Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 689: Demonic Yuan Cursed Body

Chapter 689: Demonic Yuan Cursed Body


Chapter 689: Demonic Yuan Cursed Body

When the golden light flashed past, Su Lei’s maximum output Nirvana Golden Body seemed to have totally lost all effect. Under the fine golden light, his seemingly sturdy and powerful Golden Body was as weak and frail as tofu.

Fresh blood spurted out and reflected Su Lei’s pupils, which were now filled with fear and disbelief. He simply could not imagine how Lin Dong was able to break his Nirvana Golden Body with such ease. After all, his body had undergone the tempering of eight Nirvana Tribulations!

However, Lin Dong did not care about the Su Lei’s dread filled eyes, which were gradually being filled with a greyish colour. With a clench of his fist, the blurry golden light disappeared into the center of his palm.


The life within Su Lei’s eyes rapidly faded, while the vigourous Yuan Power gushing around his body completely crumbled. Promptly, his body started to fall from the sky.

Lin Dong watched Su Lei’s descending corpse. His eyes flashed as he moved forward and grabbed it. Following which, Devouring Force stealthily erupted from the centre of his palm.

Chi Chi!

In the face of this Devouring Force, strand after strand of weak golden light flew out from Su Lei’s corpse. These strands of golden light swiftly gushed into Lin Dong’s body through the center of his palm.


After the last strand of golden light was devoured by Lin Dong, his palm slapped down on Su Lei’s chest, directly pushing him into the sea of trees below.

As the corpse sunk into the sea of trees below, this notorious villain of the Blood Rock Grounds was finally killed by Lin Dong at this location.

Lin Dong stared as the corpse disappeared into the sea of trees, before he gently tightened his fists. Generally speaking, after a Nirvana stage expert underwent the seventh Nirvana Tribulation, a strand of Yuan Spirit Qi would be born within the Yuan Power in his body. Although this bit of Yuan Spirit Qi was insufficient to create a Yuan Spirit, it would still introduce an element of uncertainty. Lin Dong naturally wanted to get rid of any problems in the future. That was why he directly took action and used Devouring Force to completely devour the strands of Yuan Spirit Qi within Su Lei’s body.

On the other hand, although the ‘Dragon Yuan Wheel’ within Lin Dong’s body was extremely powerful, it was formed from Yuan Spirit Qi. Hence, it would weaken every time he used it. Since Lin Dong was currently unable to generate Yuan Spirit Qi within his body, he could only rob from others…

“One down.”

After finishing off Su Lei, Lin Dong slowly turned around. He proceeded to stare at Yao Ling and the rest, who were staring in shock at Su Lei’s corpse, before he shot a grin filled with iciness towards the two of them.

“You…actually killed Su Lei?”

Yao Ling’s face twitched violently, a trace of shock lingering in his eyes as they gradually turned scarlet red. Due to Lin Dong’s speed, the two of them had not discovered the golden wheel which pierced Su Lei’s throat.

Luo Yi’s expression had now turned extremely solemn. On top of that serious expression was a tinge of unease. His strength was on par with Su Lei. Since Lin Dong was able to kill Su Lei, this indicated that Lin Dong would be able to kill him as well…

“This guy…”

Luo Yi’s face trembled. When he looked at that young man, who had a smile on his youthful face, with dragon-like arms holding a gigantic black tree, he secretly felt like retreating. For some unknown reason, he felt unease curling around his heart.

“He can only blame himself…”

Lin Dong smiled at the now scarlet eyed Yao Ling as he casually remarked. He was no benevolent individual. If these people did not provoke him, he would not bother them. However, since things had progressed to such a stage, he was not going to be foolish enough to show benevolence to them. Should a chance present itself, he would definitely deliver a lethal blow…


After he heard Lin Dong’s words, the maliciousness in Yao Ling’s eyes intensified as he stared right back at Lin Dong. Taking in a deep breath of air, he calmed himself. However, under that tranquility, Lin Dong could sense a tyrannical murderous aura that was akin to a volcano that was about to erupt.

“Brat, it’s my fault for underestimating you from the start. Else this would not have happened…” Yao Ling’s voice was extremely gloomy but he was not angry. Instead, it was filled with bitter resentment and venom.

Lin Dong’s eyes narrowed a little as he slowly tightened his grip on the black ancient tree in his hand and gradually became more vigilant. Even the current him could feel a fluctuation from Yao Ling’s body that caused his heart to tremble.

“However, it is all over now!”

With an indifferent expression, Yao Ling slowly walked forward. Behind him, Luo Yi stared at Yao Ling’s back as his expression started to change a little. The next moment, he unexpectedly stopped moving forward and instead turned around and quickly retreated.

At the same time, the expressions on the other Devil Seal Mass members turned solemn, and they rapidly retreated far away from Yao Ling.

Yao Ling did not care about those who were retreating. His incomparably dark and sinister gaze was locked onto Lin Dong. A merciless grin appeared on his face as he placed his palms together, before rapidly forming strange seals one after another at lightning speed.


Following Yao Ling’s hand seals, the Yuan Power surrounded his body started to surge. A suffocating and stifling fluctuation gradually spread out from Yao Ling.

“Lin Dong, next, I’ll let you experience the elite martial arts of my Yuan Gate!”

The cruel grin of Yao Ling grew wider. In the next instant, a deep rumbling sound suddenly erupted from his mouth, “Demonic Yuan Cursed Body!”


Ruthless yet majestic Yuan Power suddenly surged out from Yao Ling’s body the instant he roared. Following the surge of Yuan Power, Yao Ling’s body started to expand. All the muscles within his body squirmed while his veins were like small snakes as they extended across the surface of his body.

A piercing sound akin to flesh being ripped apart rang out, while a somewhat pained expression appeared on Yao Ling’s face. However, this was unable to mask his cruel expression. It was as if he could already visualize the scene where Lin Dong was being ripped into shreds…

Following the expansion of his body, black patterns started to appear on Yao Ling’s body. The patterns seemed to be similar to ancient runes and it looked as if they had grown out of his flesh. When seen from far, they looked extremely strange and mysterious.

Within a span of a few breaths, Yao Ling’s body had expanded to twice its original size, making him look like a small-sized giant. Black runes covered his body, and coupled with his scarlet red eyes, it made Yao Ling look like a barbarian from ancient times that was brimming with ruthlessness and cruelty.

With a face filled with rune-like characters, Yao Ling shot a evil grin at Lin Dong before he ferociously taking a step forward. Instantly, his body mysteriously disappeared. His speed was in a complete contrast with the size of his body.

The moment Yao Ling disappeared, Lin Dong’s pupils abruptly contracted. In the next instant, he forcefully twisted his body and violent smashed down on the space behind him with the Ancient Immortal Yuan Tree and his dragon arms.

Space fractured as a fist fully covered in black symbols directly ruptured space and slammed against the black ancient tree. Frightening amounts of energy crazily poured out from the resulting impact.

The resulting energy engulfed and swept over Lin Dong, causing him to catapult backwards. The hand with which he held onto the Ancient Immortal Yuan Tree started to tremble continuously. Meanwhile, the dragon scales on his arms sparkled with green light as they tried to dissipate that terrifying force.

After unleashing his so-called ‘Demonic Yuan Cursed Body’, it was evident that Yao Ling’s strength had increased by about thirty percent. His resulting strength caused even Lin Dong to feel fearful.

“Cursed Yuan Seal!”

After knocking Lin Dong away with a single punch, the evil grin on Yao Ling’s face grew even wider. Forming a mysterious sealing technique with his hands, it took the shape of a fist imprint, which he sent blasting forward.

An overwhelming amount of Yuan Power frantically gathered and materialized into a life-like fist imprint. Whistling across the sky, it descended upon Lin Dong.

Lin Dong’s expression turned extremely solemn as he gazed at the incoming fist imprint that contained a frightening fluctuation. Torrential grey light howled out of Lin Dong’s forehead as grey clouds gathered together and the gigantic Huang Beast was summoned once again.


The gigantic tail of the Huang Beast ferociously whipped downwards, bringing with it a dreadful grey light that blotted the sky, before it violently slammed against the gigantic fist imprint.

Berserk undulations swept outwards, causing Lin Dong to retreat explosively. He landed on the top of the ‘Huang Beast’s’ head and slowly sat down. As he bit his fingertip, fresh blood started flowing out. In the end, he pressed his bleeding finger on the gigantic closed eye of the ‘Huang Beast’.

“Since you want to go all out, I’ll accompany you till the end!”

Fresh red blood spread out on the giant eye like a net, an extremely mysterious and strange sight. Lin Dong gazed down upon Yao Ling, whose body was currently enveloped by ruthless undulations. Within his slow and unhurried words, was an abundance of ferocity. Promptly, his hand seals changed.

“ Spirit of the Desolate Beast, Blood Sacrifice!”