Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 631: Break Free

Chapter 631: Break Free


Chapter 631: Break Free

Dazzling lightning tore apart space like an ancient thunder dragon. Accompanied by an indescribable madness, it flashed across the sky. Finally, it slammed heavily onto the black array under numerous shocked gazes.


The entire place appeared to turn completely silent at the moment of impact. Soon after, an overwhelming lightning glow and black light violently swept apart in a wild manner from the point of collision.

It was just like a luxurious lightning fireworks!

Lightning flashed like a falling star that spread over the sky. It erupted in all directions before drawing countless number of orbits in the sky. Finally, it landed in the mountain range, bringing about a loud rumbling sound.

Everyone was startled when they saw the shocking collision in the sky. A fight at that level had far exceeded the territory that Lin Dong and Cao Yu could reach.

Just a little remanent ripple from that collision was sufficient to crush a five Yuan Nirvana Stage expert until nothing remained.

Lan Ying and the rest on the mountain top were dazzled as they stared at the lightning glow fireworks in the sky. Destruction filled that beautiful scene.

“What an abnormally fellow…” Qing Feng inhaled a deep breath. His tone was filled with shock. He was really somewhat unable to imagine that such a terrifying attack had come from Lin Dong, whose strength was merely that of four Yuan Nirvana Stage.

“It is likely that no one in this Hundred Empire War is able to receive this attack. This fellow had actually hidden so deeply…” Lan Ying was touched as she slowly nodded. It was likely that even Qin Tian would not dare to receive this attack by Lin Dong head on. From this, everyone could tell that if the two of them were to engage in a normal fight, it was likely that the champion of this Hundred Empire War would definitely be Lin Dong.

The genius experts from the various empires beside Lan Ying also nodded. Even these arrogant individuals had no choice but concede after witnessing Lin Dong’s attack.

While everyone were adopting praising expressions, Qin Tian, who was supported by the arm at the side, had a completely gloomy expression under his lowered eyes. His fists were tightly clenched. There was an extremely dense jealousy and dissatisfaction in his eyes.

With his talent, he had been looked up by countless number of people ever since he was born. Even in this Hundred Empire War, where numerous talents had gathered, he also stood at the peak and overlooked all his competitors. However, he did not expect that he was actually directly defeated by Cao Yu from the Western Xuan Region with a single strike!

On the other hand, Lin Dong, who had come from a low rank empire, had became their saviour. At the same time, he had also became the most dazzling person in this Hundred Empire War!

This position originally belonged to him!

Qin Tian clenched his teeth with great force. His eyes were filled with dissatisfaction and hatred.


Lightning glow raged wildly in the sky. Finally, it crazily struck onto that enormous black array. That dark array also trembled intensely under the frightening attack from the lightning glow. Waves after waves of black light continued to spread. However, before it could form an attack, it was scattered by the wild and violent lightning glow.

Cao Yu had an extremely gloomy expression as he looked at the black array trembling intensely from behind it. He could clearly sense the terrifying pressure that eroded over the array. That kind of pressure caused even him to feel shocked.

“Big brother Cao, the array does not appear to be able to block that fellow’s attack!” Chang Wei and the others looked at the trembling dark array in fear. Without realising it, the teasing expression that was originally on their faces had completely disappeared. Instead, a trace of horror vaguely appeared.

“Where are Luo Tong and the rest?” Cao Yu clenched his teeth. Regardless of how unwilling he was, he no longer dared to act arrogantly at this moment.

“Big brother Luo Tong and the others have been blocked. It seems like our plans were leaked. Those super sects’ experts from the Eastern Xuan Region have begun to infiltrate this realm.” A person beside Chang Wei spoke with a pale face.

“The experts from the Eastern Xuan Region have arrived huh…” Cao Yu’s expression changed slightly upon hearing this. They did not bring many people along for this mission. After all, if a large number of them were to invade this space, it would definitely be detected by those super sects of the Eastern Xuan Region. Although the Eastern Xuan Region’s sects continued to fight repeatedly amongst themselves, the Western Xuan Region was a common enemy of theirs. Once these super sects were to discover that they had entered this Ancient Battlefield, those super sects would definite dispatch experts over. At that time, their group would definite end up being outnumbered.

“It is all thanks to this damn brat!” Chang Wei gritted his teeth and said. If it was not because of this person’s sudden appearance, it was likely that they would have already finished the formation. How else would they end up in this kind of miserable situation.

“Big brother Cao, the array is about to be broken!”

Cao Yu’s expression was dark and solemn. He was just about to think of some countermeasure when a sharp voice was suddenly emitted from the side. It shocked Cao Yu to the point of hurriedly turning his head. There was indeed numerous slight crack lines appearing on the large array that hung in the sky…

This was a sign that the array was about to collapse!

“That bastard…” Cao Yu involuntarily cursed. He did not expect that with his six Yuan Nirvana Stage strength and the “Heaven Sealing Array”, he was still unable to block Lin Dong’s attack.

Cao Yu’s heart felt quite stifled. He clearly knew that it was impossible for Lin Dong to beat him if they were to fight head on. Furthermore, he could only stack these three trials together once. In other words, Lin Dong only had one opportunity. However, it was this single opportunity that caused him to feel incomparably stifled.


However, regardless of how he felt suffocated or furious, the crack lines on the black array did not reduce because of it. Instead, they swiftly became dense. There was a slight cracking sound vaguely being emitted.

“Crack crack crack!”

The cracking sound became increasingly loud. A moment later, the black array had already instantly been covered by crack lines…

“Quick, withdraw!”

Cao Yu’s eyes immediately shrunk upon seeing this scene. He was aware that he was unable to block any longer. All he could do was to clench his teeth unwillingly, wave his hand and withdrew quickly.

Chang Wei and the rest beside him were also frightened until their expressions changed. They were aware that if the wild and violent lightning glow was to pour over, they would definitely end up dead. All of them immediately retreated hastily.

When Cao Yu’s group chose to flee, the enormous black array finally reached its limit. Finally, it emitted a ‘bang’ under the attack from the lightning glow and completely burst apart.

“He has actually shattered the array.”

“Lin Dong has won!”

Everyone on the mountain top watched this scene. A wild joy surfaced on their faces immediately. They were aware that Cao Yu’s group, which had lost the protection of the array, would definitely lose their most powerful tactic!

The battle between Lin Dong and Cao Yu also finally ended with the former gaining the upper hand!


The array was shattered. Monstrous lightning glow wildly penetrated through it like a lightning dragon. After which, it contained an incomparably wild and violent momentum as it rushed out crazily.

“Bastard, it’s not over yet?” Cao Yu and the others, who had retreated explosively, looked at the wild violence of the lightning glow. Immediately, their expressions had become extremely ugly.

“Let’s attack together!” Cao Yu let out a low roar!

Chang Wei and the others could only clench his teeth upon hearing Cao Yu’s low roar. He prepared to maneuver his Yuan Power to attack with the others.


Just as they were about to attack, however, that incomparably wild and violent lightning glow suddenly whistled passed their head. It actually did not attack them.

This scene caused Cao Yu and the rest to be stunned. They immediately turned their heads around. “He wants to rescue the experts from the super sects!”

The lightning glow tore through the empty space like a thunderbolt in front of the frightened eyes of Cao Yu’s group. After which, it directly smashed towards the black seal in the distant sky. The interior of the seal prison currently trapped the old man from the Path Sect and the others from the super sects.

Lin Dong clearly understood that defeating Cao Yu and the others at this moment would not resolve the problem. He must help the old man from the Path Sect and the rest to escape. This was because they could only completely resolve the problem after they escaped. Otherwise, just one random person from Zheng Zhong’s group would be able to deal with all of them, who belonged to the younger generation.

“Cao Yu, what are you doing?”

Zhen Zhong, who was doing his best to trap the old man from the Path Sect and the rest from outside the black seal prison, was also shocked by this sudden attack. His expression became green as he cried out explosively.

They were currently having an even match with the old man from the Path Sect and the others. Any little external interference would cause all their effort to come to naught.

Cao Yu’s expression was pale white. His face was filled with bitterness. He had also done his best but he was ultimately defeated by Lin Dong’s crazy move…

Lightning glow wildly poured over the black seal prison. Immediately, the entire place trembled. After which, Cao Yu saw numerous crack lines begin to surface on that seal prison…

It is over…

Cao Yu’s heart immediately sunk when those crack lines appeared. He was aware that the operation of their Western Xuan Region would likely end in failure this time around…

The main reason for the failure was actually because of a little fellow, who was only at four Yuan Nirvana Stage…