Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 635: Sect Selection

Chapter 635: Sect Selection


Chapter 635: Sect Selection

The super sect experts above the Hundred Empire Mountain slowly descended after the battle came to an end, before finally coming to rest in the skies above the mountaintop.

The commotion on the mountaintop immediately died down when everyone saw this, and a passionate look burned in the eyes of many. Evidently, they were aware of what was going to happen next…

“Everyone, I think that there is no need to continue this Hundred Empire War until the end this time around, is there?” Wu Dao beamed as he looked at the mountain top, before looking towards the remaining experts from the various super sects.

“The final Nirvana Golden Ranking battle is merely to select the most outstanding champion. I think that there is already someone suitable for that spot, no?” The expert from the Great Desolate Palace also nodded and laughed.

From the side, some of the other experts from the super sects also nodded slightly upon hearing this. After which, their gazes turned downwards in unison and finally gathered onto a tall young figure below.

Liu Tong’s eyebrows knitted together slightly. Qin Tian’s failure to obtain the champion spot was now somewhat out of his hands. However, there was nothing he could say at this moment. He had declared earlier that the person who could stop the formation would become the champion. There was no way for him to take back his words.

The so-called Hundred Empire War champion might appear to be just an empty title, but it was quite important to their super sects. This was because according to the rules, the super sect that the champion joined would be able to gain the largest number of disciples in the Hundred Empire War.

If one wished to ensure the continuous prosperity of one’s sect, the pouring in of new blood was critical. These geniuses that stood out in the Hundred Empire War all possessed extremely outstanding talent. Their enlistment into any sect would be of extremely beneficial for a sect’s long term prospects.

Although the selection of disciples from the Hundred Empire War was merely one of the means for these super sects to recruit disciples, it was obvious that no sect would find having too many of them a bother. Over the years, the eight super sects had argued frequently on the distribution of the disciples recruited in the Eastern Xuan Region.

It was also due to these arguments that some rules had been made. An example was this Hundred Empire War. It used the champion’s sect selection to decide which super sect could obtain the most disciples.

If one divided the disciple resource in the Hundred Empire War into ten, the sect which the champion joined would be able to get another portion on top of their original portion. This was basically double of the other sects.

The victors of the last couple of Hundred Empire Wars were mostly from the Tianyuan Empire. As a faction under the Yuan Gate, these champions would naturally join the Yuan Gate without exception. This had also allowed the Yuan Gate to become the greatest beneficiary from the Hundred Empire War…

However, this time around, the appearance of Lin Dong had upset the situation. Even Liu Tong did not dare to guarantee that Lin Dong would choose to join the Yuan Gate. Although their Yuan Gate was truly the strongest super sect in the Eastern Xuan Region, Liu Tong felt a faint unease regarding Lin Dong…

The eyes of the eight super sect experts hovering in the air were currently gathered onto Lin Dong below them. Even the gazes from the surrounding mountaintops also turned as all of them gathered on Lin Dong.

The sudden arrival of every gaze in this place caused Lin Dong to be stunned. Only then did he sense that this champion spot was not as simple as he had imagined.

“Lin Dong, which super sect do you intend to join?” Wu Dao smilingly stared at Lin Dong. That friendly tone made Lin Dong’s hairs stand a little.

Wu Dao’s voice had just barely faded when the remaining seven pairs of eyes focussed even more intently at Lin Dong.

With such a lineup staring at him, even Lin Dong could not help but feel a little uneasy despite his character. He was merely a disciple who wished to join a super sect. There was no need to put such terrifying attention on him right…

By the side, Little Marten narrowed his eyes slightly as he watched this scene. The selection of a super sect was very important. This was because Lin Dong needed to train there for a period of time after this. Once one joined a super sect, one’s body would be imprinted with the brand of this sect. The competition between the sects of the Eastern Xuan Region was extremely intense. They were all large boats, and if a large boat overturned, the disciples within it would also end up in an incomparably miserable fate.

From what one could tell of the current situation within the Eastern Xuan Region, the Yuan Gate was definitely the strongest. Hence, it was likely that the resources it had would also surpass the other super sects. If one trained in the Yuan Gate, one would be treated rather well, and perhaps even have a rather bright future.

Of course, Little Marten greatly disliked this strongest super sect of the Eastern Xuan Region. The Celestial Demon Marten and the Yuan Gate were bitter enemies. The ancestors of both parties had been killed by the other side. Therefore, he personally did not wish for Lin Dong to join the Yuan Gate. Of course, if Lin Dong still chose them in the end, Little Marten would not object.

Amongst the remaining seven super sects, the Dao Sect was a pretty good option. Of course, if Lin Dong wished to be closer to Ling Qingzhu, joining the Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace was also not bad…

Lin Dong’s physical body was also quite strong, and the Great Desolate Palace was widely known for their powerful physical bodies.

Lin Dong’s Mental Energy also seemed to be quite decent, and the Divine Sect focused on Mental Energy cultivation…

When Little Marten thought about it, he suddenly felt a little strange as he discovered that Lin Dong, this jack of all trades, seemed to have quite a number of super sects that he could choose to join.

While these thoughts were running through Little Marten’s mind, Lin Dong also frowned a little. Countless people around were quietly staring at him. Their eyes contained an envy that was somewhat difficult to hide. If these people wanted to join a super sect, they would have to see if the other party wanted to accept them. However, he had it easy. All of these super sects could only watch and wait for him to make his choice…

The top of the mountain was silent for a moment before Lin Dong finally raised his head. After which, he respectfully cupped his hands towards the eight people in the sky and said, “Elders, Lin Dong wishes to join the Dao Sect.”


Lin Dong’s words undoubtedly stirred a commotion on the mountaintop. Quite a number of people were stunned. They clearly did not expect that Lin Dong would choose the Dao Sect.

Although the Dao Sect was not considered as the weakest amongst the eight super sects, it was also not considered to be the strongest. Moreover, the Dao Sect had should be the least disciples amongst the eight super sects. From a certain point of view, it’s reputation was inevitably a little inferior.

Therefore, many people were unable to comprehend why Lin Dong would give up the strongest Yuan Gate and join the Dao Sect…

Lin Dong also felt a little helpless in the face of the surrounding commotion. The Yuan Gate was indeed extremely powerful. If he joined, he would indeed possess an extremely strong backer. However, it was clearly impossible for Lin Dong to do so due to Little Marten. Moreover, once Little Marten’s identity was revealed and the Yuan Gate wanted to attack him, Lin Dong would definitely help Little Marten given his character. Therefore, he might even be expelled and hunted by the Yuan Gate. Since that was the case, why would he enter and go looking for trouble?

As for the Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace, it was also quite powerful. However, Ling Qingzhu was there. Moreover, her status was definitely extremely high. Should Lin Dong enter with a disciple status, it would not be befitting of the arrogant words he had once spoken in front of her. Lin Dong could imagine just how awkward it would be after meeting Ling Qingzhu there as a disciple of the Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace…

After some thought, Lin Dong had also eliminated the Great Desolate Palace and the Divine Sect.

Therefore, after much pondering, it appeared that the Dao Sect was most suitable for him, although that old fellow Wu Dao seemed to have some intention of cheating him…

The expressions of the eight super sect experts in the air were interesting after they heard Lin Dong’s choice. Wu Dao’s smiling face appeared as though it was a booming flower. The remaining people had regretful faces. Only Liu Tong had a dark flashing over his eyes. Lin Dong had given up the Yuan Gate and chose the Dao Sect. This had undoubtedly cause him to lose a great amount of face. It was unavoidable for him to be reprimanded for his bad performance when he returned this time around.

“Lin Dong, this decision is no trifling matter, and it concerns your future. Do not end up making a mistake that you will regret for the rest of your life.” Liu Tong faintly spoke. Everyone could hear some fury and a hidden threat in his voice.

Lin Dong’s eyes hardened and felt some displeasure in his heart. Liu Tong was a little too narrow-minded. If the Yuan Gate were filled with such people, it would be far better not to join them.

“Liu Tong, choosing a sect is an individual’s decision. These words of yours are really a little shameful.” Wu Dao raised his eyes and said.

“Your Yuan Gate might be strong but my Dao Sect is also no pushover. Back then, a single disciple of my Path Sect could charge into your Yuan Gate and kill three great elders alone. How is such capability weak?”

“Wu Dao, you actually dare to bring this matter up?” Liu Tong’s expression changed drastically as he cried furiously.

“What this old man said is the truth. What can you do to me?” Wu Dao’s eyes also suddenly turned dark and cold at this moment. He stared at Liu Tong and slowly replied.

“Humph Wu Dao, that evil creature back then was someone from your Dao Sect Desolate Hall. Looks like your Desolate Hall still bears a grudge regarding this matter. Heh, if you are unhappy, you can come looking for us! That evil thing even forced the our sect master to intervene, so at least he should be satisfied with his death.” Liu Tong’s expression was cold and stern as he spoke.

“You still dare to utter such nonsense? This old man shall cripple you today!”

A savage expression surged up on Wu Dao’s face at this moment. He suddenly took a step forward as monstrous Yuan Power immediately swept out.

His Yuan Power was extremely strange. It was as though it contained an extremely powerful energy. It rose endlessly while it fluctuated, appearing to be filled with an endless amount of vitality.

“Mysterious Life Stage?”

Liu Tong was clearly also able to sense Wu Dao’s bizarre Yuan Power. His pupils immediately shrunk tightly as he also cried out in fury, “Cripple me? You dare!”

A similarly incomparably majestic Yuan Power surged out from within Liu Tong’s body after the cry sounded out. Although it was inferior to Wu Dao, it was also extremely frightening.

The atmosphere in the sky instantly became hostile.

Everyone on the mountaintop watched the two people from the two super sects that had suddenly turned on each other, as a chill ran through their hearts. After which, numerous eyes turned towards Lin Dong. This fellow was really someone who caused trouble wherever he went…