Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 639: Dao Region, Dao Sect!

Chapter 639: Dao Region, Dao Sect!


Chapter 639: Dao Region, Dao Sect!

The Eastern Xuan Region, a continent that contained an endless number of legends. Since ancient times, numerous great world-shaking experts were born in these lands. The strength they possessed shook their predecessors and illuminated the way for new generations of practitioners. Their great might and dignity still shocked and awed people all over the world even after hundreds or thousands of years. At the same time, it also caused countless people to feel a degree of respect towards this place.

The empires within the Eastern Xuan Region were as numerous as the stars in the sky. Empires rose and fell everyday, and an endless competition shrouded the entire continent.

The true rulers of this land that towered over those uncountable empires were the titanic beings known as the super sects.

They sat above all empires and possessed inheritances from the ancient times.

Amongst these super sects, there were eight great super sects stood at the pinnacle.

The Yuan Gate, Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace, Dao Sect, Thousand Puppet Sect, Symbol Valley, Sword Sect, Great Desolate Palace and Divine Sect.

These eight great super sects were the true overlords of this land. The strength that each of them possessed could instantly destroy any empire.

Of course, in this continent that riddled with scuffles, even the super sects were unable to completely detach themselves. Not only did the eight great super sects have numerous conflicts between themselves, there were also quite a number of other super sects eyeing their positions.

After all, though the eight great super sects might be the strongest within the Eastern Xuan Region, there were more than eight super sects. The strength of some of these remaining super sects might be lacking in comparison, but they were no pushovers either. After all, everyone wished to climb upwards in this world.

On the whole however, the structure of the current Eastern Xuan Region was still being controlled by the eight great super sects. However, there was still an endless amount of undercurrents present under this seemingly calm surface.

The eight great super sects stood in eight different directions of the Eastern Xuan Region like great divine beings. They were just like the guardians of the land.

There was a vast mountain range tens of thousands of kilometres wide in the south-western area of the Eastern Xuan Region. This mountain range was covered by clouds and mist all year round, an incomparably mysterious sight.

This extremely large mountain range was called the Dao Region. Located in the Dao Region was one of the Eastern Xuan Region’s eight great super sects, the Dao Sect.

Hundreds and thousands of empires dotted the area around this Dao Region. These empires viewed the Dao Sect as their leader and treated the Dao Sect as a holy land. They also relied on the Dao Sect to survive.

Deep within this endlessly vast Dao Region mountain range, there was an area covered in mist that was clearly split off from everywhere else. Countless extremely tall and large mountains clustered together here. One could vaguely see an endless number of grand buildings on the top of these enormous mountains.

Numerous cities appeared under this fog under the cluster of giant mountains. It was extremely lively there. From a great distance away, it appeared just like a country.

In the deepest part of the mountain range, an enormous curtain of light spanning several tens of thousands of feet flowed down from the sky like a dome. It’s size was so overwhelming that it appeared as though even day and night were under it.

One could see numerous large halls within the light curtain that gave off an ancient and vicissitude aura. Wind sounds echoed endlessly in the skies within this dome, and if one looked down from above, it was possible to see many ant like figures charging through the clouds with an indescribable ancient majestic feeling.


At this moment, the light curtain in the distant sky suddenly distorted. After which, a large amount of light gathered, before finally transforming into an enormous formation. Hundreds of figures were appeared within the formation in a flash of light, and were instantly dumbstruck when their eyes were shifted downwards.


At the front of the crowd, Lin Dong’s face was filled with shock due to the scene below. Soon after, he inhaled a deep breath of cool air, before once again gazing at the light curtain before him that seemingly covered the sky. After which, he turned towards the enormous mountain and the ancient aura that it contained. It felt as if he had time-travelled back to the ancient times.

Although the Ancient Treasure Trove was quite large, it was after all only some ruins, while the place that currently appeared in front of Lin Dong’s eyes, was a genuine super sect!

A great being of this world!

“Welcome to the Dao Sect.” Wu Dao smilingly watched the group of people who were seemingly shocked to the limit. There was some pride on his face as he laughed.

“This is the Dao Sect huh…”

Lin Dong involuntarily licked his lips. He had once envied the disciples of the ancient sects when the ancient sect remains. Never did he imagine that would now be able to enjoy the same privileges.

“Let’s go, follow me into Dao Sect. All of you are still not considered as true Dao Sect disciples. Do not randomly roam around.” Wu Dao waved his sleeves as a golden light rushed out, before entering the light curtain.

Buzz buzz!

The light barrier rippled a little, and the faint undulations that resulted caused Lin Dong’s scalp to feel numb. He was truly unable to imagine just who had constructed such a frightening defence.

“There is a formation hidden within the light curtain, and is likely a great ancient sect formation of the Dao Sect. If it is activated, even an expert at the Mysterious Life Stage will be destroyed immediately until nothing remains. Even the strongest of Life Qi would be unable to save him.” Little Marten’s expression was also somewhat grave, as he observed the light curtain in front of him. Even he felt an extremely amount of danger from this light curtain.

Lin Dong nodded, not feeling surprised at all. It would be strange if something that was used by the Dao Sect as their great sect protecting formation did not possess such power.

The light barrier rippled as a pathway was slowly being torn open. Wu Dao waved his hand and the light array that had followed Lin Dong’s group entered the interior of the Dao Sect with him as he rushed through the light door.


The moment they entered the light door, Lin Dong’s group sensed a rich and almost viscous natural Yuan Power pounce at them. Their bodies were immediately shaken by the sudden change, and some of them were flipped by this Yuan Power hurricane.

“Such rich natural Yuan Power!”

As Lin Dong felt the Yuan Power that permeated this land, his facial expression immediately changed a little. The natural Yuan Power of the world within this light curtain was likely over a dozen times richer than that of the outside world. Clearly, this was a powerful tactic that the Dao Sect had employed. It forcefully and continuously absorbed the natural Yuan Power from hundreds of thousands of kilometres around into the Dao Sect for its disciples to use.

This move was truly a little terrifying.

Swoosh swoosh!

While Lin Dong’s group in shock due to the terrifying Yuan Power, a dozen rainbows rushed across the sky. Finally, they transformed into a dozen human figures wearing dark red robes.

These people had hurried over to take a look because of the arrival of Lin Dong’s group. Their faces only relaxed when they saw Wu Dao.

“Greetings deputy hall chief Wu Dao.” The dozen figures respectfully cupped their hands together and bowed.

“These are the disciples selected from the Hundred Empire War.” Wu Dao softly chuckled as he casually explained.

The dozen figures only came to a sudden comprehension at this moment. Their eyes immediately swept over Lin Dong’s large group. There was some sternness within their eyes and quite a number of people avoided their gaze. Evidently pressured by the aura from their bodies.

“As expected of the Dao Sect. Just patrolling disciples alone are already so powerful…” Lin Dong’s heart was slightly shaken because of their powerful auras. From what he could tell, the strength of this group were all at or above the five Yuan Nirvana stage. Moreover, their fighting strength was clearly much greater than an ordinary five Yuan Nirvana stage expert. Otherwise, they would not possess such a demeanor.

Although their auras were strong, they did not cause Lin Dong any pressure. With his current strength, he could contend against a six Yuan Nirvana stage expert. Moreover, in terms of tactics, he did not really fear these disciples.

After the patrolling disciples’ eyes swept around, they paused a little longer on Lin Dong’s group. Clearly, these people had also sensed they were somewhat extraordinary. They immediately nodded quietly. It seemed like the Hundred Empire War had produced quite a number of decent disciples…

“Deputy hall chief Wu Dao, please lead these disciples and head to the Hall Selection Stage. The other three great hall deputy chiefs are already waiting.” A patrolling disciple spoke respectfully to Wu Dao.

Wu Dao frowned a little upon hearing these words. He snorted, “These fellows are already unable to wait any longer and anxiously want to recruit some new members huh?”

The patrolling disciples were a little embarrassed when they heard this, but they did not dare to say anything in response.

“Go, go, I know what to do.”

Wu Dao waved his hand in an irritable manner and chased the patrolling disciples away. After which, he waved his hand with a somewhat gloomy face and led everyone towards a large mountain in the distance, which was covered by clouds.

Lin Dong looked at Wu Dao, who had a somewhat ugly expression. He did not understand why the latter would suddenly become displeased.

“There are four great halls where the Dao Sects grooms its disciples. They are named Sky, Earth, Flood and Desolate. Based on what I know, the Sky Hall should currently be the strongest, the Earth Hall is second while the Desolate Hall is last. Wu Dao is the deputy hall chief of the Desolate Hall.”

“The disciples that enter the Dao Sect will choose one of the four halls. However, since the Desolate Hall is ranked last, those with great talent will usually be poached by the Sky Hall and the Earth Hall.” Little Marten’s voice sounded out beside Lin Dong’s ears and resolved the doubt within the latter’s heart.

“Which hall should I join then?” Lin Dong immediately understood, and asked softly.

Little Marten mused for a moment before slowly spitting out two words.

“Desolate Hall.”