Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 703: Success

Chapter 703: Success


Chapter 703: Success

The gigantic pillar of light began to dissipate. As the pillar of light dissipated, the skinny figure who had spent the past two months quietly seated within, finally appeared before everyone’s attentive gazes.

At this point of time, a momentary silence seemed to sweep across the entire area.

Amidst the silence, the youth, who was seated before the stone tablet, slowly opened his eyes. The moment his eyes opened, everyone could sense a formless energy wave spread out from his body.

Creak creak!

As the formless energy wave extended outwards, the onlookers shockingly observed the ground and trees that were within a hundred feet of Lin Dong, begin to wither at a shocking rate.

In the twinkling of an eye, the previously lush greenery had become yellowish and desolate.

That energy wave was somewhat similar to the Desolate Force of the Desolate Hall. However, this energy wave was much more pure in essence and terrifying. This was the legitimate Desolate Qi!

At this moment, the facial expressions of those who could feel this energy wave turned exceptionally grave. Was this the power of the Great Desolation Scripture? It was indeed extraordinary.

“This Desolate Qi is much purer than the one given off by the Desolate Stone…” Wu Dao stared at Lin Dong, while an excited look appeared on his aged face.

Chen Zhen nodded his head. Finally, a contented smile appeared on his wrinkled face as well. He then chuckled, “It seems that this lad has succeeded…”

“Truly unexpected.”

The hall leader of the Sky Hall, Qi Lei, sighed repeatedly. Soon after, he chortled, “It seems like there will be a good show in the upcoming Hall Competition. However, don’t be celebrating yet old fellow. Even though Lin Dong has successfully comprehended the Great Desolate Scripture, his is still weak. Our Xiaoxiao has already reached the Nine Yuan Nirvana stage. Likewise, the Sky Emperor Scripture has long been mastered by her. I’m afraid it will be no easy task for Lin Dong to defeat her.”

“Haha, Lin Dong has even managed to learn the Great Desolation Scripture, what else is impossible?” Chen Zhen laughed.

He clearly understood that Ying Xiaoxiao was the most outstanding disciple among the Dao Sect younger generation members. Furthermore, her innate gifts were preeminent. At such a young age, she was able to reach the Nine Yuan Nirvana stage. Let alone the Dao Sect, if she was placed among the younger generation in the entire Eastern Xuan Region, she would definitely be at the apex.

Even though a dark horse like Lin Dong was able to emerge as a new force to be reckoned with in less than a year, there was still a huge disparity between him and Ying Xiaoxiao. Previously, the reason why he was able to match up against Yao Ling was due to the fact that he swallowed five Immortal Yuan Ancient Fruits. This time around, he would not have five Immortal Yuan Ancient Fruits, and even if he had, he would not be allowed to use them. After all, this was a competition for the disciples to swap pointers, not fight for one’s life like the battle against Yao Ling.

However, even so, Chen Zhen was unwilling to let Lin Dong lose face. Currently, this young lad had successfully comprehended the Great Desolation Scripture and he was considered a figure of importance to the Desolate Hall. After he received proper training, he would become a heavyweight in the Dao Sect.

“Let us wait for the Hall Competition in two months then. The Sky Hall will not give up the position as the leader of the four halls so easily,” Qi Lei laughed.

“I’m afraid it’s not up to you.”

Chen Zhen chuckled as well. Following which, both men looked at each other and let out a hearty laugh. Wu Dao and his counterparts were at ease as well. Clearly, they were in an extremely good mood. After all, the re-emergence of the Great Desolation Scripture was good news for the Dao Sect.

Amidst the various commotions that filled the mountains, Lin Dong deeply exhaled. Following which, he stood up and fixated his gaze upon the gigantic stone tablet before him. Then, he bent his body and gave a respectful bow to the stone tablet.

“This young one will do his best to fulfill elder’s request,” Lin Dong said in a deep voice.

He knew that he could not reject this request. Even if it was not because the Great Desolate Tablet had given him the Great Desolation Scripture, he still had to help the Dao Sect to eliminate that unknown entity. Otherwise, once the unknown entity escaped, the entire Dao Sect would be destroyed.

Furthermore, if the ancient images that he saw were real, this entity would be a world-ending calamity that no one could escape from.

Even though the Dao Sect was very powerful, Lin Dong knew that this unknown entity, which previously took the combined forces of all the practitioners of this land to defeat, was far more powerful and terrifying….

Lin Dong seldom took the initiative to protect something. From the start, all he wanted was to protect his small home and his family members.

After leaving his home, Lin Dong had been through a lot. However, there was not much that could make him have such thoughts. Now, he finally had another home to protect….

“Buzz buzz!”

The Great Desolate Tablet seemed to have heard Lin Dong’s words as its body slightly trembled. Following which, a small crack appeared on the stone tablet and two tiny orbs of light shot out and levitated in front of Lin Dong.

They appeared to be two perfectly round, thumb-sized, yellowish stone beads. Even though these two objects were not eye-catching, Lin Dong could sense rather terrifying energy waves from them. Furthermore, as the two stone beads fell out from the stone tablet, Li Dong could see that the colour and luster of the Great Desolate Tablet become slightly duller.

“These are Desolation Beads. In times of trouble, they might be of some help to you. This is all I can do to help you. Whether you can find another Ancestral Symbol will depend entirely on you…”

“I hope we are able to meet again.”

The ancient voice of the Great Desolate Tablet silently rang across Lin Dong’s mind. After finishing its sentence, the huge stone table suddenly trembled furiously, as the ground began to tremble as well. A crevice started to extend outward from under the stone tablet. Under numerous gazes, the gigantic stone tablet gradually sank into the crevice. Eventually, it disappeared into the ground once more…

Lin Dong watched the closing crevice and nodded his head lightly. With a flip of his palm, he kept the two Desolation Beads. These two artifacts contained formidable powers, but he would not use them unless it was an emergency.

After the Great Desolate Tablet had completely disappeared into the crevice, Lin Dong turned around. At this point of the time, the nearby areas were filled with a vast sea of people. Numerous fervent looks were gathered on him.

Even though the onlookers had guessed what had happened, they still wanted an absolute answer. An answer that was worth the two painstaking months of waiting in this place!

Upon facing such scenario, even with Lin Dong’s temperament, his hair could not help but stand on end. The onlookers looked like vicious wolves that could not wait to rip him apart.

“Hey, so did you succeed? Say something at least!”

While Lin Dong was feeling helpless, in a nearby area of the sky, a young girl with a jet-black ponytail flew forward with both her hands on her slender waist. A crisp and lovable voice resounded clearly through the sky.

“Senior sister Huanhuan is right, say something!”

After Ying Huanhuan finished her sentence, the previously silent sea of onlookers broke out into an uproar. Everyone was getting worked up. At this moment, Lin Dong clearly saw the rallying effect that Ying Huanhuan had on the younger disciples of the Dao Sect. Let alone the three other halls, even some disciples of Desolate Hall stood behind Ying Huanhuan, demanding an answer.

This scene put Lin Dong in between laughter and tears. At the same time, a mysterious feeling of warmth arose in his heart. After staying in that world of darkness for two months, it was rather heartwarming to see all his fellow disciples once again.

Ying Huanhuan looked smilingly at the helpless-looking Lin Dong. The corners of her mouth were slightly curled. Apparently, the young girl was pleased with herself for rallying so much support.

Meanwhile, Ying Xiaoxiao’s facial expression remained steadfast with regards to the current situation. However, a slight trace of happiness could be found deep within her eyes. The re-emergence of the Great Desolation Scripture was rather significant for their entire Dao Sect.

Hence, she did not stop Ying Huanhuan when she intentionally rallied tens of thousands of disciples into heckling Lin Dong. Similarly, the four hall leaders in the sky were brightly smiling at this scene.

As the center of attention, Lin Dong cast a glance at Ying Huanhuan, whose face was filled with contentment because of what she had done. Soon after, a smile appeared on Lin Dong’s face as well as he took a step forward.


The moment Lin Dong took a step forward, an aura of desolation rapidly extended outwards from where he stood. The power of desolation arose from the ground and gushed into Lin Dong’s body.


As the power gushed into his body, Lin Dong’s moving figure suddenly disappeared. Under the sky full of alarm cries, he appeared before Ying Huanhuan. With lightning speed, he tried to tap Ying Huanhuan’s bright and clean forehead using his index finger that was filled with intense Desolate Qi.

The speed of Lin Dong’s action seemed to be two times faster than before. Hence, when Ying Huanhuan saw the incoming finger that was filled with terrifying Desolation Qi, she could only watch on helplessly and could not avoid.

However, even though she could not avoid, the young girl was still rather obstinate. Biting her lips without shouting for help, her bright and beautiful big eyes stared straight at Lin Dong.

Eventually, Lin Dong’s finger stopped half an inch before the young girl’s forehead. Upon seeing this, Ying Huanhuan’s eyebrows showed sign of raising up.


However, before her eyebrows formed a pleased expression, Lin Dong’s finger bent and viciously flicked her forehead.

“Whether I succeed or not, I don’t need to elaborate any further, right?”

Lin Dong chuckled while looking at the young girl, who had a red forehead and a bitter look on her face, while itching to take a huge bite out of him.

Silence dominated the area. Following which, thunderous cheers and roars rang across the land. Some Desolate Hall disciples faces were even filled with intense emotions.

The Desolate Hall’s long-awaited day had finally arrived……

On a mountain peak far away, Ying Xuanzi watched the noisy celebration. A gentle smile appeared on his jade-like face. His gaze contained a look reminiscence. A hundred years ago, this place was bustling with excitement like this….

“Zhou Tong, there’s finally a junior who has surpassed you…”

Ying Xuanzi chuckled softly. Soon after, he turned his body and left, as a sigh of relief silently echoed through the air