Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 685: Grudge

Chapter 685: Grudge


Chapter 685: Grudge

As time passed, nightfall gradually enshrouded the endless large mountains. Following the arrival of the night, the roars of various Demonic Beasts also resounded one after another within the mountain range.

A large rock covered a crevice along the wall of a cliff deep within the mountains. The crevice was dozens of feet large and was able to accommodate around a dozen people.

Lin Dong placed the young lady on his back onto the ground before his eyes swept cautiously across the interior of the crevice. Promptly, he turned to look at the now dark sky. After which, he quickly moved the enormous rock and slowly covered the crevice.

Ying Huanhuan quietly leaned against the stone wall. Her pale and small face caused her to look much weaker. The current her was unable to speak, and all she could do was was stare at the busy figure hurrying all over the place, while a complicated emotion flashed across her eyes. A moment later, she softly said, “After how I treated you in the past, I never expected you to actually risk yourself to rescue me.”

Lin Dong gradually covered the crevice. When he was done, he patted his hands before turning to look at Ying Huanhuan, frowning as he said, “Do I look like such a petty person?”

Ying Huanhuan softly chuckled. Soon after, she replied, “Even though you have rescued me, I will not withdraw my final opinion of you for the time being.”

“A shameless braggart, right? It seems like you truly do not believe that I will be able to comprehend the Great Desolation Scripture?” Lin Dong laughed.

“It is not that I have no confidence in you. Rather, the chances of successfully understanding the Great Desolation Scripture is simply too low. Back then, my elder sister quietly sat in front of the Great Desolate Tablet for months, but she still failed in the end. Other than senior Zhou Tong, not a single person from the Dao Sect has managed to comprehend the Great Desolation Scripture in the last hundred years…” Ying Huanhuan shook her head as she elaborated.

“There were outstanding and talented individuals in the Dao Sect in the past hundred years, but none of them were ultimately able to understand the Great Desolation Scripture…”

Lin Dong nodded quietly. He also knew about this. If it was so easy to understand the Great Desolation Scripture, the Desolate Hall would definitely not be the weakest of the four halls.

“There is no question that the Great Desolation Scripture is extremely powerful. If you are truly able to understand it, it will indeed be extremely beneficial for our Dao Sect. At the very least, our Dao Sect will gain some insurance in the next Great Sect Competition…” Ying Huanhuan toyed with a strand of black hair as she spoke.

“Great Sect Competition… what is that?”

Lin Dong was not familiar with this term. He had heard of it being before from the Yuan Gate’s Liu Tong back atop the Hundred Empire Mountain. However, he did not know the specifics.

“Every once in awhile, the super sects in Eastern Xuan Region will hold an extremely grand Great Sect Competition. Only the disciples within a sect can participate in this great competition. From a certain point of view, it is a trial.”

Ying Huanhuan’s eyes lowered a little. Lin Dong could see that she was slowly clenching her fist as this moment.

“Each time around, our Dao Sect will end up losing some outstanding disciples because of this competition…”

Lin Dong’s pupils shrunk a little. Could it be that the Great Sect Competition had the same format as the Hundred Empire War?”

“One of the reasons is because of the perilous nature of the place where the competition is held. Another reason is because of the fights between the various super sects. Of course, our Dao Sect losses from the Great Sect Competition is mostly because of the Yuan Gate…”

“Yuan Gate?” Lin Dong frowned slightly.

“We do not have a cordial relationship with Yuan Gate and those fellows typically behave in a domineering manner. Furthermore, there is also the senior Zhou Tong incident from back then. Hence, both factions are just like fire and water and all the disciples of the Dao Sect despise the Yuan Gate disciplines. Similarly, those Yuan Gate disciples also view our Dao Sect’s disciple as a thorn in their side. Typically speaking, the upper echelons from both sides will do their best to suppress this. Nonetheless, our Dao Sect is still forced to give way most of the time. After all… the Yuan Gate is stronger than our Dao Sect.” Ying Huanhuan’s voice carried a little chillness as it spread within the crevice. Lin Dong could vaguely hear some fury within it.

“You mean to say that the Yuan Gate disciples will purposefully attack our Dao Sect disciples during the Great Sect Competition. Moreover, they will not hesitate to use lethal force?” Lin Dong narrowed his eyes and asked.


Ying Huanhuan lowered her head. Her ink black hair covered her face as she softly said, “The Great Sect Competition is basically a type of contest. Overall, the Yuan Gate disciples are stronger than our Dao Sect disciples. Therefore, our Dao Sect has suffered substantial losses every Great Sect Competition, and many seniors have been killed by the Yuan Gate disciples.”

“During the last Great Sect Competition, the previous big senior sister of our Sky Hall was killed by those Yuan Gate disciples… At that time, she was trying to protect the other disciples as they retreated…”

“At that time, she had clearly admitted defeat… However, those beasts did not stop. They were doing it on purpose…”

The young lady’s voice trembled a little. Her face was buried in her knees as her small and delicate body trembled.

Lin Dong was silent. During a fight between super sects, various dirty tricks would be used. However, it was unexpected that the Yuan Gate was actually this despicable… Lin Dong gazed at the body of the frail young lady and pursed his lips. His pitch-black eyes now had an additionally chillness within them.

“If nothing unexpected occurs during this Great Sect Competition, elder sister will most likely lead the group. I know that if faced with a similar situation, she will likely fight and perish together with the Yuan Gate disciples.”

Ying Huanhuan raised her head before her jade-like hands rubbed her face. Her eyes were a little red under the weak moonlight. She stared at the young man in front of her and said, “When that time comes, I too will not hesitate.”

Lin Dong watched as a trace of determination flashed across the young lady’s eyes. He nodded quietly. Having entered the Dao Sect not long ago, he was naturally not aware of the grudge between the Dao Sect and the Yuan Gate. However… who asked him to become a disciple of the Dao Sect?”

“If you are angry, then kill a couple more Yuan Gate disciples during the upcoming Great Sect Competition…”

Lin Dong laughed softly and he did not try to dissuade her. That was because even he felt an intense hatred towards the Yuan Gate bubbling within him…


Ying Huanhuan nodded her head solemnly. Immediately, she ceased crying and said with a smile, “Before we talk about that, we should first try to return to the Dao Sect alive. Yao Ling will definitely not let us off so easily.”

“That fellow should have something with him that can sense the Immortal Yuan Ancient Seed’s fluctuation.” Lin Dong looked at the dark sky and said.

“He won’t chase after Jiang Kun and the rest, will he?” Ying Huanhuan was startled as she hurriedly said. She was already aware that Lin Dong had handed the Immortal Yuan Ancient Seed over to Yuan Fang’s group.

“Relax, I have already sealed that ripple when I handed the Immortal Yuan Ancient Seed to elder sister Fang.” Lin Dong smiled faintly. Immediately, he clenched his hand as the enormous Immortal Yuan Ancient Tree appeared and landed heavily on the ground.

“Instead, Yao Ling will treat this object as the Immortal Yuan Ancient Seed. Therefore, he will definitely come looking for us.”

Ying Huanhuan finally sighed in relief. Immediately, she glanced briefly at Lin Dong. Clearly, she did not expect the latter to be so cautious. He had actually arranged everything so well.

“You should rest first. You are severely worn out. It is likely that Yao Ling’s group will not find this place tonight.” Lin Dong said.

Ying Huanhuan gently nodded. She was indeed exceptionally tired. Her body lacked Yuan Power, causing her to feel weak. Immediately, she leaned against the rock wall and slowly shut her eyes.

Lin Dong only turned his head after observing that Ying Huanhuan had shut her eyes. His eyes looked towards the night sky through the crevice. It was possible for him to sense the undulations in the surrounding area. Clearly, Yao Ling’s group was searching for them all over the mountain.

“Bastards from the Yuan Gate, all of you will repay this debt sooner or later…”

Lin Dong softly muttered to himself. After which, he took out a black robe from his Qiankun bag and covered the now fast asleep Ying Huanhuan. Only then did he sit down. However, his eyes did not show any signs of shutting. It was clearly impossible for him to shut his eyes and rest when they were in such a dangerous predicament.

Hence, Lin Dong kept his eyes open and maintained high alert throughout the night…

The long eyelashes of a young lady twitched when the first rays of the morning sun tore through the sky. She quickly opened her eyes. The first thing she saw were the bright eyes of the young man seated in front of her.

“Have you rested well?” Lin Dong watched as Ying Huanhuan woke up. The latter’s aura was clearly much better than yesterday.

“You did not sleep?” Ying Huanhuan was extremely observant. She had seen sliver of tiredness that had flashed across Lin Dong’s eyes. Clearly, he had been staying vigilant all night standing guard.

Lin Dong glanced at her, but did not say anything. All he did was to step forward and keep the black robe. Ying Huanhuan tilted her head and observed him. After which, she softly said, “Ever since you entered the Dao Sect, I can tell that you have been careful and cautious. Isn’t that… tiring?”


Lin Dong laughed. He stared the young lady in front of him and immediately said, “Ever since you were born, you lived in this sect that countless people are envious of. I on the other hand, came from a branch family of a low rank empire. Since young, I had an enemy that could eliminate my entire family with a finger. Although I hated him to the core at that time, I was unable to express my emotions. All I could do was to train diligently until I had the strength to face him head on. Only at that time, would I barely be able to protect my family…”

“I have no one behind me or supporters. Therefore, I must be extremely cautious. Otherwise, how else could someone like me, who came from a low rank empire, become the champion of the Hundred Empire War?”

Ying Huanhuan was silent when she stared at that young man who wore a slight smile on his face. She simply could not imagine what he had been through…

“What happened to that enemy of yours?”

“I killed him atop the Hundred Empire Mountain…” Lin Dong shrugged his shoulder and spoke in an indifferent manner.

Ying Huanhuan gently nodded. Surprisingly, she was actually well-behaved and did not say anything else.


The entire mountain suddenly shook violently at this moment. The large stone that was blocking the crevice swiftly collapsed. One could vaguely hear some loud cries and a commotion from outside.

They had finally been discovered…

“Later, you will leave first. Otherwise, you will only be a burden if you stay.” Lin Dong’s gaze turned towards the outside of the crevice, as he exhaled deeply and said.

Ying Huanhuan bit her lips as some stubbornness appeared in her eyes. However, this stubbornness gradually disappeared when she saw the back in front of her. Ultimately, she could only give in and nod gently.