Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 654: Senior Direct Disciples

Chapter 654: Senior Direct Disciples


Chapter 654: Senior Direct Disciples

The golden light that surged around Lin Dong, who was in the sky, was gradually withdrawn. The sharp pressure also quietly disappeared. After which, he directly descended on a flat platform in front of many pairs of eyes.

When Lin Dong’s figure landed, Mo Ling’s group, who had been waiting for a long time, immediately came to receive him. Their faces contained some joy.

“Brother Lin Dong, congratulations on successfully enduring the tribulation.”

Lin Dong smiled when he heard the congratulations from Mo Ling’s group. After which, his eyes swept over the place and was immediately startled. He did not see Little Martern or Little Flame.

“Where is Little Marten and Little Flame?”

“The Little Marten duo left the Dao Sect three days ago. They instructed me to hand this to you before they left…” Mo Ling shrugged his shoulders. They were aware of just how unfathomable Little Marten was. Therefore, they did not find his unique actions to be strange. Mo Ling also extended his hand while uttering those words. His palm had a flowing golden light within it. Lin Dong could sense a trace of demonic spiritual aura from Little Marten within the golden light.

“They have left huh…”

Lin Dong sighed softly. He curled his mouth and took the golden light from Mo Ling’s hand. The golden light was channelled into his body the moment it reached his hand. A blurry figure also appeared within his mind. It was Little Marten.

“Lin Dong, I have taken Little Flame and left first. There is a place in Eastern Xuan Region which is very beneficial to his training. It is likely that you will be quite safe within Dao Sect and I can leave feeling rest assured. Once Little Flame has completed his training, I will bring him back. Additionally, I can also recover some of my strength during this time. In the future… there will be other issues.”

Little Marten’s handsome face turned a little shady when he mentioned this point. His voice also contained a trace of densely cold killing intent.

Lin Dong was quiet. He was aware that there were many unresolved issues from the past. Little Marten was the previous owner of the mysterious stone talisman. However, he ended up being forced by others until such a sorry stage. Had he not met Lin Dong, it was likely that he would gradually scatter like smoke within the stone talisman. That fate could be considered miserable.

“I understand your character. If anything happens to me, you will definitely lend me a hand even if it meant risking death. However, I must still tell you that if you wish to assist me in the future, you must increase your strength. Otherwise, I will resolve those issues by myself.”

“Since I have already acknowledged you as my brother, I do not wish for you to seek death for no reason. By being able to force me at my peak state back then to such an extent, my opponent is not some simple person…”

“I will leave a trace of demonic spirit seal in your body and I will contact you directly if anything happens in the future. If something happens to you, you can directly shatter this demonic spirit seal and I will be able to sense it. Grandpa Marten will stand up for you if you suffer any grievances in Dao Sect. It is not the Dao Sect place to bully my brother.”

“Additionally, amongst the three of us, even though that foolish tiger Little Flame has always been on your side, you must show some true ability if you want to be the big brother. Heh, otherwise, Grandpa Marten will not agree to it. Therefore, you should train hard during this period of time…”

Little Martens’ illusory body gradually disappeared after this voice slowly sounded. Finally, it transformed into a golden light that concealed itself in Lin Dong’s body.

“This fellow…” The corner of Lin Dong’s mouth was gently lifted a little. Immediately, the fist under his hand was gradually tightened. He faced the sky and inhaled a deep breath.

“You can be rest assured. Although you refuse to admit it till the day you die, I will surpass you no matter what in order to get you to willingly acknowledge me as big brother. In the future, we three brothers will definitely make a name for ourselves in this world together…”

Back then, they had walked out from that small Qingyang Town. At that time, one of them was a weak youth, another was a demonic spirit that could disappear anytime. From a certain point of view, the two of them could be considered to have relied on each other until today. This relationship was indeed something that an ordinary person had difficulty understanding.

Lin Dong gradually calmed the ripple within his heart. After all, this was not some life or death separation. With his current strength, Lin Dong already possessed the ability to protect himself and there was even less need to worry about the safety of Little Marten and Little Flame. Currently, Little Marten possessed the physical body of a Celestial Demon Marten and he would not be at a disadvantage even when faced with a Mysterious Life Stage expert. Hence, his strength was considered top tier in the Eastern Xuan Region. As long as no unforeseen incidents occurred, it was likely that they would be extremely safe.

Currently, the only thing that he needs to be worry about is to successfully comprehend the Great Desolated Scripture!

After calming himself down, Lin Dong raised his head and smiled towards Mo Ling’s group. He was just about to speak when he suddenly sensed a pair of eyes containing a pressuring feeling shooting towards him. His brows were lifted immediately. He turned his head before his eyes turned towards the spot where the sight came from.

The spot where Lin Dong looked at, stood a dark red clothed man. The man’s arm hugged his chest and he had an indifferent expression. Although he did not say anything, there was a powerful pressure being scattered over.

Lin Dong saw a somewhat embarrassed looking Tong Chuan behind this man. His eyes flickered, appearing as though he had guessed something.

“The commotion that you had caused this time around is too big. Even the four senior direct disciples of the Desolate Hall headed over after being informed. That person called Jiang Hao is an extremely renowned person. Moreover, he is extremely protective of those close to him. Tong Chuan is from the same group as him. You should be careful…” Mo Ling softly spoke from beside Lin Dong. His tone contain some worry. No matter how one put it, Jiang Hao was one of the four senior direct disciples and he was one of the most outstanding Desolate Hall disciples.

Lin Dong nodded slightly. He also clearly understood that the disciples within the Desolate Hall were divided into factions. Clearly, the factions of the four senior direct disciples were the strongest. This time around, even though it was justifiable for Lin Dong to take Tong Chuan’s spot, it likely caused some people to feel displeased. Competition was something that would not be absent anywhere…

With this thought in mind, Lin Dong looked towards three different directions. There were three other senior direct disciples there. It was possible for him to sense a pressure that was not inferior to Jiang Hao. Based on his estimates, it was likely that all four of them had advanced to the Seven Yuan Nirvana Stage…

“They are indeed the most outstanding disciples in Desolate Hall…”

A praise flashed across Lin Dong’s heart. Although the Desolate Hall was considered the weakest amongst the four halls, a camel on the brink of death was still stronger than a horse. This foundation was still something that one should not underestimate.

Of course, these four senior direct disciples were indeed no ordinary individuals. However, neither was Lin Dong some soft persimmon. If they were to really fight, Lin Dong would not feel the least bit afraid of them…


The sound of wind being split apart was transmitted from midair. Immediately, Chen Zhen’s and Wu Dao’s figure appeared on this platform. All the Desolate Hall disciples hurriedly bowed and greeted them when they saw this. Even those four senior direct disciples withdrew their haughtiness. Clearly, all the Desolate Hall’s disciples greatly respected these two hall chiefs.

“Haha, Lin Dong, well done.”

Chen Zhen waved his hands towards the many disciples. After which, his eyes looked at Lin Dong. His old face was covered with smiles. Clearly, he was extremely satisfied with the result that Lin Dong had achieved during the Pill River Head Immersion.

“Hall chief has overpraised me. I was merely lucky.” Lin Dong hurriedly spoke in a humble manner when he heard this.

Chen Zhen smilingly stared at Lin Dong. The joy within his eyes could not be hidden. He mused for a moment before saying, “With your current achievement, you already possess the qualification to be promoted to become a senior direct disciple despite your brief time here.”


Some uproar appeared from the platform when Chen Zhen’s voice sounded. Numerous envious eyes looked towards Lin Dong. Strictly speaking, there were four types of disciples within the Desolate Hall: branch disciples, desolate hall disciple and the direct disciple. Above the direct disciple is the senior direct disciple…

There were tens of thousands of branch disciples in Desolate Hall, three thousand desolate hall disciples and three hundred direct disciples. However, there were only four senior direct disciples!

From this, one could tell just how distinguished this status was!

Moreover, the most important thing was that only a senior direct disciple had the right to study the Great Desolated Scripture. Many disciples of the Desolate Hall had put in an endless amount of hard work in order to become a senior direct disciple. However, in front of their very eyes, Lin Dong, who had just entered the Desolate Hall for less than half a month, was actually directly granted an exception and made a senior direct disciple. This caused many people to be so envious that their eyes turned red.

Although they were envious, they clearly understood that the ability that Lin Dong had displayed did entitle him to such an exception…

Lin Dong was similarly startled because of Chen Zhen’s words. A joy immediately surged within his heart. In this way, he was one step closer to the Great Desolated Scripture!

“Thank you, hall chief!”

Lin Dong took a step forward. He cupped his hands in thanks. However, his voice had just sounded when a deep cry suddenly sounded from behind him.


The eyes of the everyone present turned. Finally, they looked towards the back. The red-clothed Jiang Hao was crossing his hands before he looked at Lin Dong with icy cold eyes. Meanwhile, a frightening Yuan Power ripple slowly spread from within his body.