Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 663: Success or Failure?

Chapter 663: Success or Failure?


Chapter 663: Success or Failure?

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A faint light film covered the place, encompassing the four large stone tablets within it. A deathly silent atmosphere circulated within the light film, causing one to have some difficulties breathing.

However, at this moment, there were two people within the light film. One was training while the other was a blind old man, who was already used to it. Hence, the pressuring atmosphere within this place did not cause the two of them to feel any discomfort.

The blind old man was hugging a somewhat old and damaged broom. His greyish-white eyes that were without any pupils, were lowered slightly. Even his breathing had become weak and inaudible at this moment. At a cursory glance, he appeared no different from a sick old man who was about to die.


After this silence continued for around half a day, Lin Dong, who was sat in front of a stone tablet a short distance away, suddenly trembled. There was actually a weak light being scattered from the surface of the black stone tablet.

The moment the light scattered from the stone tablet, the blind old man, who had his eyes lowered, suddenly raised his head. His body moved before he strangely appeared in front of Lin Dong, even though he hardly moved. After which, his expression turned a little solemn as he stared at Lin Dong’s face.

At this moment, there was a vague dark greyish colour lingering over Lin Dong’s youthful face. Moreover, this greyish colour was gathering towards the spot between Lin Dong’s eyebrows. An extremely slight greyish line had actually appeared on Lin Dong’s forehead.

That greyish line had an undefined form. It appeared to be connected to Lin Dong’s skin, appearing just like a worm when it wiggled.

“He has met “Huang” already huh…”

The blind old man’s eyes were focused intensely on Lin Dong’s face. His elderly face tensed up while his shrivelled fingers could not help but rub against each other. Clearly, there was quite a big ripple on his calm old well-esque emotions.

Under the observation of the blind old man, the greyish aura on Lin Dong’s face became increasingly dense. Two traces of blood suddenly flowed from the corner of Lin Dong’s eyes when the greyish aura became dense. They were just like two blood tears and they looked extremely startling.


Although the blind old man had lost his sight, he was still able to clearly observe this scene. His expression immediately changed drastically before the broom in his hand was directly crushed into powder.

Having once practiced the “Desolate Demon Eye”, he was clearly aware that practicing this martial art possessed some risk. It was extremely easy for that strange energy to seep into one’s eyes. Moreover, should one’s eyes be eroded by that energy, one would end up becoming just like him.

The blind old man’s face was extremely tense. His shrivelled hand continued to tighten and relax. It was as if he was hesitating if he should drag Lin Dong out from the mental realm at this moment.

Chi Chi!

During the time that the blind old man hesitated, the unusual greyish Qi on Lin Dong’s face also became increasingly rich. While the greyish Qi gathered, the grey line between his eyebrows also became a little thicker. At the same time, however, the blood line on the corner of Lin Dong’s eyes also became increasingly glaring. Clearly, his eyes were already being eroded at this moment.

Cluck cluck.

The blind old man took tiny and chaotic steps back and forth in front of Lin Dong. This continued for a couple of minutes before he violently clenched his teeth. He turned around and his shrivelled hand pierced towards the grey line between Lin Dong’s eyebrows like a sharp sword with lightning like speed. As long as this thing was broken, it would be possible to awaken Lin Dong.

The blind old man was extremely quick and it seemed as if his finger could penetrate through space. In just a flash, his fingers had already arrived in front of Lin Dong’s forehead. However, just as he was about to pierce downwards, a warm white light suddenly rushed out from between Lin Dong’s eyebrows and collided with his finger.


The two collided but no energy ripple erupted from it. That white light merely blocked the blind old man’s fingers for an instant before it disappeared.

Although the white light disappeared, the blind old man’s fingers were also stopped. A surprised expression was clearly present on his face.

“There is no need for me to intervene huh…” The blind old man was quiet for a moment. He could only attribute the white light to something Lin Dong had unleashed subconsciously. If that was the case, it seemed like Lin Dong did not want to give up on learning the “Desolate Demon Eye”.

After receiving this information from Lin Dong, the frown on the blind old man’s face appeared to be even denser. He stood on the spot for quite awhile before shaking his head somewhat helplessly. He seemed to have underestimated Lin Dong’s persistence when it came to learning martial arts. However, at times, persistence may or may not be a good thing…

“In that case, let’s wait a little longer. If things really go wrong, I will forcefully drag you out. Truly a fellow who does not allow others to have a peaceful mind…” The blind old man muttered to himself. After which, he sat down beside Lin Dong and continued to carefully observe him.

As he continued to observe, the blind old man gradually relaxed. Although the blood trace on the corner of Lin Dong’s eyes continued to flow, fortunately, it showed no sign of intensifying.

This so-called wait directly lasted for five days…

Lin Dong did not show any signs of leaving his training during these five days. The blood tears that had flowed out from the corner of his eyes, had already hardened into two blood clots, causing him to look exceptionally strange.

During this period of time, the greyish Qi on Lin Dong’s face also become increasingly dense and there were no signs of it weakening. However, this also caused the blind old man, who was observing Lin Dong, to feel uncertain. Although the greyish line between Lin Dong’s eyebrows was continuously gathering greyish Qi, there was not the slightest further activity being emitted. Based on the old man’s experience, the greyish line should gradually show signs of turning into an eye if Lin Dong succeeded…

However, if he failed, Lin Dong would not be this calm. Therefore, even someone as experienced as him was a little confused. He did not understand what level Lin Dong’s training was currently at. This manner that neither appeared like success nor failure, really caused him to feel helpless…

“It has already been five days. Time is more or less up. It seems like this little fellow will need to battle with that brat Jiang Hao in the Desolate Hall monthly competition today…”

“It is merely a competition between the younger generation members. Training is more important… Forget about it, just let him train. If he misses it, then so be it…”

The blind old man muttered to himself. However, from his mannerism, it was clear that he did not wish for Lin Dong’s training to be interrupted because of the latter’s match with Jiang Hao. Hence, he did not show any signs that he was going to wake Lin Dong up.

Buzz buzz!

However, everything in this world always surprises people. Soon after the mutterings of the blind old man sounded out, a buzzing sound was suddenly emitted from the stone tablet. After which, he saw the black eye on the stone tablet suddenly shooting out a bright grey light. That light shot onto the spot between Lin Dong’s eyebrows and coincided with the grey line.

The ray of light linked the spot between Lin Dong’s eyebrows and the stone tablet. The skin on that spot also began to wiggle. That grey line became increasingly obvious and it actually vaguely began to show signs of opening. A dark, cold and evil aura, which caused one great discomfort, was vaguely emitted from it.

“Is it about to transform into an eye?”

The blind old man’s body immediately straightened when he saw this scene. He stared intently at Lin Dong’s brows. However, under his observation, the grey line ultimately did not show any signs of splitting apart despite its wiggling continuously.

“What is going on…”

The blind old man frowned tightly and softly asked.

While he was knitted his brows, the blind old man did not observe a warm white glow under the greyish light that could not be detected.

The light that was connected to Lin Dong’s brows gradually weakened. A moment later, it finally emitted a ‘chi’ sound and completely disappeared.

Just when the light disappeared, Lin Dong’s eyes, which had been shut for five days, finally slowly opened up at this moment.

His ajar eyes were as clear and calm as they were five days ago. Although the blood clot at the corner of his eyes was a little strange to look at, the current Lin Dong did not appear any different from five days ago.

The blind old man was a little stunned as he looked at Lin Dong’s calm expression when he opened his eyes. He was lost for words at that moment…

“Thank you elder for protecting me during my training…”

A smile swiftly surfaced on Lin Dong’s face. He stood up, bowed to the blind old man and said.

“It’s nothing. If you have finished training, you should leave. Today is the Desolate Hall monthly competition.” The blind old man slowly stood up, waved his hand and said.

Lin Dong nodded. He did not say any unnecessary words as he turned around and left. When he was just about to walk out of the light film, the blind old man finally could not resist asking, “Although I do not know whether you have successfully learnt it, you should try to use the “Desolate Demon Eye” as little as possible in the future. This martial art is a little unorthodox and it will hurt your eyes if you use it too many times.”

Lin Dong’s footsteps paused. He immediately rubbed the spot between his eyebrows with his hand. The corner of his lips was lifted into a slight arc. He had similarly sensed some of the darker aspects of “Desolate Demon Eye” while he was training. However, it was likely that this thing would not be able to stir much trouble with the Mysterious Stone Talisman suppressing it…