Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 648: The Bottom of the Pill River

Chapter 648: The Bottom of the Pill River


Chapter 648: The Bottom of the Pill River

The dark vortex channel was like a gigantic black python as it charged barbarically into the Pill River, before finally connecting with it’s deepest depths…


From within the channel, a light ray suddenly shot out explosively while travelling at a frightening speed towards the deepest depths of the vortex. At this moment , a golden ray of light started to gradually brighten in the darkness of the depths.

“Have I finally arrived…”

Lin Dong narrowed his eyes and stared at the enormous golden light in front of him. From with the golden light, he felt a fluctuation that was extremely vast and savage. That was likely the golden Nirvana Qi that was born at the depths of the Pill River…

“This fluctuation feels somewhat familiar…” Lin Dong muttered to himself, before a jolt went through his mind as he recalled. Was this the same golden energy that was present within his body after swallowing the Yuan Spirit that was in Lin Langtian’s body? From the looks of it, these two types of energy should be similar. However, the Nirvana Qi that was born within the Pill River did not have any consciousness and was not subject to anyone’s control.

“Looks like the pressure is starting to increase…”

Lin Dong’s eyes were staring at the two flanks of the vortex, before moving towards the bottom of the river. The pressure was gradually was getting stronger and strong, and soon it made his skin feel uncomfortable.

The Pill River was unlikely any ordinary river and the liquid that was flowing through it was not ordinary river water. Instead, it was formed by Nirvana water created from the condensation of Nirvana Qi. The pressure resulting from it was something even a Nirvana Stage expert like Lin Dong, did not dare to underestimate.


With a thought, azure light started to surge around his body, immediately dissipating much of the pressure. Following his gradual mastery of the Green Heaven Materialized Dragon Skill, the resilience and strength of Lin Dong’s physical body had exceeded that of a Six Yuan Nirvana Stage expert.

After the green light fully enveloped Lin Dong’s entire body, he didn’t hesitate and explosively shot outwards. Finally he shot out of the vortex channel and headed towards pulsating golden light at the bottom of the river.


When Lin Dong just came out of the vortex channel, he started to sink downwards violently. A vastly stronger pressure started to seep into him, causing the green light enveloping him to turn slightly dimmer.

After realizing this situation, Lin Dong’s expression turned solemn and serious. With a faint tremor of his body, row after row of green scales started to rapidly wrap around his entire body. Just like a suit of armor, they covered almost every inch of his body.

With the emergence of the scale armor, the pressure immediately dissipated, finally allowing Lin Dong to observe his surroundings. This was the bottom of the Pill River, however no silt or mud was present. Instead it was filled with rich golden light which radiated outwards, forming an area with a radius of roughly ten metres. Outside of this radius of golden light was a dark and murky environment.

Lin Dong gaze swept around his surroundings meticulously, before congealing on the large patch of golden light in front of him. At the bottom of the Pill River, the golden light and the Nirvana Qi existed beside each other, with not a slightest hint of mixing.

“So this is the Nirvana Golden Qi, what a savage and potent energy…”

Lin Dong slowly stretched his dragon scale covered palm and reached within the golden light. As his hand reached deeper and deeper, he gradually felt a viscous sensation. The violent fluctuations that followed caused Lin Dong to feel a faint stabbing pain on his hand.

“It’s time to act.”

Lin Dong gave a sigh in his heart and no longer hesitated. With a step he entered into the radiating golden light.


As he walked into the golden light, the scales on his body started to produce a faint humming noise. Green light started to blossom outwards, protecting Lin Dong against the corrosion caused by the violent energy.

After completely submerging himself within the golden light, Lin Dong proceeded to sit down. With a solemn expression, he formed a seal with both hands, as a suctioning force started to pulsate outwards from his body.


As the suctioning force started to proliferate, the calm golden light started to seethe violently. Golden Qi bubbles started to explode around Lin Dong’s body, as ray after ray of golden light shot into Lin Dong’s body like a thunderstorm.

As the rays of golden light shot into his body, they exploded into countless amounts of golden mist as they enter his body before travelling deeper into his body’s core.

As those golden fog attached onto his internal organs, Lin Dong’s face turned boiling hot. Sucking in a deep breath,clattering sounds could be heard escaping from the seams of his teeth.

The mist was like boiling lava and as it coursed through his body, his meridians, muscles and even bogs started to gradually turn red hot, akin to being roasted by fire.

“Such violent Nirvana Golden Qi, however this is not enough to deter me!”

Lin Dong clenched his teeth and with a thought, a mysterious dragon roar start to resound within his body. This sound wave started to spread to every corner of his body. When it reached his meridians, muscles and bones, a faint green glow appeared on them. While being gradually enveloped by the green glow, a faint and abnormally ancient aura started to emerge within his body.

This aura was like the dragon race of the ancient times.

Green Heaven Materialized Dragon Skill was a skill that allowed a human’s body to train to the level that rivaled the true dragon race. This was in addition to the True Dragon Qi that Qing Zhi had left within his body, something that was only possessed by the elite dragon race. This allowed Lin Dong’s physical body to slowly evolve from inside as he continued to practice the Green Heaven Materialized Dragon Skill.

It was common knowledge to everyone that no matter how strong and resilient a human’s body was, the organs was always the weakest spot. Generally if an opponent were to pierce these organs, the resulting damage would most likely be life threatening. However the Green Heaven Materialized Dragon Skill was different. It allowed not only the the skin and the muscles to increase in resilience, even his internal organs and blood vessel were gradually strengthened as he continued training…

This was the most abnormal part of the Green Heaven Materialized Dragon Skin, which was why Lin Dong didn’t hesitate in learning it. He knew that if he was able to master it, his physical body will definitely rival that of a true dragon!

Since he possessed such a resilient body, wanting to absorb the violent Nirvana Golden Qi was not as difficult as expected for Lin Dong.


Once again, the golden mist lunged towards those organs covered by the green glow. However this time, the severe pain that it caused was greatly reduced. The mist slowly entered his flesh and bones. At that moment Lin Dong could faintly feel a violent energy, akin a raging dragon, starting to grow within his body…

While the Nirvana Golden Qi was tempering his flesh and bones, a large amount of them was also sucked away by Lin Dong’s Yuan Power. As those Yuan Power flowed within his meridians, they started to turn increasingly vigorous.

As he examined the changes that are happening to his body, a hint of a smile appeared on Lin Dong’s face. Nirvana Golden Qi was an absolutely wonderful supplement for Nirvana Stage experts. Not only would it strengthen the body, it could increase the vigour of one’s Yuan Power. The rate of improvement was many times faster than ordinary training.

“This place is not bad, all this Nirvana Golden Qi should not be wasted…”

Lin Dong opened his eyes faintly and looked at the ten metre radius of golden light within the Pill River’s depths. Within this light radius were thick and copious amounts of Nirvana Golden Qi. This time, Lin Dong’s expression when he looked at them, was filled with greed.

With the Green Heaven Materialized Dragon Skill, Lin Dong was able to disregard that enormous pressure. Furthermore, it allowed him to easily endure the pain that would torture a normal Nirvana stage expert to death when absorbing the Nirvana Golden Qi. Although the pain was still present, it was not hard for Lin Dong to endure it.

“However, the pressure is getting heavier and heavier…”

Lin Dong glanced at the dragon scales on his body and noticed their dimming green glow. The originally bright green glow was gone. It seems like the pressure here was slowly increasing in intensity.

However now that Lin Dong had a taste of the benefits of the Nirvana Golden Qi, he would naturally not give up that easily .As for the growing pressure, he wanted to find out how much more his physical body could endure.

“Devour it!”

Lin Dong start to create a seal before before a pulsating black hole started to appear with his palm. The next moment, Devouring Force started to spread out from it.


With the appearance of the Devouring Force, the floating clump of golden light started to fluctuate violently. Streams of golden light started to form, flowing with a frightening speed into the black hole in Lin Dong’s palm.

Following the absorption of a large amount of Nirvana Golden Qi, Lin Dong’s face started to glow with a faint gold light. From far, he looked akin to a solemn and dignified buddha.

At this moment, as he continued to devour, Lin Dong’s aura started to slowly climb!