Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 632: Meeting Ling Qingzhu Again?

Chapter 632: Meeting Ling Qingzhu Again?


Chapter 632: Meeting Ling Qingzhu Again?


The incomparably wild and violent lightning glow frantically rammed into the seal prison. As terrifying energy seeped out, even space itself started to twist and distort.


Cracks spread rapidly on the seal prison, and upon seeing this, the expressions of Zheng Zhong’s group turned ashen. They knew that if the old man from the Dao Sect and rest were to escape, trapping them all again would not be easy.

“Strengthen the seal with everything you’ve got!”

Zheng Zhong roared in a low voice. Just as he was about to activated the power of the ‘Heaven Sealing Array’, numerous extremely frightening undulations suddenly erupted from within the prison. Clearly, the Dao Sect old man and the rest were making use of this chance and were crazily unleashing all their attacks.

“Crack crack!”

Under the all-out attacks of the Dao Sect old man group and the lightning glow, the cracks on the seal prison swiftly extended at a shocking rate.

“Oh no! The seal prison is about to break!”

When he saw this unstoppable destruction, the expression of a shady looking old man beside Zheng Zhong changed, as he cried out in alarm.


Before his cry could fade, his pupils suddenly shrunk tightly. The seal prison had begun to swell rapidly at this moment. He could only hear a shockingly loud sound as the seal prison exploded.

Frightening energy ripples swept across the sky like a huge wave as eight rainbow lights flew out from the explosion, before swiftly scattering.


Upon seeing the now free Dao Sect old man and the rest, Zheng Zhong immediately became extremely furious. His red eyes turned to Cao Yu as he roared, “You useless garbage. You can’t even deal with younger generation members who have yet to enter the super sects?!”

Cao Yu’s group wore faces full of shame. They also felt incomparably stifled and wronged within their hearts. Normally, the people here would be completely outclassed by them. However, no one had expected the appearance of someone like Lin Dong. This fellow fought in a manner that completely defied logic, summoning three Wind Lightning Trials the moment he appeared. Moreover, the most unbelievable part was that this fellow was actually able to harness the power of the Wind Lightning Trial to break their defences…

“Zheng Zhong sir, it is all because of that brat Lin Dong. He summoned three Wind Lightning Trials, and even though big brother Cao used the power of the ‘Heaven Sealing Array’, he was still defeated by that brat…” Chang Wei explained bitterly.

“Lin Dong?”

Zheng Zhong eyes hardened. His dark and stern eyes swept over and immediately locked onto Lin Dong. Under such a glare, Lin Dong immediately felt a chill around him as his heart suddenly shivered. The Blood Soul Puppet appeared in front of him while his face filled with caution.

Now that the Wind Lightning Trial had dissipated, he had lost his greatest trump card. Even though his Mental Energy had already soared to the four seal Heaven Symbol Master level, he understood that it was still not enough to bring him anywhere close to Zheng Zhong’s level. After all, the latter rivalled the super sect elites…

“Haha, Zheng Zhong, are you not ashamed of threatening a younger generation member despite your status? Is the skin on your old face really so thick?” Just as Lin Dong was taking precautions, an elderly figure suddenly cut in front of Zheng Zhong’s gaze. Lin Dong looked over, only to discover that it was the Dao Sect old man known as Wu Dao.

“Haha, this little fellow has done well, and has done us a great service. If he is willing, he can become a direct disciple at my Great Desolate Palace.” That expert from the Great Desolate Palace laughed loudly. His laughter was like thunder that rumbled over the entire sky.

“This little fellow’s performance is worthy of being the champion of this Hundred Empire War.” The pretty woman from the Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace also remarked with a smile.

Liu Tong from the Yuan Gate frowned slightly upon hearing this. He glanced in the direction of Qin Tian, a trace of displeasure in his eyes. Clearly, he was a little resentful that the latter was unable to stop Cao Yu.

Qin Tian lowered his head even further upon receiving Liu Tong’s gaze. His fists tightened until cracking sounds could be heard.

“Humph, Wu Dao, Liu Tong, it is a little too early for all of you to be celebrating. Even though you have escaped, do you think that we are unable to deal with you?” Zheng Zhong’s expression was dark and cold, while a furious smile hung on his face.

“With the ‘Heaven Sealing Array’, you are indeed rather powerful. However, as long as we are no longer trapped in one location by you, we will be able to disrupt all of you, causing you to be unable to establish the formation. As time goes on, the experts from our Eastern Xuan Region will naturally come and assist us. At that time, I would really like to see what else you have up your sleeves.” Wu Dao smilingly said.

Zheng Zhong’s expression sunk immediately upon hearing this. He laughed coldly, “Go ahead and try!”

“Do it!”

A cry was emitted from Zheng Zhong’s mouth. Immediately, the people behind him suddenly began to form a series of hand seals. Space wriggled as a terrifying black light once again surged out.

“Cao Yu, kill all those that hinder us!” While Zheng Zhong was preparing to attack, he also let out a stern cry towards Cao Yu.


Cao Yu nodded heavily. He immediately turned his head around and venomously stared at Lin Dong, before his sinister voice rang out, “Now that you have lost the Wind Lightning Trial, let me see how else you can retaliate!”

Lin Dong merely smiled a little in response to Cao Yu’s vicious gaze. His hands slowly spread out as majestic Mental Energy spread apart. This surging feeling was many times stronger than what it was before.

The current Lin Dong not only possess a Yuan Power cultivation of the four Yuan Nirvana stage, but his Mental Energy cultivation had also reached four seal Heaven Symbol Master. With the two, he would even be able to fight against a six Yuan Nirvana stage expert. It would no longer be like before where he barely posed a threat.

Cao Yu’s pupils shrunk slightly when he sensed the vast and mighty Mental Energy from Lin Dong’s body, while an additional trace of genuine seriousness appeared within his eyes. Before, Lin Dong was someone who needed to rely on tricks in order to contend against him. However, the current Lin Dong could go toe to toe with a six Yuan Nirvana stage expert…

“Being able to attain such accomplishments in Mental Energy and Yuan Power cultivation is testament to your ability. This Hundred Empire War of the Eastern Xuan Region does indeed have some true worth. However, even though you can fight against a six Yuan Nirvana stage expert, you still cannot match up to me!” Cao Yu laughed coldly.

Lin Dong did not refute these words. Qin Tian’s strength was also at the six Yuan Nirvana stage. However, he was defeated in one single move when Cao Yu activated the power of the ‘Heaven Sealing Array’. The reason that Lin Dong could withstand the earlier attack was completely due to the usage of the Blood Soul Puppet. However, the Blood Soul Puppet had paid the price was now practically ruined.

“Just do it.”

Regardless, the current Lin Dong did not have any intentions of withdrawing. He extended his hand and smiled slightly towards Cao Yu. At this moment, he only wanted to rely on his own strength to battle against Cao Yu.

“Stubborn fellow!”

Cao Yu’s eyes turned cold. He finally ceased uttering any unnecessary words. His hand seal changed and a strange black light once again surged out. It vaguely transformed into a black skull surrounded by a thick black smoke, which released a sharp sonic wave.

“Heaven Sealing Skull!”

Cao Yu waved his hand and the enormous black skull immediately rushed out. Accompanied by thick smoke as it swept towards Lin Dong with a great momentum. Space itself became distorted wherever the sonic wave passed.

Lin Dong’s eyes were grave as he observed Cao Yu’s attack. He was just about to maneuver his Yuan Power and Mental Energy to fight with his opponent when his expression suddenly changed. He had discovered that the space in front of him was actually starting to wiggled. After which, a figure appeared from nowhere. A hand thrust forward as majestic Yuan Power surged forth and crushed the skull until it exploded.


This sudden scene also caused Cao Yu’s expression to changed drastically while he cried out in fury.

“Haha, Dao Sect disciple, Zhao Qian.” The man wearing pale-white clothes in front of Lin Dong raised his head and laughed towards Cao Yu.

“A disciple of the Dao Sect? Have the experts from the super sects arrived?” Lin Dong was also startled because of this.

“Friends from the Western Xuan Region, news of what has happened within this Ancient Realm has already been transmitted to the various super sects of the Eastern Xuan Region. Currently, the experts from the various sects are hurrying over. If everyone hesitates a little longer, it is likely that all of you will be trapped…” The white clothed man appeared and blocked Cao Yu. After which, he looked into the distance and chuckled as he spoke out in a clear voice.

“What? Have we been discovered?”

The expressions of Zheng Zhong’s group changed drastically upon hearing this voice. They suddenly turned their heads and discovered that numerous distortions had appeared in the area. It was possible to see numerous blurry figures gradually appearing from these distorted spots. From their clothes, one could tell that these people were members of the super sects!

“The experts from the eight super sects have arrived…”

Lin Dong raised his head and looked at the distorted spaces, a trace of surprise in his eyes. Were these the disciples of the super sects? They did indeed possess extremely powerful auras.

As Lin Dong’s gaze swept across the distorted spaces, the surprise on his face suddenly started to freeze. His lips were pressed tightly together as his heart began to beat even more intensely.

The spot where his eyes stopped at was yet another distorted space. However, there was a figure standing elegantly at that spot. That cold demeanor and appearance was the same as it was a couple of years ago…

Ling Qingzhu…

At this moment, Lin Dong’s fists slowly tightened.