Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 692: Ying Xiaoxiao, Qing Ye

Chapter 692: Ying Xiaoxiao, Qing Ye


Chapter 692: Ying Xiaoxiao, Qing Ye

Lin Dong sat quietly on a bed within a quiet room. Both of his eyes were tightly shut. His hands formed a training seal as a Devouring Force quietly scattered from within his body. Under this Devouring Force, the air around him began to form waves after waves of ripples. Waves of mighty Yuan Power came surging out before they finally poured into his body.

With the continuous pouring in of Yuan Power, Lin Dong aura also began to recover a little at a time…

This training lasted for three hours. Lin Dong’s unmoving body finally shook gently. After which, he slowly opened his tightly shut eyes. A cluster of white vapor that carried a terrible smell was spat out from his throat.

After that cluster of white vapor was exhaled, the final trace of dimness on Lin Dong’s face had disappeared. His dark black eyes had once again recovered the brightness and luster of the past.

Lin Dong had clearly also sensed the changes within his body as a joy flashed across his face. Ever since he awakened, he had been quietly recuperating for nearly five days. Only then, did he completely heal the backlash caused by swallowing five Immortal Yuan Ancient Fruits…

Moreover, with the complete recovery of his injuries and strength, Lin Dong also discovered something that caused him to be pleasantly surprised. After this serious injury, his Yuan Power and Mental Energy actually made quite a shocking improvement. He even began to vaguely feel a sign of being about to breakthrough…

“Is this because of the five Immortal Yuan Ancient Fruits?”

Lin Dong pondered on this fact. The Immortal Yuan Ancient Fruits possess the mysterious effect of increasing one’s strength. If Lin Dong followed the rules and refined them before he swallowed them, it would not be impossible for his strength to break through to six Yuan Nirvana Stage. However, the situation back clearly did not give him the time to quietly train and refine them. Hence, he could only act ruthlessly and forcefully swallow all five Immortal Yuan Ancient Fruits in exchange for a temporary boost in his strength…

The price was that a large portion of the energy from the five Immortal Yuan Ancient Fruits was exhausted during the intense battle. The amount that Lin Dong eventually absorbed only amounted to ten to twenty percent.

Nonetheless, these ten to twenty percent still benefited Lin Dong tremendously. In addition to the bloody battle this time around, it allowed Lin Dong’s strength to advance once again. Although he was unable to make a breakthrough, he was likely not far from doing so

Lin Dong swung his arm that was once again filled with mighty strength. He parted his mouth into a smile before pushing open the door and exiting the room.

After leaving the room, the first thing that Lin Dong saw was two familiar old figures standing a short distance in front. Immediately he was startled. He hurriedly walked forward and laughed, “Greetings to the two teacher uncle.”

The two people in front of him were naturally Chen Zhen and Wu Dao from Desolate Hall. They looked at Lin Dong’s complexion and nodded with a smile.

“Have you fully recovered?”

Wu Dao stared at the young man in front of him with a pleased expression. After inquiring a little, he continued with a smile, “This time around, you have done quite well and it has boosted the prestige of our Desolate Hall. If we can cultivate the Immortal Yuan Ancient Seed, it would be extremely beneficial for our entire Dao Sect.”

“We coincidentally ran into it, that’s all. The matter this time around is also thanks to senior Jiang Kun and the rest.” Lin Dong smiled and said.

“Haha, staying behind and fighting the Devil Seal Mass alone. This act might be impressive but it is a little too reckless. You should be more careful in the future.” Chen Zhen shook his head and said.

“Disciple has learned a lesson.”

Lin Dong could hear a concerned tone from Chen Zhen’s voice. Therefore, he did not provide any explanation. Instead, he only smiled and nodded.

Chen Zhen nodded slowly. He fondled his beard as his eyes looked at the young man in front of him. The satisfied expression in his eyes was becoming increasingly rich.

“Let’s go, the sect master wants to meet you.”

Standing beside him, Wu Dao smiled before speaking.

Lin Dong nodded his head. Seeing this, Wu Dao and Chen Zhen exchanged glances and did not say anything more. They turned around and rushed off. The former immediately followed closely behind.

The three of them directly rushed out from the Desolate Hall mountains. After which, they headed towards the inner region of the sect. The Dao Sect was extremely vast. Mountains surrounded it and there would occasionally be some disciples flying past the sky. It appeared just like a “capital” that was extremely large and possessed a frightening strength.

“That is the Dao Peak. The sect master resides there. Normally the major matters of the sect are all decided in that place.” Wu Dao wore a respectful expression as he looked at the mountain before softly speaking to Lin Dong beside him.

Lin Dong nodded slightly as his gaze swept over this mountain. This time around, he did not dare to use his Mental Energy to scan the place. Based on his senses, he could tell that this mountain was extremely dangerous. It was so dangerous that it was able to cause him to vanish instantly…

Before he landed on the mountain, Lin Dong’s eyes swept across his surroundings. After which, he saw two grey clothed old men seated on a rock that protruded from the precipitous mountain cliff.

The two old men did not possess any Yuan Power fluctuation around their bodies. Looking from a distance away, they appeared just like two old men. However, even Chen Zhen and Yu Dao swiftly reduced their speed when they saw the two of them.

The two grey clothed old men raised their heads before their turbid eyes looked at the Chen Zhen duo. Finally, their gazes slowly paused on Lin Dong.

Lin Dong felt all his pores suddenly standing the moment he was being observed. Even the circulating Yuan Power within his body slowed at this moment. That feeling was as if he was being thoroughly scanned by those two grey clothed old men from inside out.

Fortunately, the two gray clothed old men only scanned his body for a moment. Immediately, Lin Dong saw these two stiff elderly faces revealing a somewhat ugly but warm smile.

“He is Lin Dong, right? Not a bad little fellow. Proceed on. The sect master is waiting for him.”

Chen Zhen and Wu Dao nodded. After which, they finally led Lin Dong and swiftly rushed up the mountain.

“Those two are Elders of the Dao Sect and they are very powerful. If they advance another step, they might even be able to step into the Mysterious Death Stage…” Wu Dao softly spoke to Lin Dong while they were hurrying to the mountain top.

“Mysterious Death Stage…”

Lin Dong clicked his tongue quietly. This level would likely allow one to be placed amongst the elite even in the entire Eastern Xuan Region. The Dao Sect was indeed worthy of being a super sect. Its foundation was so frightening.

The three of them blotted up to the mountaintop. Fog lingered over the place and a spacious white jade platform appeared in their sight. After which, the three of them landed on the platform.

When Lin Dong landed on the platform and raised his head, he discovered that there were actually three figures standing a short distance in front.

There were two ladies and a man amongst the three of them. One of them looked quite familiar. A light coloured dress wrapped around her slim and delicate lovely figure. She was Ying Huanhuan.

The lady on her left had a tall figure. Her long black hair was being randomly restrained gently and it adhered to her narrow waist as it hung downwards. She had a beautiful face and her brow was similar to Ying Huanhuan. However, the latter was lively and vibrant while she appeared gentle and calm.

Moreover, Lin Dong could also sense a faint pressure from her body. Immediately, his lips were lifted a little. In the entire Dao Sect, which other lady besides the big senior sister of Sky Hall, Ying Xiaoxiao, whom he had heard of but never met, could possess such strength?

On the right side Ying Huanhuan was a young man in green clothes. The man appeared quite handsome. Although he was not as handsome as Little Marten, he could also be considered a dashing and refined man. It was likely that he would attract quite a bit of attention in a crowd.

“Hey, have you fully recovered from your injuries? Your little life is quite hardy.” A smile appeared on Ying Huanhuan’s face when she saw Lin Dong. She immediately stepped forward and laughed in a lovely voice.

When he heard Ying Huanhuan’s playful yet caring words, Lin Dong felt somewhat helpless. However, the joy within the smile on the young lady’s face originated from her heart. This caused Lin Dong to smilingly say, “It is all thanks to your medicine.”

When she heard those words, Ying Huanhuan appeared to have recalled something as her face turned red. Her eyes glanced at Lin Dong before she immediately turned away and said: “Only because you saved me.”

After uttering those words, she held the wrist of the beautiful lady beside her and laughingly said, “This is my elder sister, Ying Xiaoxiao. I will throw you out now if you tell me that you have never heard of her.”

“Greetings to senior Xiaoxiao.”

Lin Dong did not dare to slight the most outstanding younger generation member in Dao Sect. He immediately cupped his hands together. Based on his status, he should also address Ying Xiaoxiao as senior.

“This girl has been too spoilt. Sometimes, she will go overboard when she speaks. Please do not take it to heart.” Ying Xiaoxiao’s eyes stared at Lin Dong in front of her. Her cool face revealed a smile as she spoke softly.

Lin Dong glanced at Ying Huanhuan by the side, who was curling her mouth. Immediately, he smiled quietly and nodded.

“This time around, it is all thanks to you. However, you are really full of surprises. By the time I reached, Yao Ling had already received a fatal wound…” Ying Xiaoxiao’s eyes rippled slightly as she stared at Lin Dong. Her heart was not as calm as she appeared on the surface. Currently, she had also stepped into nine Yuan Nirvana Stage. Hence, she naturally understood how formidable a nine Yuan Nirvana stage expert was. Although Lin Dong was heavily wounded and barely conscious when she reached, Yao Ling… had similarly suffered a fatal wound.

She was truly unable to imagine how Lin Dong, given his strength, was able to injure Yao Ling, who was a nine Yuan Nirvana Stage expert, to such an extent in front of so many experts with malicious intent.

“I was merely lucky.”

Lin Dong spoke smilingly. He added another sentence in his heart. Additionally, I was a little more ruthless than him…

Ying Xiaoxiao was noncommittal towards Lin Dong’s words. If good luck could injure a nine Yuan Nirvana Stage expert till such an extent, Yao Ling’s reputation during these years would truly be a joke.

That green clothed young man by the side also stepped forward at this moment. A charming smile surfaced on his handsome face. Although his smile was wide, Lin Dong could still sense a slightly guarded expression within the man’s eyes.

“I have long since heard of junior Lin Dong’s reputation. Now that I have met you, I can see that the rumors are indeed true.”

The green clothed man smilingly extended a hand towards Lin Dong. Due to his angle, his body appeared to be looking down a little at Lin Dong. After which, he said with a smile: “Earth Hall, Qing Ye… a close childhood friend of Huanhuan.”