Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 630: Lightning Trial Destruction Formation

Chapter 630: Lightning Trial Destruction Formation


Chapter 630: Lightning Trial Destruction Formation

Bang bang!

Thunderbolt raged between the sky and land. Countless lightning pillars wildly poured from the storm clouds, before they smashed towards the figure under it from every direction. However, each time these lightning pillars were about to touch that figure, it would be dragged into the enormous black hole that was rotating rapidly above. Finally, it would transform into a rumbling muffled sound that was emitted from the black hole.

“Lin Dong has actually received all those thunderbolts…”

All the gazes on the mountaintop contained a rich shock as they watched this scene. They were really unable to believe that Lin Dong had actually blocked the Wind Lightning Trial, that even a six Yuan Nirvana Stage expert would be afraid of.

“How is this possible…”

Liu Bai and the rest muttered to themselves. However, a dense joy surged into their eyes soon after. Lin Dong had once again shown them what was called a miracle.

“That strength from the black hole appears to be the Swallowing Strength of Taotie Sect. Could it be that Lin Dong had really completely snatched the strength of Taotie from Song Zhen when they fought previously?

“It seems so. What a frightening fellow.”

Little Marten heard many private conversations from all around him. A strange expression also flashed across his eyes as he watched Lin Dong in the sky. He laughed softly, “This fellow is really unpredictable…”

With Little Marten’s understanding of Lin Dong, he was naturally aware that the black hole was not the so-called Taotie strength. Instead, it was the true Devouring Power. However, in order to avoid exposing the Devouring Ancestral Symbol, Lin Dong had purposefully used the Taotie strength to act as a cover.

Moreover, Little Marten was even able to feel a kind of familiar ripple from deep within that black hole. It was that of the mysterious Stone Talisman.

Clearly, Lin Dong had borrowed the strength of the two great mysterious objects, the Devouring Ancestral Symbol and the mysterious Stone Talisman, in order to receive the frightening lightning bolts. Otherwise, he was truly unqualified to do so.

“Borrowing the combined strength of three Wind Lightning Tribulation and using it as his own huh…” Little Marten curled his mouth slightly. His heart released a soft praise. At this moment, even he could not help but feel amazed by Lin Dong’s plan. This fellow was indeed extremely cautious. He had actually hid a final move that even he was unaware of.

Little Marten clearly knew that Lin Dong had definitely kept this tactic since a very long time ago in preparation for an emergency. This fellow always loved to keep a trump card that caused one to be incomparably shocked. These trump cards would at times even surprise someone as old and cunning as Little Marten.

After these years of training, Lin Dong was clearly no longer that tender young man from Qingyang Town. His scheming and mentality had already far exceeded those of his own age…

While other young people were acting arrogantly in their youth, this fellow was incredibly cautious and had prepared various trump cards. This was because he clearly understood that he had merely originated from a low rank empire and he did not possess a strong background. Other than Little Marten, there was no one else he could rely on. Moreover, in Little Marten’s case, there were many occasions whereby the latter was unable to unleash his full strength due to his status as a Celestial Demon Marten. Therefore, Lin Dong could only rely on himself most of the time when faced with a perilous situation…

Little Marten smiled gently. This fellow was always able to perform something that an ordinary person could not even imagine. Most importantly, he was able to succeed most of the time.

“Big brother Cao, what should we do now?” Chang Wei and the rest had a somewhat ugly expression as they watched this scene in the sky. Their hearts were clearly a little uneasy. With the wild violence sweeping across this place, they were unable to even establish the formation.

“What are you afraid of? I don’t believe that with my strength at the peak of the six Yuan Nirvana Stage and the “Heaven Sealing Array”, I am unable to finish off even a brat at four Yuan Nirvana Stage!” Cao Yu spoke in a cold and stern voice.

Chang Wei and the rest widened their mouths upon hearing this but ceased saying anything else. Cao Yu was right. He was still able to use the strength of the “Heaven Sealing Array”. That was a genuine Pure Yuan Treasure. Its strength was sufficient to restrain the heavens and earth. It was likely not impossible to deal with Lin Dong.


While they were conversing, the thunderbolts in the sky became increasingly wild and violent. Lightning glow lit the entire place. Countless thick thunderbolts were wildly pouring into that enormous black hole.

Chi chi!

With an increasing about of thunderbolt pouring into the black hole, even the surface of the black hole began to vaguely possess layers of lightning arcs. Those lighting glow directly seeped out and headed towards Lin Dong below. Immediately, Lin Dong’s sleeves were directly turned into dust. Even his skin revealed a charred black colour wherever the lighting glow flowed passed.

“What a wild and violent thunderbolt strength. Lin Dong’s eyes became slightly focused as he felt the piercing pain that was transmitted from his hand. This was merely some of the remnant strength that had seeped out from the black hole. He really did not dare to imagine just what kind of scene it would be if the black hole was to burst apart at this moment. It was likely that not even his ashes would be left behind.


Lin Dong exhaled a deep breath of air. He glanced at the storm clouds in the sky that did not show any signs of weakening. His body trembled slightly and numerous green light surged out from within it. After which, layers after layers of green dragon scales began to appear on the surface of his body. Finally, it transformed into a dragon scale armour that protected him within it.

These lightning glows would be reflected upon making contact with the dragon scale. In this way, it greatly reduced the intense pain that he was suffering.

The devouring swiftly increased in intensity. This kind of devouring continued for nearly ten minutes. At the end, the hundred over feet radius around Lin Dong was basically filled by this incomparable wild and violent lightning glow. Even Lin Dong’s actual body had an uncontrolled and fierce lightning glow lingering over it. Under the erosion of this kind of lightning glow, even the dragon scale, which possessed such a strong defence, was gradually turning charred black. There was vaguely a sign of it cracking apart.

Every pair of surrounding eyes could only watch this scene in bewilderment. No one could even block it at all. This was because everyone knew that the surrounding of Lin Dong’s body was already permeated with wild and violent thunderbolts. If anyone dared to unleash an attack, those wild and violent thunderbolts would be attracted by that attack. That person would end up attracting the lightning and destroy his own body…


Another enormous thunderbolt spluttered out from the thunder cloud. After which, it was absorbed into the huge black hole. Immediately, there was vaguely some lightning arcs shooting out from which the black hole. From the looks of it, even the black hole formed by the Devouring Power was somewhat unable to continue devouring…

Lin Dong’s gently shut eyes also opened at this moment. His eyes looked through the lightning curtain in front of him and saw Cao Yu’s gloomy face below. The corner of his mouth slowly lifted into an icy cold smile. After which, he slowly raised his hand and pointed towards Cao Yu in the distance. His hand seal changed in the process.


The enormous black hole in the sky gradually wiggled as Lin Dong’s hand seal changed. The mouth of the black hole was turned downwards. It appeared just like a black cannon mouth that was locked onto Cao Yu from a distance.

Creak creak!

Lightning glow flickered within the black hole. A kind of annihilation like fluctuation quietly spread apart. The attack had yet to be unleashed, but the space in front was already distorted.

Just when the black hole was locked onto the direction of Cao Yu, Chang Wei and the others behind instantly felt the skin on their heads become numb. A kind of dense feeling of danger rose within his heart.

“Putting on an act. I want to see just what can you do to me!”

Cao Yu’s expression was dark and solemn. Fury surged within his eyes. After which, both of his hands formed a seal with lightning like speed. Immediately, the surrounding space began to wiggle wildly. Soon after, numerous shocking black light directly surged out from the space. It became just like numerous large black dragons that intersected in front of him.

“Heaven Sealing Array!”

Black light crisscrossed with each other at a lightning speed. It actually vaguely transformed into a thousand feet large black array. There appeared to be some mountains appearing on the array. A kind of extremely shocking fluctuation spread apart in a partially visible manner.

The array hung in the sky and appeared incomparably strange. When the array wiggled, it seemed as though the entire place was about to be suppressed by it.

The lightning glow within Lin Dong’s eyes flickered. There appeared to be some thunderbolt gathering within it. He watched that black coloured array that was formed and a wild heat slowly rose on his face.

It was the first time that he had controlled such a large and terrifying force.

Lin Dong’s hand was gently extended out. His finger pressed on the empty space. After which, a soft sound also rumbled and resounded amidst the thunderbolt that permeated through the sky.


A word sounded. The entire place appeared to have turn silent instantly. That rapidly rotating black hole suddenly came to a halt. Within the serene darkness, bright sunlight like lightning glow suddenly appeared to be like a volcano that had been pressured for numerous years as it shot out with lightning speed while being accompanied by an earthshaking momentum!


The entire place trembled. A thousand feet large lightning tore through the sky, appearing to be a real lightning pillar. It displayed a terrifying manner that could destroy everything in its path, as it violently struck onto the black array in front of countless pairs of stunned eyes!