Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 638: Dazzling Great Yan

Chapter 638: Dazzling Great Yan


Chapter 638: Dazzling Great Yan

Great Yan Province, Lin City.

As the hometown of the Lin Clan, Lin City was always fairly crowded, and its size also placed it amongst the top cities in the empire. From a distance away, it looked impressive and majestic.

At the center of Lin City, the clan meeting hall, which was usually reserved for special occasions, was currently filled with a massive crowd. All kinds of noises gathered together, the resulting buzzing noise making one feel as if one was in a beehive.

All the Lin Clan elders were present at the middle of the meeting hall, and at this very moment, all of their attention was directed towards the chief’s seat. A man was seated at that spot. An absent-minded look currently filled his usually fearsome face.

“Clan Leader.”

As the most senior elder in the clan, Lin Mu could not help but cough gently as he watched Lin Fan’s expression. Half an hour ago, Lin Fan had issued the highest command in the clan and summoned all the elders back to their headquarters. One should know that this command had only ever been issued twice ever since the founding of the Lin Clan.

Furthermore, both times concerned the survival of the Lin Clan, and this time was likely no exception.

When their thoughts reached this point, the elders’ expressions faintly changed. Had something monumental happened?

Lin Mu’s soft cough awoke the dazed Lin Fan. His eyes slowly swept across the hall, as the noise instantly died down.


Soon after Lin Fan’s eyes swept across the hall, he suddenly started laughing mysteriously. As he lifted his head, his laughter grew louder and louder until even tears started trickling out of his eyes.

Every elder and senior member in the hall was petrified till their faces turned pale. Just what kind of huge incident had occurred? To actually shock the clan leader to such an extent?

At one side of the hall, Lin Ke-er, who was wearing a white dress, turned pale when she saw Lin Fan’s actions. Her jade-like hands involuntarily gripped tightly onto her father’s arm.

“Clan Leader, is this because of some nefarious plot by the Wang Clan? Rest assured Clan Leader, regardless of their tactics, our Lin Clan is not so easily bullied!” Lin Mu spoke out in a low voice.

“If the Wang Clan dares to declare war on us, our Lin Clan will battle them till the death!” Another elder sternly shouted.


In the meeting hall, the crowds were angered until the atmosphere turned boiling hot.

Lin Fan’s laughter gradually subsided. He wiped his face and promptly waved his hands, before he spoke in a somewhat coarsely voice, “Elders, you do not worry. In the future, the Wang Clan will no longer dare to display even the tiniest bit of disrespect to our Lin Clan…”


The elders who were originally planning to fight to the death were instantly stunned. All of them were confused as they turned toward Lin Fan.

“The Hundred Empire War is over…” Lin Fan softly said.

“Hundred Empire War?”

All the elders were once again shocked. Promptly, they recovered their senses as joy filled their faces, “Was someone from our Lin Clan selected by a super sect?”

Lin Fan slowly nodded his head.


The atmosphere in the meeting hall instantly erupted while exuberant cheers poured forth and swamped every corner of the hall.

“It must be Lin Langtian! I’m afraid he is the only one who can do so in our Lin Clan!”

“That may not be the case. Lin Dong is not weak and even Lin Langtian can’t handle him.”

“I think that Lin Langtian has a better chance. After all, his talents have been acknowledged by everyone here…”

“Yes. He is indeed the most outstanding talent in our Lin Clan. Heh, that branch family kid merely got lucky…”

“Once news of this gets out, they will probably lose their final backing…”

In the corner of the hall, Lin Ke-er gently bit her red lips and secretly sighed in her heart when she saw the exploding atmosphere in the hall. Did Lin Dong lose to Lin Langtian in the end?

“He has joined one of the eight great super sects in Eastern Xuan Region, the Dao Sect.” Lin Fan’s mumbling voice slowly spread, suppressing the din in the hall.

“One of the eight great super sects, the Dao Sect?” Everyone’s eyes instantly widened. Such an existence was simply beyond their imagination.

“In this Hundred Empire War, he surpassed the talents from the various empires and took the champion spot.”

The large hall turned completely silent and everyone felt a little breathless. The champion of the Hundred Empire War? Ever since the founding of Great Yan Empire, no one had ever accomplished such a feat right? To think that someone from their Lin Clan had actually done it?

Lin Fan lifted his head. A trace of blood in his eyes as he stared at everyone present, his soft voice still trembling as he announced, “It’s Lin Dong.”

Crack! Several chairs instantly exploded in the meeting hall as several people fell on their butts to the ground. However, no one took notice of them as they stared in disbelief at Lin Fan.

The person who had been selected by one of the eight great super sects, the Dao Sect, the one who surpassed the geniuses of the various empires and towered over the rest. Lin Dong?!

The branch family member from Yan City, Lin Dong?!

Lin Ke-er’s jade-like hand was covered her red lips in surprise. The shock in her heart almost made her faint…

She never imagined that the one to create such miracles would actually be Lin Dong!

Lin Ke-er was dazed as she reminisced about the incident that had occurred in the old tomb outside Yan City. The scrawny young man covered in bloody wounds, who stubbornly continued to struggle under Lin Langtian’s pressure.

In a few year, the injured young wolf had undergone a metamorphosis and was now an eagle that soared through the skies…

“Clan Leader, is this true?” Lin Mu opened his mouth and spoke, before realizing that his voice was a little coarse. He had placed Lin Dong in rather high regards. However, even he had never expected that Lin Dong could actually accomplish such a feat in the Hundred Empire War. A place where numerous geniuses from everywhere gathered together.

Lin Fan slowly nodded his head. Promptly, he placed both of his palms on a table to push himself up. As he stared at the crowd, his solemn voice filled with an authoritative tone slowly sounded out.

“Immediately inform the Yan City branch family that Lin Zhentian is appointed as the supreme elder of Lin Clan. Lin Xiao, Lin Ken, Lin Mang and the rest will all be invited into become elders. If anyone dares to badmouth the Yan City branch family in future…”

Lin Fan’s suddenly stopped, as a shocking killing intent surged onto his face.

“Will be immediately banished from the clan! Regardless of his status!”

The entire hall turned silent immediately. As everyone gazed at Lin Fan’s solemn expression, all of elders who were prejudiced against the Yan City branch family immediately shut their mouths. All of them clearly knew that the Yan City branch family would become the most powerful and untouchable existence in the entire Lin Clan, and maybe even the entire Great Yan Empire!

All of this was because… Lin Dong came from the Yan City branch family!

The Yan City branch family of the Lin Clan had produced a Hundred Empire War champion!

This news quickly swept across the entire empire like a hurricane. Every part of the empire was completely stunned by this news.

Any faction who knew a little about the Hundred Empire War was completely shocked by this news. It was shocking beyond imagination.

None of them could imagine how a branch family kid from a low rank empire was able to accomplish such a feat. A feat that not even the geniuses from the various super empires could pull off. However, reality had been laid bare in front of them and all they could do was bitterly grit their teeth and curse in a slightly envious tone.

“That monster…”

Yan City.

This city was now clearly the most happening place in the entire Great Yan Empire. For several days, their Lin Family had been completely flooded by various congratulatory messages. Every faction, even those with whom they were not acquainted with, showed up to congratulate them. This caused a massive headache for the Lin Family.

In the mountain situated behind the Lin Family, Lin Xiao squatted in front of a bamboo house within a bamboo forest. There were several wooden poles nearby. This was the place where Lin Dong had trained at back then.

Lin Xiao’s rough and large hands caressed the wooden stakes that were filled with cracks, as if he could still see the scrawny figure that used to train here back then.

“You have been here for one entire day. Aren’t you tired?” Footsteps sounded out behind Lin Xiao, before a large coat was gently placed over the latter’s back.

“How are father and the rest?” Lin Xiao turned around and looked at Liu Yan, before he asked with a smile.

“Ever since father heard the news, he has yet to close his mouth.” Liu Yan gently smiled and replied.

“Dong-er is truly outstanding. Even more outstanding than his old man…” Lin Xiao sighed. However, the pride and contentment on his face could not be concealed.

“Dong-er must have suffered tremendously during the Hundred Empire War.” Liu Yan was somewhat upset as she spoke. She was not like Lin Xiao and the rest, who only saw Lin Dong’s accomplishments. As his mother, she was clearly aware that based on Lin Dong’s stubborn character, he must have suffered tremendously in that place.

“He is a man. His shoulders are meant to carry heavy burdens. Dong-er is tremendously talented and the small Great Yan Empire is not enough to contain him. As his father, I am really proud to have a son like him. Haha.” Lin Xiao laughed heartily.

“It is all because of you. Not only is Dong-er like this, even that lass Qingtan is the same. A girl should stay at home, how dare she secretly run off!”

As if she had remembered something, Liu Yan’s eyes were red as she spoke angrily, “If something happens to Qingtan, I want to see if you can live with yourself for the rest of your life!”

“Haha, that lass can’t let go of Dong-er and she wants to chase after him. There is no helping it. Furthermore, the elder following her is extremely powerful and must have an extraordinary background. With her protection, Qingtan should be fine.” Lin Xiao laughed as he said.

“As for the argument that you had with that lass, after her brother knows, she will have to face the consequences. Haha.”

Liu Yan softly sighed. There was no point in discussion such matters at this time. As she recalled how that normally obedient lass actually argued with her over this matter, she felt suffocated in her heart.

“Don’t worry, the younger generation will do alright on their own.”

Lin Xiao smiled as he hugged Liu Yan. Promptly, he lifted his head and stared at the distant sky before muttering to himself, “Dong-er, since you want to explore, go out and explore the world. A man should do so. However, it doesn’t matter how famous you become, if you are tired, you can always return home. Father may not be as accomplished as you, but I will make sure that you will never suffer when I am around.”