Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 629: Stacking Three Trials

Chapter 629: Stacking Three Trials


Chapter 629: Stacking Three Trials


Thunder boomed across the sky in an astonishing manner as the storm clouds closed in. The thunderbolts flashing within the clouds made it look as though apocalypse was approaching.

The storm clouds had spread till they covered a hundred feet radius, while a berserk power seemed to simmer within it. Even the powerful five Yuan Nirvana stage individuals, were now deathly pale. They could sense a true power of destruction from within the clouds. All of them clearly understood that any defence of theirs would be futile in the face of these storm clouds.

Stacking trials!

Everyone had now figured out Lin Dong’s intentions. He was actually planning on enduring three Wind Lightning Trials at the same time!


Everyone spat out this word in their hearts in response to Lin Dong’s crazy move. They knew that no one with any semblance of normality would dare to perform such a feat. Of course, an ordinary person would not even have the chance to perform such an act.

The amount of Mental Energy required to summon three Wind Lightning Trials simultaneously was frightening. What this meant was that the Mental Energy of the individual summoning the trials must be continuously and firmly suppressed. Moreover, no Mental Energy can leak out mid-way. This must continue until it was sufficient to summon three Wind Lightning Trials, before allowing everything to completely erupt…

If Lin Dong was able to endure these three stacked Wind Lightning Trials, Lin Dong’s Mental Energy would rapidly soar until it reached the four seal Heaven Symbol Master level.

Of course, if he failed, he would immediately be blasted by this incomparably violent Wind Lightning Trial until nothing remained. The destructive force that eventually erupted from the stacking of three Trials was far from what that of three separate Trials could compare with.

“Is his head broken or something?” The experts from the Western Xuan Region also watched the thunder clouds spreading across the sky with strange expressions on their faces. The terrifying fluctuation emitted by the storm clouds caused their hearts to jump in fear. They were truly unable to comprehend just what Lin Dong was attempting to do. With the appearance of these storm clouds, there was perhaps now no need for anyone to attack him as once the lightning struck, even ashes would not remain.

“Just what is he trying to do?” Chang Wei also frowned deeply. He wanted to laugh and mock Lin Dong, but there was now an unfathomable pressure in his heart. He was no fool after all and Lin Dong’s actions were really a little too strange. As the saying went, there was definitely some strange reason behind any abnormality. Lin Dong definitely had his reasons for doing so. However, that final aim of his was temporarily unknown to all of them…

“Big brother Cao.” Chang Wei’s eyes looked towards Cao Yu at the front, catching sight of Cao Yu’s somewhat dark face. He could tell that the latter was feeling a little uneasy.

Was it because of this fellow before them?

The frown on Chang Wei brows deepened. His heart felt constricted from holding his breath. Clearly, he did not expect that they would be so affected by a brat who was only at four Yuan Nirvana stage.

“Big brother Cao, shall we watch and wait for the time being? The storm clouds are too terrifying. That brat will definitely be unable to receive the trial with his strength. If we attack hastily, we might end up being tricked. He might be attempting to use some kind of tactic to goad us into attacking, making us help him resist the Wind Lightning Trial while he gains from it.” Chang Wei’s eyes flickered before he spoke in a low voice.

Cao Yu’s eyes were narrowed. His gaze was firmly fixed on the figure seated below the storm clouds. Currently, Lin Dong had already shut his eyes, appearing as though he was making preparations to endure the trial.

Cao Yu’s eyes were dark and solemn. What Chang Wei said was indeed quite a wise plan. As the saying goes, dealing with the ever-changing by not adopting any change and quietly wait for Lin Dong’s subsequent move. However, why was it that he felt a faint unease?

“We cannot wait any longer!”

Cao Yu’s eyes flashed as they suddenly hardened. He was a decisive person, hence once he made up his mind, he would not hesitate at all. Immediately, he took a step forward and his hand began to form seals at lightning speed.

“Heaven Sealing Array, Heaven Locking Symbol!”

A deep cry suddenly exploded from Cao Yu’s mouth. After which, a shocking ripple spread out from within his body. The entire space swiftly became distorted, and in the next instant, numerous crack lines started to emerge as enormous black light chains shot out explosively through the cracks.


Black light chains rushed out in a flash. They swiftly crossed each other in the sky, swiftly transforming into a black symbol.


The enormous black symbol rushed out, immediately enveloping Lin Dong from all directions, while a terrifying aura swiftly unfurled.

Lin Dong’s tightly shut eyes slowly opened when this enormous black symbol rushed over. Immediately, the corners of his mouth quietly lifted into a slight arc.

“Is it finally here…”

The enormous black symbol swiftly flew into the territory of the thunder clouds under the watching eyes of the crowd. However, when this symbol was within a ten feet radius of Lin Dong, the billowing storm clouds in the sky suddenly shuddered. A split second later, silver lightning lit up the entire place. A loud rumbling sound accompanied countless large lightning pillars as they frantically poured down.

Thunderbolts rained downwards. Countless thunderbolts exploded on the enormous black symbol as wave after wave of indescribably wild and violent ripples spread outwards, forcibly striking the black symbol as it swiftly dimmed.

The frightening might of the three stacked trials had finally been displayed at this moment.


The black symbol grew increasingly dim. Finally, numerous cracks appeared, spreading until the symbol burst apart with a loud bang.


Cao Yu’s body jerked back when the black symbol was blasted apart as a moan was emitted from his mouth. He had clearly suffered some backlash. Immediately, his face became incomparably dark and solemn.

“To actually summon three stacking trials. What a brilliant tactic. However, aren’t you afraid that you will not be able to deal with this monstrous thing that you have summoned?” Cao Yu’s expression was dark and twisted as he cried out.

“I do not need to deal with this Wind Lightning Trial because it will be used to finish you off!” Lin Dong looked at Cao Yu’s twisted face. A strange smile appeared on the former’s face as he softly replied.

“What shameless boasting!” Cao Yu’s pupils shrunk slightly, however, a sneer formed on his mouth. He did not believe that the storm clouds would attack him if he did not launch an attack. Currently, the one who was about to face the Trial was Lin Dong and not him!

The strange smile at the corners of Lin Dong’s mouth grew wider. He immediately raised his head and looked at the storm clouds that now spanned several hundred feet as both of his hands slowly spread apart. Immediately, waves of black light surged out, transforming into a gigantic black hole above his head.

A unique power suddenly unfurled from the black hole. Suddenly, the thunder cloud in the sky shrunk. In the next instant, the thunder cloud shook violently and countless enormous thunderbolts once again descended. This time around, their target was Lin Dong.


The monstrous lightning appeared as a strange glint as they were reflected in Lin Dong’s eyes, while he spread his hands and softly muttered.


The enormous black hole above his head suddenly began to rotate rapidly as waves of pulling force erupted. The lightning that originally rushed towards Lin Dong suddenly changed direction at this moment and charged into the enormous black hole.

Countless thunderbolts poured into the black hole, however, it did not cause any explosion. Only a loud rumble was emitted.

Meanwhile, below the black hole, Lin Dong was completely unharmed!

Everyone was astonished when they saw this sight. No one had expected that Lin Dong was actually able to receive the terrifying Wind Lightning Trial.

“Big brother Cao, the situation is not quite right. We should call big brother Mo Tong and the rest guarding outside this space!” Chang Wei cried out in a low voice, his expression drastically changing as watched this mysterious scene.

Cao Yu’s face was dark. His eyes were glued onto Lin Dong, who remained perfectly fine in the face of the sky full of thunderbolts, while the unease within his heart grew increasingly greater. After pondering for a moment, he finally nodded his head.

Chang Wei hurriedly took out a light ball from his Qiankun Bag after seeing Cao Yu nod, before quickly shattering it. Immediately, a golden light rushed out, burrowing into the space around it before disappearing.

“Shitty brat, once big brother Mo Tong’s group enters, only death will await you even if you really manage to endure the three trails!” A fierce glint flashed across Chang Wei’s eyes as he watched the golden light disappear.

This was a black spatial region outside the Ancient Battlefield realm. It was possible to enter the Eastern Xuan Region if one broke out from this place. At this moment, ten figures quietly sat within this darkness. Their bodies released an extremely astonishing ripple, a ripple that far exceeded that of Lin Dong or even Cao Yu’s group.


A golden light suddenly rushed into the darkness. After which, a human figure grabbed it.

“Big brother Mo Tong. It seems that Cao Yu and the others have met with some trouble.” The eyes of the person who had received the golden light flickered as he raised his head and looked towards the front. A skinny figure was seated at that spot. On his lap was a large black blade.


The shut eyes of the figure gradually opened. He frowned a little and said, “We need to guard this place just in case…”

He paused after his words sounded out before shaking his head and continuing, “Nevermind, I will go. The rest of you will remain here.”

While he spoke, he slowly stood up. However, just as he was about to move, his pupils suddenly shrunk. He turned his head, only to see a ray of light suddenly appear within the darkness as a sharp aura seemed to tear open this space.

At the edge of where the light had torn the space apart, a dozen figures rushed in. A graceful figure led them, while a clear and elegant laughter faintly echoed from a distance.

“Haha, Mo Tong, you have travelled a great distance from the Western Xuan Region to this place. Our Eastern Xuan Region should at least perform our duty as the host right?”

The expression of the man, who carried a black blade, slowly turned grave at this moment. His eyes contained a fear that could not be hidden as he stared at the figure at the very front.

“Ling Qingzhu… I did not expect that even you would be dispatched.”