Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 636: Joining the Dao Sect

Chapter 636: Joining the Dao Sect


Chapter 636: Joining the Dao Sect

Majestic Yuan Power rippled in the sky, accompanied by an endless pressure as it spread. Under this pressure, everyone on the mountaintop felt the Yuan Power within their bodies begin to show signs of solidifying, immediately causing shock to arise in their hearts. As expected of the super sect experts, just their pressure alone was already so powerful…

Wu Dao and Liu Tong faced each other in the sky, a dark and cold look in their eyes. One could faintly see murderous desire surface within their eyes. It was very difficult to imagine that these two had joined forces to fight the experts from the Western Xuan Region not long ago. Now however, they showed signs that they were about to meet on the battlefield.

Lin Dong was also a little stunned when he saw this scene. Clearly, he also did not expect that the two of them would turn against each other so quickly. Moreover, it was obvious from their expressions that they would not hold back at all.

“Looks like there is something amiss between the Yuan Gate and the Dao Sect…” Lin Dong softly muttered.

“If that fellow from back then was allowed to grow smoothly, he would definitely be a giant like existence now. Such a loss was truly like cutting off the flesh of the Dao Sect. Do you think that kind of genius with both unparalleled talent and character was so easy to find?”

Lin Dong nodded slightly. He did not know much about that legendary ruthless senior from Dao Sect. Therefore, he was unaware of just how powerful this person would be now if he was allowed to live. However, from Little Marten’s words, he could vaguely understand a little. After all, there were not many people who could get Little Marten, this proud fellow, to say such words.

“Why did that senior charge up to the Yuan Gate? Why did the chief of the Dao Sect sit back and let him be killed by the Yuan Gate?” Lin Dong could not help but ask.

“I am also not very certain about what happened back then. After all, it was a matter that occurred in the Eastern Xuan Region. However, even if the chief of the Dao Sect was to intervene, it was likely impossible to rescue that fellow. It was not without reason that the Yuan Gate could become the strongest super sect within the Eastern Xuan Region. Heh, otherwise… my Celestial Demon Marten tribe would have long charged over and killed all of them…” Little Marten laughed coldly.

Lin Dong fondled his chin. He had merely came from a low rank empire and he only possessed some vague perception about those super sects, that had only existed in the legends in the past. Hence, he was truly unable to tell just how strong they were…

When Lin Dong was softly conversing with Little Marten, the atmosphere in the midair also became increasingly tense. However, just when the aura of the two rose to the peak, the experts from the remaining super sects at the side finally opened their mouths.

“You two, now is the time to select disciples. The both of you are also considered as elders within your own sects. Doing such an impulsive thing will give these disciples a bad impression.” The one who spoke first was the pretty lady from the Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace. Her eyebrows were slightly vertical. She appeared quite elegant.

“Haha, that’s right. It is not good for the both of you to fight here. Since Lin Dong has chosen to join the Dao Sect, we will naturally allow him to follow his desire. Saying anything else will only make us seem too narrow-minded.” That old man, who was carrying a sword case on his back, also laughed faintly.

The remaining experts from the super sects at the side also nodded upon hearing this, indicating their agreement.

A deep expression flashed in the depth of Liu Tong’s eyes when he saw this. He was aware that the other super sects were upset over the fact that their Yuan Gate had monopolized the past few Hundred Empire War champions. Now that it was possible for them not to allow the Yuan Gate to become the greatest beneficiary from this Hundred Empire War, all of these fellows were happy to quietly add insult to injury.


Although Liu Tong felt displeased within his heart, he also understood that it was impossible to alter the situation. All he could do was to let out a cold snort. He swung his sleeve and withdraw the majestic Yuan Power into his body. After which, he stared at Wu Dao in a dark and cold manner. He said, “Forget it. It is difficult for your Dao Sect to stand out. We shall give in to you this time around. However, I’m afraid that you will teach your disciples wrongly and end up ruining their future.”

“There is no need for you to worry about it.” Wu Dao spoke in a faint voice.

“Heh, you should wait until the next Great Sect Competition before uttering those words. I’m afraid that you will end up losing quite a number of young Dao Sect geniuses at that time.” Liu Tong laughed.

Wu Dao’s expression immediately sunk when he heard this. The Great Sect Competition was a place where the various super sects in the Eastern Xuan Region used actual battle to train their disciples. The Dao Sect was specifically targeted by the Yuan Gate during these years. Quite a number of talented striking disciples were attacked viciously by the young experts from the Yuan Gate during the Great Sect Competition. This had ended up resulting in quite a great lost for the Dao Sect.

Liu Tong looked at Wu Dao’s dark and sunken expression. Only then did his heart feel a little better. He waved his sleeves and coldly said, “Alright, let’s not talk nonsense. Hurry up and choose the disciples.”

Wu Dao ruthlessly stared at Liu Tong. After which, he turned his eyes away. His gaze looked towards the mountain top and he spoke in a deep voice, “Those present who are willing to join my Dao Sect should release their aura. Those who are not willing only need to keep their aura in their bodies.”

Some commotion was emitted on the mountain top after Wu Dao’s voice sounded. Soon after waves after waves of auras surged out. Only a minority kept their auras. No matter how one put it, the Dao Sect could also be considered one of the better ranked super sect within the Eastern Xuan Region. Hence, it was quite a good opportunity to join them.

Wu Dao looked at this scene before his expression became a little warmer. After which, he shook his sleeves. A large curtain of light appeared. Finally, they transformed into numerous light pillars that covered some of the stronger human figures on the mountaintop one after another.

Lin Dong watched Wu Dao, who was beginning to select disciples. He mused for a moment before before suddenly looking at Mo Ling, Liu Bai and the others. He asked, “Are all of you willing to join the Dao Sect?”

Mo Ling and the rest were startled upon hearing this. They immediately spoke in a somewhat embarrassed manner, “We are not considered top notch in this place. Even if we wish to join the Dao Sect, it will depend on whether the other party is willing to accept us…”

Dao Sect was also one of the eight super sects. Why would they not want to join them? However, they were after all not Lin Dong and were not able to choose. All they could do was to wait for those experts from the super sects to select them…

Lin Dong smiled. He was going to head to the super sect next. That place was a foreign land and it was boring for him to go alone. If he could bring Mo Ling, Liu Bai and the rest along, they could be considered a team. It was always good to have more people no matter where one went. Moreover, he and Mo Ling trio came from the Great Yan Empire and they had managed to fight all the way to this place with much difficulty. Naturally, he did not wish to see them fail to be selected. Additionally, if he could bring the three of them into the Dao Sect and word of it was to be transmitted back to the Great Yan Empire, it was likely that the royal family of the Great Yan Empire and the others should know how to repay this favour.

Swoosh swoosh!

Just when Lin Dong was preparing to speak to Wu Dao, a light pillar from the sky had already fell, covering Mo Ling, Liu Bai, Yan Sen, Mu Hong Ling and the rest within it.

“This old fellow…”

The corner of Lin Dong’s mouth was lifted into a smile when he saw this scene. It seemed that this old Wu Dao was constantly focusing on him. This old man was interesting. From the looks of it, he was clearly thinking of repaying some of Lin Dong’s debt from before.

Mo Ling and the rest also had excited faces. Their eyes were filled with gratitude when they looked at Lin Dong. All of them understood that if it was not because of Lin Dong, it would be quite difficult for them to join the Dao Sect given their talent.

“I also want to join the Dao Sect.”

Standing beside him, Su Rou was a little anxious when she saw this scene. The young lady was unable to control her emotions. She immediately raised her hand and her big eyes looked at Wu Dao. That innocent manner caused quite a number of people to smile when looking at her.

Wu Dao involuntarily laughed softly upon seeing this. He waved his sleeves and a light pillar headed towards Su Ruo. However, the light pillar had just shot out when it was suddenly shattered by a Yuan Power.

“Haha, Wu Dao, leave this little girl to my Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace. She should be a little better off coming to my place. I wonder if you can do this favour for my Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace?” That pretty woman from the Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace stepped forward and spoke with a somewhat embarrassed face.

Su Rou had caught her attention since the beginning. She was a little unable to control herself now that she saw this girl being about to be selected by Wu Dao. That was why she suddenly intervened.

Wu Dao was also startled. He hesitated as he looked towards Lin Dong.

“I want to go to the Dao Sect!” Su Ruo’s pretty face became a little anxious as she cried after seeing this scene.

The pretty woman’s figure moved and directly appeared in front of Su Rou. After which, she extended her hand and touched the latter’s face while adopting a gentle expression. She smiled slightly and softly said, “Little girl, it is a good thing to chase after your lover. However, at times, pestering the other party too much will cause him to feel irritated. You are currently too weak. If you come to my Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace, you will definitely be able to become strong very quickly. Only then will you be able to capture a man’s heart when you meet him in the future…”


Su Rou was merely a young girl who had yet to experience the world. How could she resist such words from this beautiful woman. Immediately, her face turned fiery hot. Her small hands forcefully entangled together. Clearly, she was at a huge loss.

Standing beside her, Lin Dong did not hear what the pretty woman had said. However, he was happy that Su Rou was so highly valued by this expert from the Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace. Of course, he did not overdo it by saying anything else. He would still respect Su Rou’s final decision.

The words from the pretty woman in front of her earlier had clearly left a strong impression on her heart. After she hesitated for a long while with a boiling red face, she finally made up her mind and nodded. She timidly asked, “If I join the Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace, will my big brother be able to do so too?”

Su Kui, who was standing beside Su Rou, involuntarily rubbed his head in embarrassment when he heard Su Rou’s words.

“Of course.” A joy flashed across the pretty eyes of the beautiful woman when she saw Su Rou nodding as she immediately agreed to her request. Su Kui’s talent might not have caught her eye but she was willing to overlook it in order to recruit Su Ruo.

“Big brother Lin Dong, I will not be following you to the Dao Sect. I will go to the Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace…” Su Ruo turned her head before she summoned her courage and told Lin Dong.

“Aye, you should make your own decision. We will not be beside you when you train at that place. Therefore, you cannot act like before.” Lin Dong smiled slightly. He extended his hand, rubbed Su Rou’s head and said.


Su Rou’s big eyes became a little red because of Lin Dong’s words. Her eyes were filled with reluctance. Although she had experienced many dangerous battles after following Lin Dong’s group and she would be occasionally scolded by Little Marten, she was able to sense that everyone was treating her sincerely.

“The interior of the super sect is not as peaceful as you imagined. You should change that timid character of yours in the future. Do not come crying to us when the time comes. No one will bother about you.” Little Marten still had that lazy manner that could anger a person to death. However, only a person familiar with him would be able to discover a little gentleness on his handsome demon like face.

Su Rou was clearly already used to this kind of impolite speech from Little Marten. Moreover, she was also able to sense a kind of concern from it. She immediately nodded solemnly at his words.

While they were chatting, Wu Dao in the sky had already finished his selection. Being the first sect which could select disciples, he had clearly gained a great benefit. Hence, his old face was filled with smiles.

After he had complete his selection, the remaining seven super sects’ experts finally began their selection. Light pillars immediately covered the sky. They were just like numerous light pillars that divided these geniuses from various empires on the mountain.

Lin Dong cold not resist smiling as he looked at the mountaintop which was covered by an excited atmosphere. He stretched his lazy waist and turned his head. His gaze leaped past the core region and looked towards the distant area that could not be reached…

One year ago, those few people that had come from a low rank empire had stumbled and charged into this Ancient Battlefield, where numerous experts gathered. At that time, they were the lowest existence in this battlefield. It was likely that even Lin Dong at that time was unable to imagine that he would ultimately surpass those geniuses that had come from the super empires and become the most dazzling existence in this Hundred Empire War…

A smile was lifted on the corner of Lin Dong’s mouth. He could already imagine just what kind of great storm it would cause in the Great Yan Empire when this news was transmitted back there.