Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 627: Revealing All Trump Cards

Chapter 627: Revealing All Trump Cards


Chapter 627: Revealing All Trump Cards

On the mountaintop, numerous gazes were focused on the young man who was slowly stepping forward. Their gazes contained a rather peculiar expression. Lin Dong had already proven his extraordinary strength time and time again in the earlier battles. Although he only appeared to be at the four Yuan Nirvana stage on the surface, everyone clearly understood that his battle capabilities exceeded that level.

From the way they saw it, Lin Dong already possessed the qualifications to be compared with Qin Tian.

However, in this current situation, even Qin Tian had been utterly defeated. Could Lin Dong really turn the tides?

“Lin Dong?”

From the skies above, Cao Yu lowered his head and stared at Lin Dong. The corners of his mouth lifted to form a strange arc as he softly laughed, “I have watched your earlier battle. You’re not bad but you are still not my match. I would advise against trying to show off.”

Lin Dong smiled and replied, “Who knows unless I give it a try? Don’t you agree?”

“I’m afraid that you will not even be able to preserve that pathetic life of yours if you try.” Cao Yu laughed.

“Big brother Cao, why are you wasting your breath on this brat. A mere four Yuan Nirvana stage actually dares to act mighty. Why not leave him to me?” The feminine man beside Cao Yu looked at Lin Dong in a strange manner as he released a queer laughter.

“I will handle it.” Cao Yu waved his hand. His eyes paused on Lin Dong as he spoke, “This person is not as simple as he appears. Underestimating him would cause you dearly…”

“Oh?” The man known as Chang Wei raised his eyebrows. He was clearly unagreeable with these words. Though he was not one of the top practitioners within the younger generation of the Western Xuan Region, Lin Dong and the others had yet to even enter the super sects, while he on the other hand had already trained in the super sect for two years.

“Pay attention to the others while establishing the formation.”

Cao Yu faintly commanded before slowly stepping forward. He extended his hand towards Lin Dong, curling it slightly as he laughed, “Do it. Allow me to see just how many rounds you can last against me.”

“I will leave the matter of disrupting the formation to you guys.” Lin Dong turned around and spoke to Lan Ying and the rest.

“Be careful.”

Lan Ying spoke with worry. If Lin Dong was also finished off by Cao Yu, it would be far too great a blow on their morale.

Lin Dong smiled a little and nodded. Soon after, he exhaled deeply. A sharp glint gradually surged deep within his eyes. Imitating Cao Yu, he also curled his hand. “Go ahead. Allow me to have a taste of just how powerful you experts from the Western Xuan Region are.”

Cao Yu was clearly a little irritated by Lin Dong’s stance. His eyes immediately narrowed as a cold glint flashed past them.

“Truly an arrogant fool…”

Cao Yu inwardly sneered. Without further ado, he extended his hand as his finger pressed onto the empty space.


This seemingly casual action caused the Yuan Power of the land to boil in an instant. The empty space once again became distorted as a monsterous black light surged out. It directly transformed into a ray of black light that possessed an incomparably sharp aura as it tore through the sky and shot towards Lin Dong in a fashion that could not be dodged.

Lan Ying and the others were alarmed when they saw Cao Yu’s ferocious attack. From the looks of it, Cao Yu had no intentions of allowing Lin Dong to last for even a single round.

An attack at this speed was impossible to dodge!

It was just as Lan Ying and the others had expected. Faced with this space tearing black ray of light, Lin Dong did not plan to dodge at all.


The black ray of light that contained a shocking lethal force had arrived in front of Lin Dong in the next moment. The hearts of the Lan Ying group sunk immediately when they saw this scene.

A low and deep sound suddenly echoed out, as Lan Ying and the rest’s expressions dimmed. Was it over…

“Fool who seeks death.” Chang Wei and the others involuntarily laughed out loud and spoke in a strange voice upon seeing this scene.

“He is not dead.” Cao Yu’s eyebrows slowly knitted together. His soft voice contained a trace of surprise.

“What?” The heartily laughing Chang Wei and gang were immediately stunned when they heard Cao Yu’s words, while astonishment covered their faces. They clearly understood just how terrifying the ‘Heaven Sealing Array’ was when activated by Cao Yu. How could Lin Dong possibly withstand such power?

Cao Yu ignored them. His eyes were tightly fixed onto the spot where the black light was gradually scattering. An exceptionally sturdy figure was faintly visible there.

“Huh? That’s not right…” Chang Wei’s and Lan Ying’s group were stunned when they saw the exceptionally sturdy figure.

The black light finally completely dispersed as the strong figure finally appeared in everyone’s sights. Its body was bright red. At a glance, it was as though it had been constructed from red copper. That face was also not that of Lin Dong. Instead, an unfamiliar face flickered with a red glow…

“This is… a Blood Soul Puppet?”

Cao Yu’s pupils slightly shrunk as he stared at the bright red body. A faint yet baleful aura spread out from the body. He slowly opened his mouth, surprised that Lin Dong not only possessed a soul puppet, but it was even the strongest Blood Soul Puppet. Most importantly, the level of this Blood Soul Puppet was quite high. It had likely reached the grade five level or higher.


A human figure slowly walked out from behind that sturdy Soul Puppet. He raised his head and smiled at Cao Yu, “Your eyesight is quite good.”

This Soul Puppet was naturally the Blood Soul Puppet in Lin Dong’s hands. Ever since he had auctioned for that Desolate Heavenly Cow skeleton in the Wanxiang City, Little Marten had used this set of bones to strengthen the Blood Soul Puppet. Combined with Lin Dong’s enormous stash of Nirvana pills, the current Blood Soul Puppet was many times stronger than before.

Based on Lin Dong’s guess, the current Blood Soul Puppet should have reached the grade five Soul Puppet level. Its defensive strength had become a little terrifying due to the addition of the Desolate Heavenly Cow to refine it. Cao Yu’s ferocious attack was able to seriously injure a five Yuan Nirvana stage expert. However, it merely left a shallow mark on the Blood Soul Puppet’s body.

“Lin Dong!”

Joy surfaced in the Lan Ying and the rest’s eyes when they saw that Lin Dong was fine. Clearly, they never imagined that Lin Dong would actually use the Soul Puppet to block Cao Yu’s attack.

“A strong Blood Soul Puppet. However, I wonder how many of my attacks it can withstand?” Cao Yu smiled in an indifferent manner.

“Won’t you know once you try?”

Lin Dong grinned. Immediately, a sharpness flashed in his eyes. His foot stomped onto the ground as his body rushed out. His hand clenched around the Heavenly Crocodile Bone Spear that appeared. With a jerk, the spear transformed into numerous sharp spear glows that filled the sky, enveloping Cao Yu.

Some faint green light also quietly flowed while the spear glows gathered.

Cao Yu’s eyes hardened a little when he saw Lin Dong attacking. He struck his palm forward as black light immediately gathered in the sky. Space wiggled as the black light transformed into an enormous hand that violently slapped at Lin Dong.

However, just as the black light giant hand was about to strike Lin Dong, a crimson glow suddenly arrived. With a punch, it collided head on with the giant black light hand.

Swoosh Swoosh!

A shocking ripple erupted above the Lin Dong’s head. However, the latter completely ignored it. His body moved and appeared in front of Cao Yu. Sharp spear glows were aimed at all the Cao Yu’s vital points.


Upon seeing Lin Dong’s crafty usage of the Blood Soul Puppet to block the attack, while he unleashed an attack of his own, Cao Yu involuntarily let out a cold snort. Bright golden light surged out immediately, directly transforming into a golden shield with golden light seemingly flowing on it.

Clang clang clang!

Sharp spear glows viciously struck the golden shield. However, it merely caused some sparks to appear, and was clearly unable to break the latter’s defence.

“Is this all you’ve got?” Cao Ying sneered. However, his sneer had only just formed when his eyes suddenly hardened. He had realized that the spear glows did not immediately disappeared after being blasted apart. Instead, numerous green lights rushed out from within them. These green light seemed to be green scales.

The scales flashed as a faint but extremely sharp ripple spread out from them.

Chi chi chi chi!

The green scales were like rain. They arrived quickly and ruthlessly struck the gold shield. This time around, there were no sparks. The green scales pierced through the incomparably hard golden shield, before zipping towards Cao Yu’s vital spots at an astonishing speed.

“This is the real attack huh…”

This sudden scene also caused Cao Yu to be startled. Lin Dong’s earlier attack was merely a ruse. The true attack was these scales hidden within the spear glows.

“There is some ingenuity but it is useless against me!”

Cao Yu’s eyes turned cold. His body shook slightly as the surrounding space became distorted. Black light spread out from these distorted areas, forming a light circle that covered his body.

Clang clang!

The incomparably sharp green scales ruthlessly struck the light barrier. However, they appeared to be just like stones sinking into the ocean. They did not cause any damage as they completely disappeared.

“Lin Dong, this realm has already been covered by the ‘Heaven Sealing Array’. I can borrow some of its strength. Forget about you. Even if all of you were to attack, you will not be able to do anything to me!” Cao Yu stood within the light circle as he sneered.

However, Lin Dong completely ignored the Cao Yu. He pressed down with the tips of his feet as his body shot into the sky. He seated himself cross-legged in the sky amidst numerous stunned eyes, while wave after wave of powerful Mental Energy suddenly swept out from his Niwan Palace.

Mental Power was just like a storm that was unfurling. Moreover, it spread at a terrifying speed. It was as though a volcano that had been suppressed for countless number of years had finally erupted…


Dark clouds suddenly gathered in the sky while Lin Dong’s Mental Energy wildly erupted and mad wind raged all around…

This scene stunned everyone. A moment later, they inhaled violently.

Is that the Wind Lightning Trial?

What is that fellow planning?