Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 670: Peace

Chapter 670: Peace


Chapter 670: Peace

After the conclusion of the monthly competition, the Desolate Hall turned peaceful once again. However, there were now a few more good discussion topics that appeared secretly in the discussions between the disciples. These topics naturally did not stray away from the soul-stirring fight between Lin Dong and Jiang Hao that day.

News that Lin Dong managed to successfully learn the “ Desolate Demon Eye” had also circulated around rapidly. This inevitably caused repeated shock to people who heard it, while quite a few Desolate Hall disciples smacked their lips in envy of Lin Dong’s talent.

After the intense fight with Jiang Hao during the monthly competition, Lin Dong had managed to thoroughly secure his footing within the Desolate Hall. Becoming the fifth senior direct disciple caused his status within the Desolate Hall to soar. Every day when he met disciples from Desolate Hall, they would show a face of respect and bow towards him and address him as a senior brother. This was even true for disciples, who were older and more experienced than him.

Although Lin Dong felt nonchalant about this kind of special treatment, it was great news for Mo Ling and the rest of the disciples, who followed Lin Dong and joined Desolate Hall. Although it was peaceful in the Desolate Hall, disputes and division into cliques were unavoidable. As new disciples, their position was considered to be the lowest as they did not have anyone to reply on. Typically, their training facilities will also be inferior compared to those veteran disciples.

However, following Lin Dong’s meteoric promotion to senior direct disciple, these new disciples had a backer to rely on. Hence, thanks to Lin Dong’s reputation, those veteran disciples would no longer dare to intentionally create trouble for them. As such, from that day onwards, Mo Ling and the rest of them faced significantly less troubles.

Furthermore, unknown to Lin Dong, there were quite a few disciples that were quietly following him. Gradually, this indicated the formation of a new clique with him as their leader.

Naturally, Lin Dong did not care much about this matter and would only smile when he occasionally discovered it. He had no intention of forming a clique. However, Mo Ling and the rest of them are his friends and they all came from Great Yan Empire. Hence, if they were to run into problems, he would naturally not standby idly.

After Lin Dong’s officially promotion to senior direct disciple, the current him was now formally considered as a core disciple of the Desolate Hall. As such, Lin Dong could finally enjoy the life of being a disciple in the Desolate Hall…

In the subsequent month after the monthly competition, a large majority of Lin Dong’s time was spent within the martial arts hall. Of course, he was not delusional enough to attempt to master the three other great martial arts. Hence, every time he entered the martial arts hall, he would sit in front of the Desolate Stone to absorb the Desolate Energy for his Desolate Arts. Other than that, he would spend the rest of his time before the “Desolate Demon Eye” martial art tablet.

The perverted lethality of the “Desolate Demon Eye” was experienced first-hand by Lin Dong after his fight with Jiang Hao. This martial art was truly fearsome and Lin Dong only had an initial mastery over it and could barely control it. Therefore, during this one month’s time, he spent all his time shuttling in and out of the mental space within the stone tablet. Inside there, he continuously received the dreadful attack from “Huang”…

This training method was slightly masochistic. However, since Lin Dong had the Mysterious Stone Talisman, he was not afraid of the fiendish corrosive strength.

Thanks to this masochistic training, Lin Dong could sense that his control over the “Desolate Demon Eye” was become increasingly proficient after a month’s training. This fact brought joy to his heart.

Furthermore, due to the long period of time spent within the Martial Arts Hall, he had gotten rather close with the blind old man. This person, who appeared to be an eccentric blind old man, was rather cordial with Lin Dong. This was especially true after he learnt that Lin Dong had successfully learnt the “Desolate Demon Eye”. Their relationship grew even stronger and the warmth that he showed Lin Dong, was something denied to Chen Zhen and Wu Dao.

Between their interactions, Lin Dong found out the name of the blind old man, Gu Mo. At the beginning, when Lin Dong first saw him, he was eccentric and distant. However, his status gave Lin Dong quite a shock, as he was actually an elder of the Dao Sect. His status was even higher than Chen Zhen and Wu Dao by a level.

Furthermore, what truly shocked him was that even though Elder Gu Mo failed initially when he tried to learn the “Desolate Demon Eye” and even lost his sight, thanks to his stubborn nature and determination, he was able to forcefully master it in the end. This caused Lin Dong to be secretly in awe because only the individuals who have tried to learn the “Desolate Demon Eye”, would understand how potent the corrosive power of the fiendish Qi was. Nonetheless, Elder Gu Mo actually refused to give up even after losing his sight, and forcefully managed to master it in the end…

Of course, it may be have been because he had nothing else to lose. Since he had already turned blind, there was nothing else for that fiendish Qi to corrode. Subsequently, Elder Gu Mo chose to gave up his Yuan Power cultivation and decided to focus on his Mental Energy cultivation. Once his Mental Energy was unleashed, the world that he saw was clearer than the world he previously saw with his fleshly eyes.

In Lin Dong’s opinion, the reason why Elder Gu Mo saw eye to eye with him, was likely because he had also trained in the “Desolate Demon Eye”…

And this was how Lin Dong spent one month’s time, in peace and tranquility. Within this month, Lin Dong gradually integrated himself into this foreign yet familiar Desolate Hall. After thinking for a while, Lin Dong felt like this might turn into another home for him. At the very least, even a cautious and prudent person like him did not feel put off by this place…

His life within the Desolate Hall was unlike the Ancient Battlefield, where he had to be constantly on the tenterhooks and be ready for a life or death fight with an opponent at anytime. However, thanks to this unique peaceful environment, it caused Lin Dong’s state of mind to become increasingly mild and peaceful. Meanwhile, the viciousness and antisocial behaviour that was drilled into his bones in the Ancient Battlefield was slowly being withdrawn…



A meager form sat cross-legged quietly before the black coloured stone tablet. After a long time, the black coloured eye on the surface of the stone tablet suddenly blinked once. Wave after wave of mysterious fluctuations started being emitted. In the end, most of them shot directly into the grey line present on the forehead of the figure.

The grey line gradually dissipated, before Lin Dong’s eyes gradually opened. A mysterious grey flash flickered across his eyes before a smile appeared on his face.

“Looks like you have made good training progress on the “Desolate Demon Eye…”

A hoarse voice rang out from behind Lin Dong. He turned around and gave a smile toward the blind old man, who was holding onto a broom before he said: “This is all thanks to the guidance from senior uncle Gu Mo.”

If they were going by status, Lin Dong had to address Gu Mo as elder. However, due to the latter’s eccentricness, he scolded Lin Dong when he first addressed him as elder and made him change it to senior uncle. As Lin Dong was not a person to be constrained by mannerism, he felt that calling him senior uncle will help bring them closer.

“If you are not talented, any advice that I give will be of no use. You brat, you are getting more and more greedy…” replied the blind old man, while a smile appeared on his fully wrinkled face. He proceeded to say: “ You should go. Wu Dao is waiting for you outside the martial arts hall. It seems like he has a task for you.”


Lin Dong was startled for a short while before he smiled and nodded his head. Without saying anything else, he bowed and saluted to Gu Mo before swaggering out.

Walking out of the martial arts hall, Lin Dong was not surprised to see Wu Dao, with his hands behind his back. During this one month, Lin Dong had rarely met up with him. Thinking about it, it seemed like there are quite a few internal matters within the sect. Being the vice head of the Desolate Hall, it was natural that Wu Dao would be much busier than someone like him, who was merely concerned with training.

“You sure know how to network. It hasn’t been a few months, yet you actually managed to win over senior brother Gu Mo. At this present moment, even I can’t disturb you during your training…” When Wu Dao saw Lin Dong walked out of the hall, he involuntarily chuckled before he chided him.

Hearing this, Lin Dong smiled. Never would he have imagined that senior uncle Gu Mo was actually so suave. He actually forced Wu Dao to wait outside the martial arts hall…

“What is going on, senior uncle Wu Dao?” asked Lin Dong while he blinked and grinned.

“Yes, this time you will have to make a trip out of the sect. There are missions that the higher-ups want you disciples to complete. You can treat it as a training trip. Since you are new, you won’t be assigned with major responsibilities. After all, there will be other hall disciples. Just learn to adapt to it,” said Wu Dao with a smile.

“Going out of the sect?”

Lin Dong gawked for a moment before nodding his head. He knew that for these super sects, there is a high possibility that they would assign missions for their disciples in order to train them. From the looks of it now, he seems like he would be taking part in one now…

“Follow me, I take you to meet your buddies who would be travelling together with you…” said Wu Dao, who shot a smile towards Lin Dong, before proceeding to turn around and walk off.

Lin Dong looked at Wu Dao’s back in doubt. The smile present on that old fellow’s face was slightly odd and strange. However, he did not ponder on this issue. With a twist of his body, he quickly chased up to Wu Dao.

The two of them dashed past all the groups of mountains within the Desolate Hall before descending on a gigantic platform towards the north. After descending, Lin Dong took a quick glance around, before his facial expression turned into one of doubt.

At this moment, on the platform, a young girl at the prime of her youth, dressed in a white blouse and a green skirt was staring lazily at him. Within those bright and beautiful big eyes, were a peculiar elf-like sadism and a deeply hidden feeling of intrigue.

This young lady was precisely the one who called Lin Dong, a shameless braggart, proud and aloof when he first entered Dao Sect, Ying Huanhuan…