Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 656: Martial Arts Hall

Chapter 656: Martial Arts Hall


Chapter 656: Martial Arts Hall

The commotion caused by the Pill River Head Immersion finally died down following the emergence of Lin Dong. Countless disciples around the Pill River also left with varying emotions. All of them clearly understood that it was likely that all the disciples within the Dao Sect would know about this mysterious new disciple in Desolate Hall called Lin Dong…

Enduring for eleven days under the Pill River. This frightening result was sufficient to surpass every younger generation member in Dao Sect.

After the crowd scattered and everyone began to leave, another piece of information caused many people to be stunned as well.

Lin Dong had issued a challenge to one of the four senior direct disciples of the Desolate Hall, Jiang Hao…

Quite a number of people involuntarily parted their mouths when they heard the news. Although they understood that Lin Dong had no other choice, they still involuntarily sighed within their hearts. This new disciple called Lin Dong was really unwilling to be left alone. Such rare deeds had been done by him one after another.

The Dao Sect was not lacking in talent. However, there was seldom anyone who issued a challenge to the hall’s senior direct disciple after having just joined for less than a month. This was because everyone knew the enormous gap that existed between them.

All the disciples clearly understood Jiang Hao’s strength. Seven Yuan Nirvana Stage is quite an outstanding existence in all four halls. Yet, Lin Dong was only at five Yuan Nirvana Stage, despite having successfully endured the Nirvana Tribulation earlier.

Although everyone was clearly aware of the gap between the two, they did not say mock Lin Dong and call him an arrogant fool. The result that Lin Dong had displayed earlier was sufficient to get all the disciples within Dao Sect to withdraw their underestimation. No one was certain if this new person, who had performed a miracle, would be able to continue performing such miracles.

“There will be a good show five days later…”

The various disciples thought in this manner after facing each other. An anticipation surged within their hearts. They wanted to see if Lin Dong would once again display such a shocking performance when faced with an old senior direct disciple like Jiang Hao.

Additionally, everyone clearly understood that if Lin Dong really ended up fighting on par with Jiang Hao, he would become the fastest person in the history of Dao Sect to become a senior direct disciple.

Everyone felt envious within their hearts when they thought of this. At the same time, they also started to look forward to the match five days later…


The next day.


Lin Dong pushed open the door and exited. Sunlight scattered down from the sky and shone onto his body, filling him with a warm and comfortable sensation. Both his eyes narrowed slightly before he opened them. The corner of his mouth involuntarily lifted into an arc when he saw this paradise like place being shrouded by fog.

It was really a decent place.

Since Lin Dong was a direct disciple, the place where he stayed at was much quieter than Mo Ling and the rest. Moreover, according to the rules of the Desolate Hall, everyone who was not a direct disciple would have to gather on the Pill River platform and undergo compulsory training. Hence, this mountaintop was quite quiet.

“Have you rested well?”

A familiar laughter was suddenly transmitted over while Lin Dong was enjoying this quiet moment. Lin Dong turned his head, only to see Wu Dao standing a short distance away while smilingly staring at him.

Lin Dong smiled. After which, he cupped his hands together and bowed at Wu Dao.

“You little fellow. This time around, the surprise you have given me is quite great. Eleven days. This result.. It is even better than senior Zhou Tong back then…” Wu Dao slowly walked towards him. His eyes paused on Lin Dong’s youthful face before he softly sighed. There was a complicated emotion in his tone.

“Zhou Tong…”

Lin Dong blinked his eyes slightly. Currently, he was also aware that this senior Zhou Tong was the one who had successfully comprehended the Great Desolated Scripture. Moreover, he was an extremely fearsome person who even charged up to Yuan Gate alone and killed three of their great elders.

“However, you should not be celebrating yet. I am aware that you are hiding many secrets. This time around, it is likely that you used some tactics at the bottom of the Pill River. However, senior Zhou Tong back then solely relied on his own strength.” Wu Dao said.

“At times, having many tactics is also an ability.” Lin Dong shrugged his shoulders. He was always a practical person. As long as it is useful, who cares what it is. After all, there is no absolute fairness in this world. Moreover, these tactics would not appear without reason. In order to obtain them, Lin Dong had to expend great effort and pay a great price for them.

Of course, even though Lin Dong put it this way, he still involuntarily had a heartfelt respect for that senior Zhou Tong. The latter was indeed worthy of being a character who dared to charge up to Yuan Gate alone.

“Little fellow, you are really cunning…”

Wu Dao laughed. He did not refute Lin Dong’s words. After musing for a moment, he said, “Your act of challenging Jiang Hao this time around is a little reckless. Jiang Hao’s strength is not something that Tong Chuan can compare with.”

“I want to study the Great Desolated Scripture. It is unavoidable to face objections from the four seniors.” Lin Dong helplessly laughed.

“With your talent, as long as you train for another half a year within the Desolate Hall, there would definitely be no one who will oppose your promotion to senior direct disciple.”

Wu Dao uttered those words before immediately shaking his head and said, “It is pointless to say anything now. You are also not a reckless person. Since you dare to utter those words, it is likely that you must be confident in your chances. Let’s go. I will take you to the Desolate Hall Martial Arts Hall. Since you are a disciple of the Desolate Hall, you will ultimately need to familiarise yourself with the Desolate Hall’s martial arts.”

Wu Dao did not delay any further after uttering those words. His body moved and he stepped into the distance. Lin Dong hurriedly followed when he saw this.

The Desolate Hall was extremely spacious. Over a dozen large peaks directly touched the clouds. The fog lingered over the place, giving it the appearance of a paradise. There was some vague training sound being emitted from those mountaintops. A flourishing aura spread over the entire sky.

Under Wu Dao’s lead, the two of them flew for around ten plus minutes before they finally landed on a large mountaintop near the middle of the Desolate Hall. One could see a huge ancient stone tower on the top of this mountain.

Green rocks covered the surroundings of the stone tower. A stone path that was formed by stone fragments extended out and led over the whole mountaintop. There were quite a number of Desolate Hall disciples coming and going at this place. When these disciples saw Wu Dao, all of them hurriedly bowed and greeted him. Immediately, numerous strange eyes looked towards Lin Dong. Currently, the latter was also quite a famous person within the Desolate Hall.

Wu Dao nodded slightly towards those disciples. After which, his eyes did not look around as he led Lin Dong and directly headed for that ancient stone tower. When they got nearer, Lin Dong was finally able to sense just how enormous the stone tower in front of his eyes was. Although time had left behind some mottled traces, it also gave the tower an increasingly dense vicissitude aura.

This vicissitude aura represented the foundation and inheritance of a sect.

Lin Dong looked at the stone tower in front of him before a fiery heat flashed across his eyes. He was clearly extremely curious about this super sect’s martial arts.

Lin Dong’s eyes shifted down from the stone tower. After which, he looked towards the stone door before his eyes immediately narrowed. There was a grey robed old man at the stone door carrying a broom in his hand and gently sweeping the leaves on the ground.

The elderly man’s face was extremely old and his wrinkles were just like gullies. Both his eyes also revealed a gray-white colour and it seemed like he did not have any pupils. At a glance, he was actually a blind person.

However, it is this blind person that caused the Mental Energy within Lin Dong’s Niwan Palace to faintly tremble. This situation was something that Lin Dong had encountered for the first time in many years.

The thing that most surprised Lin Dong the most was that he was unable to sense even the slightest Yuan Power ripple from this blind old man.

Wu Dao had clearly noticed Lin Dong’s eyes. However, he did not say anything. He walked forward and bowed his body slightly towards that blind old man. However, the latter did not respond. In fact, he continued to sweep the withered leaves.

“I will bring you to this spot. The number of martial arts within the Martial Arts Hall is just like an ocean. What you choose will depend on your own luck. I am also unable to provide you with much guidance.” Wu Dao was not surprised by that blind old man’s reaction. He subsequently turned his head and spoke to Lin Dong.

“But no matter which martial arts you learn, you must remember not to abandon the essence of our Desolate Hall.” Wu Dao placed his hands behind him and said.

Lin Dong was slightly startled. He mused for a moment before softly asking, “Desolate Force?”

Lin Dong had sensed this unique force when he was fighting with Tong Chuan. If it was not because he possessed the Devouring Ancestral Symbol, he would definitely be at a great disadvantage due to that energy.

Wu Dao was clearly extremely satisfied by Lin Dong’s reaction. He nodded slightly and said, “There is a Desolate Stone within the Martial Arts Hall. All the Desolate Hall’s disciples obtain Desolate Force from there. That energy would strengthen the power of your martial arts…”


Lin Dong nodded. He was also extremely interested in that so-called Desolate Force.

“Go in.”

Wu Dao waved his hand. Lin Dong ceased hesitating upon hearing this. He bowed slightly towards Wu Dao and strided forward. He hesitated for a moment when he passed by the blind old man along the way. After which, he also bowed towards the latter before entering the stone tower.

Wu Dao looked at Lin Dong’s gradually disappearing figure and softly exhaled. His eyes looked towards that blind old man before he softly said, “He is that little fellow who was even more outstanding than senior Zhou Tong in the Pill River Head Immersion…”


The blind old man, who did not once cease sweeping the ground, finally paused at this moment.

“Back then, senior Zhou Tong merely sat for three days in front of the Desolate Stone to obtain the Desolate Force. I wonder what Lin Dong can do…”

“He is perhaps the disciple with the greatest odds of comprehending the Great Desolated Scripture in a hundred years. If senior is interested, you can pay more attention to him…” Wu Dao looked at the blind old man and softly said.

The old man was quiet for a moment and he did not speak. All he did was slowly keep his broom before he slowly walked into the stone tower. Wu Dao quietly sighed in relief when he saw this. From his demeanor, it seems like he was quite interested in Lin Dong…

“Little fellow, obtaining the Desolate Force is the first step in comprehending the Great Desolated Scripture. If you are unable to even take this step, it is likely that you are not affiliated with the Great Desolate Scripture.”

Wu Dao raised his head, looked into the tower and softly muttered.