Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 669: A Talk in the Night

Chapter 669: A Talk in the Night


Chapter 669: A Talk in the Night

The Desolate Hall had an additional senior direct disciple after the end of the battle between Lin Dong and Jiang Hao. It was likely that this matter would stir quite a great commotion within the Dao Sect should it be spread. After all, there was not a single disciple during these years, who successfully became a senior direct disciple of any hall, after having just joined for less than a month.

Chen Zhen waved his sleeves after announcing that Lin Dong was the fifth senior direct disciple of the Desolate Hall. Immediately, everyone saw the ground beside the four stone platforms rising. A majestic Yuan Power directly created a new stone platform that was of the same height as the four others.

That spot would be Lin Dong’s individual seat during the future monthly competitions. This was a symbol of status. With regards to that, Lin Dong also acted unceremoniously as his body moved and he rushed onto the platform.

“Haha, junior brother Lin Dong, congratulation,” Pang Tong’s sincere face also had a smile on it at this moment, as he spoke to Lin Dong.

Fang Yun, Song Zhou and the other senior direct disciples also nodded their heads at Lin Dong. If they had previously looked down on Lin Dong because of their seniority, this mentality had been completely replaced. Lin Dong had displayed a shocking fighting strength during the previous battle and even they did not dare to underestimate him.

“I hope that the four seniors will take good care of me in the future.”

Lin Dong was not stingy with his friendliness in the face of their smiles. It was likely that he would train within the Desolate Hall for a long time in future. Hence, he naturally did not want to have a terrible relationship with his seniors. After experiencing the various games during the Hundred Empire War, he quite enjoyed the atmosphere within the Desolate Hall. After all, no one in this world likes to be constantly fighting with others…

Pang Tong and the three others smiled and nodded when they saw the friendly smile on Lin Dong’s face. They involuntarily sighed within their hearts. Lin Dong’s actions finally allowed them to understand the boldness and resolution that was buried within his bones. They had also heard about the cruelty of the Hundred Empire War. In order for Lin Dong to clear a path one step at a time with his low-rank empire background, the amount of effort he had to put in would likely cause them to feel ashamed, should it be described in detail.

“This junior has extraordinary potential. No wonder teacher-uncle Chen Zhen and Wu Dao have such high expectations of him…” The four of them looked at each other and saw the mutual thought within their minds.

After greeting Pang Tong’s group, Lin Dong finally sat down on his own stone platform and raised his head. The height of the stone platform allowed him to overlook the entire mountaintop. There was a black mass of people when he looked down. Tens of thousands of Desolate Hall disciples sat quietly in this place. Their expressions when they looked at him were filled with rich respect.

Chen Zhen once again returned to his stone seat. Next, he waved his sleeve and announced the start of the monthly competition. However, those subsequent matches were naturally not as fearsome as the one between Lin Dong and Jiang Hao. However, due to the large number of people present, the scene was also quite magnificent.

Branch disciples were the most numerous amongst the Desolate Hall disciples. These branch disciples were all constantly hoping to become full-fledged Desolate Hall disciples. This was because only by becoming a true Desolate Hall disciple would they possess the qualification to enter the Desolate Hall mountains and train. Moreover, they would also gain the qualifications to learn the deep and profound martial arts in Desolate Hall.

Therefore, there will always be quite a number of branch disciples going all-out during the monthly competition, in an attempt to unleash one hundred and twenty percent of their own strength, hoping that they will be promoted to become a full-fledged disciple.

The Desolate Hall monthly competition continued for an entire day. Its final result caused the Chen Zhen duo to feel quite satisfied. Amongst the tens of thousands of branch disciples, there were over a hundred disciples with outstanding performances, who possessed the qualification to be promoted to a full-fledged disciple. At the same time, this increased the overall strength of their Desolate Hall.

As moonlight gradually encompassed the Desolate Hall mountains, the mountain top, which had been lively for an entire day, finally began to gradually quieten down. As large groups of disciples began to leave, the sound of rushing wind continued to buzz over the mountaintop.

Lin Dong also stood up from his own stone platform. He stretched his lazy waist and was just about to leave with Mo Ling’s group, when Wu Dao suddenly appeared beside him.

“Little fellow, you have performed quite well today.” Wu Dao smilingly stared at Lin Dong and laughed.

“Heh, teacher-uncle Wu Dao has overpraised me. It was by chance that I satisfied the criteria for practicing the Desolate Demon Eye. Moreover, I have yet to completely master it and have merely gained an initial mastery.” Lin Dong smilingly said. Although Wu Dao was the deputy hall chief of Desolate Hall and he had an extremely high status, Lin Dong did not act in an overly restrained manner in front of him.

“You little fellow…”

Wu Dao smiled and shook his head. He mused a little and said, “Currently, you are a senior direct disciple of the Desolate Hall. You should train properly from now onwards. The Great Desolate Tablet will be opened three months later. Whether you will be able to comprehend it will depend on your own fate.”

“Three months later…”

Lin Dong was stunned initially. Promptly, a fiery hot expression surged out from within his eyes. He clearly understood that even though he was now a legendary figure in Desolate Hall, it was merely the case within the Desolate Hall. The Dao Sect was huge and the number of prodigies in the three other halls were as numerous as the stars. If he wanted to stand out amongst all four halls, he must successfully comprehend the Great Desolation Scripture. Otherwise, he would definitely end up being at a disadvantage when he faced those top disciples from the three other halls, who have comprehended the three other great mysterious scriptures.

However, it was also because of his fame that many disciples in the Desolate Hall were anxiously awaiting the day the Great Desolate Tablet opened. If Lin Dong was truly able to comprehend the Great Desolation Scripture, his reputation would exceed that of the four senior direct disciples. In fact, he will even be able to rival the top disciples from the three other halls.

Of course, if he failed, it was likely that he would wound up attracting some nasty gossips. His earlier performances were simply too dazzling and he can even be comparable to that fellow, who possessed an extremely high position in the hearts of the Dao Sect’s disciples. Hence, if he failed to comprehend the Great Desolation Scripture, it would likely cause quite a number of Desolate Hall disciple to be secretly disappointed…

Compared to understanding the Great Desolate Scripture, all those previous results were hardly worth mentioning…

Lin Dong looked at Wu Dao’s earnest eyes before he curled his mouth slightly. For some unknown reason, it seemed like quite a lot of expectations had been placed on his shoulders…

“I will do my best.” Lin Dong softly replied.

“Soon after the Great Desolate Tablet opens will be the Hall test. The result that our Desolate Hall will achieve would likely depend on the five of you…” Wu Dao smilingly said.

“How is the strength of that big senior sister Ying Xiaoxiao from the Sky Hall like?” Lin Dong blinked and suddenly asked.

“Xiaoxiao ah… a lady with extremely great talent. Currently, she should be attempting to break through the ninth Nirvana Tribulation.” Wu Dao smacked his mouth. It was likely that even he coveted Ying Xiaoxiao’s talent.

“Attempting the ninth Nirvana Tribulation…” Lin Dong’s heart was slightly shaken. She is indeed worthy of being the big senior sister of the Sky Hall. Her strength was likely comparable to Ling Qingzhu…

“I heard from your friend Lin Diao that you have a complicated relationship with Ling Qingzhu from Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace?” Standing in front of Lin Dong, Wu Dao suddenly said while Lin Dong was still shocked by the strength of big senior sister Ying Xiaoxiao.


Lin Dong was startled. He raised his head and looked at Wu Dao’s somewhat complicated expression. Immediately, he felt his face turn red. He let out a dry laughter but was uncertain about how he should reply. Could he really tell Wu Dao that he had once taken possession of that lady’s body? If word of this was to spread, it was likely that there would be a countless number of people charging to Dao Sect and causing trouble for him within a couple of days…

“Tsk tsk, little fellow, your eyesight is quite good. Ling Qingzhu is a renowned person amongst the younger generation in the Eastern Xuan Region. Even Xiaoxiao… that lass is overshadowed by her. There are a countless number of young geniuses from various super sects chasing after her during these years in an attempt to win the heart of the beauty. However, no one has succeeded.”

Wu Dao patted Lin Dong’s shoulders. His smile appeared a little wretched under the moonlight, “Your target is really challenging. Good luck. I have confidence in you. If you can capture Ling Qingzhu, I believe that the expressions of those from the Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace will be extremely interesting.”

Lin Dong smiled in an embarrassed manner. Wu Dao really thought too highly of him. The former clearly understood the gap between him and Ling Qingzhu. Even after several years of bitter training, there was still quite a big gap between him and her. However, the current gap was already one that could be seen and it was no longer as ethereal and invisible like back then.

His effort during these years was not for nought. The current him was also no longer the same tender youth who could only look up to her.

Lin Dong inhaled a deep breath of cool air. He turned his head and his eyes looked into the distance. Moonlight shone on his face, outlining a tough figure. He had already endured through the toughest time. Currently, there was no reason to give up.

Ling Qingzhu, I really look forward to our next encounter…