Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 671: Heading out of the Sect

Chapter 671: Heading out of the Sect


Chapter 671: Heading out of the Sect

Sunlight shone down from the sky and turned into rays that lit up the lady’s alluring and slender body on the platform. She looked extremely dazzling.

A head full of dark black hair was tied up into a simple ponytail, which hung softly on her body till her waist. Her ponytail was slightly curled, giving her the feeling of youth and liveliness that was quietly blossoming. This would definitely brighten up the mental state of the surrounding individuals who saw her.

Anyone who laid their eyes on this lovely and pure young lady would feel quite joyful. Lin Dong, however, was the only exception. When he saw Ying Huanhuan’s beautiful face, he involuntarily rubbed his nose. It turns out that his travelling buddy this time around was actually her…

Only now did he finally realize why Wu Dao’s smile looked so strange. It seems like that old fellow had known about it all along.

Lin Dong’s eyes lingered on Ying Huanhuan for a while, before he turned away. Glancing at her side, there were two young men standing arrogantly.

The two of them were tall and thin and they looked fairly dashing. One of them was dressed in white, while the other was dressed in black. From a single glance, one could tell that they gave off an imposing aura. When they occasional glanced at Lin Dong, one could easily identify a tinge of arrogance in their looks. Naturally, Lin Dong did not care about this. His Desolate Hall has been ranked last for the past few years. Therefore, when disciples from the other three halls looked at them, they naturally felt a sense of superiority.

Based on the Yuan Power fluctuations emitted from their bodies, which did not lose out to Jiang Hao, Lin Dong was able to deduce that they must hold a pretty respectable status in their respective halls. In fact, they may even be senior direct disciples as well. Hence, it was reasonable for them to be slightly arrogant.

An old man with a head full of white hair beamed and looked towards Wu Dao and Lin Dong, who were descending on the platform. He smiled and said, “Haha, the members from Desolate Hall have arrived…”

Wu Dao smiled and nodded his head. He bowed at the old man before introducing him to Lin Dong, “This is Elder Bai Hua.”

“So this little brat is Lin Dong from your Desolate Hall, who has recently become quite a sensation? Entering the hall for less than a month and becoming a senior direct disciple. It seems like he might have broken some records,” said the old man with a smile, while he stared at Lin Dong.

After the old man spoke, behind him, Ying Huanhuan could not help but shoot a glance at Lin Dong. She naturally knew about this incident as well. Furthermore, when she first heard about it, not only her but even her elder sister Ying Xiaoxiao was slightly startled. Evidently, both of them had never expected that Lin Dong could actually become a senior direct disciple in Desolate Hall within such a short period of time.

“Elder, you’ve overpraised me. It was all thanks to the generosity of my senior brothers, who let me pass their tests,” replied Lin Dong with a faint smile.

When he heard Lin Dong’s modest reply, the white-haired old man was quite pleased. Stroking his beard, he nodded his head faced Wu Dao and said: “Not arrogant and not hot tempered. He is a good seed. Looks like this time your Desolate Hall got lucky.”

“That is..” said Wu Dao, while laughing without a shred of politeness. The behaviour Lin Dong displayed during this period had consistently exceeded his expectations. At this rate, if Lin Dong was given time, his future achievements would definitely be quite spectacular.

The white-haired old man laughed before turning his attention towards Lin Dong and the other three and said: “Huanhuan will be the leader for the mission. As for the specific details, she will update and brief all of you once you guys are on your way.”

When he heard the old man’s words, it caused Lin Dong to gawk for a moment. He could not resist but look doubtfully at the young lady in front of him, who was wearing a white blouse and a green skirt. She looked exactly like a naive and innocent young girl. Why did the elder choose her to be the leader?

A crack appeared at the corner of Lin Dong’s mouth. He was a person who had come out of a place like the Ancient Battlefield. However, he had never expected that they would actually choose a silly little lass to be their leader…

Moreover, what really stunned Lin Dong was the reactions of the two males after the white-haired old man spoke. The two of them from Earth and Flood Hall did have a shred of objection, as if they were completely agreeable with this arrangement.

“Could it be this little lass is not as simple as she seems?” murmured Lin Dong secretly.

“Yes? Do you have a problem with Elder Bai Hua’s arrangement?”

Just as Lin Dong murmured in his heart, a clear and sweet-sounding voice rang beside his ear. Raising his head, the first thing he saw was Ying Huanhuan revealing a smile so sweet it could make bones turn soft. However, within her big beautiful eyes, Lin Dong could identify a cunning fox-like nature. Immediately, he suavely waved his hand and said: “I will do whatever elder has instructed.”

Lin Dong’s swift response caused Ying Huanhuan’s crescent-shaped eyebrows to jump slightly. However, she could only swallow the words that were about to leave her mouth. Curling the corner of her mouth, she said, “I’ve led groups out of the sect for over ten times. Thus, I have much more experience than you newbies. In this world, being older does not automatically give you the right to be arrogant.”

The moment those words came out of her mouth, it caused Wu Dao and Elder Bai Hua to gawk. Promptly, they could only shake their heads helplessly. Even innocent bystanders like them were roped into this conflict. Seems like this lass’s mouth is still so sharp…

Lin Dong’s expression did not change. Although the contrast between Ying Huanhuan’s age and her experience left him surprised, that was all to it. Perhaps Lin Dong cannot match up to her in terms of knowledge and experience, however, having slaughtered his way out of the cruel Ancient Battlefield, Lin Dong possessed the cautiousness and ruthlessness that these super sect disciples did not have.

However, when Ying Huanhuan saw Lin Dong’s calm expression, she immediately clenched her teeth. This fellow is simply too disrespectful…

“Let’s go.”

Ying Huanhuan casually shot a glance at Lin Dong. Following which, without hesitation, she extended her semi-transparent jade-like finger. It looked like a perfect piece of artwork and caused one to be unable to tear their gaze away.


Ying Huanhuan’s slender jade-like finger waved around casually in the space before her. A clear sound unexpectedly rang out, before it dissipated in the sky.


Not long after the dissipation of that sound, a clear cry rang out from a huge verdant mountain not far away. The sound came from a large green condor that flew over to the platform while carrying along crazy gusts.

“Let’ go, we will leave and return quickly.”

As her alluring body flashed, Ying Huanhuan mounted the green condor. Upon seeing this, the disciples from Earth and Flood Hall quickly followed behind her. Lin Dong hesitated for a moment before saluting to Wu Dao and Bai Hua and leaving.


After the three of them boarded the green condor, Ying Huanhuan gave it a light pat. It began to flap its gigantic wings, creating crazy gusts before it took off with a lightning speed.

On the platform, Wu Dao looked at the green condor in the horizon, before turning his head around and asked: “Are they headed towards the Blood Cliff Grounds this time?”


“That place is very chaotic with a mix of good people and scumbags. Is it alright to let four youngsters go?” asked Wu Dao while frowning.

“Relax, nothing will happen to them. Our Dao Sect has a Yuan mine at that area. According to the reports, there is some strange activity occurring there. I believe that it should be some demonic beasts wreaking havoc. The four of them are all top individuals from their respective halls. Therefore, I believe that they should be able to settle this issue,” replied Bai Hua with a smile.

After hearing his reply, Wu Dao did not speak further. However, within his heart, uncertainty unknowingly started to bubble up…


Above the horizon, the green condor’s flapping wings create crazy gusts as it flew through the sky. The speed they were travelling at was as quick as lightning.

Lin Dong sat cross-legged on the back of the green condor. This condor was obviously not a normal creature. It was emitting energy from its body, which completely blocked the crazy gusts that it generated. Therefore, they were able to sit peacefully on its back.

Ying Huanhuan was seated at the front of the green condor. The two disciples from Earth and Flood Hall were quite familiar with her and sat slightly behind her. From their conversation, Lin Dong could sense that the two of them fancied her. This was no surprise to Lin Dong, as Ying Huanhuan is not only exceptionally talented, but she was adorable, cute and lovely as well. Furthermore, she gave off a pure and innocence vitality that could infect anyone. In fact, even Lin Dong found it hard to resist. As such, it was not surprising that the two of them would fancy her.

Lin Dong gradually withdrew his gaze from Ying Huanhuan and the two of them. Looking towards the sea of trees that were rapid retreating, he could not help but think of Little Marten and Little Flame…

“I wonder how they are right now…”

Lin Dong pursed his lips. Little Marten and Little Flame had been gone for over a month. However, Lin Dong had yet to receive any updates from the both of them. Although he knew that they would not face any major issues due to Little Marten’s abilities, it was inevitable that he still felt a little worried in his heart.

After being accustomed and relying on their presence during numerous struggles and fights, Lin Dong was somewhat unable to adapt with their sudden separation.


Just as Lin Dong was slightly absent-minded, a melodious voice rang out from the front. He raised his head while staring blankly in front for a while before the surrounding scenery retreated rapidly around him. The young lady in a white blouse and a green skirt tilted her head and stared at him. Her pitch black ponytail brushed across the nape of her neck. Coupled with her bright and beautiful big eyes, which were akin to a lak, she looked exceptionally beautiful.


After being slightly absent-minded due to such a soul-stirring scene, Lin Dong regained his consciousness and asked.

“You are quite antisocial. Everyone here is your senior. Your actions would cause others to assume that you are proud and aloof. Our Dao Sect disciples do not behave in this manner during missions.” replied Ying Huanhuan. The tone of her voice coupled with her young lady-like appearance was quite comical.

Lin Dong felt quite helpless. Isn’t it clear you guys were deliberately ignoring me? Why am I being criticized for being proud and aloof now…

“We can be considered as comrades for this mission. Since you are a newbie, we will take good care of you. Don’t be nervous and just treat it as a training exercise. Since you left with all four limbs attached to your body, I will make sure that you will return without any pieces of meat missing,” replied Ying Huanhuan with a grin.

Lin Dong rubbed his nose and could not resist but laugh. He had a slightly favourable impression of the young lady in front of him. Although she was somewhat weird and bizarre, she was definitely not a bad person.

“Haha, junior brother Lin Dong, please relax. We will handle anything that happens. Just use this trip to gain some experience,” said the two males from Earth and Flood Hall, standing beside Ying Huanhuan while laughing merrily. However, there was a sensation of pride within their laughter.

Lin Dong gave a faint smile without showing his approval or disapproval.

“I’ve heard that you have successfully learnt the “Desolate Demon Eye” of the Desolate Hall?” asked Ying Huanhuan suddenly as she stared at Lin Dong. After she asked this question, the pupils of the two males expanded for a while. Evidently, they had heard of the Desolate Demon Eye.

“I got lucky and was barely able to master it…” Lin Dong hesitated for a moment before he nodded his head and replied.


Ying Huanhuan gave a slight nod, before a slight tinge fleeted across her beautiful pupils. She could clearly remember the shocked expression on her elder sister’s face when she heard the news.

Ying Huanhuan did a lazy stretch, exposing her soft waist which showcased her alluring curve. After casually shooting a glance at Lin Dong, she said “I really couldn’t tell that you are quite talented. I will now withdraw my initial appraisal that you are arrogant.” said Ying Huanhuan.

After hearing her words, Lin Dong instantly did not know whether to cry or to laugh. Although Ying Huanhuan had taken back her words of him being arrogant, that still meant that her appraisal of him being extremely boastful was still stuck to him.

“As for the other one, we will talk about it after you have comprehended the Great Desolation Scripture.”

As if she knew what Lin Dong was thinking of, Ying Huanhuan’s soft and gentle voice was transmitted over once again.

Looking at the charming cheeks of the young lady, Lin Dong gave a smile and replied: “If my memory serves me right, I recalled you saying that if I understood the Great Desolation Scripture, you will fulfil one of my requests, right?”

Ying Huanhuan gawked for a moment before a crimson shade appeared on her cheeks. She proceeded to bite her lip and maliciously shot a look at Lin Dong before twisting her body away.

“I am only afraid that you don’t have the ability to fulfil this criterion!”

Staring at the form of the young lady, who was slightly outraged, Lin Dong gave a faint smile.It seems like this mission would not be so boring as he had thought…