Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 633: Four Years

Chapter 633: Four Years


Chapter 633: Four Years

The empty space distorted, forming a black tunnel. There were already over a dozen figures that had already arrived through it. Lin Dong’s eyes were currently glued onto a spot at the front of the group, where a beautiful figure stood.

The beautiful figure was wearing a light green dress which complimented her tall, soft and lovely body. Even from a distance away, one could see her flawless snow white skin. A piece of gauze covered her face but the outline of her almost perfect features were still visible. Paired with her flowing eyes, it made the world seem as if it had lost its colors.

Barefooted, she gently stood atop a green lotus like a daughter of the moon palace or a fairy that had fallen to the mortal realm. A sight that could not help but make many feel inferior.

This appearance was exactly the same as four years ago. However, her cold demeanor was even colder than it was back then.


Lin Dong’s body trembled slightly as he raised his head and exhaled deeply. He forcefully suppressed his heart, which had not felt so restless in a long time.

Unknowingly, four years had passed since then.

The immature youth back then had unwittingly become a young man. He had walked out from a low rank empire and arrived at this Ancient Battlefield where geniuses were as numerous as the clouds. In the end, he managed to stand above everyone else.

When Little Marten had instigated Lin Dong to participate in the Hundred Empire War and be honed by it, the former knew that Lin Dong had agreed partly because of one sentence the the lady known as Ling Qingzhu had said…

“If you wish to repay me for rescuing you, we can talk about it after you possess the qualifications to participate in the Hundred Empire War.”

“Lin Dong, hopefully, you will not be so weak the next time we meet. Someone truly strong does not merely rely on his tongue…”

Little Marten clearly understood that with Lin Dong’s character, it was basically impossible for him to take such words from those around him to heart under normal circumstances. However, it was clear that Lin Dong had difficulty ignoring these words from the first woman in his life.

Although part of the reason for Lin Dong’s efforts over the years was to raise his strength and protect his family, perhaps only Lin Dong himself was aware that deep within his heart, he was haunted by the pride of a man.

He did not wish to be looked down upon by those clear eyes.

Yet, he was also aware of the enormous gap between his status and Ling Qingzhu’s. The latter was able to easily attain what he had to spend a great effort to on. Moreover, her talent made many geniuses pale in comparison.

She was a truly a lady blessed by the heavens. How could it be easy to catch up and surpass her?

If it were not for that absurd situation in the ancient tomb back then, Lin Dong believed that he and Ling Qingzhu might never have interacted with each other.

However, there was no ‘if’ in this world. Hence, two parallel lines changed their original trajectory, while Lin Dong had also dedicated all his effort into making himself powerful.

Ling Qingzhu had believed that it was impossible for him to defeat Lin Langtian back then. However, the genius who was once the most dazzling person of the Lin Clan, had already been completely been wiped out by Lin Dong earlier.

Ling Qingzhu had believed that it was impossible for him to attain the right to participate in the Hundred Empire War back then. However, at this very moment, no one dared to deny that Lin Dong was this Hundred Empire War’s champion and had also become the most dazzling existence in this Hundred Empire War…

The current Lin Dong was also no longer that same innocent youth who had never seen the world. In this Ancient Battlefield, he had became aware of how small and weak the Great Yan Empire was. He also understood just how someone of Ling Qingzhu status had viewed those so called geniuses from the Great Yan Empire back then.

Lin Dong did not wish to act triumphantly in front of the woman who had left such a deep mark on his heart. All he wanted to do was to let the latter understand, that the weak youth in her eyes back then, would definitely exceed her expectations.

Lin Dong’s looked at the elegant figure with a cold fairy like demeanor standing on a green lotus. A moment later, he suddenly smiled and slowly descended from the sky.

“Oh? It was extremely difficult for you to meet her again. Yet, you didn’t go and greet her?” Little Marten teasingly stared at Lin Dong and said. He had also recognised Ling Qingzhu. Moreover, he also understood just what kind of mark this woman had left on Lin Dong’s heart.

“It is still a little early…”

Lin Dong softly replied. He could sense an extremely powerful pressure from Ling Qingzhu. It was clear that Lin Qingzhu had become much stronger compared to four years ago. Even the current Lin Dong was still unable to match up to her.

This kind of result did not cause Lin Dong to despair. Ling Qingzhu was a child blessed by the heavens. It was within reason to have such an achievement in four years.

Moreover, the reason Lin Dong chose not to meet her was not because he felt inferior. It was because he had said back then that the next time he appeared, he would directly tell her that a woman that he had slept with, would be his forever…

Currently, Lin Dong did not think that he possessed the qualifications to say these words. The current him was no longer the arrogant and ignorant youth from back then.

However, this meeting had at least allowed Lin Dong to know that there was still a gap between them. However, this gap was no longer as vast as before.

This beautiful figure no longer caused him to feel a distant and untouchable feeling in his heart like before.

“There will definitely be an opportunity to meet in the future.” Lin Dong raised his head and stared at the cold figure in the distance while he slowly spoke.


Zheng Zhong’s expression was rather twisted as he watched the distorted spaces. From these spots, he could sense the auras many experts becoming increasingly clearer. It was obvious that their plan this time around had been completely exposed.

“They have arrived rather quickly…” Wu Dao was also a little surprised. He immediately smiled towards Zheng Zhong and said, “Looks like your plans this time have failed again.”


Zheng Zhong’s face was steely green, and an incomparable rage boiled in his heart. They had laid in waiting for so long, however, all their hard work was wasted in the end.

“Since you are here, there is no need to leave. Our ‘Yuan Gate’ will represent the Eastern Xuan Region to trial you properly!” Liu Tong laughed coldly. Currently, the situation of Zheng Zhong’s group had completely turned around.

“Consider us unlucky this time around. However, whether we remain behind is not something that you, Liu Tong, is qualified to decide.” Zheng Zhong mocked.

“You still dare to act tough at such a time!” Liu Tong was extremely furious. He stepped forward as majestic Yuan Power surged out and directly transformed into a Yuan Power light plate. The plate flashed, tearing through the skies towards Zheng Zhong at a terrifying speed.

“Everyone, attack together. Do not allow them to escape!” Liu Tong also cried out when he attacked.


Zheng Zhong’s expression was dark and solemn. His hand seal changed and the black cloud in the sky wiggled. Finally, an enormous black crack was torn in the space. Black light surged out from within the crack. In the end, it transformed into a black scroll that hovered in front of Zheng Zhong. An extremely frightening ripple was continuously spread out from within the black scroll.

“Heaven Sealing Array?”

Liu Tong’s expression immediately changed when he saw the black scroll. There was a rich greed deep within his eyes.


The black scroll shook gently and a black light pillar shot out. It swept downwards and shattered Liu Tong’s attack. Immediately, Zheng Zhong’s hand seal changed. Circular black light wildly swept out from the scroll, forming into an array under their feet.

“Heh, the Eastern Xuan Region does indeed live up to its reputation. You will be allowed to manage this Ancient Battlefield for a while longer. However, in the next big Xuan Region battle, this entire space shall belong to my Western Xuan Region. Haha!” Zheng Zhong laughed coldly at Liu Tong’s group when the formation took shape.

“They plan on escaping!”

Liu Tong’s expression changed immediately upon seeing this scene. He was just about to attack when monstrous black light erupted from the array. Black light pillars instantly wrapped around Zheng Zhong’s group. After which, a ripping sound appeared. Space was torn and the array disappeared into nowhere. All the experts from the Western Xuan Region, including Zheng Zhong, also disappeared at the same time.

Liu Tong immediately cursed furiously after seeing Zheng Zhong’s group swagger away.

“Deacon Liu Tong, no need to be so furious. They possess the Heaven Sealing Array after all. No one can stop them if they truly wish to leave…” Wu Dao smiled and spoke in an indifferent manner.

“I think that we should continue with the Hundred Empire War. However, I believe that there is already a prime candidate for the champion spot.”

Liu Tong snorted coldly in his heart when he heard this. His eyes were a little gloomy. No one knew what he was thinking.

“They’ve escaped…”

The experts from the various super sects felt a little regretful as they watched Zheng Zhong and the others flee. However, they could do nothing about it.

“A wasted trip. Let’s pack up and leave.”

Some of the disciples from the super sects were not interested in staying any longer. All of them bowed towards the elders from their sects in the distance before turning around to leave.

“We should also leave…”

Atop a green lotus near a distorted space, Ling Qingzhu’s eyes quickly swept across the area. After which, she turned around, leading the dozen over figures behind her as they disappeared.

After their figures disappeared, Ling Qingzhu and the others transformed into numerous rainbows that rushed towards the exterior of this space and headed towards the Eastern Xuan Region.


When they were entering the exterior of the realm, a golden light suddenly shot over, and was received by a lady behind Ling Qingzhu.

“Senior Mu, what is it?” Someone asked curiously.

“A Yuan Spirit Transmission. Nothing much. It’s only news about the current Hundred Empire War.” The lady smilingly replied.

“What is there to talk about. The champion is most likely someone from the Tianyuan Empire. We are already used to it…” A person curled her mouth and said.

“Haha, the Yuan Gate is indeed strong, but no matter how strong it is, the super genius from the Yuan Gate known as Little Yuan Lord is merely a frantic pursuer of our senior sister Qingzhu.”

“Hehe, it is rumoured that he even plans of asking his elders to propose a marriage. A couple of ladies by the side giggled.


At the front, as she stood on a green lotus, Ling Qingzhu’s pretty eyes shifted a little. Her cold voice caused the ladies to extend their tongues, but they did not dare to continue making fun of her.

“All of you are wrong this time. The champion of this Hundred Empire War is not someone from the Tianyuan Empire.” The lady, who had received the Yuan Spirit Transmission, laughed.

“Oh? Then who is it? To actually be able to surpass those from the Tianyuan Empire…” Everyone exclaimed in surprise. Even Ling Qingzhu also slightly reduced her flying speed.

“I am not too familiar with this person and have no idea which empire he comes from. It seems to be someone called Lin Dong.”

The lady’s voice had just sounded out when Ling Qingzhu’s figure suddenly froze. Disbelief suddenly surged in her usually cold and quiet lake like eyes.

Was it that Lin Dong? Did he really participate in the Hundred Empire War?