Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 702: Comprehending the Great Desolation Scripture

Chapter 702: Comprehending the Great Desolation Scripture


Chapter 702 Comprehending the Great Desolation Scripture

“The Great Desolation Scripture was personally created by me long ago. Once you master this skill, a thousand miles within you will be completely desolated. The life force within that thousand miles will gather into one body, and its power will be enough to shatter the heavens.”

An ancient and drawn out voice sounded out from trembling figure on the tablet. Indistinctly, the voice contained a trace of contentment. Clearly, the tablet spirit was rather satisfied with the martial art that he had created.

“Furthermore, it seems that you have mastered the martial art left behind by the Great Desolate King. It may be a mere Soul Martial Art. However, after you have successfully mastered the Great Desolation Scripture, due to the way they complement each other, the strength of that martial art will be multiplied.

Upon hearing these words, Lin Dong was slightly stunned. Soon after, happiness and surprise appeared in his eyes. This reward far exceeded his expectations. It appeared that the so-called Great Desolate King had some sort of extraordinary dealings with this tablet spirit…

Lin Dong raised his head and looked the ancient characters that were hovering around his body. He could sense the tremendous cryptic information contained in the characters. Such a martial art had already far surpassed Soul Martial Arts. It had certainly reached the level of a Heaven Martial Art!

A so-called Heaven Martial Art was able to the manipulate the energy of the land. For example, the Great Desolation Scripture was able to bring desolation to the land and draw upon the power of life. Its might was immeasurable. With it, one would be able to obtain victory even against a stronger opponent.

If such a martial art was to be put among the super sects in the East Xuan Region, it would be considered a martial art that could suppress all the super sects. According to Lin Dong’s appraisal, among his numerous martial arts, only the Green Heaven Materialized Dragon skill that he obtained from Qing Zhi had reached the level of a Heaven Martial Art. Of course, if he was to successfully master the Great Desolation Scripture, it would add on to the number of Heaven Martial Arts he had.

Reportedly, there was a type of martial art even more powerful than the Heaven Martial Art. Such a martial art truly possessed the transcending power to destroy the land. Even some extraordinary practitioners and super sects could not get their hands on these martial arts.

“The true essence of the Great Desolation Scripture lies in the word Desolation. The previous breakthrough you had indicates that you have a rather deep understanding of Desolation…” the tablet spirit explained plainly.

“Desolation might be desolate, but it doesn’t strip all living beings of their life force. In the cycle of life for all living beings, Desolation merely collects their life forces until the time comes for spring to fill the land.”

Lin Dong conscientiously recorded all the information given by the tablet spirit into his brain. After a while, he softly said, “Many thanks to elder for your guidance.”

“I see that you have already understood these principles. It can’t really be considered as guidance. Your mastery of the Great Desolation Scripture in future will still depend on your own capabilities,” the tablet spirit replied.


Lin Dong gave a respectful bow to the tablet spirit. He sat down cross-legged, taking in a deep breath as he suppressed the surging excitement in his heart. Following which, his face gradually regained its calm.

As Lin Dong focused, the huge ancient characters that were hovering around his body whizzed towards his head. As the characters made contact with his head, they directly passed through his skull.

“Drip buzz!”

As the huge ancient characters entered his mind, Lin Dong’s body began to tremble violently. He could feel a series of ancient and cryptic information spread throughout his mind. Even with his current strength, that boundless information gave him a head-splitting headache. It was so painful that a look of agony flashed across his face.


A soft groan that was filled with pain emerged from Lin Dong’s throat. Soon after, he clenched his teeth and forcefully suppressed the intense pain. He concentrated fully on absorbing the vast and cryptic information in his mind.

Although he had obtained a powerful martial art in the Great Desolation Scripture, it would not be an easy task to master it. However, Lin Dong did not have the slightest bit of fear. He had passed through the most difficult stage. How could he let go of something he already had his hands on?

Lin Dong sat quietly in the peaceful dimension that was filled with darkness. As time passed, the ancient yellow glow from his body became increasingly stronger. Under the illumination of that glow, the rock that he was seated on silently shattered…

Atop the stone tablet, the tablet spirit observed every single movement of Lin Dong. After a long time, the tablet spirit spoke in a deep and ancient voice, “I hope nothing bad will happen to the person chosen this time. There’s not much time left…”


Just as the tablet spirit finished his sentence, the black lines at the base of the stone tablet started to wiggle. Indistinctly, an ear-piercing laughter was heard from them.

“Keke, Great Desolation Tablet, you have still not given up after so many years. Once again, you’re putting your hopes on this lad now huh?”

This is the first time the unknown entity had spoken. Its voice was filled with an indescribable evil and coldness. The entity was like a devil that came from a land of endless evil.

“Don’t celebrate too early. He possesses the Devouring Ancestral Symbol and hence has the highest chance of obtaining many Ancestral Symbols. As long as he can bring back two Ancestral Symbols, I will be able to eradicate you completely,” the tablet spirit smiled faintly.

“Keke, you think everyone is like that master of yours? However, even someone as powerful as your master fell in the end. Who else can stop us in this world?”

“We shall see.”

The tone of the tablet spirit’s ancient voice did not change at all even when it heard those words. The spirit merely smiled. Once again, the glow on the stone tablet began to surge and suppress the spreading black lines back into the ground.

After the black lines had been suppressed, the tablet spirit looked silently at the motionless youth. Suddenly, a beam of light shot out and engulfed Lin Dong’s body. Following which, traces of the ancient yellow glow seeped into Lin Dong’s body. Under the permeation of the ancient yellow glow, the surface of Lin Dong’s body started to be surrounded by an aura of desolation.

Enshrouded in the faint aura of desolation, the agony on Lin Dong’s face began to lessen. Eventually, the agony on his face disappeared completely.

“Lin Dong, this is all I can help you with. I hope you can complete the transaction between us. Otherwise, all living things of this world will die…”

The time continued to pass silently. In the blink of an eye, another half a month had passed.

Over this half a month, the Dao Sect in quite an uproar. The source of all this was naturally the strange situation before the Great Desolate Tablet. The youthful figure, whom everyone thought had failed, was being tightly enshrouded in the glow emitted by the Great Desolate Tablet. An extremely powerful repulsive force was given off by it, making it impossible for hall leaders like Chen Zhen to get close.

With the addition of this half a month, Lin Dong had spent a total of two months seated before the Great Desolate Tablet. In these two months, the Desolate Hall had undoubtedly became the most lively place in the Dao Sect. The four hall leaders were not the only ones waiting here, even some elders who had been in seclusion revealed themselves and waited here. It goes to show the importance of this event.

In a certain area of the sky, Jiang Hao, Pang Tong and the other two, who had previously failed to comprehend the Great Desolation Scripture, had awoken. All this time, they had been standing guard at this area while watching the thin figure before the stone tablet with complicated looks on their faces.

No one had believed that Lin Dong, who had joined the Desolate Hall for the least amount of time, would become the first person in a hundred years to successfully comprehend the Great Desolation Scripture…

Some people might consider Lin Dong’s recent achievements to be small feats. However, after what happened this time around, no one dared to say anything anymore.

It had been a hundred years since the legendary genius of the Dao Sect had managed to comprehend the Great Desolation Scripture. This record had finally been broken.

And the one who broke this record was a young disciple who had only joined the Dao Sect for less than a year.

All the Desolate Hall’s disciples wore a smile on their faces whenever they saw the disciples from the other three halls. Once again, they had regained the confidence that they lacked for a long time. Even the disciples from the Sky Hall could not express any sense of superiority over the confidence that the Desolate Hall’s disciples displayed. That was because they clearly understood that once the youth seated before the stone tablet managed to successfully comprehend the Great Desolation Scripture, the upcoming Hall Competition would be much more exciting…

Even though the onlookers knew there was some disparity between Lin Dong and Ying Xiaoxiao, they also knew that the might of the Great Desolation Scripture would be able to compensate for this disparity.

It seemed that there would an epic battle in the Hall Competition this time around.

“To think that you actually show signs of succeeding…”

At another spot in the sky, Ying Huanhuan curled her lips and said while looking at the figure before the stone tablet. After knowing Lin Dong might not fail, the emotions that she expressed previously had been withdrawn. Naturally, the main reason behind this was the murmurs she had heard regarding the Hall Competition. In this situation, she clearly stood by her sister…

“You seemed miserable when you saw that he was going to fail. Now, you purposely say these words to please me?” Ying Xiaoxiao teased as she cast a smiling glance at Ying Huanhuan.

“No way. Even if Lin Dong comprehends the Great Desolation Scripture, he will not be a match for you,” Ying Huanhuan quickly made her stand.

“That might not necessarily be true…”

With regards to these words, Ying Xiaoxiao shook her head lightly. Her eyes were fixated on the figure before the stone tablet. An extremely rare fire was burning within her eyes.

“I want to see exactly how formidable the Great Desolation Scripture is…”

When Ying Huanhuan saw Ying Xiaoxiao’s facial expression, she secretly stuck out her tongue. It seemed that Ying Xiaoxiao had begun to view Lin Dong as a potential opponent. Of course, this was also due to the competitive spirit within her. After all, Ying Xiaoxiao had previously failed at comprehending the Great Desolation Scripture.

“The result is about to be revealed.”

Just as Ying Huanhuan was about to say something, Ying Xiaoxiao suddenly commented as she focussed.

Upon hearing these words, Ying Huanhuan was slightly startled. Sure enough, the glow on the Great Desolate Tablet gradually dimmed, as the skinny figure that was engulfed in the beam of light once again appeared before everyone’s anxious gazes…

Everyone’s eyes were glued to the figure, while their faces were filled with nervousness. They wanted to know; was Lin Dong’s two months a success… or a failure?