Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 666: Great Star Majestic Fist

Chapter 666: Great Star Majestic Fist


Chapter 666: Great Star Majestic Fist


Numerous tiny seals swiftly spread out from the spot where Jiang Hao stood. The green stones beneath his feet also began to wither one after another at a shocking rate. It was as if they had been worn down by the passage of time.

Desolate Force.

It was the unique energy of the Desolate Hall and also the mark of a Desolate Hall’s disciple. Being one of the four senior direct disciples of the Desolate Hall, Jiang Hao had mastered the Desolation Skill until the seventh level. As such, the ferocity of his martial art was several times stronger than Tong Chuan’s.

Lin Dong stood on the black metal seal. His eyes were solemn as he stared at Jiang Hao below. He slowly flexed his huge green dragon arms before waves of surging strength swiftly spread across his limbs.

“Desolate Blade.”

Jiang Hao raised his head and looked directly at Lin Dong with chilly eyes. An icy cold voice was emitted from his mouth. Immediately, the golden light was withdrawn from the large golden sabre in his hand, before numerous seal patterns slowly appeared on his blade. However, the fluctuation on his blade was not weakened when that seal pattern appeared. Instead, it caused one’s heart to tremble.

Desolate Blade. One of the martial arts that the disciples of the Desolate Hall must learn. It was activated by Desolate Force and possessed an extremely shocking lethal strength. Lin Dong had already experienced it when he fought with Tong Chuan. However, from the looks of it, it was obvious that the Desolate Blade used by Jiang Hao was even more powerful.


Jiang Hao suddenly took a step forward when the Desolate Blade was formed. He slashed his blade downwards and the space in front of him immediately became extremely distorted. A greyish blade glow directly tore through space and engulfed Lin Dong at a frightening speed. As that grey blade glow rapidly magnified in Lin Dong’s eyes, the expression in the latter’s eyes also suddenly became sharp. However, even as he faced this fearsome attack by Jiang Hao, he did not choose to retreat. Instead, Lin Dong stomped on the metal seal and directly flew out in front of many stunned gazes.


A resplendent green light suddenly erupted on Lin Dong’s body as he rushed forward. The green light rose and it vaguely transformed into an enormous dragon figure behind him. Its aura was quite frightening.

The huge dragon figure crouched behind Lin Dong and both of its claws were tightly clenched. The dragon scales on both of the green dragon arms were flickering with an icy cool lustre. Waves after waves of frightening strength surged under the dragon scales before finally gushing out!

The green light, which contained enough power to blast apart a mountain, descended from the sky. Finally, it violently collided against that sharp grey coloured blade glow.


A shocking sound spread out in the sky. Following the ripple, there was a hurricane like energy fluctuation…

Jiang Hao’s eyes were slightly cold as he watched the light that scattered across the sky. There was a trace of surprise deep within his eyes. After having used the Desolate Force, his blade attack was sufficient to easily destroy the defences of a six Yuan Nirvana Stage expert. However, it was actually blocked by Lin Dong.


A surprised expression flashed across Jiang Hao’s eyes. Immediately, a hurried rushing wind sound suddenly resounded in the sky. A glowing figure shot out from within that green light with a lightning-like speed. In a flash, it had appeared in the space above Jiang Hao. Light surged from his green dragon arm. Under the flickering icy cold light, another frightening force once again came pouring out.

Lin Dong did not use any martial art and his attack was not fancy. However, upon being magnified by his dragon arm, that pure destructive attack covered up any openings!

Everything was useless in the face of strength!

After Lin Dong’s arms transformed into green dragon arms, the strength that it possessed was sufficient to destroy a six Yuan Nirvana Stage expert’s Nirvana Golden Body!

“Such formidable strength!”

Jiang Hao also sensed the strength that was contained within Lin Dong’s fist. Immediately, his eyes turned cold. Only then, did he finally realize that Lin Dong’s physical body was actually this formidable.

“Desolate Net!”

Although Lin Dong’s attack was wild and violent, Jiang Hao was clearly not an ordinary individual. His face revealed a cold smile before he suddenly placed his palms together. Instantly, countless grey threads spun out from the tip of his fingers. It soared with the wind and transformed into an enormous grey net. Immediately, this grey net directly covered Lin Dong.


Lin Dong’s fist violently smashed against that enormous net. Surprisingly, he was unable to break it with his punch. Despite using a massive amount of force, it felt as if he had punched into the mud. The feeling of his fist smashing onto cotton caused Lin Dong to frown tightly.

While Lin Dong punched that grey net, the latter also instantly twined around him. It actually trapped Lin Dong with a lightning-like speed.

“This fellow is in deep trouble. It is not easy to escape after being trapped by the Desolate Net. Subsequently, it is likely that he will become a sitting duck for Jiang Hao’s attacks.” Pang Tong and the other two raised their brows upon seeing this scene. Since they were highly knowledgeable about Desolate Hall martial arts, they were naturally aware of just how difficult it was to deal with the Desolate Net, which was made from Desolate Force.

“Junior brother Lin Dong, this is the difference between you and me!”

A smirk appeared on Jiang Hao’s face at this moment. Promptly, his eyes turned solemn as grey Qi gathered rapidly on his hand. Traces of seals began to spread over his arms. At the same time, there was an extremely frightening fluctuation being emitted.

“Golden State Special Desolate Palm!”

Jiang Hao’s eyes were cold. He did not hesitate even a little as he flipped his palm and executed an extremely fierce palm attack. Air burst apart under that palm wind, while an ear-piercing buzzing sound was also emitted.

Jiang Hao attacked extremely quickly. The palm wind had just sounded out when in the next instant, it was already about to reach Lin Dong, who was being trapped by the Desolate Net. From the looks of its momentum, even Lin Dong would suffer some injuries if he was struck by it.

After struggling briefly within the Desolate Net, Lin Dong also became aware of how troublesome it was to deal with it. However, there was no panic in his eyes. He stared at the fierce palm attack from Jiang Hao before immediately inhaling a deep breath of air. The fist-size Desolate Seed within his Dantian began to tremble intensely. Waves after waves of Desolate Force followed his medians and gushed out.

The Desolate Force surged. After which, everyone saw Lin Dong once again raise his ferocious green dragon arms. However, this time around, the green light on it had strangely disappeared. Traces of patterns began to climb over it.

“Is that… Desolate Force?”

Some of those direct disciples, who were closer to the arena, shrunk their eyes immediately. This fluctuation also belonged to the Desolate Force. It seems like Lin Dong was also able to use Desolate Force?

“How is this be possible?” Tong Chuan, who was a short distance away, had a stunned expression. He clearly recalled that Lin Dong was not even aware of what the Desolate Force was five days ago. How is it possible that he managed to use Desolate Force?

“Could it be that he had actually learnt it in five days?” Tong Chuan’s face involuntarily twitched a little when he thought of this. If one wants to release Desolate Force until such an extent, one must at the very least form a Desolate Seed. Could it be that Lin Dong had successfully formed a Desolate Seed during these five days?

Lin Dong ignored the uproar that suddenly sounded from the surroundings of the arena. While his arm was gradually covered with crack lines, his eyes also suddenly turned cold. Finally, he ruthlessly threw a punch!


Lin Dong’s fist wind first came into contact with the Desolate Net that trapped him. However, this time around, that cotton-like feeling did not appear. Under the outpour of his terrifying strength, the Desolate Net shook before finally breaking apart after only enduring for a short while.

Jiang Hao’s sharp palm wind arrived at the moment the Desolate Net collapsed. It violently collided against Lin Dong’s grey dragon fist in front of the many gazes present.

A shocking and solidified ripple swept apart. Numerous enormous crack line immediately appeared on the surrounding ground, while large rocks danced wildly in the sky. Finally, two figures shot backwards in front of the many eyes present. Both of them retreated over a dozen steps before they staggered and stabilized themselves.

Neither of them was actually able to gain an upper hand in this simple head on collision!

The atmosphere in the arena was a little quiet. Everyone was silent as they stared at this unusually fearsome clash. Quite a number of people inhaled a breath of cold air when these two people were forced back. Even Pang Tong and the others had a slight change in their expression. Clearly, they did not expect that Lin Dong was actually able to fight evenly with Jiang Hao.

Although Jiang Hao had yet to use his strongest attack, his Yuan Power mastery had exceeded Lin Dong by two stages…

Seated on their stone chairs, Chen Zhen and Wu Dao had a strange flicker within their eyes when they saw this scene.

“The Hundred Empire War champion really lives up to his name.”

Jiang Hao’s face was currently filled with a serious expression. Perhaps he may have underestimated Lin Dong at the beginning of the fight. However, right now, Jiang Hao definitely saw the latter as a worthy opponent.

Lin Dong curled his lips. He clenched his hand while green light flickered on his arm, as he tried to shake off the numb sensations in his arm. During the previous clash, if it was not for his strong physical body cultivated from the Green Heaven Materialized Dragon Skill, he would have definitely been injured.

“If you are able to receive my next attack, I will accept your promotion to senior direct disciple!”

Jiang Hao’s expression was solemn. He took a stride forward and both of his hands slowly formed a somewhat unusual seal. Greyish light erupted from within his body. The bits and pieces of it were just like rising stars.

“Great Star Majestic Fist!”

Upon seeing his hand seal, Pang Tong’s group and even Chen Zhen and Wu Dao, had a sudden change in their expressions. Clearly, they recognised the martial art that Jiang Hao was about to use.

“One of the four great martial arts huh…”

Lin Dong inhaled a deep breath of air. He saw the martial arts on the four stone tablets and he naturally recognised Jiang Hao’s hand seal. Immediately, a grave expression appeared on his face. A moment later, he slowly extended his long finger and gently touched the spot between his eyebrows. A strange greyish glow began to flicker at that spot.

Chen Zhen and Wu Dao on the stone seat were initially stunned when they saw his action. Immediately, as if they thought of something, a rich disbelief surged in their eyes. A somewhat dry and hoarse voice was involuntarily emitted from their mouths…

“Could it be…”