Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 694: Soul Locking Array

Chapter 694: Soul Locking Array


Chapter 694: Soul Locking Array

Devouring Ancestral Symbol

When those three words entered his ear, Lin Dong felt a chilling sensation start to gush out from within his heart, before it finally spread to every part of his body. In the next instant, his body reflexively tensed up like a dangerous beast that was being threatened…

Ever since he had obtained the Devouring Ancestral Symbol, Lin Dong was usually very cautious and would not use it unless it was a critical moment. It was because he knew how enticing the Devouring Ancestral Symbol was. Its allure was enough to cause even some elite practitioners to manifest a greedy desire in their hearts.

He did not know how the sect master before his eyes had discovered he possessed the Devouring Ancestral Symbol. However, this did not stop the multitude of thoughts and ideas that now churned within his mind.

However, while he was secretly feeling anxious, he still felt slightly relieved. At least… his greatest secret, the Mysterious Stone Talisman had not been discovered.

Although he still did not know the exact properties of the Mysterious Stone Talisman, through intuition alone, he had a vague feeling that it was very important. In fact, from a certain perspective, it was perhaps even more powerful than the Devouring Ancestral Symbol…

Dao Sect master, Ying Xuanzi. One of the Eastern Xuan Region’s strongest practitioners. This was the information that he received from Wu Dao. Even though he had exercised plenty of discretion, he had never imagined that his secrets would be discovered by such a character…

Such an expert was truly terrifying.

“Little one. You are exactly as Ying Huanhuan has described. Overly cautious and prudent.”

While Lin Dong felt a chill spread across his entire body, the Dao Sect master, Ying Xuanzi faintly smiled instead. With eyes that seemingly contained a sea of wisdom within them, it was as if he had read Lin Dong’s mind.

In response, Lin Dong could only remain silent. There were some issues whereby he had no choice but to remain cautious.

“The Devouring Ancestral Symbol is indeed precious. However, not everyone desires it in this world.” Dao Sect master Ying Xuanzi continued in a slow and gentle voice, causing Lin Dong’s originally tense heart to quietly relax a notch.

Lin Dong raised his head and looked at the warmly smiling Ying Xuanzi, as some of the deep weariness within his eyes quietly disappeared. He had seen all kinds of people over the years, and could hence faintly sense the boundless grace of the man before him.

This was the true bearing a master of a super sect should possess.

“I know about some of your past experiences. Perhaps it is necessary for you to be cautious in the past. After all, you were all alone. Therefore, you always had to tread carefully and exercise discretion.”

“However… you only need to remember one thing now. As long as you are a disciple of the Dao Sect, the sect will always support you.”

“The current you is no longer alone.”

After hearing that last statement, Lin Dong could not resist as his expression turned weird for a while. What did it mean that you are not alone… Although this statement made Lin Dong choke for a while, he nevertheless felt a rare sour feeling in his nose for some time, while his eyes even turned a little moist. After a while, he raised his head and looked at this peak practitioner, who was famed across the Eastern Xuan Region. This time, his eyes did not have much reverence, and he said with a smile, “ Truly worthy of lord sect master. After your statement, I almost had the urge to go through hell and high water for the Dao Sect…”

“You’ve already done such things,” replied Ying Xuanzi with a smile.

“The reason why I was able to discover the Devouring Ancestral Symbol in your body was because I was paying close attention to you when you were at the bottom of the Pill River. At that time, you had used the power of your Devouring Ancestral Symbol…”

“No wonder.”

Only at this moment, did Lin Dong finally understand why. Promptly, he secretly feeling helpless. He truly had no way out when faced with the scrutiny of such a powerful practitioner. Looks like he needed to be even more cautious in future.

“The Devouring Ancestral Symbol is indeed a powerful object. However, you should refrain from using it in future. Wait till the moment when you are able to call forth its full strength before revealing it to the outside world.” warned Ying Xuanzi.

“Yes, this disciple understands.” replied Lin Dong respectfully as he nodded his head.

Ying Xuanzi gave a faint smile before turning around and looking towards the lake in front of him. With a wave of his sleeve, the lake was directly split into two. Following the formation of the fissure in the lake, a gigantic white array came into view and floated upwards. Light rays began to extend from it and enveloped the entire lake, while wave after wave of shocking energy fluctuations started erupting from the light array.

At the center most position of the light array was a black sapling that was around half a meter in size. A fluorescence light scattered from it and it looked just like one of the stars in the night sky. It was extremely beautiful.

“Is that the… Ancient Immortal Yuan Tree?”

Lin Dong gazed at the black sapling at the centre of the large array and gawked for a while before he suddenly asked.

“Yes, this sapling was the result of the Ancient Immortal Yuan Seed that you guys brought back…” replied Yuan Xuanzi.

“So fast?” exclaimed Lin Dong in shock. Hasn’t it only been just over ten days? Yet, the seedling had already grown to such a stage?

“The Ancient Immortal Yuan Tree is just that mysterious. In addition, this ‘Soul Locking Array’ has absorbed all the energy from this domain. Furthermore, the bottom of this lake is connected to the four pill rivers in the Dao Sect and they have been used to nourish this ancient tree.” replied Ying Xuanzi.

An astonished expression appeared on Lin Dong’s face. They had actually connected the four Pill Rivers just to nourish this Ancient Immortal Yuan Tree. Such a huge investment. Surely, only a super sect could afford to raise such a thing. In the hands of another faction, even if they managed to obtain the seed, they would likely be unqualified to groom it.

“When the Ancient Immortal Yuan Tree has thoroughly matured, the training progress of our Dao Sect’s disciples will be raised to another level. This is extremely important for improving the overall strength of our sect,” said Ying Xuanzi as he looked at the black sapling at the centre of the large array.

Lin Dong nodded his head. He had devoured five Ancient Immortal Yuan Fruits. Hence, he naturally knew the mysterious effects of this fruit. If they were truly able to raise and produce more of it, it would indeed be a momentous occasion for the Dao Sect.

“It seems that you’re about to make a breakthrough?” asked Ying Xuanzi as he smiled and suddenly changed the topic.

Lin Dong nodded his head again, unsurprised by this. Since Ying Xuanzi could discover the Devouring Ancestral Symbol in his body, how could he possibly hide such a thing…

“Since you have made a big contribution, there will be a need to reward you. This sealing array will be thoroughly sealed off in a couple of days to focus on nourishing the Ancient Immortal Yuan Seed. Before this happens, you can enter the array and cultivate. I think it will be enough to help you with your breakthrough. Besides this, I will personally protect you while you are at it.” Ying Xuanzi said while pointing at the great array at the bottom of the lake.

“In addition, the opening of the Great Desolation Tablet is in half a month. This is an extremely important event for the entire Dao Sect. You should be aware just how tyrannical the Great Desolation Mysterious Scripture is. In the past hundred years, only Zhou Tong had been able to successfully learn it …”

From the corner of his eyes, Lin Dong saw an unexpected minor disturbance in the peaceful eyes of Ying Xuanzi for the first time when he mentioned Zhou Tong.

“Senior Zhou Tong…” Lin Dong hesitated for a while before he could not resist but ask.

“He is my disciple…” Ying Xuanzi replied in a soft voice.

Lin Dong was faintly startled before proceeding to nod his head. He had never expected that senior Zhou Tong was actually Ying Xuanzi’s disciple. Looks like that matter was truly quite complicated…

“Although you have only joined the Dao Sect for only a short time, you are regarded as the Desolate Hall disciple that has the greatest chance of comprehending the Great Desolate Mysterious Scripture. Of course, don’t feel stressed over this matter. Just focus and try your best. That is enough.” Ying Xuanzi said as he changed the topic. The fluctuations within his eyes settled down extremely quickly.


Lin Dong nodded his head and did not dare to ask any more questions regarding Zhou Tong.

“Go in.”

Ying Xuanzi shifted his attention towards the bottom of the lake. With a wave of his sleeve, the black sapling was shifted away, revealing a small light array below. Within that light array, was a faint and seemingly majestic fluctuation of energy.

Upon seeing this, Lin Dong did not procrastinate. His body flashed as he dashed towards the bottom of the lake. In a flash, he appeared above the small array, before slowing descending onto it.

Seated on the small array, Lin Dong glanced at his surroundings. From this angle, he could see innumerable threads of energy spreading out in all directions, with him at the center. Looking up, he could faintly see the outline of the mysterious array.

One could tell that this was an array that required quite a large investment. Just by sitting here, Lin Dong could already feel wave after wave of vigorous energy continuously flowing into his body.

“This is really a good place for cultivation…”

Lin Dong could not help but mutter. However, it was a pity that such a good place was being used to raise the Ancient Immortal Yuan Tree. After enjoying it for a while, this place would be thoroughly sealed…

“Let’s begin…”

At the edge of the lake, Ying Xuanzi’s reminder rang out. He proceeded to change his hand seal, causing the lake to start whistling, while bright strands of light and the gigantic and complex array gradually started to rotate.

Roar Roar!

When the array began to rotate, wave after wave of vigorous energy akin to a tide started to crazily rush in from all directions. In the end, they viciously exploded towards Lin Dong, who was currently seated in the middle of the array.


As he gazed at the tangled and boundless amounts of energy that were rumbling and rushing towards him, Lin Dong took a deep breath. He suppressed the faint excitement in his heart and slowly closed his eyes, before Devouring Power suddenly exploded out of him.

Since Ying Xuanzi had already discovered the Devouring Ancestral Symbol in his body, Lin Dong did not need to hide it anymore. Furthermore, he had Ying Xuanzi protecting him. Therefore, even in the entire Eastern Xuan Region, there was hardly anyone who could disrupt him…

Devouring Power burst out, and transformed into a gradually rotating black hole behind Lin Dong’s body. It completely devoured the boundless energy that was flooding over…

Under this frantic devouring, the Yuan Power and Mental Energy within Lin Dong’s body started to gradually surge towards the critical breakthrough point.