Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 647: Nirvana Golden Qi

Chapter 647: Nirvana Golden Qi


Chapter 647: Nirvana Golden Qi

Boom boom!

The Pill River began to surge. Vigorous Nirvana Qi materialized into tidal waves that rolled endlessly. The display of might from the Pill River was much more fearsome than any normal river.

Chen Zhen and Wu Dao hovered above the Pill River. Even as dense Nirvana Qi was pounding against their bodies, their clothes did not waver at all. They appeared to be using their Yuan Power to defend themselves against the collision from the Nirvana Qi. Lin Dong was secretly envious at this sight. This is the disparity of strength between him and them. They were not on the same level…..

Meanwhile, the Desolate Hall disciples were rushing onto the side of the Pill River platform with their eyes focused on the Pill River. Their gazes were filled with envy. Pill River Head Immersion was an extremely rare event that took place only once every year. Nirvana Golden Qi, which was produced in the depths of the Pill River, had an extremely powerful nourishing effect on Nirvana Stage practitioners. However, very little Nirvana Golden Qi was produced each year. Otherwise, it would be of great help to the Desolate Hall’s disciples.

“I wonder how many days can Lin Dong endure this time around!”

“Yeah. Nirvana Golden Qi is extremely violent. The moment it enters your body, it will break into your nervous system and blood vessels. It might even be life-threatening for those unlucky ones. The guy who obtained the privilege of the Pill River Head Immersion last year is Senior Fang Yun, right? He managed to stay in the Pill River for four days.”

“Given Lin Dong’s current strength, I guess he should be able to stay in the river for four days.”

“Who knows?”

On the platform, everyone was looking at the youthful figure that was above the Pill River. At the same time, whisperings and murmurings broke out from the onlookers.

“Is the Pill River Head Immersion dangerous?” After hearing those murmurs, Mo Ling and his counterpart looked frantically at Little Marten and asked.

“Originally, the Pill River is created from the purest Nirvana Qi. In the depths of the Pill River, a multitudinous amount of Nirvana Qi fuse together under the ambient pressure. As time passes, the fusion creates an extremely pure energy, which is known as the Nirvana Golden Qi,” Little Marten explained plainly.

“There’s another name for this kind of Nirvana Golden Qi. It’s also called the Yuan Spirit Qi…”

“Yuan Spirit Qi?” Mo Ling and the rest were startled.

“When a Nirvana stage practitioner is going through the seventh Nirvana Tribulation, the Nirvana Qi in his or her body will automatically transform into that Yuan Qi. From a different perspective, the same situation is what’s happening with the Nirvana Golden Qi in the Pill River. The Nirvana Golden Qi will be formed after going through numerous rounds of fusion and refinement. It’s just that the Nirvana Golden Qi here has no consciousness of its own.”

If one can successfully absorb the Nirvana Golden Qi here, not only will it be greatly beneficial for the growth of his strength, it will make the process of his Yuan Dan evolving into a Yuan Spirit much more smoother as well….”

“There are such benefits?”

Upon hearing these, Mo Ling and the rest were shocked. Forming the Yuan Spirit is an important step in the Nirvana Stage. When a Yuan Spirit was created, even if one’s physical body was destroyed, one would not die instantly. However, even though Yuan Spirit was rather useful, it was not easy to create one. The risk of creating a Yuan Spirit was much more higher than passing through a Nirvana Tribulation. Therefore, when they heard that Nirvana Golden Qi could make the process of creating a Yuan Spirit smoother, they were extremely shocked.

“There are indeed a lot of benefits. However, Nirvana Golden Qi can be rather uncontrollable for practitioners at your level. The moment you lose control of it, your internal body will be in a state of chaos. In the end, not only do you not manage to reap any benefits, but you will end up with a bunch of internal injuries.”

“Furthermore, the Nirvana Golden Qi is hidden in the depths of the Pill River. If one wants to obtain the Nirvana Qi, one will have to enter the depths of the Pill River. The ambient pressure there is enough to crush a Four Yuan Nirvana stage practitioner. It’s not an easy task to withstand the pressure, while absorbing the Nirvana Golden Qi at the same time,” Little Marten explained.

“Oh I see..” Everyone finally understood what was going on.

Upon seeing everyone’s facial expressions, Little Marten merely smiled and shifted his gaze towards the young figure above the Pill River. Indeed, the Nirvana Golden was extremely violent. However, it would not pose any death-dealing threats to Lin Dong, who had been practicing the Green Heaven Materialized Dragon Skill.


“Let’s do it!” Above the Pill River, Chen Zhen looked at Wu Dao and chuckled.


Wu Dao nodded his head slightly. Soon after, his facial expression became sombre gradually. With a wave of his sleeves, boundless and vigorous Yuan Power swept out of his body like a tidal wave and materialized into an enormous Yuan Power-made bolt that directly plunged into the Pill River. Then, it started stirring ferociously like a gigantic rod.

Whoosh whoosh whoosh!

As that enormous Yuan Power-made bolt started to stir, the Pill River boiled instantly. Waves and currents were surging violent. Following which, a black-colored whirlpool formed rapidly on the surface of the Pill River.

The whirlpool extended quickly into the bottom of the Pill River. The jet-black whirlpool was like the mouth of the devil, making one’s hair stand.

“Buzz buzz!”

Clearly, the whirlpool was expanding rapidly. As the width of the whirlpool’s mouth reached approximately one hundred feet, a golden radiance appeared in the bottomless darkness.


The golden radiance shot out from the whirlpool like a shooting star that streaked across the dark sky. Finally, when it reached the top of the sky, an abnormal violent energy wave erupted.

“Nirvana Golden Qi!”

When everyone on the platform saw the golden radiance shooting out of the whirlpool, cries of surprise broke out and their eyes were filled with fervent.

“Lin Dong, enter the depths of the Pill River and absorb the Nirvana Golden Qi. If you can’t take it anymore, crush this piece of jade and I will bring you back!” Chen Zhen roared as the golden radiance appeared. With a wave of his sleeves, a gold-colored jade flew towards Lin Dong.


Without any hesitation, after Lin Dong caught the gold-colored jade in his hand, his body trembled and vigorous Yuan Power engulfed his body. Following which, he materialized into a streak of light and surged into the swirling whirlpool without the slightest bit of uncertainty.

As Lin Dong entered the whirlpool, Chen Zhen took action as well. Boundless Yuan Power gushd out from his body and enveloped the entire whirlpool. Soon after, the whirlpool began to spin slower. Eventually, the whirlpool was forcefully froze.


Upon seeing the whirlpool froze, Wu Dao let out a sigh of relief. With a wave of his hand, he withdrew the gigantic Yuan Power-made bolt into his body. Then, he shifted his gaze towards the whirlpool that was emitting golden radiance and pursed his lips involuntarily.

“What happens next will have to depend on his capabilities. The longer he endures down there, the more beneficial it will be for him,” Chen Zhen as he dusted his hands.

“How many days do you think this lad can hold out?” Chen Zhen suddenly asked smilingly.

“Should be around five days,” Wu Dao muttered as he gave a conservative estimate.

“Five days is a rather good result. However, I guess this estimate is far from what you expect deep in your heart? Don’t you always hold him in high regard?” Chen Zhen laughed.

“Alright, my estimate is eight days,” Wu Dao stroked his beard and replied.

Chen Zhen was slightly startled. Then, he maintained his composure and continued, “You’re rather blunt. From what I know, among the younger generation who has undertaken the Pill River Head Immersion, only Ying Xiaoxiao managed to hold out for eight days in the river.

“I have never once believed that Lin Dong is weaker than that girl…” Wu Dao smiled insipidly.

“Then, why don’t you think about what happened further back in the past? That year, Senior Zhou Tong lay on the bed of the Pill River and absorbed all the Nirvana Golden Qi before swaggering out of the river,” Chen Zhen chuckled.

“Haha, Senior Zhou Tong is an exceptional talent who mastered the Great Desolate Scripture. I don’t have such expectation for Lin Dong,” Wu Dao chortled.


Chen Zhen broke out into laughter and shook his head. Then, he shifted his gaze towards the whirlpool that was emitting golden radiance and said softly, “Since you have such high expectations of him, we shall see how many days this lad can hold out.”

As Chen Zhen finished his sentence, he stopped talking for awhile. Then, he muttered to himself, “If a miracle occurs, that will be the best scenario. The Desolate Hall has been too quiet these past years. It’s time for some excitement.”