Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 705: Great Precipice Cave

Chapter 705: Great Precipice Cave


Chapter 705: Great Precipice Cave

The person facing Ying Huanhuan was similarly another lady. This lady was dressed in red. She had a tall figure and gorgeous looks. Her slightly raised eyebrows let others know that she was also an arrogant individual.

The lady dressed in red was holding a red whip that looked akin to a fiery python. As she swung it back and forth, it formed a cunning and deceptive arc. Gradually, powerful fluctuation start to spread out from within. It was obvious that this was a fairly powerful Heavenly Soul Treasure.

“That woman is Song Yan, one of the top three amongst the younger generation of the Great Precipice Cave. It is rumoured that she had advanced to the Eight Yuan Nirvana stage rather recently. Her strength can match some of the most outstanding senior direct disciples of the four halls.” said Mo Ling in a low voice.

After hearing Mo Ling’s introduction, Lin Dong faintly nodded his head. After Ying Huanhuan returned to the sect from the previous incident, her strength had advanced and she had also reached Eight Yuan Nirvana stage. Hence, it would not be an easy task for the latter to defeat her.

With this thought in mind, Lin Dong turned around and looked in the direction where the members from the Great Precipice Cave were at. At the front of their group sat two old men in grey who were smiling as they observed the duel in the arena. Displayed on their chests, was an insignia of a cliff edge. It was obvious that they were from the Great Precipice Cave.

Lin Dong eye’s swept across their bodies before shifting to the individual behind them. He wore black and was currently crossing his hands in front of his chest. He watched the fight in the arena, and a slight trace of amusement could be seen from the corners of his mouth.

The aura from this man was much stronger than the lady in red currently fighting in the arena. In fact, it looked as if he was about to reach the nine Yuan Nirvana stage. His strength could be compared to Qing Ye, Mu Li and anyone on that level. It seems that there were indeed some skilled younger generation members in the Great Precipice Cave.

“That fellow is Hou Zhen, the strongest amongst the younger generation members of the Great Precipice Cave. It is reputed that he has already reached the peak of the eight Yuan Nirvana stage and is about to breakthrough to the nine Yuan Nirvana stage.”

“Additionally, he is the only person from the Great Precipice Cave that hasn’t fought yet.” said Mo Ling.

Hearing this, Lin Dong faintly nodded his head. While they were talking, the Dao Sect disciples around them became excited due to the arrival of reinforcements. Immediately, they rapidly cleared a path and pushed the two of them to the front.

When Lin Dong arrived, it caused quite a great commotion amongst the Dao Sect disciples. Hence, as he walked to the front, a few disciples from the Great Precipice Cave immediately turned over and stared at him. From the reaction of the Dao Sect disciples, anyone could tell that the Lin Dong had quite a reputation.

“Who is that fellow? I’ve never heard of such a figure amongst the top Dao Sect disciples?”

“I’m not sure…”

The doubtful gazes of the Great Precipice Cave disciples interweaved for a while before they started to whisper in low voices.

“Just a brat at the six Yuan Nirvana stage. There’s no need to worry. As long as Ying Xiaoxiao doesn’t show up, the chances of our victory should still be very high…” said the male in black while he faintly smiled. He shot a glance at Lin Dong before withdrawing his gaze.

“Hehe, that’s because we have senior brother Huo here. I bet there aren’t many people amongst the Dao Sect younger generation members who can compete with you.” the disciples standing beside Huo Zhen immediately replied with smiles on their faces.

Huo Zhen smiled. His smile contained an arrogance that was hard to conceal. Naturally, amongst the younger generation members, his strength would give him the qualifications to do so. However, it all depended on whether he chose the correct battleground…

Lin Dong naturally saw the Hou Zhen’s condescending look. Unable to resist, he smiled faintly and said,“It seems that I’m being looked down on…”

Within the arena, Ying Huanhuan also heard the commotion from her surroundings. Turning her big eyes around, she finally spotted Lin Dong, who was standing somewhere to her side. However, her eyes barely swept across Lin Dong’s body before she turned away. Her indifferent manner caused the nearby Mo Ling and the rest to feel a little embarrassed. Regardless, they were the ones who asked Lin Dong to help them. However, they never expected that she would actually not show even the slightest hint of appreciation…

However, compared to their slight embarrassment, Lin Dong broke into laughter and shook his head. Although others did not notice, he was able notice that the taut and serious expression in her eyes had quietly dissolved when she saw him. The only reason that lass was unwilling to show it was because she could not put down her pride…

As his eyes left Ying Huanhuan’s body, Lin Dong took a look at Chen Zhen, Wu Dao and the rest on the platform. They had also noticed Lin Dong’s arrival and they immediately nodded their heads at him.

The girl in red, Song Yan, smiled as she stared at Ying Huanhuan with the long whip in her hand and said in a loveable voice, “Haha, little girl, this elder sister will no longer show mercy to you.”

Ying Huanhuan cast a look at her before her jade-like hands gently fell on the top of her jade green zither. Following which, she softly said, “I was planning to say the same thing.”

Song Yan eyebrows raised for a moment, before giving a soft snort. With a jerk of her hand, the fiery-red long whip bent and formed an arc. With a ferocious jolt, a crisp ‘pa’ was transmitted out with a swift and fierce fluctuation.


The fiery-red whip suddenly swept forth. It was just like a berserk fiery python as it split apart the air and swung ruthlessly at Ying Huanhuan at lighting speed.

The fiery-red glow rapidly grew bigger before Ying Huanhuan’s big eyes. Immediately, her jade-like fingers gently plucked her zither strings, causing wave after wave of jade green soundwaves to scream out, colliding against the fiery python.


When they clashed, a clear sound transmitted out. Immediately Song Yan’s body flashed forward. With a jerk of her jadelike hand, the soft fiery-red long whip unexpectedly turned perfectly straight like a spear, and with a tip pointed like a scorpion’s tail. As she directly targeted the vital spot between Ying Huanhuan’s brows, the degree of her viciousness was totally out of character for a lady.

“Flaming Whip-spear!”

The fiery-red whip spear shot forwards explosively, as a formidable force frantically gathered on its surface. Even the Nirvana Golden body of some seven Yuan Nirvana stage experts would be thoroughly penetrated by such power.

Ying Huanhuan eyes hardened due to Song Yan’s swift and vicious attack. Immediately, she proceeded to use her jade-like fingers to press down on her zither, causing a subtle sound wave to transmit out at lighting speed.

As the sound wave moved, the view before Song Yan’s eyes instant turned blurry. This caused the the head of the whip-spear to unexpectedly shift slightly half a feet as it hurtled past Ying Huanhuan’s shoulder.


After her attack failed, Song Yan gave a cold snort. With a grasp of her hand, her whip-spear changed from a thrusting attack to a sweeping one. With violent force, it swept horizontally towards Ying Huanhuan’s head like a pole.


The instant the whip-spear swept horizontally, the jade-green zither also moved horizontally to block it. As the whip-spear struck the surface of the zither, a clear sound erupted.

As the zither twisted, Ying Huanhuan extended her jade-like hands and seized it. Her black ponytail, which had been undone by the previous gale, now fell like a torrent in front of her chest, giving her an unexpected and rarely seen charm.

The young lady’s cheeks were slightly raised as she stared at Song Yan. A cold glint flashed past her eyes as her jade-like fingers swept across her zither, causing an astonishing fluctuation to swell and erupt out like a storm.

“Formless Bodhi Sound, Bodhi Laugh!”

A jade green sound wave suddenly swelled and erupted from the zither, transforming into a blurry gigantic silhouette behind Ying Huanhuan. The silhouette laughed heartily at the sky. An extremely astonishing jade green fluctuation directly transformed into a spiral shape and ruthlessly shot towards Song Yan at speed akin to lighting.

Ying Huanhuan’s counterattack obviously startled Song Yan. She hastily withdrew her fiery-red long whip, which transformed into countless circles of light.

Bang Bang!

The spiralling sound wave exploded forward with a speed akin to a hot knife through butter. It caused numerous circles of light to completely shatter and forced Song Yan to hastily retreat in shock.


Song Yan forcefully stabalized her body as her expression turned somewhat ugly. Even before she could make another move, Ying Huanhuan’s jade-like fingers had already started strumming her zither.


A jade-green brilliance shot forward like an arrow and appeared in front of Song Yan in a split second. Currently, Song Yan was unable to muster any defense. Just as she was about to unwillingly concede defeat, the man in black nearby, wrinkled his eyebrows and unexpectedly appeared in front of her with a shift of his body. His hand reached out as he gently flicked his finger at the incoming jade green brilliance.


Due to the man’s finger flick, the jade-green brilliance unexpectedly rebounded and shot backwards. In addition, it carried with it an even swifter and fearsome momentum as it rebounded back at Ying Huanhuan.

Ying Huanhuan was also startled by this sudden scene, as her little face darkened. However just as she was about to forcefully receive this attack, a palm reached out from behind her and directly grabbed that jade green brilliance. It gave the brilliance a firm pinch, causing it to explode in his palm.

Ying Huanhuan was dazed as she tilted her head, her slightly absent-minded gaze found a familiar youthful figure standing behind her…

Lin Dong slowly withdrew his palm and looked at the man in black while casually saying, “Victory and defeat in normal in a duel. By interfering and attacking a girl, isn’t your upbringing rather lacking?”

Upon hearing these words, a dark and mocking expression welled up on the face of the man in black.