Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 661: Desolate Demon Eye

Chapter 661: Desolate Demon Eye


Chapter 661: Desolate Demon Eye

The black coloured stone tablet quietly stood within the light and it looked just like a fearsome ancient beast. A wave of shocking evil aura was faintly emitted by it before it rippled across the air and causing one to feel pressured.

These four stone tablets were extremely tall and large, and they were even larger than the other stone tablets that Lin Dong saw in the Martial Arts Hall previously. Moreover, the fluctuation that the stone tablets possessed was something that those stone tablets did not have…

“Each of these four stone tablets contains an extremely powerful martial art. From a certain point of view, they can be considered as the strongest martial arts other than the Great Desolated Scripture.” The blind old man placed his hands behind his back. His grayish-white eyes looked towards the four stone tablets as he spoke faintly.

“Ordinary disciples will not get to learn these four martial arts. Currently, only the four senior direct disciples in Desolate Hall have learnt the martial art on the first stone tablet. As for the remaining three, no one has successfully mastered them yet.”

Lin Dong’s face changed a little. The Desolate Hall was brimming with talented geniuses. It was unexpected that only four people had learnt one of these four martial arts.

“Is there any ranking amongst these four martial arts?” Lin Dong suddenly asked.

“If one must really rank them, the martial arts on the first stone tablet is indeed a little easier to learn. The second is a little trickier. As for the third and fourth, it would not be overboard to say that they are the strongest.”

“Back then, Zhou Tong mastered the martial art on the third stone tablet. As for the fourth… he did not successfully master it the first time he was here.” The blind old man slowly said.


Lin Dong was slightly moved. The martial art on the fourth stone tablet was actually this abnormally difficult? Even that senior Zhou Tong failed to master it?

“It is not because his talent is lacking. Rather, the martial art on the fourth stone tablet has some peculiar requirements.”

The blind old man paused when he spoke until this point. As he briefly glanced at Lin Dong, he finally continued “This martial art requires someone who is good at both Yuan Power and Mental Energy.”

Lin Dong heart suddenly jumped. Was… was this directed at him?

“You can observe first before you decide on the stone tablet martial arts that you wish to learn.” The blind old man waved his hand and spoke in an indifferent manner.


Lin Dong hurriedly replied in a respectful manner upon hearing this. After which, he swiftly stepped forward. His eyes swept across the first stone tablet. The stone tablet’s body was as black as a piece of metal. Four ancient words that were seemingly carved by a dremel appeared on the tablet in a glaring fashion.

“Great Star Majestic Fist.”

Lin Dong’s eyes stared at those ancient words. He could sense a majestic wild and violent sensation pouncing from those words. It was likely that this martial art was best suited for a direct brute force practitioner.

“Is this the martial arts that Jiang Hao and the rest learnt…” Lin Dong’s eyes flickered slightly. He mused for a moment before taking another step and walked towards the second stone tablet.

The second stone tablet had a dark black longsword carved onto it. Black fog lingered on the longsword. There was a dark and cold aura seeping from it and even Lin Dong felt his skin turn chilly.

Great Dark Erosion Sword

These simple four words were permeated with a chilling aura. This martial art was different from the Great Star Majestic Fist, which relied on might and brute force. However, that dark and cold feeling felt just like having maggots in one’s bones, causing one to be unable to dodge them.

Lin Dong stood in front of this stone tablet and mused for a moment. Finally, he shook his head. This martial arts was far too dark and cold and it was unsuitable for him. Immediately, he ceased hesitating, turned around and walked towards the third stone tablet.

The third stone tablet appeared a lot more ordinary than the first two. It was also dark greyish in colour. There was a human figure seated on the tablet. However, that person’s body looked shrivelled and dry. At a glance, it appeared as though it was a shrivelled land. However, it was vaguely possible to feel a shocking energy being emitted from within his carcass..

Lin Dong’s eyes stared at the human figure. After which, his eyes were lifted slightly. He saw three ancient words on the human figure drawing.

Great Desolate Body

That name was ordinary without any fancy aspect to it. However, it possessed a majestic aura.

“This is the martial art that senior Zhou Tong chose huh…”

Lin Dong curled his mouth while his brows also frowned a little. Great Desolate Body should be a martial art that strengthened one’s body. For Lin Dong, there was a clear conflict since he had already cultivated in the Green Heaven Materialized Dragon Skill. Currently, he had already spent quite a lot of effort on learning the Green Heaven Materialized Dragon Skill. If he was to divert his attention and practice another body tempering martial arts, he might end up failing at both instead.

Based on what that blind old man previously said, Lin Dong knew that the Great Desolate Body was one of the best amongst the four martial arts. Only the fourth martial art, which Lin Dong had yet to see, could be compared with it. From this, one could tell just how powerful this martial art was. However, Lin Dong already had the Green Heaven Materialized Dragon Skill…

Lin Dong hesitated in front of the stone tablet for a long while. Finally, he shook his head and decisively turned away. The Great Desolate Body might be powerful, but if given a choice, Lin Dong would choose the Green Heaven Materialized Dragon Skill, which he was more familiar with..,

At a short distance away, the blind old man’s wrinkled face twitched when he saw this scene. Immediately, his greyish-white eyes stared intently at Lin Dong’s footsteps.


Lin Dong’s legs paused in front of the final stone tablet. He inhaled a deep breath of air before raising his head and looking at the stone tablet in front of him.

There were no words on the stone tablet. However, there was a large black eye on the dark black tablet’s surface.

Lin Dong was startled when he saw that black coloured eye. At this moment, the latter also appeared to be staring at him. This sensation caused all the hair on Lin Dong’s body to involuntarily stand.

This martial art is a little creepy…

Although Lin Dong felt creeped out, he still forcefully stared back at that black coloured eye. The atmosphere quietened down instantly. After this face-off lasted for a couple of minutes, Lin Dong suddenly discovered that the black eye on the stone tablet had actually blinked.

This discovery directly caused the skin on Lin Dong’s face to turn numb. However, before he could do anything, a slight black light shot out from that black eye. The light entered Lin Dong’s opened eyes.

This sudden action startled Lin Dong. Immediately, the Yuan Power within his body began to swirl as a reflex action. However, he immediately discovered that the black light did not cause him any harm. Instead, some information flowed through his mind.

There was a unique beast in ancient times called Huang and it had one eye. Whenever it opened its eye, everything within thousands of kilometres would turn into waste. As time passed, it will erode one’s vitality…

Wave after wave of ancient information swiftly flashed across Lin Dong’s mind. This also allowed him to have a better understanding of this martial art.

Based on the information that he obtained, the martial art on this stone tablet was called the “Desolate Demon Eye”. This martial art was seemingly derived from the unique ancient beast called “Huang”. Although Lin Dong was unaware if the complete mastery of this martial art would enable him to reach the terrifying stage of turning everything within thousands of kilometres into wasteland, it was still possible to see just how powerful this martial art was …

Those previous messages did not contain any information regarding its cultivation methods. Clearly, this martial art was very demanding on its practitioners.

Lin Dong’s footsteps paused in front of the stone tablet. He raised his eyes and stared intently at the black coloured eye in front of him. His eyes flickered. Clearly, there was quite a huge struggle going on in his heart.

The “Desolate Demon Eye” was quite sinister and even Lin Dong did not possess the confidence that he could successfully master it. If he was unable to learn it, he would have wasted a great amount of time for nothing…

The blind old man remained quiet as he looked at Lin Dong, who had fell into silence. He did not know which martial art Lin Dong would choose…

This quiet and tense atmosphere continued for half an hour. After which, the blind old man saw Lin Dong take a step back.

“He has given up huh…”

The blind old man’s greyish-white eyes lowered slightly upon seeing this. He felt a little disappointed for some unknown reason. His shrivelled hand gently rubbed his eyes.


The sudden sound of someone sitting down rang out just as the blind old man felt a little disappointed. He raised his eyes. After which, he was surprised to see that Lin Dong had already sat down in front of a stone tablet.

“Elder, I shall choose this martial art.”

Lin Dong’s voice was also transmitted over at this moment. It landed into the ears of the blind old man.

The blind old man was quiet for a moment upon hearing this. Suddenly, his voice became hoarse as he said, “There is a risk in learning this martial art. If anything goes wrong, your eyes might end up like mine.”

Lin Dong’s heart was shaken slightly. Based on what he said, it seems like this blind old man had also practiced the “Desolate Demon Eye” before. However, it seems like he failed…

“There is no free lunch is this world.”

Lin Dong inhaled a deep breath of air. One must pay the price for any reward. This concept was something that he understood right from the start.

After his words sounded out, Lin Dong’s eyes slowly shut, in front of the complicated expression of the blind old man.