Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 690: Heavily Wounded

Chapter 690: Heavily Wounded


Chapter 690: Heavily Wounded

A scarlet blood net spread out from the enormous eye of the “Huang Beast” with an extremely shocking speed. With the spreading of the blood net, a dark and deep red colour rushed over the enormous body of the “Huang” Beast like a light ripple.


The blood net spread and the monstrous Huang Beast suddenly roared at the sky. Its roar resounded over the entire place as a wave of desolate aura, that appeared to have originated from the ancient times, slowly spread across its body.

Right now, the Huang Beast had finally become the genuine frightening mysterious beast from ancient times. Not only did it possess a similar form, it also possessed a similar soul…

Lin Dong appeared on the forehead of the Huang Beast before his palm pressed on the icy cool head of the Huang Beast. Traces of blood flowed through his palm and poured into the body of the Huang Beast below at a rate visible to the naked eye.

As blood flowed, Lin Dong’s face began to turn pale. This blood offering not only required a great amount of Yuan Power, but it would also exhaust the essence blood of a person. As such, Lin Dong would likely end up exhausting himself. At the very least, he would need to recuperate for a period of time in order to recover.

Of course, this blood offering might possess quite a hefty price, but Lin Dong did not have any other choice. This battle was quite an uneven one. If it was not because he had swallowed five Immortal Yuan Ancient Fruits and temporarily boosted his strength, it was likely that regardless of how many tactics he had, it would be impossible for him to fight against Yao Ling, who had advanced to nine Yuan Nirvana Stage. Moreover, Yao Ling had also used his signature skill. If Lin Dong was not a little more ruthless, it was likely that he would no longer have the chance to be so ruthless in the future…

“Huff huff!”

The large dark red beast was suspended in the sky. Its enormous tail swung gently. Immediately, it formed numerous wild and violent hurricanes in the sky.

At a short distance away, Luo Yi and some of the other members from Devil Seal Mass had already pulled back. Their eyes were incomparably solemn as they stared at the face off in the sky.

Although they were extremely surprised that Lin Dong was actually able to endure for so long, they were also clearly aware that the current Lin Dong did indeed possess quite a formidable fighting strength. If they were the ones fighting him, it was likely that they would not be able to obtain the upper hand…

“However, regardless of how frightening this brat is, it is time for things to end.” An expert from the Devil Seal Mass clenched his teeth and spoke in a sinister manner.

The others nodded their heads in the face of these words. They were clearly aware of Yao Ling’s strength. Over the years, even some experts who were also at nine Yuan Nirvana Stage had to be extremely cautious when Yao Ling used his “Demonic Yuan Cursed Body”. Moreover, the current Lin Dong was merely borrowing some external strength in order to barely reach this stage.

While being watched by everyone, Yao Ling, whose body had swelled by several times in the sky, was staring at the area in front of him with a shady and indifferent expression. Monstrous and brutal aura rolled and twined around his body, causing him to appear like a bloodthirsty demon.

In front of him, Lin Dong, who had completed the blood offering, also slowly stood up on the head of the Huang Beast. His young face, which was clearly pale, also had some icy chillness lingering over it. Both of his eyes were as sharp as blades as he stared at Yao Ling. A hostility rose from deep within his eyes.


The two of them stared at each other. However, not a single useless word was uttered. The air was suddenly torn apart in the next instant. Yao Ling was the first one who was unable to suppress the surging killing intent within his heart. His body, which was covered by a black curse symbol, pierced through the air like a sharp arrow. In a flash, he appeared above Lin Dong.


Yao Ling’s eyes were dark and cold as his fist struck out. Immediately, blood red light gathered under his fist with a lightning-like speed. Finally, they directly transformed into a bloody light fist imprint before it smashed towards Lin Dong like a small mountain.

At Yao Ling’s current state, a single fist from him was enough to severely wound an eight Yuan Nirvana Stage expert like Luo Yi. However, Lin Dong merely raised his head in the face of his fearsome attack, while his pupils reflected the unusually wild and brutal fierce palm wind.


An enormous black shadow tore through the sky. It was directly accompanied by a frightening strength that could shatter a mountain as it violently swung against the blood glowing fist.


The entire sky trembled due to this collision. After which, the energy ripple scattered. An enormous tail flew backward while Yao Ling also took a slight step back.


Yao Ling had just taken a step back when his body leaned forward. He rushed out like a huge bird pouncing onto its prey. Both of his fists were swung out. Immediately, the blood light that permeated the sky moved. A countless number of blood glowing fist rushed out from Yao Ling’s hand. However, these fists that contained a shocking strength did not attack Lin Dong immediately. Instead, they condensated in the sky.

“Yuan King Fist.”

The fearsome glow within Yao Ling’s eyes turned increasingly rich. After which, a low and deep cry was suddenly emitted from his mouth. At the same time, his final fist was also accompanied by a monstrous aura that was violently being swung forward.

Buzz buzz!

A deafening buzzing sound was emitted by all the fists in the sky. Finally, the countless number of fists began to gather together. Within a short instant, the fists that permeated the sky shrunk into the size of a palm.

A realistic-looking fist was agglomerated and formed within the red light. It was as though one could see a human figure standing with his hands behind his back on the fist seal. That human figure was extremely blurry but he possessed a frightening aura that was able to overturn the sky and land with just the raise of his hand. Evidently, Yao Ling had unleashed a powerful Soul Martial Arts.


A cruel expression was lifted in Yao Ling’s eyes when he saw the blood-red fist that had agglomerated. After which, his hand seals changed before the blood red fist seal disappeared.

Lin Dong’s eyes were grave as he stared at the fist that had disappeared. His Mental Energy suddenly spread apart. A moment later, he abruptly shrunk his eyes. The Huang Beast soul that was connected to his mind, also suddenly turned its huge head around. A blood-red fist had strangely appeared in the space behind before it came smashing down.

The huge tail of the Huang Beast once again swung forth violently when it saw the fist, that contained an extremely powerful fluctuation. However, this time around that huge tail was directly penetrated by the blood-red fist when the two made contact.

“Naive fellow!” The corner of Yao Ling’s mouth immediately parted into a mocking expression when he saw this scene.


Lin Dong, who was standing on the head of the Huang Beast, remained calm when he saw this scene. He inhaled a deep breath of air before his hand seals, under his sleeves, suddenly changed.

When the fist landed, that Huang Beast’s huge eye, which was covered by a blood net, suddenly opened!

The surrounding Yuan Power immediately began to churn when the eye opened. It was just like a pot of boiling oil. Even the light from the surroundings turned much dimmer.

The Huang Beast Demon Eye was not grey in colour this time around. Instead, it had turned into a blood red colour. Within that blood-red glow, it looked just like a sea filled with blood and it was filled with menace.

The blood red demon eye opened and a blood light that appeared to penetrate through the world shot out explosively!

The blood light whizzed. It appeared to have transformed into a claw as it flashed past the sky. At a glance, it was actually a shrunken Huang Beast.

The blood light and the fist flashed across the sky. After which, they violently collided.

The entire place trembled. Monstrous blood light began spreading across the sky like a hundred thousand feet large tsunami. A loud rumbling sound that carried a frightening wind came pouring down in an insane fashion. Meanwhile, the surrounding mountains suffered a lethal blow and nearly turned into a flat piece of land.

Lin Dong and the Huang Beast were also forcefully sent flying backward by a couple of hundred meters by this storm. They even crashed into and shattered a mountain along the way. Only then, did they stabilize their bodies in a miserable manner.

Lin Dong raised his head, narrowed his eyes and looked in front of him. If that previous attack was to hit him, it was likely that he would definitely end up seriously injured even though he had learned the Green Heaven Materialized Dragon Skill.

“That fellow…”

Lin Dong’s eyes swept around him cautiously. His eyes abruptly turned focused in the next moment as he reflexively turned around. Green light gathered on his palm and transformed into a thick green scale shield.

A huge fist that was covered with black curse symbols penetrated through the air and ruthlessly struck onto his green scale shield. A punch blasted the shield apart before that impact also struck Lin Dong’s body.

The force exploded on Lin Dong’s body and a redness surged over his face. His body flew back explosively by dozens of steps. After which, he forcefully swallowed a sweetness that had risen from his throat.

Yao Ling revealed himself after having struck Lin Dong with a palm and forced the latter back. He smiled coldly while looking at Lin Dong. Immediately, his feet stepped on the back of the Huang Beast as he once again charged forward explosively. It seemed like he was not intending to give Lin Dong any chance to catch his breath.

Swoosh swoosh swoosh!

Lin Dong’s eyes were icy cold as he looked at Yao Ling, who had rushed over explosively. His feet suddenly stomped. Immediately, one could see the blood red scales on the back of the Huang Beast turn vertical, while a shockingly cold glint was being emitted from them. Immediately, they left the beast and encircled Yao Ling like a storm.

Yao Ling was also shocked by this sudden event. The area that the scales covered was very wide. Even with his speed, he could not dodge them in time. Immediately, he withdrew both of his hands. A blood light spluttered out and protected his body.

Chi chi!

Although some of the blood red scales were reflected when they flashed past Yao Ling’s body, there were still some scales that penetrated through his defence, cutting and leaving numerous blood trails on his body.

After Yao Ling’s completely escaped from the range of that attack, he glanced at the bloody wounds on his body before his expression immediately turned gloomy.

However, the moment his eyes became gloomy, a human figure arrived swiftly in a ghost-like manner. Green light surged over the ferocious green dragon arms. After which, a fist was violently delivered towards Yao Ling’s chest.

That wild and violent strength scattered and actually sent Yao Ling flying directly.

“You bastard!”

Waves of intense pain were being transmitted from Yao Ling’s chest, while fury also surged within his eyes. A ferociousness flashed passed his face when he stared at Lin Dong, who had once again attacked. However, he did not dodge. A fist was instead forcefully thrown towards Lin Dong.

A mad wind swept over the back of the Huang Beast. Lin Dong was shaken and forced to take a couple of steps back. A light flickered rapidly on the scales of the green dragon arm. It resolved the frightening strength that was being transmitted over.

“Fighting head on with me? You truly do not fear death!”

Yao Ling’s body shook slightly as he scattered the strength on his fist. After which, he chuckled maliciously at Lin Dong.

Lin Dong’s eyes were indifferent as he glanced at him. He did not say anything unnecessary as he rushed forward once again.

The ferociousness on Yao Ling’s face became even more intense when he saw this scene. If Lin Dong used the Huang Beast to pester him, he might have to spend quite some time to kill him. However, by taking the initiative to charge over, in his opinion, it was equivalent to seeking death.

Two human figures were accompanied by a brutal aura as they fought with each other on the back of the Huang Beast. In the next instant, a frightening force erupted. Punches and kicks were thrown back and forth. The two of them had actually directly entered into a fearsome close quarters physical combat.

Boom boom boom!

Luo Yi’s group were a little stunned as they looked at the two human figures that were brawling with each other. They could hear the low and deep sound of a fist making contact with flesh being transmitted over. Immediately, they parted their mouth involuntarily. They were aware that both parties threw extremely powerful punches and it definitely felt terrible when they landed on one’s body.

Fresh blood would occasionally splurt from the crisscrossing human figures. However, one could not differentiate just who it belonged to. Nonetheless, everyone was aware that the two of them had clearly fought until they were completely unable to control themselves.

That close-quarter physical combat caused Luo Yi and the rest’s hearts to pound in fear as they watched. At the same time, a chillness was also present deep within their hearts…

Another violent collision between two fists occurred. The two strength eroded each other and the scales on Lin Dong’s green dragon arm cracked a little. The originally bright green light had also turned dim. Traces of blood continuously seeped out from the scales.

Lin Dong was currently in a bad state and his entire body was covered in blood. His originally savage and mighty green dragon arm had also become unusually dilapidated.

Although he was in a terrible condition, the fearsome aura within Lin Dong’s eyes turned increasingly rich.

On the opposite side, Yao Ling’s body was similarly covered with blood. However, he was in a slightly better state when compared with Lin Dong. After unleashing his “Demonic Yuan Cursed Body”, his physical body was actually quite powerful.

“Brat, since you can’t hang on anymore, let me end you once and for all!”

Yao Ling looked Lin Dong, who appeared to have reached his limits. A cruel expression once again surfaced on his face. He stared at Lin Dong and parted his mouth into a smile. After which, a fearsome fist wind directly smashed towards Lin Dong’s chest.

Lin Dong also threw a punch forward when he executed his fist. His target was Yao Ling’s chest.

The ridicule on the corner of Yao Ling’s mouth became even denser. After such an intense battle, Lin Dong fighting ability had clearly declined tremendously. As such, his attacks currently posed little threat towards him. Hence, Yao Ling, who had remained cautious earlier, relaxed his guard slightly when he faced Lin Dong’s punch.

This change was so slight that it could not be detected. However, Lin Dong’s eyes suddenly erupted into an unusually sharp glint. His palm wind changed before his palm turned into a fist. Golden light erupted on his palm before a palm size golden ring appeared.

The golden ring was not large and there were eight sharp teeth protruding from its edges. They were curled and emitted a kind of sharpness that caused one’s heart to feel a chill. There was also a golden dragon imprint vaguely present on the gold ring.

The golden ring appeared in a split second. At that moment, Yao Ling’s fist had already ruthlessly landed on Lin Dong’s chest.

Lin Dong’s body trembled violently. However, the intense pain that was being transmitted from his chest caused a bone-chilling arc to be slowly lifted on his face.

“You are finished…”

Lin Dong muttered. A death god-like voice was suddenly transmitted into Yao Ling’s ear before the latter’s eyes shrunk abruptly. Immediately, he sensed an icy cold aura emitted from his chest before all the pores on his body instantly stood up.


Yao Ling did not have the time to set up any defence. The momentary relaxation by Yao Ling caused him to lose any opportunity and he could only sense an icy cold object being inserted into his chest. After which, it shot out from his back while carrying an intense pain.

Yao Ling eyes shrunk into the size of a pinhole as fresh blood spurted out. He looked at the young face covered with fresh blood, that contained a dense chilling smile. This caused Yao Ling to feel as though he was in an igloo.

He was doing it on purpose

He had given up on a little advantage and chose close quarters combat. All he was waiting for was, such an opportunity like this that would appear in a flash…

He was just like a tiger quietly hiding within the mountain forest, waiting for its prey to make a fatal mistake…

Yao Ling could sense that Lin Dong had already reached his limit. If things continued, the latter would definitely be unable to endure on. He could have chosen to rely on his mighty Yuan Power that surpassed the other party by multiple levels, to tire him to death.

Unfortunately, it was impossible for time to reverse by a couple of minutes…


Yao Ling’s face was ferocious. His foot swung on Lin Dong’s shoulder. While sending the latter flying, he also held his chest and staggered backward. Immediately, his face quickly turned ashen.

Luo Yi and the rest in the distance, who had been observing the battle, had an abrupt change in their expressions. They hurriedly rushed over. Some experts from Devil Seal Mass quickly supported Yao Ling. Their eyes shrunk when they saw the bloody hole on the latter’s chest.

“Kill that fellow. He has already reached his limit!” Yao Ling held his chest. His expression was unusually pale as he roared.

A killing glint flashed immediately in the eyes of Luo Yi and the few other Devil Seal Mass experts when they heard this. After which, they turned around. Their eyes were fearsome as they stared at Lin Dong, who was standing a little unsteadily.

“Kill him!”

The few of them looked at each other. After which, they ceased hesitating and rushed out immediately. Sharp killing attacks poured onto Lin Dong like a storm.

Lin Dong watched Luo Yi’s group rushing over. His eyes were a little blurry. The consequences of forcefully swallowing five Immortal Yuan Ancient Fruits had finally hit him. After all, the bloody battle with Yao Ling had exhausted all his strength…

The current him was unable to block even a seven Yuan Nirvana Stage expert.

“A nine Yuan Nirvana Stage expert is indeed very strong…”

Lin Dong softly muttered in his heart. Immediately, he sensed a wind blowing over and it sent his body flying violently. Immediately, all the organs within his body shook intensely. A mouthful of fresh blood was finally spat out involuntarily.

As he flew backward, Lin Dong looked at Luo Yi’s group, which were charging towards him with fearsome expressions on their faces. Finally, he shook his head helplessly. A giddiness surged out from deep within his mind.

“Am I going to lose my life here…” Lin Dong muttered.

However, just as Lin Dong muttered, he suddenly discovered that his body, which was flying backward, had suddenly collided with a soft object. He gently opened his eyes only to see a pretty face with redden large eyes appeared within his blurry vision.

It was Ying Huanhuan.

“Elder sister, Elder Mu, kill those bastards!”

While he was a blurry state, Lin Dong appeared to have heard a young lady’s faint crying voice. However, a killing intent permeated across the clear voice.