Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 676: Kill

Chapter 676: Kill


Chapter 676: Kill

A grey demon eye appeared between Lin Dong’s eyebrows as a shocking evil aura unfurled from it.


Without skipping a beat, a grey light beam filled with an extremely frightening destructive force suddenly exploded from the demon eye!

The light beam distorted space itself as it shot out, causing the fearsome-looking Fire Crystal Ape King’s expression to change drastically as a rich sense of danger seeped out from his heart.


A violent roar was suddenly released from the Fire Crystal Ape King’s mouth! Resplendent red light poured out from his body, swiftly gathering together to form fiery red crystals which completely wrapped around him.

When sunlight shone on these fiery red crystals, they looked as solid as diamonds and gave off a powerful and frightening defensive power.

However, that grey light beam did not slow down at all. Instead, it directly penetrated through the empty space. In the next moment, it collided heavily on that fire red crystal body.


A slight hissing sound was continuously emitted the moment the collision occurred. After which, the pair of scarlet eyes under the crystal body suddenly shrunk, before shock gushed into its eyes. That was because it realized that on every spot on its crystal body touched by the grey light beam, numerous crack lines had swiftly formed!

Crack crack!

The rate at which the crack lines spread was extremely swift. In an instant, it had already spread over its entire crystal body.


The grey Qi within Lin Dong’s eyes surged before an icy bone-chilling word was softly emitted from his mouth.


After he spoke, that fire red crystal body was completely blasted apart. Crystal fragments permeated the air. That grey light beam flashed past in a straight line. Finally, it penetrated the head of the Fire Crystal Ape King in a lightning-like manner to its bewilderment.

The grey light directly penetrated the head of the Fire Crystal Ape King. A trace of blood was left behind. Finally, the light shot into the distance and disappeared…

A bloody hole appeared on the forehead of the Fire Crystal Ape King. However, that Fire Crystal Ape King did not die immediately after suffering such a severe wound. Instead, it’s expression suddenly became extremely hideous and ferocious. It’s body staggered back by over a dozen over steps while the aura around its body quickly weakened.

“It is actually still alive?”

Ying Huanhuan and the others were shocked when they saw that the Fire Crystal Ape King was still alive! This demonic beast was truly hardy!


Lin Dong’s expression was calm as he observed the Fire Crystal Ape King, whose face was covered with blood. He clenched his fist before his black metal seal whizzed over. It soared with the wind, appearing like a metal mountain as it carried a frightening strength and violently smashed onto the Fire Crystal Ape King’s body.

A loud sound appeared in the sky. The Fire Crystal Ape King’s enormous body was immediately smashed by the large metal seal until it collapsed. Finally, it slammed heavily onto the ground. That great force shook the entire land.

The land collapsed. That black metal seal was just like a mountain and it squashed the Fire Crystal Ape King. Numerous large crack lines ended up being created on the surrounding land.

In the sky, Lin Dong looked at the Fire Crystal Ape King, which was squashed by his black metal seal. A cold tinge flashed across his eyes, before both of his hands directly moved with a lightning-like speed. Finally, they transformed into two icy cold and ferocious green dragon arms.

Lin Dong’s body emitted a ‘swoosh’ sound before he appeared on the black seal. After clenching both of his fists, he violently slammed his fists on the black metal seal.

Clang clang clang!

A clear metallic sound containing an incomparably wild and violent strength sounded out from the metal seal. Standing beside him, Ying Huanhuan was a little stunned when she saw that the black mountain-like seal was actually directly smashed into the ground by Lin Dong.

“What a violent fellow.”

Jiang Kun swallowed a mouthful of saliva while his entire body turn cold. Lin Dong did not attack previously, but who would have thought that he had merely chosen not to. When he attacked, however, he was actually this vicious. After his attack, it was likely that the Fire Crystal Ape King would definitely die regardless of how great its lifeforce was.

Lin Dong gradually ceased swinging his large hands while Ying Huanhuan and the rest stared at him as if he was a monster. His body shook and the green dragon arms swiftly disappeared. After which, he looked at everyone and rubbed his numb fists as though nothing had happened before he said: “If you want to finish off a Demonic Beast, you should prevent it from having the opportunity to go all out. Otherwise, we will not be able to stop it if it wants to flee.”

There was still fresh blood continuously seeping out from under the metal seal at this moment. Lin Dong stood on top of the metal seal. His youthful face, which was of the same age as the rest, caused Jiang Kun and the rest to feel a chill within their hearts. They understood that if it were them, they would definitely not have such resolution.

“That fellow should be dead right?” Yuan Ling laughed dryly and asked.

Lin Dong smiled. He waved his hand and the black metal seal flew away. Finally, it transformed into a black light and rushed into Lin Dong’s palm. Following the disappearance of the metal seal, a rich bloody scent immediately spread over the place.

Ying Huanhuan sniffed this smell and her small face became a little pale. She clearly did not have the courage to walk over and take a look at the bloody mess below. She immediately waved her hand before the soil on the ground moved and filled up the enormous pit.

After burying that bloodied body, Ying Huanhuan finally hugged her emerald zither and drifted down from a tall tree. She flipped her palm and kept her zither.

“Desolate Demon Eye is very powerful indeed. You must be quite abnormal to be able to successfully learn it.” Ying Huanhuan glanced at Lin Dong. If it was not because Lin Dong had used the Desolate Demon Eye and seriously wounded the Fire Crystal Ape King, his subsequent vicious attacks would definitely not be of no use.

Jiang Kun and Yuan Ling by the side also glance at Lin Dong with some fear in their eyes. In fact, their eyes no longer possessed even a trace of pride from before. Upon witnessing Lin Dong’s true strength and his vicious methods, they no longer dared to treat him like a newbie.

Lin Dong smiled. Desolate Demon Eye would greatly erode one’s eyes each time it was used. By paying such a price, how could the strength obtained be weak? Of course, this erosion clearly did not pose any threat to Lin Dong, who had the Mysterious Stone Talisman guarding his body.

Swoosh swoosh!

While Lin Dong and the others were chatting, a hurried rushing wind sound was being transmitted from the forest. Promptly, they saw Yuan Fang lead over a dozen disciples and swiftly rush over. Her tensed expression relaxed a little after seeing that Lin Dong’s group was well.

“Where is the Fire Crystal Ape King?” Yuan Fang landed on the ground, swept her eyes around and asked in a stunned manner.

Jiang Kun stomped his foot on the ground. Yuan Fang’s eyes looked over before seeing the land that had been dyed red by fresh blood and the large pit on the ground. Immediately, her expression changed slightly as she exclaimed, “Have you finished it off?”

“Hehe, it is all thanks to junior brother Lin Dong’s Desolate Demon Eye.” Yuan Ling laughed.

“Desolate Demon Eye?”

Yuan Fang and some of the disciples beside her had a change in their expressions upon hearing these words. Being disciples of Dao Sect, they naturally heard of this mysterious martial arts within Desolate Hall. However, they had not expected that Lin Dong was actually able to successfully master it.

“If it was not because senior Jiang Kun and the rest wore down the Fire Crystal Ape King, I would not have the opportunity to attack.” Lin Dong smiled and shook his head. He had no intention of taking all the credit.

“Elder sister Fang, what about the other demonic apes?” Ying Huanhuan looked towards Yuan Fang and inquired.

“They have all been finished off.” Yuan Fang nodded slightly. After which, her eyes were a little complicated as she looked towards the Immortal Yuan Ancient Tree a short distance away. If this news were to spread, it was likely that the entire Blood Rock Grounds would erupt in an uproar. Compared to the seed of an Immortal Yuan Ancient Tree, this entire mine vein was hardly worth mentioning.

Everyone began to turn towards the black ancient tree that had broken free from the ground. Their fiery hot eyes were filled with seriousness. Originally, it was just an ordinary mission. However, it was likely going to become extremely complicated because of this.

“How can we know whether this seedling will have a seed?” Lin Dong glanced towards Ying Huanhuan and asked.

“We’ll have to wait till its fruits fall. If it really possesses a seed, the seed will naturally appear.” Ying Huanhuan whispered.

“Based on the energy fluctuations given off by the fruits, they will likely fall in less than five days.”

“Five days huh…”

Lin Dong curled his mouth and nodded slightly.

“Do we need to bring all the disciples over?” Yuan Fang asked.

“That will attract far too much attention.” Lin Dong shook his head gently. He spoke in a deep voice, “We should look relaxed but stay vigilant secretly. Try not to attract attention. All we need to do is to act normally.”

If the Blood Rock Grounds was as chaotic as Ying Huanhuan had described, a large-scale operation would only end up attracting the attention of others. Should news of the Immortal Yuan Ancient Tree spread, they would likely end up in a truly dire situation.

Yuan Fang nodded. Although Lin Dong lacked the authority, his suggestions were calculated and prudent. As such, they had no reason to object to what he said.

“In that case, we will wait quietly for five days.”

Ying Huanhuan’s eyes turned towards the Immortal Yuan Ancient Tree while she slowly clenched her fists. For some unknown reason, she felt like this mission would become extremely troublesome.