Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 677: Activity

Chapter 677: Activity


Chapter 677: Activity

This was a fairly dark room. Within the room, a dim flame was dancing. The light from the flame was suppressed by darkness until it became extremely weak.

When one’s line of sight expanded, it was possible to see a couple of black figures present within the darkness. They seemed to be seated around a circular table. Large black robes covered their bodies while an insidious aura slowly spread from within their bodies.

The atmosphere within the room was quite pressurising. It was a long while later before that seated black figure suddenly extended his sleeve. A pale hand landed on the table and gently tapped on it.

“The Fire Crystal Ape King is dead?” A hoarse voice was suddenly emitted from under the black robes.

“Yes, even those Demon Apes were completely finished off and not a single one of them was spared. It was likely done by those Dao Sect disciples. Since when did they become so vicious?” A black figure within the room moved a little before speaking in a deep voice.

“Four Dao Sect’s disciples just arrived two days ago. It is likely related to them.”

“It is likely that the Immortal Yuan Ancient Tree has also been discovered by them…” That black figure was quiet for a moment before speaking in a hoarse voice.

“Chief, should we attack? Based on the strength of the Dao Sect disciples at the mineral vein, it will be very easy for us to snatch the Immortal Yuan Ancient Tree.” A black figure inquired.

“If it is an ordinary faction, it is fine to attack them at any time. However, this is the Dao Sect… If we do not know whether there is a seed within the Immortal Yuan Ancient Tree, there is no need for us to attack. Just a couple of Immortal Yuan Ancient Fruits might be valuable, but it is not worthwhile to anger the Dao Sect because of them.” The black figure at the leader’s seat waved his pale hand and said.

“We’ll wait for a few days. If there is really a seed within the Immortal Yuan Ancient Tree, it will cause quite a commotion. Quietly dispatch some people around the mines and monitor them closely!”

“If there is a seed within the Immortal Yuan Ancient Tree?” A person asked softly.

“If there is a seed…”

The leading black figure’s body leant forward slightly. That black robe was lifted, revealing a pale and shady face. He parted his mouth and smiled before he spoke in a dense manner, “Then, those fellows can only blame themselves for being unlucky. Kill anyone who dares to obstruct us…”

“If I obtain the seed of the Immortal Yuan Ancient Tree and hand it to Yuan Gate, all my previous sins will be forgiven. At that time, so what if the Dao Sect becomes furious? Don’t tell me that they will dare to charge up to Yuan Gate?”

The couple of black figures trembled as they looked at the bloodthirstiness that climbed onto his face. Immediately, they parted their mouths and laughed in a savage manner.


The tree branches spread apart in the midair and blocked the light that scattered downwards, forming traces of light spots that shone on a couple of human figures seated below.

A ray of light shone on Lin Dong’s face before his gently-shut eyes slowly opened up. After which, he looked at the black tree in front of him. At this moment, the five bright red fruits hanging on the tree were becoming increasingly vibrant and they looked just like ripe fruits.

“Should be soon…”

Lin Dong softly muttered. A trace of Mental Energy surged out from his Niwan Palace. After which, it feedbacked any activity within this forest.

With his Mental Energy, he could sense ten powerful auras that were lurking within the forest. They were all Dao Sect Disciples. Furthermore, there was also quite a number of Dao Sect’s disciples tightly patrolling the area further away.


Lin Dong’s mental energy was swiftly withdrawn. A small pair of boots suddenly appeared on the ground in front of him. He was startled for a moment before raising his head. After which, he saw Ying Huanhuan with her hands behind her. She was staring downwards at him from an angle above. Her bright and beautiful eyes were filled with liveliness.

Jiang Kun and Yuan Ling were chatting softly a short distance away. However, their eyes would occasionally drift towards Lin Dong. Of course, most of the time, their eyes lingered on the young lady wearing a white blouse and green pants. One could easily tell that the both of them fancied her.

“Your Mental Energy is quite good.”

The young lady stared at Lin Dong under the observation of those two. Immediately she smiled. She had actually detected Lin Dong’s Mental Energy probing around the place.

Lin Dong smiled in a non-committal manner while his heart felt a little surprised by Ying Huanhuan’s sharp senses. His Mental Energy was usually quite well-hidden. Unless it was someone who was well-versed with Mental Energy cultivation, else, it would be extremely difficult to sense his Mental Energy probing.

“Although I mainly focus on my Yuan Power cultivation, my Mental Energy is also quite decent. Although it is not as strong as yours, I have survived one Wind Lightning Trial.” Ying Huanhuan appeared to be aware of Lin Dong’s doubts as she laughed immediately.

Lin Dong brows involuntarily twitched at this moment. Clearly, he did not expect that this young lady in front of him was actually training in both Yuan Power and Mental Energy at the same time. He immediately came to a sudden realization within his heart: “No wonder her zither sound is so mysterious. It seems like it is partly because of Mental Energy.”

“It is always good to be cautious.” Lin Dong softly said. He also understood that Ying Huanhuan was aware of what he was using his Mental Energy for.

“Originally, I thought that this is going to be an ordinary mission. I never expected it to become so troublesome.”

Ying Huanhuan sat down beside Lin Dong. Her eyes stared at the black ancient tree before she immediately laughed, “However, I am glad things turned out this way. If we are really able to obtain the Immortal Ancient Tree seed, it will be extremely beneficial for our Dao Sect. There will be countless disciples who will benefit from it in the future and our Dao Sect will also become stronger.”

Lin Dong was startled for a moment when he heard these words. There was not the slightest greed on the face of this young lady when she spoke. Despite the immense allure of the Immortal Yuan Ancient Tree, the first thing that she thought of was actually their sect.

Lin Dong curled his lips slightly and his eyes were somewhat complicated. He had clearly been through a lot more compared to Ying Huanhuan. His experiences during these years caused him to be extremely cautious. Although he currently had an extremely good impression of Dao Sect, his first thought when he realized the value of the Immortal Yuan Ancient Tree was honestly not how he could help the Dao Sect to obtain it…

He might not be much older than Ying Huanhuan, but he was definitely nowhere as innocent as she was. Of course, if Lin Dong still had that mentality after all that he had been through over the years, perhaps… he would not have the chance to reach this stage.

Lin Dong’s mouth was involuntarily lifted into an arc as he looked at the heartfelt joy on the young lady’s face. A sect that was able to command the hearts of its members were the truly powerful ones…

“The competition between the super sects in Eastern Xuan Region is extremely intense. If the strength of our sect can be increased, our seniors would also gain additional protection when they are outside.”

Ying Huanhuan fondled her snow white smooth chin with her hand. Her dark black ponytail fell onto her shoulders. Immediately, she seemed to have thought of something and suddenly rolled her eyes at Lin Dong, “You are very talented. If you had joined Sky Hall, your future accomplishments will definitely be spectacular. Thankfully, you did quite well in Desolate Hall. Otherwise, I will really be too lazy to bother with someone like you, who makes decisions randomly based on your own preferences.”

Lin Dong smiled. However, he did not provide too much explanation on this matter. Finally, he understood that Ying Huanhuan did not purposefully find fault with him during the Hall Selection Stage. Instead, she became furious over what she deemed to be his seemingly irresponsible decision.

Currently, it was difficult for him to place the sect as the most important thing in his heart like Ying Huanhuan. However, he understood her perspective as well.

“Be rest assured. If this Immortal Yuan Ancient Tree really has a seed, we will definitely bring it back.” Lin Dong softly said.

Ying Huanhuan smiled sweetly. Her smile was extremely alluring as she curled her red lips and nodded heavily.

“Hey, what are the two of you talking about….”

Jiang Kun and Yuan Ling finally could not help themselves and decided to head over. Though they sounded nonchalant, there was a tinge of jealousy within their voices. This involuntarily caused Lin Dong to gently chuckle. He was just about to speak when his expression suddenly changed. He abruptly lifted his head before he stared at the Immortal Yuan Ancient Tree. The five fruits hanging on it had begun to tremble slightly.

“The fruits are about to ripen!”

Immediately, Ying Huanhuan and the others also realized it. A tense yet joyous expression surged on their faces.

Lin Dong’s eyes focused on the Immortal Yuan Ancient Tree. A shocking energy ripple was being continuously scattered from it. Even the land itself was trembling slightly.

Buzz buzz!

The five bright red fruits also began to tremble more intensely. In the next instant, they suddenly trembled violently before they actually fell from the tree.

Lin Dong waved his hand. A suction force erupted and sucked the five Immortal Yuan Ancient Fruits into his hand. However, he did not have the time to digest them at the moment. Everyone was completely focused on the Immortal Yuan Ancient Tree.

After the fruits fell, the energy ripple that was being emitted from the tree did not show any signs of weakening. Rich green light spread from its roots. At the same time, a rich lifeforce appeared to be emitted from within it.

A joy immediately surged within the eyes of Ying Huanhuan’s group when they saw this scene.


The Immortal Yuan Ancient Tree trembled. Suddenly, a green light appeared on the tree branch. The shocking lifeforce was emitted from within this green light.

“Immortal Yuan Ancient Seed!” A wild joyous sound was directly being emitted from Jiang Kun’s mouth.

Lin Dong’s eyes were focused intently on the unusual green light. His eyes suddenly shrunk.

The Immortal Yuan Ancient Tree suddenly trembled intensely when his eyes shrunk. A thick green light suddenly spluttered from the top of the tree. Finally, it broke through the forest and shot directly towards the clouds.

Lin Dong’s expression instantly turned gloomy when he saw this scene.