Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 628: Stacking

Chapter 628: Stacking


Chapter 628: Stacking


Majestic Mental Energy swept out in the sky like a hurricane. Immediately, violent gusts of wind howled over the land unceasingly, creating a dreadful sight.

As Mental Energy continued to surge, storm clouds frantically began to gather in the sky. Meanwhile, lightning swam through the storm clouds like a snake as thunder rumbled violently across the area.

Everyone watched this scene in shock. Of course, they were not shocked by the Wind Lightning Trial. After all, everyone here was fairly skilled and there were even some of them who specialized in Mental Energy and could not be more familiar with the Wind Lightning Trial. As such, instead of being shocked by the Wind Lightning Trial, they were shocked by Lin Dong’s actions.

The Wind Lightning Trial and Nirvana Tribulation together. Even a Symbol Master would search for a peaceful place to undergo a trial. However, Lin Dong had chosen to activate the trial while he was facing a terrifying opponent like Cao Yu.

This move truly befuddled everyone here.

“Is that fellow planning to use the same trick again?” Lan Ying and the rest were startled, before anxiety rapidly emerged in their eyes. Cao Yu was not Song Zhen. Furthermore, Lin Dong was only able to pull it off previously because he used it in an unconventional manner. At that time, no one had realised that he was secretly undergoing a Nirvana Tribulation. However, the current situation was different. Not only was Cao Yu far stronger than Song Zhen, the Wind Lightning Trial also caused a huge disturbance. Therefore, any fool would know what he was up to. Did he really think Cao Yu was dumb enough to forsake such an opportunity?

Beside them, Liu Bai, Mo Ling, Su Kui and the rest exchanged looks with each other when they saw Lin Dong’s actions. There were traces of worry in their eyes.

“Big brother Lin Diao, isn’t this too risky?” Su Rou’s tiny face was filled with worry. After hesitating for a moment, she was finally unable to resist any further as she turned around and asked Little Marten.

Little Marten narrowed his eyes as he stared right at Lin Dong’s seated figure. He could not fathom the meaning behind Lin Dong’s actions as well. Summoning the Wind Lightning Trial a truly suicidal move.

“He is not an idiot. He must have his reasons for doing so. Let’s continue to observe. There is no point in speculating at this point.”

Little Marten could only say these words at this point in time.

When they heard his words, Liu Bai and the rest laughed bitterly before they lowered their heads and sighed. Regardless, it was too late for them to worry. All they could do now was to believe in Lin Dong.

“Hehe, a truly bold kid. He actually dares to summon the Wind Lightning Trial at such a time…” In the sky, the elite practitioners from the West Xuan Region stared peculiarly at Lin Dong as they commented.

“Big brother Cao, looks like he is deliberately provoking you…” Chang Wei released a weird laugh. Suddenly summoning the Wind Lightning Trial during a fight with Cao Yu. If this was not considered as a form of provocation, what else could it be?

Cao Yu’s face was calm while his gaze was fixed onto Lin Dong. Even though he was slightly perplexed by the latter’s actions, he did not plan to stop. Instead, he slowly lifted his palm before he calmly said, “I do not know what you plan on doing. However, since you want to die, don’t blame me…”


As Cao Yu suddenly closed his palm, a terrifying shockwave suddenly erupted from within it. The surrounding space distorted, before a black glow gushed out, transforming into a nearly ten feet long black spear. Meanwhile, a peculiar symbol faintly hovered on the tip of the black spear.


Cao Yu did not hesitate at all. His eyes turned cold as the black spear instantly shot forward. Tearing through the air, it carried a terrifying shock wave that was powerful enough to destroy a Five Yuan Nirvana stage expert as it shot towards Lin Dong like lightning.

As they watched Cao Yu’s killing move, everyone’s hearts rose.

The black spear was extremely swift and it appeared before Lin Dong in a flash. However, just as that black spear was about to release its destructive power, a blood red figure appeared like a phantom and suddenly jabbed out with its copper red fist. It was the Blood Soul Puppet.

An astonishing force unfurled in midair. Even though the Blood Soul Puppet was able to block the black spear, its body was also thrown backwards. In fact, one could even see a deep scar on its copper red fist. Evidently, even with its powerful defences, the Blood Soul Puppet was still wounded by Cao Yu’s attack. Fortunately, the Blood Soul Puppet was unable to feel anything. Therefore, it would battle until it was completely destroyed.

Lin Dong calmly observed this. However, his eyes remained as still as a unmoving water. In fact, he did not even show any indications of getting up. Instead, he cupped his hands together and his hand seals changed.

As his hand seals changed, his majestic Mental Energy surged once again. At the same time, the thunderous roars caused by the storm clouds grew increasingly terrifying.

“The Wind Lightning Trial has become stronger!”

The sudden change in the Wind Lightning Trial was immediately detected by the crowd. Immediately, all of them exclaimed in shock while the doubt in their eyes grew. Evidently, they did not understand why Lin Dong had chosen to release more Mental Energy to stimulate the Wind Lightning Trial, instead of trying to restrain its power.

“The strength of this Wind Lightning Trial has already surpassed the second stage…” There were some experts here who specialized in Mental Energy. When they saw the undulations from the storm clouds, they were able to sense which stage the trial belonged to.


A vicious expression faintly flashed across Cao Yu’s face. It was clear that he was secretly worried about Lin Dong’s peculiar actions deep within his heart. Immediately, he ferociously took a step forward and flicked all ten of his fingers. The black glow in the horizon trembled, seemingly filling the sky as it formed into countless black light pillars which rained down onto Lin Dong.

As the light pillars swept forth, the Blood Soul Puppet’s sturdy figure once again appeared in front of Lin Dong. A resplendent blood red glow erupted from within its body as it protected Lin Dong like a glowing shield.

“Watch me smash your Blood Soul Puppet to pieces!”

Cao Yu was similarly frustrated by the Blood Soul Puppet. Immediately, a cold glint flashed across his eyes as the black light pillars instantly howled forth and rammed into the Blood Soul Puppet.

Thump thump thump!

A terrifying shockwave immediately erupted on the Blood Soul Puppet’s body, while waves of berserk energy frantically unfurled.

As the black light swiftly disappeared, the Blood Soul Puppet’s body appeared once again. However, this time around, there were several startling wounds on its body. Several cracks began to spread across its body, while its blood red glow had significantly dimmed. Evidently, even with its powerful defences, it was no longer able to remain completely unharmed after taking so many attacks from Cao Yu head on.

“At this rate, Lin Dong’s Blood Soul Puppet will not last for long…”

Lan Ying and the rest wore grim expressions as they gazed upon the state of Lin Dong’s Blood Soul Puppet, while their fists involuntarily tightened. Judging from the current situation, it seemed like Lin Dong wanted to use his Blood Soul Puppet to buy him some time. Could the Blood Soul Puppet really buy him enough time to undergo the Wind Lightning Trial?


While Lan Ying and the rest were anxiously worrying in their hearts, the storm clouds in the sky started to churn even more violently. Meanwhile, the shockwaves contained within grew increasingly terrifying.

“The Wind Lightning Trials are stacking?!”

While the commotion within the storm clouds grew increasingly terrifying, a shocked cry suddenly erupted on the mountaintop. An expert who specialized in Mental Energy cultivation stared in shock at the sky. His expression was as though he had seen a ghost.

“Stacking the Wind Lightning Trials?” When they heard his words, Lan Ying and the rest’s hearts skipped a beat. What did he mean? Could it be that Lin Dong did not only summon one Wind Lightning Trial? Was he instead stacking them together?

When their thoughts reached such a point, their expressions turned extremely interesting. Stacking them together was not as simple as adding them together!

“The Wind Lighting Trial has reached the third stage. He plans to undergo both the second and third stage together!” On top of the mountain, another person shrieked.

“That’s not right, the Wind Lightning Trial is still becoming stronger!”

“My god, this lunatic. Does he plan to stack three trials together? Not even a six seal Symbol Master can handle that!”

A series of shocked exclamations continuously sounded out on the mountain top. Furthermore, each time a voice sounded out, Lan Ying and the rest’s heart would violently twitch.

Stacking three trials together? Such a power could probably squash a six Yuan Nirvana stage expert to pulp? What was Lin Dong planning to do?

In the sky, the storm clouds manically churned. Meanwhile, the lightning snake coursing through the clouds grew from its initial thickness of an arm to its current several feet look width. From a distance away, it looked as if a mini lightning dragon was flying within the clouds.

Little Marten lifted his head, a strange look in his eyes as he stared at this sight. Following which, he turned to look at Lin Dong, who was seated below the storm clouds as a flash of inspiration flashed across his eyes.

“Is he planning to borrow the strength of the Wind Lightning Trial? What a lunatic…”