Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 681: Spirit of the Desolate Beast

Chapter 681: Spirit of the Desolate Beast


Chapter 681: Spirit of the Desolate Beast


An overwhelming amount of grey Qi erupted endlessly from the demonic eye on Lin Dong’s forehead. Immediately, the earth shattering grey Qi congealed into something similar to clouds and blocked the sun, causing the entire sky to turn gloomy.

As the grey Qi covered the entire sky, an ancient air filled with bleakness erupted and scattered out. Faintly, a roaring cry sounded out once again.

Right now, countless experts from all directions were rushing over to this area. After arriving, when they saw several individuals standing around different mountain peaks, they did not dare to stir trouble. Instead, they could only stare in astonishment at the mysterious scene that was unfurling in the sky.

The blood line on Lin Dong continued to extend while icy Qi continuous radiated outwards. It headed towards his eyes in an attempt to corrode them. However, each time it came into contact with his eyes, it would be blocked by a gentle white glow.

Although the Desolate Demon Eye was extremely powerful, the price one had to pay to acquire such strength was not trivial. If Lin Dong did not have the protection of the Mysterious Stone Talisman, perhaps even he would not dare to unleash the “Desolate Demon Eye” till such an extent.

Although it was possible for him to use Mental Energy to sense his surroundings should he turn blind, he did not want to end up becoming like that blind old man…

As those grey clouds were spreading in the sky, the blood glow within his demonic eye suddenly congealed. Turning into a blood light beam, it shot directly into the thick clouds.


Following the explosive entrance of the blood light beam, the patch of grey clouds started to wriggle immediately. Gradually, they transformed into a gigantic vortex. A portal that was seemingly connected to the ancient times opened at the centre of the vortex. Through the portal, a feeling of a desolate wasteland started to seep through.

The moment the vortex gradually grew faint, a gigantic grey shadow seemingly flirted inside…

“Full of nonsense! However, I don’t care how strange your methods are! You are merely at five Yuan Nirvana stage!”

With a cloudy and gloomy face, Luo Yi stared at the thick grey clouds looming above Lin Dong, while a frostiness flickered within his eyes. Although he had played down Lin Dong’s actions, he felt genuinely uneasy. In fact, the patch of grey clouds caused his heart to feel extremely repressed.

“I’ll butcher this strange brat!”

Murderous intent flickered within Luo Yi’s eyes. Without a shred of hesitation, he grasped the serrated great blade in his hand before boundless Yuan Power explosively erupted out. An oppressive pressure started to fill the air, causing the expressions of quite a few surrounding individuals to faintly change. Eight Yuan Nirvana stage. It seems like Luo Yi truly deserved to be ranked sixth on the sect’s wanted list.

“Brat, even if you are a disciple of Dao Sect, I will take you life today!”

A ferocious expression surged on Luo Yi’s face. In the next moment, he suddenly took a deep breath. His eyes congealed before an overwhelming amount of blood Qi started to howl behind him. Faintly, they transformed into a ten feet tall blood red shadow.

That blood red shadow was holding a serrated blood blade and it was filled with blood Qi. It seemed as if the entire land was submerged in a sea of blood.

“Blood Blade Ancestor… this is Luo Yi’s signature killing move, Great Asura Blade!”

In this area, the expressions of the experts, who were observing this fight, changed due to Luo Yi’s move. Surprised shrieks rang out one after the other. It was obvious that they knew about this fearsome attack.

“Luo Yi is actually forced to use this move just to kill a brat at five Yuan Nirvana Stage…”

“That brat is really unlucky. Luo Yi previously used this move to completely destroy five seven Yuan Nirvana Stage experts …”


Whispering noises spread incessantly throughout the sky. Fluctuations appeared within the eyes of Ying Huanhuan, Jiang Kun and the rest. All of them stared at the Lin Dong, who was standing below the expansive grey clouds, while a worried expression fluttered within their eyes.

“Luo Yi’s attack cannot be blocked directly…” muttered Jiang Kun in a low voice. Hearing this, a few people nearby who had the same thought nodded their heads.

Ying Huanhuan’s willowy eyebrows turned slightly limp as she proceeded to bite her lip. Extending her jade hand, an emerald zither appeared in a flash. Before leaving the sect for this mission, the elder had appointed her as their leader. If anything was to happen to Lin Dong, she truly did not know how to answer to Chen Zhen and Wu Dao…

“Great Asura Blade, Asura Slash!”

The blood Qi that blotted the skies started to ripple. A ferocious expression appeared on Luo Yi’s face as he suddenly took a step forward. With both hands gripping the blade, he slashed down in anger, akin to chopping down a mountain.

The instant that great blade cleaved down, the blood red shade behind started to wave the gigantic blood blade in its hand. With a blood glow that filled the sky, it brought forth a three hundred over metre long wave as well a heaven-shattering roar, as it chopped down towards Lin Dong.

The surrounding Yuan Power exploded. Before that gigantic blood blade glow had even reached the ground, a rapidly growing gigantic fissure had already started to appear on the ground.

Lin Dong raised his head. The incoming gigantic blood blade glow that was growing rapidly in his eyes caused the hairs on his body to stand up. Promptly, his pupils started to harden rapidly. Instantly, his hand seals rapidly changed, causing the grey clouds above him to rapidly split apart. Finally, within the vortex, an incomparable huge shadow made its appearance.

With the appearance of that gigantic creature, it instantly blotted out the skies. As its monstrous body covered the sky, it looked just like a primordial super demonic beast. An aura of desolation and barrenness flooded the horizons.

When that mysterious gigantic beast first appeared, it immediately caused countless people to suck in a deep breath. In fact, it even caused the Devil Seal Mass’s members to have a drastic change in their expressions.

“Is that the legendary Huang beast?” Ying Huanhuan and the rest stared in shock at the colossus creature. They had some understanding of the martial arts of Desolate Hall. However, this was still the first time they had ever seen such a frightening beast from the ancient times.

The Huang beast crouched in the skies, while its gigantic eye was tightly shut. A destructive fluctuation gradually started to radiate out from it. Furthermore, under the scattering of this fluctuation, to everyone’s bewilderment, they began to realize that it’s tightly shut eye was slowly opening up.

“Roar Roar!”

As that gigantic eye slowly opened up, the surrounding Yuan Power crazily exploded. In the next instant, the gigantic eye was finally fully opened up. Revealing its murky black pupil, it seemed like the most frightening object in the world.


A black beam of light that seemingly absorbed all the light in the universe shout out explosively from the eye. The instant it shot out, the entire world seemed to have darkened. As that beam shot forward, it directly tore a hole through space. Under the shocked gazes of countless people, it collided violently with the incoming blood red blade glow!


At the moment of the impact, the heavens turned silent. Resplendent energy shockwaves erupted explosively like lustrous fireworks. However, within its beauty was a fluctuation akin to that of a passing death…

As the frightening fluctuation surged forth, all the surrounding mountain peaks instantaneously crumbled into dust. A few people, who were standing near the epicenter, were so heavily impacted till they spurted a mouthful of blood. As their auras became dispirited, they frantically retreated with a terrified expression.

Lin Dong was also retreating backwards explosively. Even he felt palpitations in his heart when he saw the frightening winds caused by the expanding fluctuation. Instantly, with a clench of his fist, a green fluctuation rapidly transformed into a green scaled shield in front of him.

The violent winds viciously slammed against his green scaled shield, causing Lin Dong’s organs to violently churn. He retreated explosively as his entire arm started to turn numb. If his arm wasn’t strong and resilient, his entire arm would have shattered just from a single impact from the incoming fluctuation.

The frightening stormwinds filled the entire skies for a few minutes before gradually dying down. This entire stretch of the world had been reduced into complete disarray. The forest below had also been wrecked till it turned into a flat piece of land.

As everyone gradually regained their clarity and looked at the devastation around them, all of them could not help but take a deep breath of cold air. They turned and stared once again at the youthful figure standing in the sky. However, this time around, there was no taunt or ridicule present within their eyes.

A few gazes rested on Lin Dong for a while before shifting towards Luo Yi on the other side. Right now, the latter’s hair was thrown into disorder and his outfit was ripped to shreds. His aura was in turmoil and a trace of shock remained on his face. It was obvious that the previous collision had left him gasping in astonishment. After all, he simply could not imagine how Lin Dong, who was only at five Yuan Nirvana stage, could actually put up such a valiant fight…

Are all the Dao Sect disciples so powerful?

The atmosphere in the sky started to grow quiet. The greed flickering in a few people’s eyes had also unexpectedly decreased.

“Is there anyone else who wants to make a move?”

While everyone was silent, Lin Dong took the opportunity to send his frosty and chilly gaze sweeping across everyone akin to a wolf in a prairie. Suppressing the turbulent Qi within his body, he refused to reveal a trace of weakness on his face. At the same time, his gloomy voice filled with malevolent resounded across the land.

As Lin Dong’s voice scattered across the sky, there was a strange moment of silence instead. Although everyone here was a ruthless individual, under Lin Dong’s bone chilling gaze, even they felt a little fearful.

Right now, Luo Yi’s facial expression was extremely gloomy. However, this time around, he did dare to speak up. It was obvious that he was still scarred by the vicious attack unleashed by Lin Dong previously.

Lin Dong’s gaze swept ruthlessly across the sky before he gradually retreated. However, just as he was about to turn around and retreat, a cackling laughing finally rang out.

“Haha, when did the Dao Sect produce such an outstanding disciple. Although your fiendish look can easily scare others, it will not work on me, Yao Ling…”

Lin Dong suddenly stopped and slowly raised his head. Looking up, he saw a black figure quietly appearing on the peak of a mountain not far away. When Lin Dong saw him, his pupils started to contract.

Yao Ling, the chief of the Devil Seal Mass, fourth on the sect’s wanted list…

“In the end, he still showed up…”

At the moment, Lin Dong’s heart slowly sunk.