Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 644: Fight

Chapter 644: Fight


Chapter 644: Fight

When Lin Dong’s words resounded across the platform, a soft whoosh could be heard coming from all directions. Quite a few Desolate Hall disciples were stunned as Lin Dong’s straightforwardness had completely exceeded their expectations.

“He sure is a bold and charismatic fellow…”

A few of the direct disciples were observing this moment play out, while a hint of admiration surfaced in their eyes. Tong Chuan could not stomach what happened today, and the one way he could settle this was not complex, which was to fight.

Strength was an entry pass at any place, and it was no exception within the Desolate Hall.

Tong Chuan actually understood that even after he personally taught Lin Dong a lesson, it was still nigh impossible to change the fact that he would receive the Pill River Head Immersion. Since Lin Dong had made contributions towards the Dao Sect, the two heads of the Desolate Hall would not withdraw his reward just because of his opposition.

The reason he continued to do so was ,firstly, he was unable to swallow this down, and secondly he thought that he could press down the invincible air of this new disciple. This was to let him know that although he was the champion of the Hundred Empire War, he would still have to obediently withdraw the air of arrogance brought by this title.

However, what caused Tong Chuan to feel surprised was that Lin Dong actually turned from a guest into a host, and before allowing him to explain fully, he had already sent out his challenge.

Due to his actions, regardless of whether he ended up winning or losing, at the very least, his courage had caused quite a few people to hold him in high esteem. The matter of humiliation would not be further mentioned. Regardless, Lin Dong was still a new member of the Desolate Hall. Losing to a senior disciple like Tong Chuan would not be considered as humiliating.

At an area that was quite far from the Pill River, two shadows were floating in the air, with their gazes aimed towards the Pill River. One of them was the vice head of the Desolate Hall Wu Dao, while the other one was a old man dressed in white, with a head full of white hair, making him appearing quite senile. However the occasional glow that passed by swiftly indicated that he was a senior of uncommon background.

This old man dressed in white was none other than the present head of the Desolate Hall, Chen Zhen.

“Heh, this brat sure has a unique way of doing things…”Wu Dao said while grinning and staring at the Pill River platform from far away.

“Seems like you truly hold Lin Dong in high regard…”said the old man dressed in white softly before giving a faint smile.

His talent coupled with his disposition would make him one of the top picks and a very good seedling. If he is groomed properly, I feel that he would be able to become the most outstanding person within the younger generation members of Desolate Hall.”

Wu Dao gently caressed his beard, before contemplating for awhile and said: Actually, even if he was compared to those monstrous talents of the Sky Hall, he might not fall in a disadvantageous position.”

“There aren’t many youngsters that could make you utter such words…”

Desolate Hall master Chen Zhen gave a laugh while he stared far into the distance, before nodding his head and said: “ There are quite a few secrets within that brat’s body, however that does not matter to us. The current him is already the disciple of our Dao Sect. As long as he does not do anything that would bring harm to the sect, he would forever be a disciple of our Dao Sect.”

“Who do you think would have a greater chance of victory between them?” Chen Zhen asked as he looked towards Wu Dao.

“Tong Chuan will likely suffer.”

Wu Dao grinned as he replied. Thinking back, in the Ancient Battlefield, even Cao Yu was forced into a sorry state by Lin Dong. If one tried to judge Lin Dong’s prowess from his appearance alone, one would be truly mistaken.


Chen Zhen raised his eyebrows before looking at the platform with gusto and said with a faint voice: “I want to see just how outstanding is that little fellow, that you hold in high regard.”

“You are definitely courageous.”

Tong Chuan stared at the skinny looking youth in front of him, his eyes narrowing and flames of anger could be faintly seen within them. Thinking about it, this was the first time that he had be treated so haughtily by a new disciple. As such,he felt no need to be polite and took a step forward, before his wild Yuan power erupted just like a thunderstorm. This level of fluctuation was a level stronger than the Tianyuan Dynasty Qin Tian.

“On the account that you are my junior, I’ll not bully you. After ten rounds, if you have not lost, I, Tong Chuan will not say say a single word on the matter of the Pill River Head Immersion. Do you dare to accept this challenge?”

Tong Chuan low and deep voice, carried by his vigourous Yuan Power resounded across the platform akin to the rumbling of thunder.

“Senior please carry on, I am afraid there might not be a need for 10 rounds!”

Lin Dong’s body faintly trembled as Yuan Power within his body started to surge. Although it was not a fearsome as that of Tong Chuan, it immediately dispelled the pressure that was being emanated by Tong Chuan.

“Having courage is a good thing. However, one must know when not to go too far! Since you are that haughty, alright then, let me test out what ability do you, the champion of the Hundred Empire War have!”

Tong Chuan gave a cold snort, as the flames of anger in his eyes grew larger, he felt that if this new disciple was not taken care off today, there would be no place for him in the future!


Tong Chuan gripped his large hand, before a radiant golden light erupted from his body and directly transformed into a large golden blade. A frightening and astonishing fluctuation was being emitted by that large blade.

“Bang Bang!”

Tong Chuan took a step forwards, as the large golden blade in his hand gave a sudden tremble. Instantly, ten blade rays exploded out, which caused even the air to be sliced apart, creating incisive howling noises that reverberated sharply.

Facing Tong Chuan’s attack, Lin Dong merely extended his palms and with a grasp, green light seemingly erupted from his palms and directly morphed in a green coloured scale shield.

Ting Ting!

The blade slashes sliced heavily on the green coloured scale shield. However, it only caused some sparks and did not achieve any noticeable results.


After easily blocking Tong Chuan’s probing attack, Lin Dong did not consider the need of continuing such useless probing. After experiencing bout after bout of vicious battles in the Ancient Battlefield, he did not enjoy these soft probing attacks. Immediately, his body rushed forward explosively. As he gripped his palm, a black iron seal appeared within his palms.

With the appearance of the black iron symbol it caused violent winds to stir up, before turning into a vast and enormous shadow that viciously pressed down on Tong Chuan, crushing him beneath it.

“Heavenly Soul Treasure??”

Tong Chuan was startled by the sudden appearance of the black metal symbol, causing a serious glow to flash past his eyes, before swiftly retreating, while his hands moved lighting fast to break the symbol.

“Demonic Desolation Fist!”

When the seal started to fluctuate, Tong Chuan sent a fist rumbling forward. Dreadful Yuan Power started to condense on his fist, before finally emitting a Desolate Aura akin to a great desolation and viciously smashed against the black iron symbol that was oppressing him.


A loud and clear sound resounded out as the black iron symbol was literally smashed by Tong Chuan’s fist, before a frightening amount of power started to radiate outwards, causing even the air to start twisting. After seeing this scene, it caused Liu Bai and the rest’s facial expressions to change. It seems like he was indeed a worthy of being a direct disciple of Desolate Hall.In fact, the person in front of them was likely more powerful than Qin Tian…

“Although you have a Heavenly Soul Treasure, don’t assume that it is something that you can rely on!” shouted Tong Chuan as he dashed forward explosively. His arm suddenly trembled and unleashed the same vicious fist as before. However, this time around, the howling noise blotted out the whole sky. This grade of boundless eruption of power had everyone change their countenance.

Facing the incoming fist shade whose howling filled the skies, Lin Dong did not retreat and instead advanced forward. With a movement of his body, he landed on top of the black iron symbol that was flying upside down. After stabilizing himself, with a single thought, vigorous Yuan Power, Mental Energy and Devouring Force rapidly entered the archaic formation within his body.

“Rumble Rumble Rumble!”

Following the unison of the three different energies within the archaic formation, the Yuan Power that was gushing out of Lin Dong turned into a mysterious greyish black colour. It faintly emitted the strength of destruction, which was several times stronger than his previous Yuan Power.

“That light”

On the platform, there were numerous Desolate Hall disciples who were watching this scene. Upon seeing that light, their vision all hardened as they simultaneously discovered the sudden birth of a fearsome and mysterious energy within Lin Dong’s body.

When the three sources of energy fused together, Lin Dong’s power rose instantly. His aura was not weaker than the Six Yuan Nirvana Stage of Tong Chuan!

“Dragon Gate!”

Lin Dong stomped his feet, causing the boundless greyish black air to directly integrate with the black iron symbol with lighting fast speed. At the same time, the black coloured dragon spirit, which was residing in the iron symbol, opened its dragon eyes, causing a sinister aura to rapidly fill the surrounding air.

As more and more greyish black energy integrated with the iron symbol, the dragon spirit took to the skies, as a vigorous strength started to emanate from the ice cold looking black dragon scales that fully covered its humongous body.

“He actually summoned the dragon spirit.”

When the humongous dragon spirit appeared, there were many surprised shrieks coming from the platform, as they were all astonished by Lin Dong’s move.


The dragon spirit faced the heavens and roared, instantaneously showing off its anger , while a fearsome amount of energy formed a humongous arcing shield, causing cracks and fractures to appear on the platform below.

“Bang Bang Bang!”

The large desolation fist afterimage filled the air with vicious fist winds as it directly landed on the body of the dragon spirit and exploded outwards. However it was unable to halt the momentum of the dragon spirit.

With the unison of the three energies within his body and coupled with the might of a Heavenly Soul Treasure, Lin Dong’s current strength could be compared favourably to a Six Yuan Nirvana stage expert. Hence, he was obviously not weaker compared to Tong Chuan.

It was at this moment that Tong Chuan finally realised. Immediately, his facial expression turned exceptionally serious. He tried his best to restrain the slight fluttering of his heart by taking a deep breath. He slowly raised the golden large blade in his hands, however there was a faint pale white tinge present on his face.


In contrast to the paleness on his face, the golden large blade in his hands started to violently tremble. The golden light was mysteriously withdrawn and on the golden light, appeared faint and subtle cracks. From afar, it looked like a vast piece of parched land, as a Desolate Aura started to emanate.

“This light,”

After seeing the light those Desolate Hall disciples on the platform the expressions on their faces change, as they could recognize the martial art that Tong Chuan was executing.

One roar after another started to resound from the platform as Tong Chuan suddenly raised his head.Promptly, his hand seemingly transformed into an earth desolating blade. As he suddenly sliced down, an icy cold sound, which carried the air of desolation started to spread from his mouth.

“Desolation Blade!”