Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 678: Bad News

Chapter 678: Bad News


Chapter 678: Bad News

The green light pillar broke through the forest and entered the clouds. Like an enormous green light barrier, it descended from the sky. The commotion that it caused could clearly be seen everywhere within a fifty kilometre radius.

Lin Dong’s expression turned grim when he saw this scene as he deeply breathed in. Looks like it was going to be impossible to quietly bring the Immortal Yuan Ancient Seed back to the Dao Sect.

By his side, the joy on the faces of Ying Huanhuan and the others also swiftly disappeared at this moment, while panic flashed across their eyes.


In the forest, Yuan Fang was also alarmed by this commotion. Brining a dozen disciples with her, she rushed over, only to end up sighing when she saw the expression on everyone’s faces.

“Has this news been transmitted back?” Lin Dong swiftly collected himself and asked in a solemn voice.

“It should have reached them. However, regardless of how fast they are, it is likely that reinforcements can only arrive by tomorrow.” Yuan Fang laughed bitterly, pausing for a moment before continuing. “Additionally, there is an extremely bad piece of news… earlier, we discovered the traces of some people around the mines. If I am not wrong, they are likely from the Devil Seal Mass.”

“Devil Seal Mass?” The expressions of Ying Huanhuan and the others changed when they heard these words.

“Who are they?” Lin Dong frowned and asked.

“A faction that is quite infamous within the Blood Rock Grounds. Their leader is called Yao Ling and is ranked fourth on the sects’ wanted list. He has likely reached the formidable nine Yuan Nirvana stage.” Ying Huanhuan gritted her silver teeth and replied.

“Nine Yuan Nirvana stage…” Lin Dong’s expression changed slightly at this moment. This place was indeed worthy of being the Eastern Xuan Region. Just any random criminal they encountered actually possessed such power.

“Yao Ling was once a deacon of the Yuan Gate. However, he was expelled after committing a major crime. However, he possess quite an extraordinary background. As such, the enforcement unit of Yuan Gate was lax in chasing after him. All these years, he has been living in Blood Rock Grounds and he is quite infamous.” Yuan Fang added.

“It is unexpected that we have been targeted by them…” Jiang Kun spoke with quiet anger.

“There are three cities within a fifty kilometre radius of our mines. These cities are extremely chaotic and are filled with all sorts of people. With such a huge commotion, it will definitely end up attracting the attention of many. Should news of the Immortal Yuan Ancient Seed spread, then…” Yuan Fang’s face turned unusually grave as she spoke.

“Harvest the seed!” Lin Dong knitted his brows tightly and spoke in a deep voice.


Ying Huanhuan nodded. She did not dare to hesitate as she swiftly stepped forward. Her hand directly penetrated into the light pillar and grabbed the brightest glowing spot within it.

After Ying Huanhuan grabbed the glowing spot and withdrew her hand, the enormous light pillar finally gradually disappeared, while Lin Dong also looked over.

At this moment, there was a round dark green seed lying quietly in Ying Huanhuan’s palm. The surface of the seed appeared to have some naturally formed symbols on it. A shocking lifeforce was continuously being emitted from within.

“Is this the seed of the Immortal Yuan Ancient Tree…”

Lin Dong glanced at the black tree. After the seed was extracted, the dark green luster that had originally covered its branches also disappeared. Meanwhile, its life force had also significantly diminished.

Its black trunk appeared to be made of metal and its branches were just like icy cold metal branches. An old, hardy and icy cold feeling spread from it.

Lin Dong stared at it. His eyes moved slightly as he extended his hand and felt it. When his hand touched the black icy cold tree branch, he suddenly felt the Yuan Power circulating within his body turn sluggish. It was as if it had been suppressed by something. His heart immediately became slightly startled.

“The Immortal Yuan Ancient Tree trunk possess the mysterious effect of suppressing various types of energy. Only by touching its roots, can one avoid this suppressing effect. However, it is too heavy. Even experts who specialize in physical strength are unable to swing it around as they please.” Ying Huanhuan appeared to be aware of what Lin Dong was thinking and explained.


Lin Dong’s brows twitched upon hearing this. He took a step forward as his foot stomped violently on the ground. The ground in front of him was directly cracked apart, revealing the black roots that were entangled below the Immortal Yuan Ancient Tree.

Lin Dong bent his body and extended his hands, grabbing the thickest black root. A bone-chilling icy cold feeling seeped out.

“It is heavy indeed.”

Lin Dong tugged the tree roots. However, he was surprised to discover that this Immortal Yuan Ancient Tree did not budge an inch despite his formidable strength.

However, the more difficult it was, the stronger Lin Dong’s interest grew. Promptly, he clenched both his hands tightly as the veins on his arms started to wiggle. One could vaguely catch sight of some green dragon scales appearing on his arms as a majestic strength quietly erupted.


After Lin Dong unleashed his dragon-like strength, that large Immortal Yuan Ancient Tree, which was dozens of feet in height, was actually directly uprooted by Lin Dong before the stunned gazes of Ying Huanhuan’s group.


Lin Dong grabbed the root of the large tree and swung it down violently. The air in front of him immediately exploded. An invisible energy erupted from it, directly causing a wide large crack to be ripped open on the ground in front of him.

“Such a good item.”

Lin Dong involuntarily parted his mouth and smiled when he saw how powerful this object was. With a wave of his hand, he stored the Immortal Yuan Ancient Tree in his Qiankun bag in an unceremonious manner. After which, he raised his head, only to find Ying Huanhuan staring at him with a strange expression.

Even though his skin was thick, Lin Dong’s face could not help but reddened a little when he saw this. He coughed dryly and was just about to speak when his expression suddenly changed. Immediately, he raised his head and slowly said, “Trouble is coming…”

Lin Dong’s body moved after he spoke. He rushed upwards, breaking through the forest canopy as he appeared in the sky above the forest. He gaze swept around and finally paused on a spot in the distance. Dozens of black figures were quietly hovering there. Numerous shady and cold gazes were locked onto Lin Dong’s group from under those black robes.

Swoosh swoosh.

A fluctuation appeared in the forest below. Ying Huanhuan, Jiang Kun and the rest swiftly rushed out before stopping beside Lin Dong. Their eyes also looked towards the front.

“Devil Seal Mass… it is indeed those bastards!” When Yuan Fang saw the dozens of black figures, her eyes darkened as she cursed.

“There are still quite a number of people heading towards to our location… they are likely the experts and factions nearby that have been alerted…” Lin Dong’s Mental Energy spread outwards. Immediately, he exhaled a deep breath of air. He could sense some slight rushing wind sounds from the distant sky as some faint auras began to appear one after another.

There were some Dao Sect disciples occasionally rushing over in the forest below. Their numbers were not few and totalled to a hundred people. However, Lin Dong knew that if news of this Immortal Yuan Ancient Seed was to spread, just these numbers alone would not be enough to deter everyone.

“Haha, Yuan Fang, there are some things that cannot be hidden. Obediently surrender the Immortal Yuan Ancient Seed. Otherwise, blood will flow like a river today!”

A person in front pulled apart his black robes, revealing a dark and cold middle-aged face. He was smiling strangely as he stared at Yuan Fang and spoke.

“Su Lei, you actually dare to target something that belongs to our Dao Sect!” Yuan Fang’s eyes were icy cold as she cried out.

“Heh, as long as we obtain the Immortal Yuan Ancient Seed, our chief can naturally use it to exchange for a great reward from the Yuan Gate. What can your Dao Sect do then?” The middle-aged person called Su Lei laughed sinisterly.

“That fellow is the second in command of the Devil Seal Mass, Su Lei. People call him Lightning Blade. He is at the eight Yuan Nirvana stage.” Ying Huanhuan whispered beside Lin Dong.

“There are six core members in the Devil Seal Mass. They are all people on the sects’ wanted list. Other than Su Lei, the remaining four all have the strength of the seven Yuan Nirvana stage.”

“Their chief… he hasn’t revealed himself.” Lin Dong’s eyes swept across the group of black figures before remarking.

“Yeah. That fellow is extremely cunning. However, with the Devil Seal Mass launching such a huge operation, he is definitely hiding somewhere nearby.” Ying Huanhuan said.

Lin Dong nodded quietly. He immediately raised his head before his eyes looked towards the distant sky. Numerous black spots were flying over at a rapid pace. Moments later, they finally turned into numerous figures that appeared in the sky. Suspicious eyes looked towards Lin Dong’s group…

When he saw an increasing number of experts rushing over, Lin Dong’s heart sank even further. The situation was only deteriorating…