time to react, he flipped his palm and the enormous mountain with caves was accompanied by a shocking strength as it turned into a dark shadow that covered Lin Dong!

That momentum was earth-shaking.