Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 684: Rescue

Chapter 684: Rescue


Chapter 684: Rescue

Berserk Yuan Power crazily swept across the endless forest. At the same time, a faint melodious sound, carrying a strange rhythm circled across this stretch of sky.

Roar Roar!

Yuan Power surged forth as Yao Ling’s expression darkened. A palm containing vigorous Yuan Power blasted towards the figure in front of him like lightning. The facial features of this person was completely identical to his own and it even wore the same expression. It was as if it were a copy that had been made from the same mold.

Yao Ling’s fist impacted heavily on the body of his clone. Fierce Yuan Power crazily erupted in a torrent, causing the clone to violently tremble. With a final crack, it exploded into nothingness and disappeared without a trace.

After destroying his clone, his dark gaze swept the area. This area of the sky was already in complete chaos. There was a clone in front of every single person that had chased after the disciples of Dao Sect and the strength of these clones depended on the person they were modeled after. Although the clones were not able reach the same level as the original, they were not far off. Furthermore, the martial arts they could use were actually identical to the original, making them extremely difficult to deal with.

Yao Ling gazed gloomily at a green mountain peak not far in the distance. Atop the peak, stood an ancient gigantic red Bodhi tree that was gently shaking. The culprit that created all these clones was this ancient tree.

A young lady with fine black hair quietly sat at the base of the ancient Bodhi tree. Her slender jade-like hands were current plucking the strings of the blood red zither in front of her. Right now, her expression was quite pale and the bloodstains at the corners of her mouth were strikingly obvious. Anyone could tell in a single glance that her current condition was no good at all.

“Truly worthy of being the most powerful Sky Hall martial art excluding the four great mysterious scriptures. However, how much longer can you endure at your current level?” sneered Yao Ling coldly as he stared icily at the young girl.

“It is enough that I have stalled all of you.”

Ying Huanhuan raised her head as a smile appeared on her beautiful face. The traces of blood made her smile chillingly beautiful, a beauty that touched the core of one’s soul.

The corners of Yao Ling’s eyes twitched, as murderous flashed within his eyes. He stared at Ying Huanhuan and said, “You have indeed succeeded.You actually managed to stall everyone present with just your Seven Yuan Nirvana stage strength. When news of this gets out, you can be proud of such an achievement. However, you will not have the chance to experience that moment…”

“I’ve warned you before. I, Yao Ling, am not someone who will show mercy to a girl!”

As his words faded, an ominous glow bubbled up from within Yao Ling’s eyes. With a single movement, he turned into a ray of light and grabbed out with his hand. The hand transformed into a majestic giant palm that viciously swatted down on Ying Huanhuan.


As the gigantic palm rumbled down, even air itself exploded. Due to the pressure from the palm, a crack emerged on the mountain.

Yao Ling did not have the slightest bit of mercy when he unleashed his attack. It was obvious that he was furious after being made a fool of by Ying Huanhuan.

Ying Huanhuan raised her head and looked towards the frightening force that was about to descend on her, which was also suppressing her till she was unable to take even a single step. The Formless Bodhi Sound is effective against groups, however, it consumed a terrifying amount of Yuan Power. After using it previously, she had already used up all the Yuan Power in her body. Currently, she could no longer muster any defence at all.

“They…should have already have reached a safe place right?”

Ying Huanhuan smiled faintly. At this moment, there was surprisingly no traces of fear on her beautiful face. She clearly understood how crucial this Ancient Immortal Yuan Seed was to the Dao Sect…

The gigantic Yuan Power palm contained a frightening power as its reflection rapidly grew larger in Ying Huanhuan’s pupils. Following the descent of the gigantic Yuan Power palm, the gigantic blood red Ancient Bodhi Tree gradually started crack before turning in a mass of lights and disappearing.


With a ferocious expression, Yan Ling pressed his palm down. The gigantic Yuan Power palm transformed into a gigantic shadow, that completely enveloped Ying Huanhuan’s petite body.

As the shadow pressed down on her, Ying Huanhuan too a deep breath and slowly closed her eyes.


However, the instant she closed her eyes, the sound of air shattering suddenly resounded across the sky. A green ray of light shot towards her at frightening speed. Arriving right before the palm landed, it grabbed the stupefied Ying Huanhuan! Green scales exploded, forming a gigantic green scale shield in front of them.


When the gigantic palm landed on the shield, the entire mountain peak immediately shuddered violently. Fissure after fissure rapidly appeared and it seemed as if the entire mountain peak was about to crumble.

In the skies above, Yao Ling stared at the collapsing mountain peak as his expression darkened. He firmly stared at the mountain peak. At that spot, an extremely battered green shield gradually appear within his sight as the smoke and dust started to settle.


Cracks rapidly appeared on the surface of the green scale shield. Finally, it turned into countless balls of green light before the scale shield dissipated. After it disappeared, the two figures hiding behind it came into view.

“The hero saves the beauty? Quite a touching scene.” Yao Ling casually remarked, the corners of his mouth lifting to form a mocking smile as he gazed coldly at youth, who was slowly standing up.

Lin Dong closed and opened his hand which had turned numb from the shock earlier, before looking towards the semi-conscious Ying Huanhuan in his arms. The corners of his mouth lifted helplessly. This lass was truly a reckless one…

“Those from the Yuan Gate are really trash…” Lin Dong spoke as he lifted his head and looked towards Yao Ling in the distance.

“Brat, can you afford to be a wise ass at this juncture?” Yao Ling grinned and chuckled. His smile was extremely sinister.

Lin Dong laughed before he glanced at the crowd which had gradually surrounded them. He knew that he could not stay here for long. However, no matter what method he used, he could not obstruct Yao Ling and the rest by himself.


A grey line surfaced on Lin Dong’s forehead at an astonishing speed, before a demonic eye appeared once again…

“Desolate Demon Eye?”

Yao Ling frowned a little when he saw the demonic eye on Lin Dong’s forehead. It was obvious that he knew about this martial art. Other the famed four great mysterious scriptures, each of the four halls of the Dao Sect all possessed their own powerful martial arts. One of them was used by Ying Huanhuan before…’Formless Bodhi Sound’ and similarly, Lin Dong was now using one… ”Desolate Demon Eye”….


A grey beam of light containing an extremely powerful destructive force erupted from the demonic eye on Lin Dong’s forehead. Seeing the grey beam shoot out, those who had previously witnessed its might, retreated frantically. Even Yao Ling stepped back and retreated, as he did not want to be infected by that thing.

“Yao Ling, I believe that after this, there will be many from the Dao Sect who will hunt you! I hope that you will still be able to smile as cheerfully then.” mocked Lin Dong as he sent a radiant grin towards Yao Ling. However, his smile contained a chilliness that permeated the air.

Yao Ling’s gaze turned gloomy. He naturally knew that he had definitely angered the Dao Sect today. Furthermore, the current him was just an exile from the Yuan Gate. If the Dao Sect were to find trouble with him and he was not able to offer the Ancient Immortal Yuan Seed to the Yuan Gate, he would inevitably sink into deep trouble.

“Relax. After slaughtering all of you and retrieving the Ancient Immortal Yuan Seed. I will not have to deal with such troublesome matters anymore.” replied Yao Ling.

“I’m afraid you won’t have such a chance.”

Lin Dong smiled before he clenched his palm. In a flash, his Heavenly Crocodile Bone Spear appeared. With a flip of his palm, a ball of dark red liquid appeared in a flash. This was the blood essence of the ‘Heavenly Desolate God Cow’ that he bought previously from the auction in the Ancient Battlefield. He had not had the chance to use it since then, however, it looked like it was now needed.


The large ball of blood essence was directly sprinkled on the Heavenly Crocodile Bone Spear. As his hand rapidly formed a series of seals, the body of the spear started to vibrate. Immediately, an overflowing torrent of red light erupted from it, before a roar from ancient times resounded through the skies once again.

The bloody light that blotted the skies started to congeal before gradually transforming into an ancient Heavenly Crocodile under the shocked gazes of Yao Ling and the rest.


Lin Dong shouted as his finger pointed outwards. The Ancient Heavenly Crocodile roared at the skies, before violently charging towards Yao Ling and the rest, shaking the earth with every step.

Having successfully summoned the Ancient Heavenly Crocodile, Lin Dong kept his Heavenly Crocodile Bone Spear, before placing the young lady on his back. He immediately turned around and ran away without a shred of hesitation.

He clearly understood how powerful the Heavenly Crocodile spirit was. Although it was not weak, it was obviously no match for Yao Ling and the rest. Lin Dong only wished for some time to flee.

“That bastard!”

Seeing Lin Dong disappearing into the distance, Yao Ling’s eyes turned chilly as he roared, “You can’t run away brat!”

“You speak too much.”

Lin Dong’s body did not slow down as he grinned. Soon after, he heard a weak laughter in his ear. From the corner of his eye, he saw Ying Huanhuan’s small pale face. It was clear that she had regained some of her senses.

“Let’s go, I’m bringing you back.” Lin Dong softly said as he pursed his lips.