Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 637: Conclusion of the Hundred Empire War

Chapter 637: Conclusion of the Hundred Empire War


Chapter 637: Conclusion of the Hundred Empire War

Curtains of light covered the Hundred Empire Mountain top. Nearly everyone who could make it to the mountain top had a Heaven Grade Nirvana Seal and most of them were fairly talented. Therefore, with the exception of a few individuals, most of them would be selected by the super sects. However, they would only become disciples after entering the super sects. If they wanted to improve and become direct disciples, they would still have to work rather hard.

At this stage, the Hundred Empire War had officially concluded. However, this domain would remain open for a period of time. During this period, the super sects would continue to monitor this place. If there were other stellar performers, they would be accepted by the super sects. Of course, the disciples that were taken in during the second round would have a ‘Second’ marked in front of their names and their status would be lower than ordinary disciples.

Even though they were only branch disciples, it was still extremely desirable for most. After all, the super sects were extremely stringent…

As the disciples were distributed, the Hundred Empire War officially came to an end.

Lin Dong stood to one side, and a sea of black bobbed heads gathered behind him. All of them to him with a respect and admiration. All of them were now disciples of Dao Sect and Lin Dong’s status would definitely exceed them. Hence, regardless of what empire they came from, they no longer dared to act arrogantly in front of him.

“Now that the Hundred Empire War has ended, all of you will follow me to the Dao Sect. News of what has happened here will swiftly spread back to your own respective empires. Meanwhile, the rewards from the Dao Sect will soon be delivered to your empires.” Wu Dao stared at that crowd before he stroked his beard and spoke.

Wu Dao’s words obviously caused grateful expressions to surface on many faces. All of them represented their empires to take part in the Hundred Empire War. Now that they had finally succeeded, when they thought of the joy that this news would bring to their own empires, all of them were overjoyed.

There were countless empires in the Eastern Xuan Region and many new empires were destroyed and created daily. Therefore, one way to judge the strength of an empire was by the number of members who had joined a super sect. Even though the super sects would not intervene in the wars between the empires, the disciples who had joined the super sects would be naturally unwilling to see their own empires be destroyed. Therefore, once their empires are in danger, those disciples would naturally come to their aid.

Of course, it would be fine if those disciples merely held an ordinary status in the super sects. However, if those disciples were truly valued by their super sect, their super sect would not ignore their plight as well. As such, their super sect would likely intervene as well.

It was precisely because of this reason that the empires in the Eastern Xuan Region tried desperately to send members to the super sect in hopes of gaining their protection and ensure the longevity of their empires.

“Buzz buzz!”

After Wu Do spoke, his hand seals instantly changed. Majestic Yuan Power quickly gathered in front of him before directly transforming into a giant formation a moment later. Brilliant rays of light swirled across his formation.

All of the super sects had constructed a space imprint in the Ancient Battlefield and they could activate it at will to send members back to their own sects.

Lin Dong watched as the now complete formation as he involuntarily took in a deep breath. Was it finally time to go…

“Let’s go.”

Regret lingered in his heart for a moment, before Lin Dong took the first step into the formation without any hesitation. Soon after, Little Marten, Little Flame and the rest quickly followed behind him.

After the last individual stepped into the formation, the dazzling light began to flow. Lin Dong lifted his head and took one last peek at this domain. In the end, a trace of anticipation flowed deep within his eyes.

Eastern Xuan Region, Super Sects and… Ling Qingzhu…

I, Lin Dong… am coming…

Dazzling light exploded in the skies. When it reached its peak, it suddenly vanished, and as the light vanished, it took that crowd along as well.

One year of hard work. The Hundred Empire War had finally ended.

Great Yan Empire, Imperial City.

The smell of incense lingered across the quiet yet majestic imperial study, causing one to feel invigorated. In the middle of the study, a muscular figure was quiety browsing through the various documents on his desk. A faint yet powerful aura was emitted from his body.

The fearsome tiger of the imperial family, Mo Jingtian, and the current ruler of the Great Yan Empire. After a year, his aura was clearly stronger than before.


The serene study room was suddenly disrupted by an extremely piercing noise of the door opening. Mo Jingtian’s face instantly darkened. He lifted his head and was just about to erupt in rage when a faint yet sharp voice was transmitted into his ears.

“Your majesty, the Hundred Empire War is over!”


The rage on Mo Jingtian’s face instantly disappeared together with his originally gloomy expression. He suddenly stood up, his voice a little shaky due to anxiety, “What about Mo Ling?”

“Your Majesty, the third prince has been accepted by Dao Sect, one of the eight great super sects!” The man was overjoyed as he replied in a trembling tone.

“Dao Sect?!”

Even a man like Mo Jingtian could not help but involuntairly suck in a breath of cold air as he stood in shock. There were many super sects in Eastern Xuan Region. However, he knew of the eight strongest ones. He had originally thought that it would be great if Mo Ling could enter any of the super sects. However, Mo Ling was actually chosen by one of the eight great super sects, the Dao Sect…

That was one of the largest factions in the entire Eastern Xuan Region!

“How is this possible?” Mo Jingtian was so shocked that it took him a moment to recover. Promptly, he muttered to himself. He was clearly aware of the cruel nature of the Hundred Empire War. In fact, there was no one who had accomplished such a feat ever since the founding of his Great Yan Empire.

“Your majesty, not only did the third prince join the Dao Sect, even Du Yun, Man Shan and the rest have joined Dao Sect!”

This sensational news stunned Mo Jingtian so greatly that he fell back into his seat. There was actually three members that had been selected by the Dao Sect. Did that not mean that their Great Yan Empire now had three super sect members?

“How is this possible?” Waves of disbelief continuously struck Mo Jingtian’s heart. He stared at the messenger, his hand continuously toying with a jade ball, as he muttered to himself.

“It is all because of Lin Dong!”

The messenger’s face was still filled with an almost maniacal joy. Obviously, this was the most shocking news that he had received in his life.

“Lin Dong? That Lin Dong from the Lin Clan?” Mo Jingtian was startled as he said.

“He was crowned as the champion of this Hundred Empire War and the Dao Sect highly values him. That is why they decided to accept the third prince and the rest!”


That rare jade stone in Mo Jingtian’s hand was instantly turned to dust. However, he had no time to feel any regret about it. As he stared in shock at the man in front of him, a single word continuously filled his mind…

“Hundred Empire War… Champion?!”

Mo Jingtian’s palm gently trembled as he tugged his sleeves. At this moment, his pupils had unknowingly shrunk. He clearly knew what this title represented…

This title represented the most capable younger generation member in the entire Eastern Xuan Region!

In the past, such an individual typically came from super empire. Low rank empires like them were basically treated as cannon fodder in the Hundred Empire War. In fact, even surviving was a challenge. To contend for the championship spot would merely bring disgrace to themselves!

However, a youth from their Great Yan Empire had stood out in the Hundred Empire War and now stood at its peak…

The shock caused by this news made Mo Jingtian unable to breathe!

“Are you certain?” Mo Jingtian opened his dry mouth as he asked in a coarse voice.

“Your Majesty, this is the Yuan Spirit message sent by Dao Sect.” The man quickly took out a golden glowing ball. Within the golden glowing ball was a golden piece of paper.

Mo Jingtian quickly received it. The imposing aura given off by the glowing globe caused the Yuan Power in his body to solidify. He knew that his news was genuine.

“That kid…” Mo Jingtian pursed his lips as an image of the scrawny young man from one year ago flashed past in his mind. At that time, he would not even have dreamt that Lin Dong would accomplish such a feat. Looks like it was a good move to ask Mo Ling and the rest to follow Lin Dong.

“A truly terrifying fellow has emerged from the Lin Clan…” Mo Jingtian solemnly sighed. There was an unconcealed envy within his words.

“Your Majesty, there has been quite a few skirmishes recently between the Lin Clan and the Wang Clan…”

“Send word to the Wang Clan, from this day on, the Lin Clan is now the leader of the Four Great Clans. If they do not know how to behave themselves…” Mo Jingtian’s eyes narrowed as a trace of killing intent slowly emerged.


The messenger’s heart was shocked. Looks like the Wang Clan was truly unfortunate this time. In fact, was there anyone in the Great Yan Empire who would dare to oppose the Lin Clan in future?

“Your Majesty, the Yuan Spirit Message should have also been sent to the Lin Clan and the other factions in the empire…”

Mo Jingtian slowly nodded his head. He knew that from this day on, the Lin Clan would become the most powerful faction in the empire. In fact, even their Imperial Family would not dare to do anything to them.

Because, the Lin Clan had produced a Lin Dong.