Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 683: Formless Bodhi Sound

Chapter 683: Formless Bodhi Sound


Chapter 683: Formless Bodhi Sound

A lush green colour spread on the top of the mountain. Finally, it was extended to the edge of one’s sight. Looking from a far distance away, this place looked just like a green sea.

Ying Huanhuan sat quietly on the green stone. Her originally dark black ponytail was currently pouring down like a waterfall. After which, a gentle wind blew towards her straight narrow and delicate waist. Her black hair danced emitting a faint fragrance.

The young lady’s flawless hand gently strummed the emerald like zither. After which, she slowly raised her pair of bright large eyes before she looked towards the sky. A hurried rushing wind sound that was accompanied by waves of fearsome aura swiftly emerged from that area.

Swoosh swoosh swoosh!

The rushing wind sound swiftly tore through the quiet sea of trees. After which, numerous figures swiftly rushed over from the distant sky. Finally, they slowly came to a halt some distance from the mountain peak.

“Haha, each of these Dao Sect disciples is more arrogant than the next.”

Yao Ling slowly revealed himself. He stared at Ying Huanhuan, who was sitting on the mountain peak and involuntarily laughed. Immediately, he shook his head and said, “If you think that I, Yao Ling, am someone who will go easy on a lady, I’m afraid that you will be very disappointed.”

“Haha, this girl looks quite juicy. Why don’t we snatch her and bring her back.” An expert from the Devil Seal Mass laughed in a strange manner. His eyes were sweeping over Ying Huanhuan’s lovely body without fear.

There were quite a number of people who were following closely behind. They also emitted a strange laughter when they saw this scene.

“Su Lei, finish her off. The others will follow me and give chase. The Immortal Yuan Ancient Seed is not with her.” Yao Ling glanced at Ying Huanhuan in an indifferent manner. After which, he waved his hand and spoke faintly.

However, his voice had just sounded when the young lady in white clothes and green pants laughed in a lovely manner. Her hands flew over her zither strings. Treads of unusual red glow surged out from her large dark black bright eyes.

“You have really overestimated yourselves. If you want to cross this area, wait until you can pass through my zither formation.”

The lovely laughter had just sounded out when Ying Huanhuan’s pretty face slowly turned icy cold. Waves after waves of extremely powerful ripples slowly surged out from within her body. That level was fast approaching that of an eight Yuan Nirvana Stage.

“Just this level?”

However, Yao Ling merely laughed coldly when he saw this scene.

Ying Huanhuan lowered her eyes. She ignored him before her delicate hands suddenly pressed onto the zither strings. Bright red fresh blood seeped out from her palm almost instantly. It was as if her emerald-like zither had been dyed blood red at this moment.

Bloody light surged on the zither after it was dyed blood red. An unusual ripple was also quietly emitted while this blood glow flickered.

“Attack. Something is not quite right with this girl!”

Yao Ling’s eyes shrunk slightly upon seeing this. An uneasiness suddenly surged out from his heart as he immediately cried out in a stern voice.


His cry had just sounded when standing behind him, Su Lei quickly rushed out like an arrow. He clenched his large hand before wild and violent Yuan Power gathered. A fist smashed violently towards Ying Huanhuan.

“Formless Bodhi Sound!”

Ying Huanhuan raised her eyes slightly while she stared calmly at the incoming Su Lei. After which, a gentle voice was slowly emitted from her mouth.

The moment her voice sounded, her long fingers also flew over the zither, which had turned blood red.


The entire place seemed to have turned silent for an instant. After which, a bloody light beam directly rushed out with an extremely frightening speed and collided heavily with Su Lei.


The loud sound resounded over the place. Su Lei, whose strength had reached eight Yuan Nirvana Stage, was sent flying backwards in front of many stunned gazes.

“What a peculiar zither sound!”

Su Lei stabilized his body in a miserable manner. His face was bright red and his eyes were filled with fear. When he collided with the bloody light beam earlier, he realized that in that previous attack, it felt as if his own attack had been completely reflected back.

Yao Ling’s eyes gradually turned grave at this moment. He stared firmly at the young lady on the mountaintop and spoke in a deep voice, “You have actually successfully learnt the Formless Bodhi Sound, one of the four great mysterious skill within Sky Hall of Dao Sect?”

Ying Huanhuan raised her head. Her lips were curled slightly as she laughed immediately, “It is unexpected that you have such a great understanding of my Dao Sect’s martial arts. You are indeed worthy of being a deacon of the Yuan Gate.”

“Little girl, you should stop using that razor sharp tongue in front of me. The Formless Bodhi Sound is indeed powerful, but you must be out of your mind if you think that you can stop us by yourself!” Yao Ling cried out coldly.

“Attack together with me. I want to see just how she will block us!”

Yao Ling’s cry had just sounded when he took charge and rushed over. His nine Yuan Nirvana Stage aura appeared to cause even the entire mountaintop to tremble.

Ying Huanhuan looked at Yao Ling, who had finally attacked before her eyes gradually turned grave. Immediately, she inhaled a deep breath of air. The back of her teeth bit her red lips and a trace of fresh blood seeped out from the corner of her mouth.

“Formless Bodhi Sound, All Beings Form.”

A soft voice was once again emitted from Ying Huanhuan’s mouth. Monstrous blood red light swept out at this moment. Finally, it actually agglomerated into a huge bloody Ancient Bodhi Tree.

The ancient tree shook gently and its leaves rustled. A melodious sound that seemed as though the world had just been born was slowly emitted.

A unique sonic wave swiftly spread and covered the entire area. After which, it suddenly halted in front of Yao Ling’s group, which had charged forward. The space began to slowly distort in front of them and it appeared to form an invisible mirror. In fact, their own images were reflected in the mirror.

Chi chi!

The mirror shook. After which, the human figures within slowly walked out to their bewilderment and appeared in front of them.

“The Formless Bodhi Sound is indeed frightening.”

Yao Ling’s eyes shrunk when he saw at the identical human figure in front of him. Immediately, his eyes looked towards the green mountain. A blood red Bodhi tree sat in front of that young lady. The blood trace at the corner of her lips was becoming increasingly prominent.

Swoosh swoosh!

Many figures rushed out explosively in the sky. The few of them did not even utter a single word. The atmosphere was so tensed that it caused one to be unable to breathe properly. These few people were Lin Dong, Jiang Kun and the others, who had separated from Ying Huanhuan earlier.

A human figure that had rushed out paused suddenly. Those few of the at the front also sensed something. They immediately halted their bodies and looked at Jiang Kun, who had lagged behind.

“Are we simply going to leave her behind like this?” Jiang Kun clenched his fist tightly. His voice had turned much more hoarse.

Yuan Ling and Yuan Fang were silent. There was a painful expression flashing across their eyes.

“What do you propose then?” Lin Dong softly asked.

“Can you still call yourself a man? You are abandoning her at that place alone at such a moment. How could she possibly defeat Yao Ling’s group? How can we account to our seniors and juniors by simply leaving like this?” Jiang Kun raised his head. His expression was savage as he roared at Lin Dong.

“Therefore, we should remain and fight together with her, end up losing our lives and even deliver the Immortal Yuan Ancient Seed to Yao Ling for him to bring it back to Yuan Gate, so that Yuan Gate can become even more powerful?” Lin Dong calmly glanced at Jiang Kun, who had lost control of himself and slowly asked.

Jiang Kun was also stunned when he saw Lin Dong’s calm demeanour. Immediately, he lowered his head painfully and grabbed it firmly with his hands.

“Jiang Kun, junior Lin Dong cannot be blamed for this matter.” Yuan Fang softly said.

“Let’s go, if anything happens to Huanhuan, I will be irreconcilable enemies with Yuan Gate!” Yuan Ling grabbed Jiang Kun’s arm. His eyes were also a little red as he spoke in a deep voice.

Jiang Kun was being pulled to his feet in a numb manner by Yuan Ling. After which, he followed the latter while being at a loss.

Lin Dong watched these few dispirited people while a ripple rose within his calm eyes. He immediately sighed softly and flipped his hand. An emerald green seed appeared. After which, he threw it directly at Yuan Fang.

“Lin Dong, you…”

Yuan Fang was stunned as she stared at Lin Dong, after having received the Immortal Yuan Ancient Seed from the latter.

“He is right. We are really unable to account to the rest by returning in such a manner.”

Lin Dong shrugged his shoulders. He was clearly aware of the popularity Ying Huanhuan enjoyed within Dao Sect. If news of this matter was to spread after they returned, it was likely that the gazes from the others would cause one to feel terrible, even if they could understand the situation.

“I will return to look for her. All of you should leave with the seed.”

Lin Dong did not hesitate as he turned around and left immediately. His back appeared unusually suave and free.

“Lin Dong!”

Yuan Fang looked at the skinny back of the young man and suddenly cried out. Immediately, she rubbed her eyes and said, “Bring her back.”

Lin Dong did not turn his head around as he merely waved his hands. Immediately, he raised his head and exhaled a deep breath of air. This time around, he would really have to go all out.