Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 668: The Fifth Senior Direct Disciple

Chapter 668: The Fifth Senior Direct Disciple


Chapter 668: The Fifth Senior Direct Disciple

The radiant golden shield started to collapse at an astonishing speed due to that grey light beam. That defensive shield, which was able to resist an all-out attack from a Seven Yuan Nirvana Stage expert, collapsed just like paper mache.

At this moment, a panic-stricken expression quickly appeared on Jiang Hao’s face. However, since he was able to become one of the four senior direct disciples of the Desolate Hall, he was no ordinary individual. In the face of danger, he acted in a decisive fashion. Immediately, he lightning quick stomped on his crumbling golden shield, before he used that momentum to retreat.


The moment Jiang Hao made his sudden explosive retreat, the grey light had already thoroughly smashed a hole through his golden shield. Furthermore, it continued on with an astonishing speed and flew straight towards Jiang Hao.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Jiang Hao’s face turned solemn as he quickly retreated. As he continuously waved his sleeves, waves of powerful Desolate Energy came rushing forth. Following which, he tried to use those energy waves to resist the strange grey light beam, that was headed towards him.

However, it was obvious that his attempt at resistance was futile. Although the grey light beam was not frightening to look at, the corrosive strength that it contained was at quite a terrifying level. Therefore, those Desolate Energy shockwaves that were sent out by Jiang Hao did not hinder the grey light beam at all.

At this moment, the entire stadium was thoroughly rifled up. Countless numbers of disciples, who were initially seated, all stood up suddenly. All of them wore dumbfounded looks as they stared at Jiang Hao, who was now extremely distressed. In that second, each and every one of them had a look of disbelief on their faces.

The situation had turned around too quickly!

Originally, they assumed that the fight would end the moment Jiang Hao executed his “Great Star Majestic Fist”. However, none of them expected that not only was Lin Dong able to handle such a fearsome attack, he even managed to force Jiang Hao into such a sorry state!

An uproar spread throughout the entire mountain peak and even Pang Tong, Fang Yun and Song Zhou gawked at this scene. The three of them shot a look at each other and they could all see the shock that was present in each other’s eyes.


At this very moment, Jiang Hao could not be bothered about the uproar that was happening on the mountain peak. His attention was completely focused on the grey light beam, that was tailing him just like a maggot in his bone. A thick feeling of danger rose within him, causing all the hair on his body to involuntarily stand.

“It has caught up!”

Jiang Hao’s pupils suddenly contracted. The grey light beam pierced through the void like lighting and had actually already arrived in front of him.

“I don’t believe that I can’t block you!”

After retreating in such a distressed manner, Jiang Hao’s anger had finally shot through the roof. Straightening his head, boundless Yuan Power erupted crazily from his body, before he launched a palm attack.

However, as Jiang Hao was about to completely unleash all the Yuan Power within his palm, an old figure strangely appear in front of him. With a wave of his sleeve, a gentle draft appeared and swept Jiang Hao away. At the same time, he flipped his palm again before endless Yuan Power surged forth and formed a giant Yuan Power vortex in front of him. The vortex spun around crazily as the Yuan Power within it continued to grow endlessly.


The grey light beam rushed into the Yuan Power vortex with lightning speed. After that happened, everyone could see several massive explosions erupting within the vortex.

Chen Zhen’s gaze turned solemn as he stared at the grey light beam that was rampaging across the vortex. At this moment, he raised both of his hands gently and directly patted the vortex, causing it to scatter. Following the scattering of the vortex, the grey light beam within also disappeared along with it.

After Chen Zhen settled the grey light beam, Jiang Hao had already landed on the ground. He raised his head with a faint palpitation still remaining on his face.

At this moment, the entire mountain peak was eerily silent. One gaze after another suddenly landed on the body of Chen Zhen, before all of them secretly gulped. Being disciples of the Desolate Gate, they were naturally aware that when disciples spared, the hall masters would not typically intervene. In fact, they would only interfere if there were incidents that were spinning out of control.

Pang Tong and the other two looked at this scene with some palpitations in their hearts.

“Lin Dong, is that the Desolate Demon Eye?” asked Chen Zhen in a relaxed tone, while hovering in mid air. He was looking at Lin Dong below, with a complex expression within his eyes.

As this question appeared, a sucking sound resounded from everywhere within the stadium. In fact, for Pang Tong, Jiang Hao and the other two, a rich astonishment expression appeared within their eyes.

Amongst the Desolate Hall martial arts, the Great Desolation Mysterious Scripture was naturally the most powerful one. Below the Great Desolation Mysterious Scripture, was the so-called four great martial arts. Amongst them, the Desolate Demon Eye was the hardest to master. Within these few years, although it cannot be said that no one had managed to master the Desolate Demon Eye, most of them were the Desolate Hall’s older generation members. Amongst the disciples, however, there was no one who had successfully done it…

However, right before their eyes, Lin Dong had actually managed to learn the Desolate Demon Eye, which was widely considered to be the most lethal martial art in Desolate Hall. How could this not make the audience feel shocked? Furthermore, they were clearly aware that Lin Dong had merely entered the martial arts hall for five days…

However, in these five days, he actually managed to gain an initial mastery over the Desolate Demon Eye?

“Is this fellow even human?” thought Pang Tong and other three as they shot a look at each other. All of them had complex feelings. Even though they were all highly talented, if they were to be compared to that fellow Lin Dong, they seemed rather ordinary.

Of course, the four of them naturally did not know that the reason why Lin Dong was able to do so, was not only because of his talent but also because of the Mysterious Stone Talisman. Although the Desolate Demon Eye was overbearing and evil and ordinary individuals would find it exceedingly difficult to fully control it, Lin Dong possessed the Mysterious Stone Talisman. Therefore, he was able to fully restrain and control it!

Every pair of eyes in the entire stadium congealed on Lin Dong’s body. At this moment, the grey eye at Lin Dong’s forehead began to close before turning into a grey line and disappearing.

After the grey eye disappeared, a pale expression appeared on Lin Dong’s face. The lethality, Yuan Power and Mental Energy consumption of the Desolate Demon Eye had completely exceeded his expectations. If Chen Zhen did not intervene, the previous attack would have likely left serious injuries on Jiang Hao. This situation was something that he obviously did not want to see. After all, this is the Desolate Hall and not the Ancient Battlefield. Therefore, he could no longer be as aggressive as before.

“Yes, hall master, the martial art that I have just used is indeed the Desolate Demon Eye.”

Lin Dong bowed at Chen Zhen, before saying in a bitter voice: “Due to the fact that I only have an initial mastery over it, I can’t control it well…”

“I see…” Chen Zhen subconsciously muttered before turning silent for a while. It was as if he was trying to quell the shock within his heart.

After seeing Chen Zhen fall silent, Lin Dong did not speak anymore. He knew that Chen Zhen and the rest must be shocked that he was able to learn the “Desolate Demon Eye”.

On the stone chair, Wu Dao secretly laughed bitterly in his heart. However, joy promptly surged into his heart. The more talented Lin Dong was, the better it was for their Desolate Hall. After all, it has been many years since their Desolate Hall had produced such an outstanding disciple…

“The path that the Desolate Demon Eye walks on is the pursuit of greater killing power. In the future, if you are unable to completely control it, try to refrain from using it when sparring with other disciples. Besides, this martial art will have a corrosive effect on the person using it. Unless it is a critical juncture, it’s best not to use it recklessly.” said Chen Zhen in a serious tone after regaining his clarity.

“Yes, disciple understands.”

Lin Dong respectfully nodded his head. He did not expose the existence of the Mysterious Stone Talisman. In fact, he did not have to worry about the corrosive effect of the Desolate Demon Eye because of it. Nonetheless, the Mysterious Stone Talisman was his greatest secret. As such, due to his cautious disposition, he was naturally unwilling to expose its existence even though he knew Chen Zhen and the rest did not have any malicious intentions towards him.

“For today’s spar, the victor and loser have been decided. From today onwards, you will be the fifth senior direct disciple of the Desolate Hall. Is there anyone else who objects?” Chen Zhen turned towards Pang Tong and the rest and asked.

After hearing his words, Pang Tang and the other three hesitated for a while before shaking their heads. This time around, even Jiang Hao could only laugh bitterly. The power that Lin Dong had displayed left him with no grounds to object…


After Pang Tong and the other three indicated that they did not object, the entire stadium immediately erupted into a spectacular sea of cheering sounds and voices. Over tens of thousands of Desolate Hall disciples stared fervently at the thin figure standing in the middle of the stadium. A trace of respect appeared on all of their faces.

After today’s match, Lin Dong had thoroughly conquered all the disciples in Desolate Hall. From today onwards, he would also become the fastest disciple in the history of the Desolate Hall to become a senior direct disciple!