Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 698: Desolate

Chapter 698: Desolate


Chapter 698 – Desolate

That ripple was minute and was extremely sudden. However since the ripple had originated from within Lin Dong’s body, he was instantly able to detect it. This also caused his pupils to show signs of tightly contracting.

It was because this ripple was emitted by the Mysterious Stone Talisman.

Furthermore, this ripple was somewhat strange. To be precise, it was a clearly an obvious response to something. This was the first time something like this had ever occurred since the Mysterious Stone Talisman had come into Lin Dong’s possession.

“Why does the Mysterious Stone Talisman respond to the Great Desolate Tablet?”

Lin Dong frown as he muttered to himself. He lifted his gaze and let it rest on the vast and majestic tablet. The surface of the tablet had gradually turned yellowish due to the passage of time. Furthermore, the surface was not completely bright and clean, and there were quite a few potholes, while a few minute cracks spread out on its surface like an insect. However this was not a big problem for the gigantic tablet.

Lin Dong’s gaze carefully swept pass every inch the stone tablet. After several minutes, his eyes suddenly focussed as he looked towards a particular spot on the stone tablet. On the rough surface of the stone tablet were some faint small black dots that was extremely hard to be discovered by eye.

When Lin Dong’s eyes landed on those black dots, he suddenly felt the Mysterious Stone Talisman within him started to shake as it emitted wave after wave of fluctuation.

A glint of bewilderment flashed within deep within Lin Dong’s eyes as his gaze swept all around. He discovered that the number of small black dots on the surface of the stone tablet was not small. However due to the the enormous size of the stone tablet, coupled with the passing of time, leaving another six small black dots seemed to be nothing but ordinary! If not for the Mysterious Stone Talisman within his body, even Lin Dong would have ignored these little black dots that seemed totally ordinary.

Lin Dong stared at the little black dots and hesitated for a moment. Finally, he took a step forward, raised a finger and touched one of the little black dots.

Lin Dong, Jiang Hao and the other three were extremely close to the stone tablet. Previously, Jiang Hao and the rest were paying extreme attention as they stared at the stone tablet and had also reached out and touched the surface with their hands. Therefore, the people around were not too surprised at Lin Dong’s action.

And just as the surrounding gazes moved away from him, Lin Dong’s finger lightly descended on the little black dot on the surface of the tablet…

At the moment of contact, Lin Dong’s complexion rapidly changed.

At the point of contact, a trace of fluctuation was transmitted into Lin Dong’s body. That fluctuation was ice-cold without any hint of vitality. Gradually, it brought along a mysterious evil influence that could seemingly erase the myriad of living organisms from the world…

Lin Dong’s finger had only brushed past the little black dot for an instant before drawing back. After pulling his finger back, his face whitened as he stared in shock at the little black dots.

That fluctuation was extremely bone-chilling and mysterious without any trace of vitality within it. Although Lin Dong knew that when one managed to train till the mysterious Death Stage, one’s body would being produced extremely destructive Death Qi, the sensation from those black dots were inherently different.

Furthermore the most important matter was that this was not the first time that Lin Dong had seen such a sinister and evil thing…

This kind of bone-chillingly evil feeling would blot the skies. And every living thing within the world would seemingly be killed and destroy wherever it passed…

Lin Dong pursed his lips and thought about his time in the ancient sect. The previous owner of the Devouring Ancestral Symbol had seemingly perished due to some unknown sinister and dark thing. Lin Dong had felt the same kind of fluctuation from the surface of the Great Desolate Tablet today. What did this mean?

“What exactly is this thing?”

Lin Dong muttered to himself in a low voice. Even something as strong as that ancient sect or someone as strong as that black-eyed old man who had the Devouring Ancestral Symbol had difficulty in resisting that unknown black thing. What exacting was it?

While Lin Dong was pondering about this before the the stone tablet, Jiang Hao and the other three had already prepared to proceed on as they sat on a green rocks in from the the stone tablet with solemn expressions.

“Lin Dong.”

Wu Dao gave a shout, which finally managed to wake Lin Dong from his absent-minded state. After taking a deep look at the stone tablet in front of him, he retreated to the green rock and proceeded to sit down.

Upon seeing the five take their seats, Wu Dao gave a faint nod before waving his sleeve. Desolate Force that blotted the skies surged out of his body before turning into a beam and descending onto the surface of the Great Desolate Tablet.

Buzz Buzz!

Following the descent of the gigantic beam of Desolate Force, the tablet immediately started to send out minute vibrations. Ray after ray of dusky yellow light started to shoot out from the body of the tablet, before completely enveloping Lin Dong and the other four. The instant Lin Dong was enveloped by the light, his body suddenly trembled as he felt an irresistible attractive force erupting from the surface of the tablet. In the next instant, his consciousness started to grow blurry as his vision rapidly turned to darkness…

Innumerable gazes gathered on the five human figures that are enveloped by pillars of light. From the looks of it, it seemed that the process towards the comprehension of the Great Desolate Tablet had already begun.

“Big sis, what exactly will one encounter when comprehending the Great Desolation Scripture?” Yin Huanhuan was wide-eyed as she gazed at the five unmoving figures within the pillars of light. She could not help but ask Ying Huanhuan as she seemed to be the only one here who had experienced it.

After her question appeared, Qing Ye and the rest turned their heads and stared at Ying Xiaoxiao. It was obvious that they were interested in this question.

Ying Xiaoxiao frowned a little. She looked absent mindedly at the gigantic stone tablet, before replying in a soft voice, “The Great Desolate Tablet is extremely powerful…”

“Yes, I know. Our Dao Sect elders had combined their efforts many times but were unable to move the Great Desolate Tablet or control when it opens. They can only assist it with the power of the pill river every once in awhile.” Ying Huanhuan continuously nodded her head in agreement.

“When comprehending the Great Desolate Tablet, one would be sucked into the space within the tablet, In there is a boundless and desolate land. It has no end and no signs of life, only desolation, let alone any inkling of the Great Desolation Scripture…”

“It should be some type of test right? Did senior sister Xiaoxiao manage to understand anything?” Qing Ye asked thoughtfully.

Ying Xiaoxiao shot a look at him. This made Qing Ye understand as he resentfully laughed for a while. If Ying Xiaoxiao had managed to pass, she would not have failed in the comprehension…

“After I entered, I did not walk at all and just sat there for a very long time.” replied Ying Xiaoxiao in a soft voice.

“Coping with ever changing chaos by being as steady as a rock.”praised Mu Li from the Flood Hall. He was not trying to flatter anyone. Compared to walking around in confusion and wasting energy, it would be much better to calm one’s heart and start to ponder on how to overcome such a trial.

“However it was regretful that I was still unable to overcome that trial. Perhaps I’m unable to comprehend the true essence of desolation…” exclaimed Ying Xiaoxiao with a voice brimming with regret.

“If it were so easy to overcome it, the Great Desolate Tablet would not have attracted that much attention.”

Mu Li gave a smile before turning his gaze towards the five figures in front of the stone tablet and said, “ I wonder if the five of them will be able attain anything this time…”

“I’m also looking forward to it.”

Ying Xiaoxiao said while slowly nodding her head. Her eyes shifted slightly as she shot an extra glance at the youthful figure on the furthest left, Lin Dong…

“What is this damned place…”

The sky was filled with a dusky grey color without any cracks. It was as if poison had yet to completely separate from the sky when this space was born.

Under the dusky skies was a boundless and desolate land as far as one’s eyes could see. The ground was present in a dusky yellow colour with an occasional appearance of dried grass. However there was no life here. Just a few cracks that spread out on the ground and extended past one’s line of sight into the distance.

Currently, there was a human figure on the boundless land without any ends looking helplessly at this scene as he sighed at the heavens.

The human figure was naturally the Lin Dong that had entered the Great Desolate Tablet. He stared at this seemingly ancient and endless land with a unconcealable bitter smile on his face.

“This should be the Great Desolate Tablet’s trial…”

Lin Dong raised his head as he scanned his surroundings. After a single look, he saw that the extreme limits of his sight was still the same repetitive desolate land.

His tiny and insignificant body stood up in this boundless land. This kind of desolation could seemingly turn people into soil to be buried here forever. It made one feel as if one was unable to breath.


Lin Dong exhaled a deeply as his eyes gradually hardened. Since he had already arrived, he should see exactly what the Great Desolate Tablet wanted to do…

“Let’s go!”

Lin Dong said while grinning. This was his choice, which was completely different from Ying Xiaoxiao’s. He did not like the idea of painfully sitting down quietly. Even if it might be possible that he was only wasting energy, he wanted to personally give it a try!

The young man trekked forward on this boundless land. The look in his eyes made was one that wanted to crack open the desolation within this stretch land. However, maybe even Ling Dong himself was unable to imagine that this walk of his would last for an entire month…