Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 673: Immortal Yuan Ancient Tree

Chapter 673: Immortal Yuan Ancient Tree


Chapter 673: Immortal Yuan Ancient Tree

“Our mineral vein is the largest one within the Blood Rock Grounds, and there are about a hundred disciples stationed here. Of course, such a number isn’t large for a place like the Blood Rock Grounds. Fortunately, with given our Dao Sect’s reputation, there are seldom any individuals or factions that would dare to target us.”

Over a dozen figures flew over the bright red mineral veins. At their front, Yuan Fang introduced these mines, which were owned by their Dao Sect, to Lin Dong’s group along the way.

Lin Dong’s eyes continuously scanned his surroundings while he was in the air. The security of this place could be considered quite tight. Occasionally, individuals would flash past in the air as they vigilantly surveyed the activity around the veins.

The size of this Nirvana Crystal mine far exceeded Lin Dong’s expectations. Back then, he had once discovered a Yang Yuan Stone mine at Qingyang Town. However, that place could hardly hold a candle when compared with this place.

Under Yuan Fang’s lead, the entire group gradually entered the deeper parts of the mine. Compared to the outside, the colour here was growing increasingly crimson red. The entire land appeared to be about to ignite, giving it an extremely mysterious appearance.

Yuan Fang’s body rushed out before suddenly landing on a protruding rock peak. She looked towards the front, while Ying Huanhuan, Lin Dong and the rest also swiftly descended and gazed into the distance.

In front of the stone peak, was a bright red forest. Large trees towered within the forest, and as wind blew on the fiery red leaves, they immediately rustled and danced, appearing just like a sea of fire.

Lin Dong’s eyes swept over that bright red forest, and his eyes quickly focused slightly. With his Mental Energy, he could sense dozens of auras within the forest. These auras were filled with violence and ferociousness. Moreover, all of them were extremely powerful. It was likely that they would not lose to a five Yuan Nirvana stage expert…

“Demonic Beasts?” Lin Dong glanced at Fang Yuan and asked.

“Fire Crystal Demon Ape, a Demonic Beast found in the Blood Rock Grounds. They are extremely troublesome to deal with and always appear in groups. Moreover, each and every one of them is extremely powerful. There are at least forty of them inside. If we engaged them in battle, even if we manage to chase them away in the end, it is likely that the disciples here will suffer serious injuries and even die.” Yuan Fang spoke in a solemn voice.

“So many Fire Crystal Demon Apes?” Beside her, Jiang Kun and Yuan Ling were startled. Although they were experts who had advanced to the seven Yuan Nirvana stage, such a number would be rather troublesome to deal with.

“Elder sister Fang, no Fire Crystal Demon Apes have appeared around this place in the past, no? Why have so many of them suddenly appeared now?” Ying Huanhuan frowned slightly and asked.

“I am too sure either. Moreover, these Fire Crystal Demon Apes will occasionally appear and disturb our mining operations. This has left us with no choice but to relay this information back to the main sect…” Yuan Fang shook her head and said.

“There should be something that they are interested in within this forest…”

Lin Dong suddenly spoke. He watched as eyes turned towards him as he continued, “Demonic Beasts are extremely sensitive towards natural energy, hence, they usually do not gather without reason. They definitely have some motive for gathering together…”

“We have explored this forest in the past, but we did not discover any natural treasures.” Yuan Fang knitted her brows and said.

“Just because it was not there before does not mean that it doesn’t exist now…” Lin Dong spread out his hands and said, “We will probably have to enter the forest in order to find out why they have gathered.”

Lin Dong’s eyes overlooked the fiery red forest as he spoke. For some unknown reason, he could sense that the natural energy at that place appeared to possess an extremely faint yet chaotic aura.

“Enter? Those Fire Crystal Demon Apes are not easy to deal with.” Yuan Fang said.

Jiang Kun and the rest also nodded. It would not be easy to charge past such a large number of Fire Crystal Demon Apes. Moreover, no one knew exactly what was inside the forest.

Lin Dong frowned a little. It was possible to forcefully charge in. However, it was likely that only the four of them possessed the qualifications to do so amongst this group.

“Leave it to me. Why should we clash head on with those foolish fellows?” Ying Huanhuan gently moved her feet and laughed softly while Lin Dong was in deep thought.

Lin Dong was slightly startled as he stared at her large black eyes. However, he did not say anything else. He would not underestimate her because of her age. Since she was able to become a senior direct disciple of the Sky Hall, it was likely that not even a fool would be convinced if one said that Ying Huanhuan did not possess some ability.

Ying Huanhuan’s graceful body gently flew forward. She appeared in the sky above the forest and waved her hand as a Yuan Power pillar directly shot into the forest.



Yuan Power exploded within the forest. Immediately numerous furious roars violently rang out. Rushing wind sounds were heard as dozens of giant fiery red apes appeared on the large trees. Fearsome auras emerged from their bodies as their bright red eyes ferociously stared at Ying Huanhuan.

Lin Dong was now able to clearly see what these Fire Crystal Demon Apes looked like. They were around a couple of dozen feet in size, and their fiery red bodies looked as if they were covered by a layer of crystal. Wild and violent energies continuously spread from within their bodies.

Ying Huanhuan’s body hovered in the air. She looked down at the Fire Crystal Demon Apes, only to release a lovely laughter. She extended her long hands and gently drew it across the empty space in front of her.

Faint green energy gathered after her hand drew past in the air. At a glance, it looked like a couple of green strings.


Ying Huanhuan’s hand gently teased the zither on her hand. Immediately, a melodious zither music began to spread under her fingers.

Lin Dong’s eyes focused on the zither sound that was being transmitted from Ying Huanhuan’s fingers. When the zither sound entered his ears, his mind became a little blurry and his heart immediately tensed up. Promptly, he activated his Yuan Power and covered both his ears, blocking off the zither sound.

“Sound wave attack…”

A surprised expression flashed across Lin Dong’s eyes. He had clearly not expected that Ying Huanhuan would actually be able to use the zither sound as an offensive weapon. This sound wave attack would truly catch some individuals off guard.

Bang bang!

While Lin Dong was in awe, the Fire Crystal Demon Apes above the forest actually shut their ferocious eyes at this moment. After which, all of them fell down one after another, smashing into the ground and making it shake. From the looks of it, all of them had been put to sleep by Ying Huanhuan.

“Done, it’s over.”

Ying Huanhuan curled her lips slightly when she saw this. Only then did she dismiss the zither strings in front of her. She turned around and looked a stunned Lin Dong as pride immediately swelled in her heart. This is nothing, it’s your fault for always acting so unfazed in front of me…


Lin Dong could not help but nod as he secretly upped his assessment of Ying Huanhuan. This was the first time he had seen someone able to combine Yuan Power and zither sound. It was likely that even he would find Ying Huanhuan’s attack extremely troublesome to deal with.

“Let’s go, we’ll enter the forest to take a look and see what has attracted those fellows…”

Ying Huanhuan waved her hand in a big sister like style. After which, she took the lead and directly rushed into the fiery red forest, while Lin Dong’s group quickly followed.

The entire group directly charged into the forest. Due to the absence of the Fire Crystal Demon Apes, they were able to smoothly enter the forest region.


Lin Dong’s figure landed on a tree branch as he frowned once again. Ever since he entered this forest, he had begun to feel disorder in the natural Yuan Power.

The source of the chaos… appeared to be somewhere to their front…

Lin Dong raised his head as he heard Ying Huanhuan exclaim in shock. His heart immediately leaped and his body rushed forward. Within a couple of flashes, he appeared beside her. At this moment, Ying Huanhuan’s eyes were wide, her pretty face covered with a rich shock as she looked forward.

The area before them was a bright red land. However, the land had already been torn apart. A black tree broke through the ground. Branches covered the black tree as it flickered and emitted an icy cold steel-like luster.

It was possible to spot some seemingly naturally formed ancient symbols on that tree, while an extraordinary ripple was being quietly scattered.

Moreover, the thing that truly drew one’s attention were the five bright red burning flame-like fruits hanging on the tree. These fruits were shaky, appearing as though they were about to fall.

“This is…”

Lin Dong’s pupils shrunk a little. Although he did not recognise it, he could tell that it must be an extraordinary object based on the aura it gave off.

“Immortan Yuan Ancient Tree.” Ying Huanhuan gently covered her mouth with her hand. Rich shock filled her face.

“This thing… why would it appear here?” The Jiang Kun duo were also flabbergasted as they muttered.

The forest was completely silent. Everyone was drawn in by the black tree that seemed ot have broken out from the ground….

Ying Huanhuan stared at the black tree with incomparable joy. Soon after, she could not resist and tried to head over. However, just as she had taken a step forward, the expression on Lin Dong’s face suddenly changed drastically. He grabbed her smooth wrist and pulled her back.


The land where Lin Dong and Ying Huanhuan stood suddenly blasted apart just as the former grabbed the latter and pulled her back. A large fiery red hand had burst out from the ground. After which, a titanic fiery red figure rushed out from the ground and landed beside the black tree.

Lin Dong brought Ying Huanhuan as they landed on a large tree. His eyes looked towards flying dirt where a titanic dark red ape stood in a fearsome manner. A monstrous and fearsome evil aura swept forth like a storm.

“Fire Crystal Ape King?”

Ying Huanhuan’s expression changed slightly when she saw this huge fellow, whose colour and luster was completely different from those from before.