Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 675: Battling the Ape King

Chapter 675: Battling the Ape King


Chapter 675: Battling the Ape King

A young lady wearing a green blouse and white pants was seated crossed-legged on a large tree. An emerald-like zither was placed gently on her knees. Her snow white suet jade-like hands extended before they gently landed on the zither strings.

Ding dong.

The zither strings moved slightly and the space surrounding Ying Huanhuan appeared to be distorted. At this moment, her clear eyes were focused on the zither in front of her and she seemed to have entered an extremely focused state. An extremely shocking ripple spread from the zither in front of her.

Lin Dong was similarly a little shocked as he stared at Ying Huanhuan, who was emitting a shocking ripple from within her body. Immediately, his eyes fell onto her emerald zither. His eyes shrunk immediately.

“Soul treasure huh…”

Based on the fluctuations given off, the zither in Ying Huanhuan’s hands should be an extremely powerful soul treasure. Moreover, that fluctuation was even more powerful than his “Black Dragon Sky Roaring Seal”. It was likely that it could be considered to be at the upper tier amongst Heavenly Soul Treasures.

“It is likely that this girl has quite a significant background…” This thought flashed within Lin Dong’s heart. Such a high-grade Heavenly Soul Treasure was no ordinary object. If it was sold at an auction house, it would be worth tens of millions of Nirvana Pills. Furthermore, Most ordinary disciples were unable to fork out such a vast sum.

Lin Dong was not aware of Ying Huanhuan’s background. All he knew was that her elder sister was the big senior sister in Sky Hall and was the most outstanding younger generation member. From the looks of it now, the background of these two sisters Dao Sect was definitely not a simple one.


Jiang Kun and Yuan Ling rushed out while this thought lingered within Lin Dong’s heart. Powerful Yuan Power erupted and directly covered the Fire Crystal Ape King.

“You wish to attack? You are seeking death!”

A ferocious killing intent flashed across the scarlet eyes of the Fire Crystal Ape King when he saw this scene. However, he did not show any signs of pulling back in the face of a combined attack by the Jiang Kun duo. Instead, he took a step forward before monstrous evil aura surged. His large hand, which was covered by fire red crystals, slammed violently towards the Jiang Kun duo while accompanied by an evil wind.


The unusually wild and violent palm wind from the three of them directly clashed in midair in a rampant manner. A loud sound immediately appeared. After which, a shocking energy storm instantly swept apart. That wind directly forced the Jiang Kun duo back by a dozen over steps. In contrast, that Fire Crystal Ape King merely took two steps back before stabilizing his body. The powerful fighting abilities of a Demonic Beast was completely revealed at this moment.

“You actually dare to come and mess with this king with such little ability? You really don’t know your limits!” The Fire Crystal Ape King laughed out loud after forcing back Jiang Kun duo with one punch. His laughter was filled with disdain and ridicule.

However, after his loud laughter had just sounded out, a melodious zither sound suddenly appeared. After which, numerous jade green sonic waves spread rapidly and swiftly engulfed the Fire Crystal Ape King.

“What nonsense is this?”

The scarlet eyes of the Fire Crystal Ape King flashed. His punch directly smashed at the jade green sonic wave that spread apart. After which, he heard a cracking sound before the sonic waves were directly shattered by him.

“How usele…” That Fire Crystal Ape King parted his lips and laughed loudly after seeing that the sonic waves were unable to even withstand one punch. However, his cold laughter had yet to fully form, when he suddenly stiffened. This was because he discovered that those shattered sonic waves did not disappear. Instead, they stuck to his body like maggots in a bone. Finally, they swiftly penetrated his body.

After these jade green light penetrated his body, the Fire Crystal Ape King’s eyes immediately changed drastically. This was because he sensed that his body was emitting a slight numb sensation wherever the jade green light passed. Even his surging energy became a little sluggish.

“Little girl, you are seeking death!”

At this moment, the Fire Crystal Ape King finally became aware of just how powerful these sonic waves were. He immediately roared furiously. His scarlet eyes looked towards the young lady wearing a white blouse and green pants before his large foot stomped on the ground. Immediately, he transformed into a fiery red figure and rushed towards Ying Huanhuan together with a monstrous and fearsome aura.

Ying Huanhuan’s eyes paused on the zither. However, she was clearly able to sense the violent wind that had suddenly arrived. Immediately, her delicate fingers swept passed her zither strings.

Bright jade-green sonic waves rushed out from her zither in a lightning-like fashion. After which, they actually transformed into monstrous jade-green arrows that violently rained down on the Fire Crystal Ape King.

Clang clang clang!

Jade-green arrows rained down on the Fire Crystal Ape King’s body. Those glowing arrows were extremely sharp. Even though the Fire Crystal Ape King had extremely powerful defences, it was still able to feel waves of piercing pain. Moreover, those glowing arrows did not disappear after they struck him. Instead, they transformed into jade green liquid that stuck on his body and continued to invade his body.


That Fire Crystal Ape King clearly become furious because of Ying Huanhuan tactics. The scarlet colour within his eyes brightened. Monstrous red light suddenly swept out from within his body and it actually forcefully shattered the green liquid around his body. After which, his enormous palm directly blasted at Ying Huanhuan.

Ying Huanhuan lifted her pupils slightly. She looked at the Fire Crystal Ape King’s fist, which was being violently thrown over. However, she did not look like she was going to dodge it.

An enormous black metal seal suddenly whistled out at this moment. It expanded with the wind while a dragon roar resounded over the place. A black dragon spirit whizzed out from the metal seal before its enormous dragon claws collided violently with the Fire Crystal Ape King’s huge fists.


Wild and violent wind swept apart and the surrounding large trees were all directly blasted into powder at this moment. However, the Fire Crystal Ape King’s attack was successfully blocked.

“You damn brat!”

The Fire Crystal Ape King furiously stared at the enormous metal seal that was suspended in the mid-air. He could see Lin Dong lowering his head and staring at him with calm eyes.

“This lady has kindly played some zither music for you. Foolish fellow, you truly lack class.” Lin Dong teasingly said.


Ying Huanhuan involuntarily laughed when she heard Lin Dong’s words. This fellow was truly intending to piss off that Fire Crystal Ape King until it turned crazy…

“I will rip you into pieces!”

That Fire Crystal Ape King indeed became quite furious because of Lin Dong’s words. Murderous intent surged within his scarlet eyes. However, he was just about to attack when two unusually strong wind rushed over from behind. They were the Jiang Kun duo, who had tailed behind closely.

That Fire Crystal Ape King clearly did not dare to slight the Jiang Kun duo. Moreover, he was currently being disrupted by the zither sound and his fighting strength had declined. Immediately, he could only forcefully turn around and engage with the Jiang Kun duo again.

Lin Dong looked at the unusually fierce and violent battle from high above. He waved his hand before the enormous black dragon that lingered around his body rushed forth. After which, it wrapped Ying Huanhuan within it. He could tell that the latter’s zither sound seemed to possess the ability to suppress the Fire Crystal Ape King’s strength. With the help of the zither sound, it would be much easier to deal with the Ape King. Hence, Ying Huanhuan’s zither sound was quite important in this battle and it was necessary to protect her well.

Ying Huanhuan’s eyes glanced at Lin Dong when the dragon spirit whizzed over. Immediately, the speed at which she played the zither stealthily increased. Numerous jade-green sonic waves spread apart in the midair and continuously entangled the Fire Crystal Ape King, who was fighting intensely with the Jiang Kun duo.

While the Jiang Kun duo was engaging in an intense battle with the Ape King, Yuan Fang also lead some disciples and swiftly withdrew. After which, those Fire Crystal Demon Apes that Ying Huanhuan had put to sleep earlier, were all finished off one after another.

Boom boom!

A fierce and violent battle erupted crazily within the deep parts of the forest. However, with the flow of time, that Fire Crystal Demon Ape began to show signs of tiring. This was due to the corrosive effect of Ying Huanhuan’s zither sonic waves. Otherwise, just the Jiang Kun duo alone, would likely find it very difficult to fight with the Fire Crystal Ape King.

“That big fellow is going to tire out soon…”

Ying Huanhuan’s eyes were focused on the battleground. A joyful expression also flashed across her eyes, while her movements involuntarily became a little slower.

“Do not slow down the zither music!”

Lin Dong was the closest to Ying Huanhuan. He was also the first to discover the zither music slowing down. His expression immediately changed as he cried out in a deep voice.

Ying Huanhuan was a little startled upon hearing Lin Dong’s voice. She was just about to immediately increase her speed when the Fire Crystal Ape King below roared towards the sky. His loud roar blocked some of the zither music, which had slowed down.

The Fire Crystal Ape King’s aura suddenly soared when the zither music was blocked. A punch forcefully pushed back the Jiang Kun duo. Immediately, he stomped on the ground and directly fled towards the sky.

“Be careful, he is intending to flee!”

Ying Huanhuan’s expression changed as she hurriedly cried out. Promptly, she tried to play her zither in order to stop the Fire Crystal Ape King.

Roar roar!

However, that Fire Crystal Ape King had wised up this time around. Numerous deafening roars that contained powerful energy wildly spread apart and blocked Ying Huanhuan’s zither music.


Ying Huanhuan immediately clenched her teeth when she saw this. A cold glint flashed across her clear eyes. However, just when she was about to use some technique, Lin Dong, who had observed all of these while standing on the metal seal, suddenly rushed out explosively.


Lin Dong’s speed was extremely quick. Within a flash, he had already appeared in front of the Fire Crystal Ape King.

“A five Yuan Nirvana Stage trash also dares to block this king? You really are seeking death!” The Fire Crystal Ape King immediately laughed furiously when he saw Lin Dong appearing in front of him. His enormous fist carried a monstrous wind as he smashed violently towards Lin Dong.

“Lin Dong, be careful!”

Ying Huanhuan and the rest below were immediately startled when they saw this scene. They clearly understood just how wild and violent the Fire Crystal Ape King’s attack was.


The enormous fist was swiftly magnified within Lin Dong’s eyes. His expression was still like an old well without ripples. A grey line was formed between his eyebrows in a lightning-like fashion. After which, it swiftly spread apart. The monstrous, evil and fearsome grey eye once again appeared.

“Desolate Demon Eye?”

Ying Huanhuan and the rest also saw the demonic eye between Lin Dong’s eyebrows. After which, their expressions suddenly turned solemn.